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Saturday, September 30, 2017

October Goals

Hey y'all!
Tomorrow brings us the start of one of my favorite months...October!
It's my favorite for many reasons, but mostly because it's really the beginning of a cool-down in Alabama & it's just a really festive month.

Let's see how I did on September's Goals:
Exercise Three Days Per Week
Y'all, I'll be honest-I totally bombed at this goal. But, I have been consistently meeting my step goal without having to actively exercise, so that's something!

Celebrate Chris' 31st Birthday!
Definitely did this! We had a low-key night at home, but I cooked some of his favorite things, which was what he really wanted. And then his Mama cooked him another really good meal the following week...that's how we celebrate around here, with good food!

Celebrate Trystan & Dexter's Birthdays!
My sister and nephew both had birthdays this month, so we celebrated that too of course.
For Trystan's you've probably already read about how us three sisters went out for dinner and to see Mary Chapin Carpenter and then we sent Dexter's birthday present for him to open :)

Work on Christmas Shopping
I've only purchased the three gifts I mentioned in September's post, but I have researched and thought of some more. I've got a list started and I'm excited to pick things up as the next few months come!

Plan a Getaway for October
We don't have any firm plans yet, but Chris and I have talked about a few possibilities of things we might like to do if the timing works out and money of course!

Take Outfit Photos at Least Once
We definitely did this! My mom and I got together and shot this athleisure look as well as another you'll see in October.

October's Goals:
Hit 50,000 Steps Per Week
I've been doing this pretty consistently and would like to keep it up, and hopefully surpass it!

Take Another Round of Outfit Photos
My outfit posts are slowly and surely become some of my favorites on my blog, especially when I pair them with other information (the atheleisure outfit I posted above also talked about 5 Ways to be More Active this Fall).

Purchase New Fall Plants and Re-Do my Front Porch
This is sort of pending on whether or not our porch and front door gets painted early or late in the month, but I definitely want to get some Fall plants in my pots to replace the summer ones and when it cools down a bit, I would love to purchase some pumpkins and decorate our front porch!

Get the Downstairs Painted
This has been a goal in my mind alllll summer long, but now I have plans for that room, so I need to get the walls painted so we can put down some flooring.
It shouldn't be difficult, it's just something I've been putting off.

Hit 950 on Instagram
Y'all, I have been trying so incredibly hard to get over the 930 follower hump on my Instagram for Southern & Style, but I'm struggling so much!
The algorithm sucks, and I've heard other bloggers talking about potential "shadow-banning", but I don't know if that's what has happened to me. I just want people that would like my content to be able to see it!

I think that's plenty of goals for October...let me know below what you want to accomplish this month!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.26]

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Hey y'all & happy Tuesday!
I hope this week has already been a great one-I can't wait to share you all ten of the things below, there are some good ones on this week's list, so let's get right to it!

Last Wednesday I got together with my other sisters in Birmingham to celebrate our oldest sister, Trystan's, birthday and we had such a great night.
We did a little shopping, had bundt cakes (y'all if there was a Nothing Bundt Cakes within a 30-45 minute drive from my house, I would be in so much trouble), enjoyed some coffee and then we headed to. . .
The Pizitz Food Hall!
It's a new food court style eatery in Birmingham, AL that is so, so good.
I had a pollo bowl from Chozo and it was so yummy, topped off with a "flower child" which you can read about in the menu shot below-it was tasty!
 After we ate dinner we walked around the corner to the Lyric Theatre and enjoyed a little Mary Chapin Carpenter.
It was so much fun, despite the fact that she seemed to forget the tune to her most popular songs 🙈

If you haven't seen this video of Brett Eldredge singing "You Are My Sunshine" to his pup, Edgar-stop what you're doing and go watch it right now, it will totally melt your heart! 🐶

I'm finally in the last season of Pretty Little Liars (y'all-it has gotten intensely crazy), so of course I had to throw a little PLL in here.
If you've already watched, check out 65 Things You Forgot Happened on the Show and how could I miss mentioning...there's a PLL spin-off happening!
Yup, The Perfectionists is coming in 2018 and Alison & Mona will be starring-I can't wait to check it out!

Have you seen the Treasure & Bond X Something Navy collab at Nordstrom?!
It's all I ever wanted for Fall.
My sisters can make fun of me all that they want, but these mules are fabulous for Fall.
I've been loving crisp, white tops just like this one-the bell-sleeve detail is a great trendy touch!

Did you get a chance to check out my two posts from last week?
I told y'all 5 Ways to be More Active This Fall (& I shared the cute athleisure look from above) 
and then I showed my Fall decor in the Fall Home Tour!

On Sunday morning we woke up and headed to meet our photographer, Amy, for a little family shoot for our Christmas cards.
She did our engagement photos (shown above), our wedding, my bridal portraits, my graduation photos (and added in a few bonus anniversary photos that day!), and now she's doing these for us.
I couldn't think of anyone I would rather have shooting photos of me, so if you're in Alabama or Georgia looking for a wedding or family photographer get in touch with her.
I can't wait to see our gallery from this shoot!

Just a few things that are on my wishlist. . .
+This highlighter 
+ This Mac duo (if you missed this in the Nordstrom sale, you can still get it at Macy's on sale!)
+ This blush-I'm about to run out of my current one and this shade looks beautiful for Fall!
+ This serving tray-perfect all Fall long!
+This belt-I know it would be stunning with dresses and jeans for Fall!

The weather in Alabama is supposed to be much more "Fall" appropriate starting on Friday, so here's a list of 20 Fun & Festive Things to do this Fall. . .
I will definitely be doing 12 and 14 and hopefully I can talk my sweet husband into number 3!

Someone tell my husband to read this article: Science Says Sleeping in a Cold Room is Better for You!
There are a couple of reasons listed in the article and they all sound good to me, does anyone else fall asleep better if the room is cold?

 Sunday evening, after a very busy morning and afternoon, we spent some time at the pasture tagging SIX new baby calves and feeding the heifers. I hung out with this pretty guy, Forrest, and watched the gates while Chris was on the tractor.
It's easy to take pretty pictures when your dog is that handsome & the backdrop is under those stunning oaks.

Well, it looks like we've made it through another Ten on Tuesday!
Let me know down below what you're loving so far this week :)

Until then. . .

Saturday, September 23, 2017

5 Ways to be More Active This Fall

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Hey y'all!
 Forrest & I hope y'all are having a happy Saturday & enjoying your weekend, your naps, your prosecco, and definitely your brunch!
I picked up this outfit a few weeks ago on a little shopping trip with my Mama & it has been a favorite since then, so comfy but still cute.
 One of the best parts of Fall to me is newfound motivation for working out and with that of course comes new athelisure outfits, just like this one.

So along with sharing my most recent favorite outfit, I also want to share five easy ways to be more active this Fall. . .

1. Take your pup for a walk (or see if your local shelter has a program where you can "borrow" a dog to take it for a walk!)
I love taking walks around the neighborhood, but it's hard to get together with others to walk...but Forrest is always down to go on an adventure, so he's an awesome walking buddy.
If you don't have a dog, lots of shelters need volunteers for people to come take their pups out for daily walks-it's a great way to serve yourself & your community.

2. Go Hiking or Backpacking
Fall is the best time of year for picking a new trail & taking a hike!
The weather is getting cooler & more crisp, plus the leaves are turning all different colors-so take advantage and head to your nearest national or state park, or maybe even your local park.

3. Take a Trip to a Walkable Area
When my husband & I honeymooned in Savannah, we quickly discovered that it was one of the most walkable cities.
Everywhere you go there was a new square to discover and then of course, the riverfront.
Many vacation destinations are walkable, so plan accordingly & take a's for your health after all 😉

4. Help a Charity
This time of year is very popular for 5Ks, fun runs, marathons, etc. and what a better way to be more active than to do it not just for yourself, but to help others too.
Watch out for races in your community!

5. Watch Your Favorite TV Shows 
You may be thinking...watching TV has nothing to do with being active, it's called Netflix & Chill for a reason, right?
But instead, you're gonna do Netflix & workout-take your iPhone with you to the gym, prop it up on the treadmill or the elliptical and only let yourself watch that show while you're working out.
Or, if you prefer working out off of equipment or outside, pick out your favorite podcast (mine currently is My Favorite Murder, but I also highly recommend 22 Hours-I just finished it and it was AWESOME) and only listen to it while working out-you'll look forward to working out if you only get to take in your favorite entertainment while you do it!

How fun are these mesh details on these leggings?!
Hope y'all enjoyed this style post-it was honestly so enjoyable to shoot & that may or may not have had something to do with the fact that Forrest was part of it 😉

Let me know below what you're doing to get moving more this Fall!

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Fall Home Tour

Hey y'all!
Welcome back to the blog for the last Wednesday link-up with Sarah & Emily for Friday Favorites!
Today's link-up is showing off our Fall decor, so today I give you my Fall home tour.
I'm not going to show every part of our house, because I just don't decorate it all for Fall, so enjoy what you do get to see! 😉
When you come in our front doors (which I'm not showing much of because they're about to be painted!) you'll see my Auburn door hangers.
These will hang up until about the middle of October and then I'll swap them out for pumpkins that say welcome on them...until then, War Eagle!
When you first come in you'll see our initial pumpkins and my sign that says, "Come in and sit a spell."
 This is my current setup for our front foyer area. I need to add a mirror or picture of some sort over the bookshelf (the shelf is one my dad actually built when he was much younger!) but I'm waiting to find the perfect piece!
Most of my decor is from Hobby Lobby or Kirkland's, the large pumpkin actually belonged to my mom & I'm so glad she gave it to me because it's one of my favorite Fall pieces!
Also excuse Forrest's bones in the bag by the front door, when you need a treat-sometimes you just need a treat 😉
This is just the side of the foyer, coming from downstairs (which definitely isn't decorated!)
This little corner hasn't changed much since the last time you saw it, but I have added this little lumbar pillow to my antique chair and my mom gave me a little wooden U that I've added to my barcart.
I keep the Fall decor in our living room pretty minimal, just a few little pumpkins scattered on the television stand & of course, you can peep my collection of candles through the glass doors.
This is one of my favorite areas, which also hasn't changed much but I definitely wanted to share it because it's just so cozy.
I did change up our coffee table decor for Fall with this giant platter (it has leaves around the outside) and of course some new Fall candles and pumpkins.
It's not "in your face" Fall, but just enough cozy to count.
This is a different set-up than I've ever done before in this area.
I've been trying to figure out how I want to move around my cedar chest (ideally it wouldn't be in the living room), so right now it's spare seating next to my blanket basket.
And lastly, something y'all seen peeks of before, I gave my dining room hutch a blue & white makeover for Fall...and I love it!

Let me know below what your favorite parts of my decor are!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.25]

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Hey y'all!
Hope y'all are having an awesome week-this is a busy one for us, but I love staying busy 😊
Let's see what's been going on with this week's Ten!

Over the past few weeks I've had the opportunity to test out the Kenra Platinum Snail Collection. Don't let the "snail" in the name turn you off-it's snail essence used to bring out the youthfulness in hair. Spoiler alert-I liked everything, I might be hooked!
Here are the products that I tried out, what their claims are, & what I think of them. . .
The claims are that it fights signs of aging hair, it's lightweight, restores/prolongs youth, etc.
I used this after washing my hair (which I try not to put too much product in my clean hair, because I find it weighs it down) and this didn't weigh down my hair.
My hair is really frizzy and prone to breakage, I feel as though this product really did help my hair become smoother and more manageable. Wins in my book!

This is the first professional alcohol free hairspray (necessary for me because the ones with alcohol do tend to dry my hair out if I use them repeatedly), it helps your hair retain moisture while having an extra firm hold and high shine.
When curling or styling my hair, I have to have a hairspray because it tends to loose it shape very easily. This spray was awesome at keeping my hair tamed and like I said, didn't leave it dry like most other sprays do!

It provides heat protection up to 450 degrees & allows for clean release from styling tools.
This spray is the answer to my prayers, y'all.
When I was in Nashville I took this & the shaping spray to test them out and they worked together perfectly.
This isn't advertised, but I found that when I used this on my hair on day one of having clean hair, I found I was able to go longer between washes-a miracle for my oil-prone scalp.
If you only get one thing from this line, I really recommend this!

Fights all 10 signs of again hair, provides softness, restores shine, & is formulated without sulfates, paragons, and sodium chloride.
This is the only shampoo I've been exclusively using since I got it & I love the way it leaves my hair feeling. It's been shiny and very soft and I'm hoping since I've started using now it will really help my hair stay stronger and younger over time. 

Fights al 10 signs of aging hair, restores manageability & prolongs youth in hair, delivers moisture, radiance, and resilience to hair, & formulated without sulfates, paragons, and sodium chloride.
Once again, I'm using this exclusively and hoping that it will help my hair stay stronger and more youthful. But I've noticed that my hair is certainly more manageable and more moisturized.

Overall I would consider this collection a total win! You can pick these up at at Ulta or from Kenra's Website.

If you (or someone you know) are getting married soon, read this article on 7 Wedding Day Tips to Make your Big Day Unforgettable!

This is proof the best things in life come in the Fall...cookie butter Oreos are out!

If you missed what was on the blog this past week, I shared my late summer reading list (some seriously great picks on here!) and my Fall fashion picks (I love trying new trends this time of year!) 

October 19th can't get here soon enough because then it will be time for 13 Nights of Halloween!
I absolutely cannot wait to watch Hocus Pocus! 🎃

If you're reading to go apple-picking, here's a roundup of a ton of delicious apple recipes you can make with your bounty.
I personally think the apple bread pudding or the apple-cream cheese bundt cake sound amazing 🍎

So last Friday my sister & I made eye appointments at the same time so our Mom could come and drive us home (driving for me with dilated eyes is a no-no).
As a treat when we finished at the eye doctor, we headed to my favorite little coffee trailer in downtown Oxford, AL for Fall drinks!
I had a Butterscotch Latte and it was a dream. 😍
Also, how adorable is my sweet Mama?
I adore her & how supportive she is to this little blog of mine!

Before our eye appointment we treated ourselves to much-needed pedis and I got the prettiest color on my toes: Kennebunk Port by OPI, it reminds me of Southern Belle in Training, since she's from Maine!

Thank goodness, Miss Alabama has some sense!

Tomorrow we link up with Sarah & Emily for the last installment of the Fall Favorites link-up and it's home tours!
Until then, why don't you check out my friend Anita's home tour at Far Above Rubies?
Her place is way prettier than mine will ever be!

Until next time. . .
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Saturday, September 16, 2017

Late Summer Reading List: 5 Great "Anytime" Reads!

Hey y'all!

I've been so excited about sharing these books with y'all because these are some of the best books I've read in a long, long time.
Let's jump into it!

This is a psychological thriller that definitely kept me on my toes from page one-and I'm not even joking with you!
You follow along with Laura Blacklock, the journalist, as she goes through a harrowing event (the one on page one!) and then later as the embarks on a work trip on a small, private cruise ship.
There are twists and turns every step along the way, it's a fast-pased book that really draws you in and  keeps you guessing.
I do recommend reading this book, just maybe not before bed each night like I did-it gave me some seriously crazy dreams!

This book is one that's unlike the other four in that it's more of a coffee-table book, in list form. It's a long, alphabetized list of 1,071 Reasons to Never Leave the South (plus, it's blue gingham-no brainer for the Southern coffee table book).
I loved flipping through this book and reading the lists, especially seeing which things I've seen or done (so many of my favorite things and places are in this book).
I finished this book before we left for our Nashville trip and discovered Carnton Plantation through it, so it was very fun to actually go to Carnton after reading about it in this little book!
Some other favorites from this book:
#287 Driving the truck that announces your personality (this is so Southern to me; I know everyone by their truck & I know so many people know me just by seeing my truck!)
#527 Knowing to never wash a cast iron skillet (basically a sin in the South)
#782 Restaurant buffet sign: "Take all you want but don't embarrass your Mama" (Just too funny!)

This is one that I borrowed from my sister, Trystan because I had heard so many people raving about it on their blogs, etc.
This is also a psychological thriller, which follows Rachel, who rides the train each morning and evening.
The major problem that I had with this book is that to me, Rachel wasn't very likable-which ties into the story, so I understand why she wasn't likable...but still it annoyed me.
This is a very twisty book with a shocking end that I really truly didn't expect.
I ended up liking the turn this book took and I felt vindication for Rachel (& for myself!), but I wouldn't recommend reading it before bed, much like The Woman in Cabin 10. 

You've probably heard of this book one of two ways; it was a classic novel that was widely read in the 80's and 90's but now it's also an original series on Hulu.
I found it through Hulu and here's the gist; the story follows Offred, who lives in the Republic of Gilead (set in the future, after the United States has fallen to a religious sect).
In my opinion, though both equally terrifying, the Hulu series is better because they took the book, but then added to it instead of taking away-they also made the show more modern because, duh.
The book is good and really wakes you up to the injustices going on around you and also makes you realize that just because something doesn't affect you directly, that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to correct the problem.
The ending leaves you wanting more and luckily there is going to be a second season of The Handmaid's Tale on Hulu so we'll get to see what happened after the book there!

I picked this book up from Sam's & when I bought it, I had no idea that it was actually an old movie and a new movie.
It's a Civil War novel (my favorite! I've forever loved Gone with the Wind) set in a finishing school in the South; there are two teachers and just a handful of students left behind at the school as the war rages on.
The story follows the girls as they nurse a Yankee soldier who they have brought into the house after he was left to die after a battle.
I'll be honest, it took a while for me to get into the story at first but when I was hooked, I was in-even when I started getting quite perturbed by the actions of the girls in the school & the Yankee patient.
As a reader I find it frustrating at times when you get to see the perspective of every character but they aren't communicating with each other. 🙈 #NerdAlert
Anyway, I loved the end and felt like when it was over I could let out an audible sigh because I was on edge throughout the book & didn't even realize it-that's when you know it's a good read!

Let me know below, have you read any of these books?
If not, check out the links on the titles and pick them up because y'all, this was my best roundup yet!
If you're interested in my past two book review posts. . .

Leave me book suggestions down below!

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Fall Favorites: Fall Fashion

Some of the links below are affiliate links-thank you for supporting Southern & Style!
Leather Booties/Printed Bandana/Tory Burch Rope Logo Bead Ring/Sole Society Susan Tote/Melissa Seam Tall Riding Boot/Turtleneck Poncho/Fleece Half-Zip Pullover/Plaid Blanket Scarf/
Plaid Shirtdress/Jules Two-Tone Faux Leather Saddlebag/Kate Spade Two-Sided Pearl Studs
Long Multi-Tassel Necklace/Tory Burch Diana Top

Hey y'all!
Today I'm linking up with Sarah & Emily in another Fall Favorites post, this one is all about our favorite Fall fashion!

I decided to round up my Fall wishlist for y'all to have a peek at today-there are so many yummy textures & colors that I associate with Fall & I cannot wait until the weather is cool enough to get all cozy in these pieces!

Fall is definitely a season where I take a little more care when choosing accessories, it's easier sometimes to go with a neutral outfit and pick out stunning accessories to pile on top!
I love everything pearl and gold for this season, that's why I think this ring & those earrings are perfection (I also really love that you can wear the earrings both ways-small or large!)
This stunning statement necklace is also proof that tassels are staying trendy throughout the rest of the year 🙌

Bags & Shoes
My favorite things to pull out for Fall are my boots & booties-the rich browns are the perfect neutral for any dressy or casual outfit.
I also love darker bags for this time of year (this is my current Fall bag of choice!) and chunkier larger totes have a piece of my heart too!

Although we won't be pulling out blanket scarves anytime soon in Alabama, I can't wait until it's time to pull out my favorite classic one!
But to tide us over until then, we can pick up beauties like this satin bandana from J.Crew Factory to tie on our bags 😉

I'm a huge fan of being casual all-year round, so this cozy quarter zip totally stole my heart. It would be perfect to pair with my favorite leggings or my favorite jeggings, either one!
If I'm going to be dressy, you can best bet I'm choosing a stunning blouse in a Fall jewel-tone or a plaid shirt dress, they're so comfortable and the perfect amount of polish.

For your ease of shopping, everything is linked under the graphic (if it's not in the graphic, but I mentioned it-then just click the words!)
Let me know below, what trends do you love for Fall?

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.24]

Hey y'all!
Hope this week's post finds you all well, especially considering these hurricanes that have been battering the southern portions of the United States and many islands in the Caribbean, Atlantic, etc.
Maybe these ten will help you take your mind off all the chaos in the world, if only for a minute or two. 😊
So since Hurricane Irma decided to make her way up to Alabama, yesterday was definitely an inside day.
My mom and sister, Julie, came over and we canned a ton of tomatoes so we can have tomato soup this winter 🙌🍅
The power did go out for a little while, right in the middle of the process-but it didn't last too long, so we were fortunately able to finish!
 Forrest also got to enjoy being inside yesterday (that never happens, he only comes in at night!)
This was him studying me while I was eating a pop-tart after the tomato canning was over, he's just a handsome boy!

If you're from Alabama you might have seen Jake Pratt from Vestavia High School, he's a football player who just happens to also have Down Syndrome.
He was given the opportunity to attend the Auburn vs. Clemson game and met Coach Dabo Swinny-the moment was honestly incredible, you've got to watch it!

I've been obsessively watching Tori Sterling's vlogs on YouTube lately (she makes me want to workout and eat healthy ALL the time!) and she drinks Kombucha constantly.
I started reading up on it's benefits and when I saw it on sale at Target, I picked up this flavor just to see if it was any good and y'all-I'm obsessed.
It makes my stomach feel so much better, I'll definitely be getting it more often!
Do you drink Kombucha?

Everyone has been talking about Hurricane's (Harvey, Irma, upcoming Jose, and more) and this article is a good read about How Zoos and Aquariums Handle Hurricanes.

If you haven't checked out the blog since last week's Ten on Tuesday then you missed out on some really fun content!
On Wednesday I linked up with two other bloggers to share my favorite fall drink, which just happens to be an awesome recipe for Spiked Caramel Apple Cider-highly recommend.
And then on Saturday I had my second style post go up on the blog where I chatted with y'all about white after labor day & my take on florals for Fall (especially in the South!)
Check them out and leave me some feedback on both-I want to know what y'all want to see more of on Southern & Style!

Tory Burch has new Fall arrivals & I'm craving them all, just like I'm craving cooler temperatures.
These pearl earrings are the perfect mix of classic and current.
This gorgeous pitcher, it would be stunning with late hydrangeas in it!
And of course, everyone needs a statement shoe for Fall.

I've been following Zelle, from A Southern Style Blog since just after I started blogging & I've always loved keeping up with her life & her adventures & her style.
Recently, she opened a boutique in Wilmington-ZIA Boutique!
Of course I follow her shop on Insta and I saw the cutest pumpkins ever in her store-I wish I was local so I could snag them myself, especially the "ginger jar" painted ones!
 They are seriously adorable-if you're local you need to get you some pretty painted pumpkins!

Exciting new buy: my new sunglasses!
I am so hard on sunglasses, I was wearing my trusty Costa's until I popped the lens out when I dropped them on Thursday...sadly I couldn't get the screw out to try to put my lens back in so until I can get them fixed, I had to find an alternative...and I kinda love my alternative & they are more affordable!

Two recipes I tested this past week: Eggroll in a Bowl-this went over really, really well at our house because we love Chinese food! I made some fried rice on the side & we added some Yum-Yum sauce, it was a winner!
Saturday was such a "Fall" feeling day, the weather was so nice and we worked calves that morning & I spent time outside cutting grass, it was just a nice day. So that night I made chili, using this recipe from Publix (except I used beef ;) Chili is one of my Fall & Winter comfort foods, for sure!

In regards to the hurricanes that have hit the United States lately, because I know people are always looking for a way to give...
Lilly Pulitzer has released a Lilly Loves Florida tee that donates 100% of the net proceeds to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief.
There is also a Lilly Loves Texas version for Harvey victims as well.

Until next time. . .

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Florals for Fall

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Hey y'all!
Do any of y'all stick to the old-fashioned idea that you can't wear white after Labor Day?
In the South, I definitely don't think we have to play by that rule-case in point, this super adorable floral dress!

I absolutely love comfortable fashion and this definitely fits that bill.
The florals are perfect for the transitional period in the South when it's still hot as blazes, but you want to dress more fall appropriate.
I've had this single initial necklace forever it seems, but it's still one of my favorite timeless, classic pieces.
The gold goes with everything and since it's my first initial it's never-changing.
I think it would also be precious if you had children and you wore their initial on a necklace!
Y'all know I've raved about my OTBT's on the blog for ages, but they really are that good.
I don't wear heels anymore, but I'm all about a good wedge for some extra height.
These have a platform bottom, so they're super easy to walk in and the part around the front of your ankle is stretchy so they're easy to slip on and off!
And this shot shows the bell-sleeve the best, so you know I had to include it!
I just cannot get enough of bell sleeves, they're so fun and add the perfect touch of "trendy".

Photos by: my sweet Mama! (Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?!)

Thanks for stopping by y'all!

Until next time. . .
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