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Sunday, September 13, 2020

To Charlie: A Letter to My Two Year Old

Photo by Little E Photography

 To my sweet Charlie, 

Our Little Chief, Turkey Leg, Chicken Nugget, Charlie Horse, Slick, and all the other names we come up with for you at the drop of a hat.

You are the biggest blessing to our family & you have changed so, so much in year two.

When people told me, before you were born, just how fast children grow I didn't know how true that statement would be-but it is so unbelievably true.

You learn something new each day; your colors, counting, letters, animal sounds, names of animals, types of machinery, tractors, and equipment. You can recite parts of books as we read them, which never ceases to impress me.

Your favorite book right now is Roadwork, with Jamberry being a close second.

I don't doubt that you'll know every single word to Roadwork within the next six months, you love it so, so much.

You are such a hand on the farm. We wake up each day, eat breakfast and then get ready to go farm. You're right beside me, checking cows & horses, feeding the calves, and all the other things that go along with farm life. You love every second of it. I know all too soon, I'll be the one tagging along with you and the thought of that makes me choke up just a little.

Your fearlessness is inspiring. As just a little guy, you climb fences and gates, you'll climb to the top of the cab of the pickup truck and just grin. And you can get yourself down too, you don't need anyone's help.

You will face down cows with nothing but a cow flag and your voice, "Get back cow!"

You are adventurous, independent, fierce, and brave.

Photo by Little E Photography

But you are also cuddly, snuggly, and love to pretend to be "tiny baby Charlie" and have me cradle you like I did when you were once that tiny. I soak up those moments because I know that just like the days when you were a tiny baby, the pretend moments will pass by too.

You love to climb up on my lap and us read together or watch "Hudson" on YouTube. In fact, that's pretty much the only TV you'll allow because you're just too busy for all that.

We are always brightened by your smile and happiness, although there are some fits had too (but you get those honest, on both sides of the family).

And most of all, we love the future we see in you.

How smart you are, we hope you love learning and are always interested in books and "figures" as you call them. I hope that you always look forward to exploring the world around you. I've seen you interested in reading, history, geography, and sciences already even at such a young age. I hope to always foster that love of learning in you.

Photo by Little E Photography

I love to watch you at the farm, how you already know things that people much older than you don't. You're passionate about equipment and learning the proper names for things, you want to learn how to drive them and how they work. You are learning how to care for the animals and are so kind and gentle with them.

Who knows, maybe that will be the career path you choose one day?

Your daddy & I pray that you will always be hardworking, honest, kind, and generous. We want you to be the kind of man that inspires those values in others. We hope that you always choose to help others that need a hand. We want to encourage you to press forward and be a leader, to choose the right path-not just the easiest path. We love your heart and how you are compassionate and caring and hope you always retain those traits.

We hope that you know no matter what path you choose in life, you'll always have us cheering you on. We'll always be there to offer sound advice and encouragement.

You're our son & we can't wait to watch the boy and then the man that you will become.

We love you so much, Charlie Man!

Happy second birthday!

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