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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What's in my back-pack?

 I know lots of you are probably already back in school, but I head back on Thursday!
My schedule is really weird this semester, I have night class on Monday from 5:15-8:15 (if you've ever taken French 101 let me know!)
Then on Tuesday & Thursday I have class from 4:30-6:30 PM.

Starting on Sept. 4, I'll be sent to a high school to do my student teaching during the AM hours, so I'm excited to see where that's going to take me!

If you're a secondary ed major or a high school teacher, please let me know what to expect for student teaching because I'm so nervous!

The number one staple is my backpack, which is the North Face Jester back-pack.
I've had this backpack literally since I started freshman year and it has held up so well. It's padded and protected, has lots of pockets, and I love the plaid.

I just got my new Macbook Air for my birthday and I'm so excited to be able to use it this semester.
It's so light and I bought a cheap clear case on Amazon so that I could put all my pretty Red Bubble stickers on it, plus my Seaside sticker!

These aren't all of the supplies that I use, but I do love colorful pens & pencils (it just makes it more fun to take notes/tests). White out is a must for me when I'm writing in my planner-if I mess up I can't just mark it out!

Post-it's are also my best friend, they are so useful to use in my planner or to mark certain pages of my notes and those page flags are great for planning out weekly reading.

My binder for the semester is just a plain green one from Target & I printed out a monogrammed paper to spice up the front (I need to change it because I'm married now-hello!)
The planner is from Erin Condren, and I haven't gotten a new one like everyone else has. I'm waiting until the new year!

My planner is an absolute must for me & I'll be doing an organizational post soon!

I've really paired down what I need over the last five years that I've been in school.
I'm excited that I'm finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, just two semesters left and I'll be done & be licensed to teach in Alabama!

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What to Consider When Planning Your Honeymoon

It has been so long since I've done a Wedding Belles post, but I've gotten a ton of questions about our honeymoon and so I thought I would share some tips.

1) Set a Budget

The first thing you and your fiance' should discuss is your budget. A lot about a honeymoon can change depending on whether your budget is $2,000 or $10,000. A great way to help stretch your budget is to set aside a fund as soon as you get engaged and try to stick money from both of your paychecks back into that fund. I know this can be difficult because you're probably trying to pay for your upcoming wedding as well as everyday stuff, but you just have to prioritize!

Another way you can save for your honeymoon is to ask your friends and family to give cash, which you can put toward your trip or you could even sign up for Honeyfund, which is a way for people to contribute to your honeymoon fund as your wedding gifts without having to ask for cash.

Chris and I took every cash or check gift that we received and stuck them back to use as spending money on our trip. We were so thankful for everyone who gave to us and we enjoyed many wonderful meals and so many fun nights out because of our friends and family.

And don't forget, your budget needs to include things like buying groceries while you're there, any shopping you'll want to do, excursions (Chris and I did a ghost tour and two carriage rides), gas money (if you're driving!), and money for going out to eat!

2) Choose a Location

Once you've decided on a budget together, then you can start working on a location. There are a ton of places to choose from within the continental U.S. and even more outside of it. The obvious locations are the beach, mountains, etc. Make sure to consider whether you need a passport or if you're going to have to fly or drive to your location. Make sure that both of you are in agreement, since it is a trip to celebrate the both of you!

Chris and I monopolized on our location, taking a trip to Savannah and staying there and then road-tripping to Charleston, South Carolina as well as Tybee Island, GA.
3) Decide the Length

The budget can be a deciding factor in the length of your trip, but other than that you'll need to look at work schedules, vacation days, and if you both have anything already scheduled. Chris and I chose to go on a trip closer to home (Savannah, GA) and to go for a week. It was less expensive and allowed us to stay gone longer than a tropical honeymoon.

4) Where will you stay?

Your honeymoon is one of the most important trips you'll take, so you want to be comfortable and you want where you'll stay to be your style. If you're more into modern details, an upscale hotel might be more your style. But if you like a more relaxed, rustic style a bed and breakfast might be more comfortable for you.

When Chris and I went to Savannah, we had thought we would stay at a B&B first. Then after looking around, we found an adorable historic home that had a private basement apartment. It ended up being perfect for us and really nice. It had a private kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, and living area. It was centrally located and very comfortable!

5) Consider the Time of Year

 You want to make sure that you plan your honeymoon in a time of year where you can enjoy your destination. Make sure that you're not traveling to a tropical location during hurricane season, or to a ski resort during summer time when there isn't snow on the ground. But you also need to think about trying an off-season because it will be less expensive. An example of that would be going to the beach right as school is starting back. The temperatures are still comfortable, all the stores & restaurants are still open, but rooms are sometimes down to half price!

Enjoy yourself!

Above all, enjoy yourself. Your honeymoon is about celebrating the fact that you're a new couple. This time should be spent having fun and enjoying each others company. It'll pass by entirely too fast, so soak up every single moment!

Until next time. . .



Saturday, August 15, 2015

Berry Lemonade with SlimQuick

I just want to let y'all know that I'm all about honest reviews here, I would never try to tell you that I liked something if I didn't really like it!
This product was one that I definitely gave an eyebrow raise to when I was contacted to try it, but I wanted to really give it a shot.

This is called SlimQuick Pure and it's formulated especially for women.
SLIMQUICK Pure works to
-Increase Metabolism
-Reduce Appetite
-Boost Energy
-Reduce Excess Water
-Support Hormones
-Reduce Stress

 I just want to share my SlimQuick experience with y'all & tell you how I like to drink this product :)

The very first day I tried it, I just drank it the way the instructions tell you to: 
16.9 oz of water, stir the pouch in & drink it.
You're supposed to drink one the first morning of the first day and one midday, two in the morning & one in the afternoon on the second day, and two servings in the morning & two in the afternoon every day after that.

The biggest thing that I can stress is to eat every time you drink your Slimquick! This can be a piece of fruit, a couple of crackers, or your breakfast/lunch/etc.
This is simply to avoid any upset tummy!

The only issue I had with it was that it was a tad bit sweet, so I was worried this wouldn't be the product for me.

I took a day or two off and then decided to try again and to try it a different way.
This time I added more water than the recipe called for (same amount of product) and two capfuls of lemon juice.

The flavor of the packet is Mixed Berries so it almost tastes like a berry-lemonade, it was so much better!
Now I can fully assure y'all that there is a way for everyone to like this product and soak up it's great benefits.

This product actually does have great benefits, I love the energy it gives me (and that it helps me sleep better because I can actually stay awake during the day) and my metabolism boost that I can feel.

It does help me drink more water throughout the day, which I know is a health-benefit in itself, so I'm giving this product a big thumbs-up!

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below or check out their website that's linked above.
And be sure to check out the coupon code so that you can take advantage of this great product!

Until next time. . .


 A big thank you to SlimQuick (via BrandBacker) for providing me with product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who support The Southern Stylista.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life Lately

I have been the worst blogger lately, but with good has been incredibly insane!

Today I want to share with y'all what's been going on with me and what's hampered my blogging. . .

I've been spending lots of time with this girl (& all my horses in general!)
Willow was super shy when she came to me, but now she loves hugs & kisses, she practically puts her head inside her halter to be taken out of the pasture.
It's been so fun to see her progress!

I enjoyed a morning cup of coffee this past Wednesday, before packing up and heading to Panama City Beach with my sister to meet my family for a little mini vacation.
(If you don't leave a lipstick print on your cup, is it even yours?)

I was super proud of backing my husband's truck (which he let me drive to the beach!) into this super tiny parking spot. I love driving big trucks, but parking spots aren't made for them for sure!

The two shots above were taken from our dinner location (Uncle Ernie's in St. Andrews)
The bay at sunset was gorgeous and the food was delicious-it set the stage for a fun girl's night out with both of my sisters!

This was the view from dinner the second night at the beach from Runaway Island in PCB.
Once again, great food & a great atmosphere-I really enjoyed trying it out with my family!

These are our "family pictures" from the beach. They are super impromptu pictures, but it's nice to have something to remember the trip by.

My dress is from Umgee+ and I love the lace details-it's going to be perfect to pair with leggings and boots this fall.


These are just a few of my beach essentials, my monogrammed PFG made for the perfect coverup and my newest book, A Heart's Promise was perfect for the beach. It's a short book, so it fit right in with my short trip-I was able to read most of it in the two hours I was on the beach. The size is perfect to stick in your beach bag as well!

Laying out on the beach is my absolute favorite thing, I wish I could do it more than once a year.
This hat was perfect for shading the sun out of my eyes. It's from Kiss My Southern Sass
and only $18 (you can use the code KMSSJSU to get $1 off!) 

My sister and I made a trip to the little community on the 30A on our way home, Seaside of course! I love this little community and exploring all the little shops. Isn't their school so adorable? Trystan and I ate lunch at a little taco stand and then she picked up a sweatshirt and I bought a spirit jersey before heading home.

You know I had to buy new Lilly on this trip, instead of souvenir t-shirts or whatever. I got both this popover & a melle dress in the print Lilly's Lagoon. 

Aren't these Lilly prints just gorgeous, it was so hard to choose!


When I got home Friday night, I was greeted by my two pups...but sadly, that evening this little guy, Whiskey passed away. Chris and I aren't really sure what happened but we are completely devastated.
He was such a sunshine dog, always smiling and making people laugh. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him and rescuing him was one of my happiest moments. We will miss him forever.

This big guy, Whiskey's brother Bullet, has been pretty sad but I've been showering him with lots of attention. He makes me and Chris both feel better and I'm so happy to have him. Dogs really do make your heart full.

These two are also making my heart feel better. I spent Saturday morning trying to hold it together while my 6 horses were getting their feet trimmed (getting pedicures, I like to call it). I love all of my animals and when I lose one, it's hard. But I have to remember that I'll see them again, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope y'all enjoyed knowing what has been going on in my life and I want to again apologize for being absent. This summer has been crazy, but I have enjoyed most of it. 

Until next time. . .


Monday, August 3, 2015

July Favorites

July literally felt like it lasted for three days-even with taking summer classes, it flew by!
I fell in love with a lot of great stuff, so today is all about sharing them with you...enjoy!

I was given this candle as a wedding gift from one of my best friends & it smells SO good. Right now you can pick it up from Target online for 10% off (with the code August10) and free shipping with your Red card!

 Lemon Frozen Fruit Bars by Outshine
I picked these up on a whim from Target & y'all, they are the best summer treat. At only 70 calories, you can feel confident that these won't ruin your beach bod & I mean, they taste like frozen lemonade-so it doesn't get any better than that.
I know what y'all are thinking, another candle? But yes. I've been burning candles like crazy-I just love how cozy they make my home feel!
This one is described as ocean-washed driftwood, sea air, & a hint of fresh grapefruit.
Salted Almonds (from Publix)
 Trail mix was part of my summer classes survival guide, and so I started making my own.
It consisted of salted almonds, chocolate chips, and dried cranberries-but the nuts were my favorite!
A low calorie (but watch out for sodium!) snack, with lots of protein-it leaves me full and not craving chips or other bad-for-you snacks.
When summer rolls around I want everything bright and bold, this lipstick fits that mold.
It feels so soft and supple on your lips & creates a gorgeous Barbie pink shade that lasts all day.
I bought these for myself and all of my girls (they wore navy) for my wedding day & since then I've been wearing mine after I shower. It feels so luxurious and is great quality for the price. I got mine monogrammed & I think I'm going to purchase myself another one, maybe in Emerald or Tangerine Blush! 

This documentary (which is available on Netflix), I had to watch for my Latin American Civ. class & I actually ended up really enjoying it. It goes into life for "pickers" in South America. You see a totally different side of society & it's really enlightening. Worth a view for sure!

Astronaut Wives Club 
I started watching this show on Hulu & became absolutely obsessed with it. From the vintage Lilly that I've spotted, to the historical background, to the bold women that are portrayed-it's a great show!

American Prayer-Dustin Lynch
With everything going on in the world today, I felt really patriotic with this month's song choice. Dustin Lynch has always been one of my favorites and this song makes me love him even more.
Favorite lyrics are the chorus: They're gonna be alright, they're gonna carry from above will come back strong. Got faith in us, got faith in Him...the clouds will part and the sun will shine again, amen.
 Great song, I highly recommend checking it out :)

Favorite Videos: 

I'm a big proponent of YouTube videos & I haven't been sharing a lot of my favorites with y'all, mostly because I haven't really had time to watch any lately!
But I decided to watch a few that had been on my "Watch Later" list & so here are my top faves. :)

This wedding video is the sweetest, the whole thing is gorgeous & precious-but if you only want to see the very best part-fast forward to 5 minutes in-her groom is a doll & says the nicest words!
If I wasn't married I'd be all #Goals

This is the sweetest baby announcement I have ever seen!
It's super short, so if you can only watch one video-make it this one.
Rachel is a beauty guru and she's precious, but this video takes the cake for one of the most creative announcements I've ever seen :)

Y'all, I have been binging on One Tree Hill lately & the end of season 4 is when they all graduate.
It has me reminiscing about high school so much & this last hurrah party really got to me.
If you were ever a OTH fan or a Spice Girls fan, you've gotta watch this short little clip, it's hilarious!

I don't remember where I first saw this video, but y'all, these rolly polly animals will have you giggling for sure. My favorite part is the antelope being chased-too funny!

I know this was a really video-heavy post, but I hope y'all enjoyed it!

Until next time. . .


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