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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Ten on Tuesday [No.65]

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Y'all, we are finally into March & I honestly just feel like this year is going to snowball from this point forward and we'll be into Summertime and then Fall and Christmastime will be here before we even know what happens-time just flies as you get older!
There are so many good things I want to share with you in this roundup, so let's jump right on in.
A moment I've waited a long, long time for finally arrived last month. . .
Charlie's first ride!
The video is only 21 seconds long and it's so sweet, I recommend listening with the volume on.
Charlie has technically been on a horse before, but never really by himself like this and never ridden around. He was just thrilled and since then, every time we're at my parents (where I currently keep my horses) he wants to go see the horses and pet them and really, really wants to ride again.
Living. The. Dream. Y'all!
Our little family got to have a mini getaway a few weekends ago to Mobile for the Alabama Young Farmers Conference and it was just so much fun!
This was the second year we were able to have Charlie there & taking him along and making those memories is just so special to us-we love raising him around the Farmer's Federation events.
 Of course we stopped at Priester's along the way!

 Former Auburn Coach Tommy Tuberville is the Farmer's Federation FARMPAC endorsed candidate, so we snapped a quick picture alongside him at the conference. He's a really cool guy that we're glad we have gotten the opportunity to know better and to support for AL senate.
 Riverfront rooms are just the BEST!
Also peep his cute propped up foot-I just could cuddle him forever, y'all!
We loved the family time, of course, but we also were so thankful to get together with some of our friends that we only see at Federation events, meet new friends, tour some really interesting agricultural operations, and network with other people in our field that have the same heartbreaks and successes that we have!
I love to watch Jenna & Hoda on tv in the mornings when I can, they just have such a cute dynamic and I love so many of the stories they share on their show.
One of my most recent favorites is when they shared the Instagram account Accidental Icon.
She is a beautiful, older woman who used to be a college professor & was once accidentally mistaken as a model and the paparazzi began photographing her.
After that happened she started her website/instagram and became a true Icon!
She is beautiful and such an inspiration!
Alabama's weather has been so strange lately, with cold snaps & then super warm temps, plus all the rain that we have had to contend with. I'm not complaining about the warmer weather though because we have gotten to enjoy some time outside playing without having to be bundled up.
We've even had some flowers blooming & lots of growth in the hayfields so we are loving it!
P.S. Doesn't Charlie look like such a big boy in the pic above?!
Another fun thing we got to take Charlie to do last month was the trade show at the Alabama Cattlemen's Convention!
There we were able to network and visit with our friends from all over the state, but Charlie also just had a complete ball playing on the John Deere equipment and horsing around with the chutes and panels.
We took Charlie to the zoo a few weekends ago (& also to the state capital which was so fun!) and y'all, he enjoyed it SO much.
The tiger was his (& my) favorite, and since we went on a Sunday there was no one there. We were able to sit and just watch the tiger for the longest time, Charlie didn't want to leave him!
This was technically Charlie's second time to the polls to vote with us, but this time he was big enough to get a sticker. We love sharing the democratic process with him and teaching him how important it is to have a voice in politics!
There has been lots of horse activity going on around here because the weather is getting a little bit better & Charlie is getting old enough now to really enjoy them, so I've been able to get back to it a little bit more.
I even jumped on Willow the other day after Charlie's ride. I was so sore for the next few days 😂 but it was worth it!
Charlie has had tons of farm fun lately; from splashing in puddles to climbing up on the back of my truck (with help, of course!)

Just had to do a quick photo-dump of some of the cutest pics of Charlie since my last Ten on Tuesday post!
Sitting on the toolbox like a teenage guy.
Waiting on a bale of hay while Daddy changes a tire...also War Eagle!
And then sitting in the cotton seed while all of his friends eat it 🐮
He's already trying to fill his Daddy's boots-slow down, sweet boy!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, March 7, 2020

March Goals

Y'all, can we just discuss how January was the longest month ever & then February rolled over me like a freight train?! It went by SO fast!
Let's see how I did with February's goals. . .
Read Two Books
Well...I read one, so I guess I halfway accomplished this.
I also started a second book, but just didn't put a ton of effort into finishing it.
Clear All Donation Boxes out of the Garage
I was able to get two of the boxes out of the garage, but I still have three more that need to leave ASAP.
My husband was going to have someone come & get them, but we just decided to drop them off at our local thrift store so next time I'm in town doing grocery pickup I will run them by there.
We also cleared an older recliner out of our basement & it will be out of the garage as soon as Chris' brother comes to pick it up. Yay for freeing up space!
Get Caught Up on Office Work
I was able to finish alllll of our invoicing thus-far and all of our bills are paid up...until I check the mail this afternoon 😉
Categorize All of January & February for our Banking
Yes to getting this done! In fact, I'm caught up as of yesterday because I worked on March yesterday morning. No one tell my husband he was right, but it really is a lot easier when you do it weekly or bi-weekly 😂
Enjoy Ourselves at the Alabama Cattlemen's Convention, National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet, & Alabama Young Farmer's Conference
We had a super busy month with lots of fun stuff to do, but we truly enjoyed each thing.
Charlie went with us to Cattlemen's & Young Farmer's and we just made so many sweet memories with him that I hope I'll never forget. I'll definitely recap those the next time I publish a Ten on Tuesday!
Chris & I also turned the NWTF banquet into a mini date night and that's always really nice, just to have a few hours for just us.

In March, I want to. . .
Finish Shopping for Most of Charlie's Spring/Summer Clothes
I have already gone to one consignment sale & my friend & I are planning on hitting another one up (& going to a children's consignment store) so hopefully that will knock out most of his wardrobe. I know I will still pick up a few things here and there from pre-order and resale grounds on FB but I would love the majority of it to come from these consignment places.
Read Two Books
I feel a lot more comfortable putting the number two down for this month because I started a book two days ago & haven't been able to put it down and I also have started another already (from the end of February). Maybe I'll even get three in, but I'm not going to get crazy 😹
Organize my Digital Files
My poor MacBook & iPhone are just overloaded with pictures and files and have been for some time.
I finally broke down and bought an external hard drive and will be probably also upgrading iCloud storage so I can double-store everything.
I have so, so many pictures and just don't want to lose any of them but it also doesn't seem reasonable to print every single picture I have.
Try Two New Recipes
We just loaded up our fridge with a half of a pig that we bought, so I'm excited to infuse some pork recipes into our meals. But I'm also always researching new ways to use the beef from our freezer too. If you have any good beef recipes, please leave them below-especially for ground beef!
Wash Makeup Brushes
I am the worst about washing my brushes, but I will say I don't wear makeup every single day so that maybe makes it a little bit better?
Anywho, I want to at least wash them once this month. It honestly doesn't take too long since I bought this. It's only $5 on Amazon and has completely changed the game with brush washing.
I think I can definitely make this one happen!

Let me know down below what one of your monthly goals are-we can inspire each other!
Until next time. . .

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