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Saturday, December 30, 2017

2017 in Review + Most Popular Posts

Can y'all believe that 2017 is almost over?!
This is my last post of 2017 & y'all-it's been a big, big year for me.
This year I've shared over 100 posts with you guys (102 to be exact, counting this one), I finally hit 100,000 views on the blog, I hit over 1,000 Instagram followers, and most importantly I really feel like I've started building a little community here on the internet of people that I love interacting with and I love sharing my life with!

In today's post I'm going to share some big moments from my life & then to wrap up at the end, I'm going to share my top 10 most popular posts from Southern & Style with y'all!
 The first big even of the New Year for us was in February where we attended the Alabama Young Farmer's Conference & competed in Outstanding Young Farm Family.
We didn't win in 2017, but maybe 2018 will be our year!
In March, the school I taught at took our History Club students on a field trip to Tannehill State Park.
It's always such a cool experience to be on the other side of teaching & I loved this group of kids, they were awesome!
 Also in March, Chris and I attended the SLE Rodeo in Montgomery, which is a tradition that we've done ever since we were dating.
It's always so much fun to get to walk around and see all the kids that are showing their calves & to watch the rodeo.
 At the end of March, Chris' brother Cody got married to his sweet bride, Alex & we of course happily attended their beautiful wedding.
It was a fun affair & we had a blast celebrating them!
 April & May were full of canoeing trips for the three of us-yep, three!
This was the first year we took Forrest with us & he was a natural as you might expect, since he's a lab.
We love taking him with us, but we also had such a great time canoeing with some of our best friends, too!
 At the end of May, my time at Central Junior High came to a close. I was filling an empty position while a teacher went on military leave for a year & a half, so he returned for the 2017-2018 school year.
I loved my time at Central SO much, however it's been so fulfilling to be on the farm full time, helping Christopher daily & also getting to spend more time blogging as well.
 In June we took a little getaway trip to Warm Springs/Pine Mountain, Georgia and visited Calloway Gardens & Roosevelt's Little White House.
I absolutely love having a husband that indulges my inner history nerd.
 In July, we were able to celebrate our country's independence on the lake with some of our best friends. We spent the day out on the water & the night watching fireworks from the dock!
 In August, I got to spend a fun night out with my sister going to see Matchbox 20.
We always have a blast whenever we're together & it was so much fun!
 Also in August, we celebrated the impending birth of Miss Anna Claire!
My best friend, Paige and Chris' best friend Kane are married and had their sweet little girl in September.

 At the end of August, Chris & I headed up to Nashville-but not to see the eclipse everyone else was excited about...we were just trying to squeeze in an early Christmas gift for Chis; a trip to see the PBR at the Bridgestone Arena!
We also visited Carnton Plantation, which was another check off my historical bucket list (I can be such a nerd, y'all!)
It was amazingly beautiful & so moving, but the real treat of the weekend was how amazing the PBR was!
In September, we celebrated my oldest sister, Trystan's, birthday with a night on the town in Birmingham out to eat & then to see Mary Chapin Carpenter at the Lyric Theatre.
MCC may have let us down, but we still had a blast laughing the night away with each other.
In October, my middle sister, Julie, my mom, and I headed to the pumpkin patch with my nephew & niece, Dexter & Lola in tow.
We had a blast playing & taking pictures-it was a fun day!
 Also in October (because Chris and I both swore off ever going to the beach in the summertime again) we headed down to Panama City & had a beautiful few days there just relaxing and eating all of our favorite things (ALL the seafood, y'all!)
 The stark contrast between the temperature in these two pictures makes me shiver just looking at them!
We also went to our third fair ever in 2017-yay for the Alabama State Fair!
Chris' brother Russell and his girlfriend went with us & we watched Brother's Osbourne perform-it was a cold, but really fun night!
 Early December, Alabama had a blizzard!
Aka, it snowed 10 inches in my little town.
It was so beautiful and enjoyable; minus the power outages, the messy conditions, the lack of grazing for our animals-meaning we had to feed everything, a lot.
But man, was it beautiful for a little while.
 And lastly, celebrating Christmas!
We had a fun day on Christmas Day, the three of us visited both sides of our families and then went to work on the farm for a little while-the perfect day ❤

Now for my most popular posts; some of these were surprising, others not so much...let's round them up really quickly!

This is my most recent post & for some reason, it took off like wildfire!
These roundup posts are some of my favorites & in this one I shared some of my favorite Christmas things and some of my picks from the Spring Hearth & Hand collection at Target. It's really recent, so check it out if you haven't seen this one yet.

I was so pleasantly surprised when I posted during the month of May (our anniversary month!) these Wedding Wednesday posts and how popular they were!
Niki & Josh share the same photographer I use(d) and so that's how we connected.
Their day was so, so beautiful which probably is what made it my second most popular post of the year.
I think I'll be doing the Wedding Wednesday series again each May, so if you'd like to be featured, please comment with your email or you can email me at !

Another Wedding Wednesday post that absolutely took off was the wedding of Kendall and Colby!
They also used Amy-Cole Photography, my personal favorite photographer of life 😉 and their barn wedding was so stunning.
Kendall was a radiant bride & the love Colby shows in these photos from her is so sweet.
I loved featuring these brides and grooms during my love month!

This was my first ever style post on the blog & y'all blew me away with your response!
I really dove into fashion content after sharing this post because of the confidence it gave me to be comfortable in front of the camera.
Plus, isn't the jewelry I shared so pretty?

One of my favorite parts about our home is decorating it & make it feel welcoming and cozy to all those who enter it, which even includes those of you who virtually enter it for my home tours!
This Fall, I kept things pretty minimal & just simply cozy.
My most favorite part of the decor this year is my hutch (click through the post to see it!) with it's blue & white makeover!

I think I've pretty much reached the phase of my life where I love to give (& pick out presents) for others, rather than to really receive (although, since gifts are my love-language, I really do love to get them too!)
This gift guide served as (hopefully!) an inspiration post for those of you who are around my age or have to buy for women around my age, but it also served as a help to those who were buying for me.
I did end up getting some cozy socks, a beautiful journal, some sheet masks, and the monogrammed necklace from my wish list, along with many other beautiful gift items!
It was an absolutely wonderful Christmas!

I put a lot of thought into our cards this year.
We didn't send too many out, so I wanted them to be really special for those I did send them too and I feel like they really were!
My sister did the beautiful calligraphy, my favorite photog (Amy-Cole!) did our photos, and of course, Forrest had a special spot on the back.

I put a lot of time, effort, and promotion into my yearly Shop for a Cure posts because the cause is one that is near and dear my heart.
It's so important for me to not only share these products with my readers, but also to educate you on where your money goes with each product.
Plus, it is a really fun roundup of cute, pink products that give back-and who doesn't love that?

Sometimes it's the most funny & random posts that make this top ten (like number one?!) but that just shows me that y'all love roundup style posts, which I really enjoy doing too-so it's a win win situation for me!
This one was special because it was a post while I was on Spring Break from teaching!

This was a style post + some fun photos from when we took my niece and nephew to our local pumpkin patch in October and it was so fun!
I loved this outfit (the epitome of Fall in the South) and sharing it with y'all because y'all enjoyed it.

Overall, I'm really happy about what my top performing posts of 2017 were because they were some of my favorite to write and share as well!

Which of these posts were your favorites to read?
Or just what are your favorite blog posts to read from anyone?
Let me know below!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.38]

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Hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!
Mine was a wonderful day filled with family & spending time on the farm, some of the best parts of my life in my opinion.
It feels like it's been forever since I've done a Ten on Tuesday post, but I'm so glad to be back in my routine before the end of 2018.

 While we were at my parents yesterday, I got my sister to snap some pics of us with Forrest so we can remember this fun day!
He got some new toys today & was all about the squeaking one!

My mom gifted me with more of my favorite type of dinnerware in this new beautiful shade.
I can't believe they're discontinuing it next year!

Did you see our Christmas card reveal?!
Make sure you don't miss any fun posts on Southern & Style.

Christmas is over 😥 but is anyone still watching Hallmark movies?!
I still have a few left recorded on my DVR so I'm definitely planning on watching them.
My most recent fave is A Crown for Christmas which is all about an ex-maid turned nanny for an aristocrat's daughter-such a predictable story, but so cute just the same!

Is anyone else obsessed with Rae Dunn right now?!
I hunt for it pretty regularly at our TJ Maxx, but hardly ever see anything and the prices on PoshMark just kill me!

I'm totally obsessed with these Kendra Scott earrings-they're such a beautiful statement!

Have you seen the Spring line for Hearth & Hand (aka Joanna Gaines line for Target)?!
Here are a few items I'm totally digging. . .
this mini colander (would look SO adorable with berries in it!)
this boot tray (we need one for our messy boots this time of year!)
if I was still teaching, you best bet that this stapler would be on my desk every day
this eucalyptus garland is so pretty and would be a fresh start after Christmas decor

This are all available starting today!

I feel like it's definitely been the season for watching lots and lots of movies & I'm actually totally okay with it!
I've seen a ton of Hallmark movies & on Christmas Eve Chris and I were feeling a little under the weather, so we decided to curl up on the couch with junk food and watch The Santa Clause and then Elf-my favorites!
Last night we tuned into Remember the Titans, which is such a great movie too.

Are y'all as excited as I am about the new Little Women remake?!

Okay, I've got to know...what are your favorite gifs that you've ever given or ever received?!
My favorite gift I've ever gifted-a canoe to Chris two Christmases ago; such a fun and special gift that we've made tons of memories with since.
My favorite thing I've ever been given-Chris surprised me with a bracelet that I didn't even know I wanted a few years ago. It wasn't so much about the bracelet, but it was about the fact that he took time out of his day to shop for me and picked out something he knew I would love because he knows me.

Let me know what your favorite gift & what the favorite thing you've ever gifted is below!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Christmas Home Tour: 2017

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Merry Christmas Eve, Eve y'all!
This holiday season was one that I was so anxious to soak up & fully enjoy-but still it seems as though it has flown by in the blink of an eye. . .
so before it's completely gone, let's go on a little tour of my house-shall we?
 I took these photos a few weeks ago when it snowed a whopping TEN inches in Alabama and I couldn't resist using these for the home tour!
We've done a lot of improvements since getting married & I'm hopeful that by this time next year we'll be able to do a few more things to our first home.
 similar trees/similar wreaths (actual wreaths from Home Depot)
I love how the blue of our front doors looks for Christmas & looking at this, I definitely need to repaint our trees boxes (they matched the previous color of our columns!)

These are Martha Stewart wreaths from Home Depot that I picked up on Christmas Eve last year-I'm so in love with the flocking, the cranberries, and the ticking on the bows!
 This isn't the best shot ever because the lighting in our house is so terrible-but when you first come in we have lit garland draped over the rail.
I typically hang ornaments in the garland, but decided to simplify this year.
I love this little foyer area of our home because it has a bookcase that my daddy made a long time ago-I kept it pretty simple, using my favorite sign from Kirkland's and a few other knickknacks.
Also, peep the dog bones in the bag to the right-just keeping it real with y'all!
And this is my all-time favorite part of our home...our big living room!
We have started letting Forrest be a part time inside dog & I absolutely love it, he's so snuggly and cute.
Our stockings are simple burlap stockings & I embellished them with plaid initials from MudPie (gifts from my mom because she knows how impossible it is to find things with a letter U on them!)
Our stocking holders are from Target a few years back.
 Forrest was totally hamming it up while I was snapping these pictures around the house...but is it really a rustic Christmas without a lab laying around?
 Love this little cozy corner of our living room with my favorite throw ever (so warm and cozy!).
On the eclectic little rooster table I have a gift from last Christmas, an Evelyn Henson "Auburn" print that my husband gifted me.
 I might be strange, but I don't really use my bar cart as a bar but I do love to use it for decor!
The feather trees were my grandmother's & I have it sitting next to an antique chair I picked up at an estate sale.
 My all-time favorite candle scent for Christmas is Fresh Balsam from Bath & Body Works!
It smells exactly like real pine and it kind of makes up for not having a real tree in the house.
 Life is certainly never dull with that pup. 😉

 Every year since we've been married, I've included our wedding invitation on our tree.
It's such a special memory to me!
 I also include our Christmas card each year!
 And each year we add at least one new ornament to our tree; something special to us-this year I chose a red barn with our farm name: Rockin' U Farm!
Am I the only one that loves using a ton of different styles of wrapping paper and different colored bags? I love the excitement of choosing different things that don't necessarily match.
 Last year I used my cedar chest as a display piece, this year I wanted to add a little extra seating for any guests we might have & I like the way it looks for now.
 This centerpiece is totally different from anything I've ever done before but I really liked it!
I mixed up a little glam with a little rustic and I love how it all turned out.
 "Mom, when will you be done and come play with me?"
 The dining table centerpiece is another glam/rustic mashup & y'all know my hutch is another of my favorite decorating spots in the house.
 My "Merry Christmas" sign is new from Kirkland's this year, but I love how it mixed metal tones with my china.
 And the top is totally different than last year, as well!
It's a mix of glam & rustic, with additions from my Grandma's home that are so special to me.
 I keep our kitchen decor very minimal and very real, a few hand towels and a candle really add a festive vibe to the space.
 I picked up the Rae Dunn coffee canister at our TJ Maxx a few weeks ago & love how it looks with a red gingham ribbon added to it!
 My favorite tea towels of all time come from the Dollar Spot at Target-I love using them for all different seasons!

And to finish off, a little touch to our guest bathroom!

I didn't end up going too overboard this year, I left several pieces of decor in the storage boxes for the first time ever-but I love how it turned out.

Let me know below what you're favorite part is!

Until next time. . .
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