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Monday, December 16, 2019

Women's Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers

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Ahhh, we're so close to Christmas-can you believe it?!

I still have a few gifts to pick up & I thought maybe some of you were still shopping too, so I decide to share the last of my gift guides today. Luckily for me, several of these gifts are quick shipping or can be picked up in store for those of you willing to brave the crowds.
I'm a big fan of Kendra Scott earrings & these are a beautiful, simple pair that could fit many different women's styles.
I'm a huge fan of gifting and receiving candles and this one would just tickle me pink to find under the tree Christmas morning. I think the jar is beautiful & can be repurposed for pretty storage later.
Before becoming a mom, I was really dedicated to journaling and did it daily for many, many years.
I would love to get back into it and this beautiful journal would be perfect for storing by my bed.
I use a sleep mask every single night & really need to upgrade mine.
I've heard so many excellent things about using a silk sleep mask; namely how it helps prevent wrinkles which I am all for!
One of my favorite stocking stuffers to receive is nail polish!
Essie is one of my favorite brands and this pretty ruby shade is a stunning option.
This is actually a men's quarter zip but I bought it because I love, love, love the print and it fits great!
It's also super affordable ($20!), washes well, and is really warm too!
Another excellent stocking stuffer that is both pretty & useful is this lint roller.
I always need one when we travel, but never want to carry my big one from home so this would be great to just stow in your bag for trips or to keep in the console of your car.
I know none of us clean our brushes nearly enough (myself included!) but this silicone mat that just sticks inside of your sink with suction cups really makes the process so much easier.
I am a huge Barefoot Dreams fan; I have the robe, three cardigans, and of course these socks.
The socks are very affordable & so unbelievably cozy. They would make the most bougie stocking stuffer!
These statement earrings are very affordable and perfect for wearing all year long with their neutral tortoise coloring.
The ultimate self-care for me is being able to slip into comfy clothes and just chill out and slippers are a must for whenever I'm at home!
These Uggs are great because you can also step outside in them to check the mail or take your pup out.
I've always thought the Sephora perfume samplers are the perfect gift.
You get the entire set shown of sample sizes of their most popular perfumes, then after testing them all out you can take an included coupon back to Sephora and pick out a full size of whatever perfume you like best!
This was the birthday gift from Ulta last year & I recently used mine before we had family pictures done. I have to be honest, most of the time I don't see much difference after masks but this one really made my skin feel so hydrated and nourished. I would love one of these stuffed in my stocking!
I'm not a huge essential oil girl, but I do love the scent of lavender and how it does feel very calming and soothing. This pillow spray is a mix of lavender and some other oils that is supposed to help you sleep deeper and longer.
I have a few insulated totes around and love them all.
They're great for taking snacks in the car, packing goodies in to take to potlucks, bringing cold things home from the grocery store, and more.
This one can also be personalized with a monogram, which always makes for a special gift.

As each of you wrap up your holiday season (pun intended!) I hope you all know how special you are to me and how much I appreciate you taking time out of your day to spend reading my words. Every time you click on a link or buy a product through a link I use helps me and my family so, so much.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Toddler Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers

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Can y'all believe it's less than ten days until Christmas?!
I don't know if it's just the speed of life or just the business of the season, but I just have felt like this time of year has swept by me and I'm not ready!

Today I'm sharing a ton of my favorite toddler gifts (& some stocking stuffers). These are really geared toward a younger toddler, since Charlie is 15 months old. He has a lot of these items and a few are from his wishlist.

These Stacking Rings are a super affordable gift and have provided tons of entertainment for Charlie.
We don't personally have a Cozy Coupe at our house, but my parents keep one at theirs for Charlie to play with & Chris' parents have one too and I would say that it's probably in his top three favorite toys ever. My parent's honestly have to hide it at their house if I can only stop by for a few minutes because Charlie won't want to leave it!
Something that I never knew I needed, but I'm so grateful that it exists are Mitten Clips. After losing a pair of mittens because Charlie slipped them off without me noticing, I searched the internet and found a set of four clips. You just clip one end to the mitten and one end to their sleeve-they work great and are perfect for a stocking.
Charlie's birthday was just a few months ago and his favorite gift from the entire celebration was his Mickey Mouse Ride-On Airplane. It has tons of great sounds and he loves both pushing it around and riding on it. It was so popular, we even took it to Grayton Beach with us!
Books are my all-time favorite gift to give and receive and in my recent Amazon searches for children's books, I discovered Indestructibles books and added three to Charlie's Amazon wishlist because they are so cool. They are rip proof, waterproof, lightweight, and washable so they're perfect for little ones. They are also super affordable and would make a sweet stocking stuffer.
Charlie wears one of his Carhartt Knit Hats every single day. They are easy to toss in his bag, they keep his head warm, and wash very easily.
My favorite gifts are the ones that grow with kiddos, like the Smart Stages Puppy that Charlie got at one of my baby showers. He loved it as just a sweet stuffed animal when he was little and it has different stages of songs and things to teach him as he grows. It's very entertaining for him! It also comes in a girl version.
We originally bought Goodnight Tractor at the American Farm Bureau Convention for Charlie to have as a keepsake from our trip, but he loved the book so dang much that we ended up buying a second copy to preserve the special one! Since then, we've also added Goodnight Digger to the nightly rotation.
They also have Goodnight Princess available!
Another birthday gift that was a big hit was Charlie's small Rocking Horse. It's just his size and he loves rocking in front of the window or television.
Charlie's "big" gift from us this year is his Anywhere Chair with his name embroidered on it.
I snagged it for a great deal on Black Friday, but they still have it marked down right now. It's so lightweight and the cover comes right off, so you can wash it.
This is my selfish wishlist item for Charlie, but ever since discovering the Jeep Stroller Wagon I've been dying to get it for us! It's got so many great points like the canopy or the fact that it can handle both like a stroller or a wagon. It also has a car seat base or two five-point-harnesses for older kids. I think it would be awesome for neighborhood walks or trips to the zoo. So many possibilities!
Last but not least, to go with your mitten clips you need your Mittens! These are the best mittens I've found for little ones that stay on (especially with the help of those clips). They are also an awesome value for the three pairs.

Well, I hope that was somewhat helpful! A lot of those products come from Amazon or other places that do quick shipping so you can still get your items under your tree in time...and if not, they won't know the difference anyway 😉

Until next time. . .

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Men's Gift Guide + Stocking Stuffers

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Thank you for using these links in support of Southern & Style at no additional cost to you!
Happy Holidays, y'all!
I had lofty goals of getting all of my gift guides out before the month of December started...but we all know how that goes, right?
Life caught up with me and we have been SO busy, but I've got the rest of them ready and will be rolling them out in the next few days so hopefully they will help you finish your holiday shopping in no time because we are SO close to Santa's arrival if you can believe it!

This gift guide is all about the men in your life; your dad, grandfather, father-in-law, husband, brother, or even son. I love so many of these ideas and have gifted some of them in the past (and maybe this year too ;)

This was in Chris' stocking a few years ago and it honestly lasts forever.
It's great for guys that are outside a lot working, doing winter sports, hunting, etc. and get cracked hands or rough spots on their elbows/etc. because it clears all of that up with just a few uses.
For the sports fan in your life, choose a beautiful stadium blueprint!
They come in so many teams and really look very classic when hanging. They even come in basketball arenas if that's more his speed.
I'm a big fan of gifting a nice sweatshirt because I think men are pretty easy to size up when it comes to picking out clothes.
This one from LL Bean is affordable, high quality, and looks really great for so many styles of guys and can be casual or dressed up.
I am a huge proponent of Yeti Ramblers.
They keep your drinks cold, they don't sweat, and they look nice.
In fact, I'm drinking out of one as I type this post!
You can select them in plain, different colors, or etched with your favorite team.
I think these Sephora sets are great because they include tons of different colognes samples that he can obviously use, but once he picks a favorite he (or let's be honest, he can send you) back to Sephora with a gift card for the scent that he likes the best and then he'll get a full size of whichever he picks. Plus, it comes with a really nice dopp kit.
I'm a little bit obsessed with my discovery of knit hats at the moment and I personally enjoy wearing them myself, but this is an awesome and VERY affordable gift or stocking stuffer for the guy in your life if he ever goes outside at all.
These hats are so, so warm and easily fit in your pocket too.
Another great stocking stuffer idea for the guy that does any sort of work or hobby that involves nails, screws, etc.
This wristband simply velcros around your wrist and has a magnet inside it that holds onto all of your metal items and keeps them safely in reach!
I think the best invention that Apple ever made was the capability of wireless charging.
I bought a really simple and inexpensive wireless charging pad for $15 that would be an awesome stocking stuffer. But the one shown is obviously more expensive, but it is leather and can charge two devices at one time.
I know that personally my husband is a big fan of cooking on our various grills, so this would be another affordable stocking stuffer option for guys like him!
A useful and colorful option for the stocking.
This is a super fun stocking stuffer or gift option that leads to even more fun down the road!
Invite your friends or family over on Christmas Day-Night for a fun game night and break out your new cards.
LL Bean's slippers are very much hyped up, but the shearling liner (hello warm!) and the bottom which is designed for outside use make them a clear winner above the rest.
Plus, they are great for all range brackets from your son who is off to college or your father-in-law who wants to kick back by the fireplace.
This is such a fun game for all ages-we actually had this game at our wedding for our guests to play!
It's super affordable and includes a storage bag for easy transportation.
Depending on the man in your life's tastes, a book could be right up his alley and I think this would be an excellent one!
This novel is based off of an ex CIA assassin who has turned over a new leaf and become a small-town pastor who just wants to leave his life behind.
The book is a clean, Christian novel as well which I know lots of men will appreciate.
I enjoyed the suspense built by this novel, and although I thought the fight scenes had a tendency to become a bit tedious, I bet they would win over the men in your life because of their attention to detail!

I hope this little guide was helpful to y'all-if you need any more ideas please just shoot me a email or leave a comment. I definitely had more ideas than would fit into my graphic!

Until next time. . .

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