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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Life Lately

I have been the worst blogger lately, but with good has been incredibly insane!

Today I want to share with y'all what's been going on with me and what's hampered my blogging. . .

I've been spending lots of time with this girl (& all my horses in general!)
Willow was super shy when she came to me, but now she loves hugs & kisses, she practically puts her head inside her halter to be taken out of the pasture.
It's been so fun to see her progress!

I enjoyed a morning cup of coffee this past Wednesday, before packing up and heading to Panama City Beach with my sister to meet my family for a little mini vacation.
(If you don't leave a lipstick print on your cup, is it even yours?)

I was super proud of backing my husband's truck (which he let me drive to the beach!) into this super tiny parking spot. I love driving big trucks, but parking spots aren't made for them for sure!

The two shots above were taken from our dinner location (Uncle Ernie's in St. Andrews)
The bay at sunset was gorgeous and the food was delicious-it set the stage for a fun girl's night out with both of my sisters!

This was the view from dinner the second night at the beach from Runaway Island in PCB.
Once again, great food & a great atmosphere-I really enjoyed trying it out with my family!

These are our "family pictures" from the beach. They are super impromptu pictures, but it's nice to have something to remember the trip by.

My dress is from Umgee+ and I love the lace details-it's going to be perfect to pair with leggings and boots this fall.


These are just a few of my beach essentials, my monogrammed PFG made for the perfect coverup and my newest book, A Heart's Promise was perfect for the beach. It's a short book, so it fit right in with my short trip-I was able to read most of it in the two hours I was on the beach. The size is perfect to stick in your beach bag as well!

Laying out on the beach is my absolute favorite thing, I wish I could do it more than once a year.
This hat was perfect for shading the sun out of my eyes. It's from Kiss My Southern Sass
and only $18 (you can use the code KMSSJSU to get $1 off!) 

My sister and I made a trip to the little community on the 30A on our way home, Seaside of course! I love this little community and exploring all the little shops. Isn't their school so adorable? Trystan and I ate lunch at a little taco stand and then she picked up a sweatshirt and I bought a spirit jersey before heading home.

You know I had to buy new Lilly on this trip, instead of souvenir t-shirts or whatever. I got both this popover & a melle dress in the print Lilly's Lagoon. 

Aren't these Lilly prints just gorgeous, it was so hard to choose!


When I got home Friday night, I was greeted by my two pups...but sadly, that evening this little guy, Whiskey passed away. Chris and I aren't really sure what happened but we are completely devastated.
He was such a sunshine dog, always smiling and making people laugh. Everyone in the neighborhood loved him and rescuing him was one of my happiest moments. We will miss him forever.

This big guy, Whiskey's brother Bullet, has been pretty sad but I've been showering him with lots of attention. He makes me and Chris both feel better and I'm so happy to have him. Dogs really do make your heart full.

These two are also making my heart feel better. I spent Saturday morning trying to hold it together while my 6 horses were getting their feet trimmed (getting pedicures, I like to call it). I love all of my animals and when I lose one, it's hard. But I have to remember that I'll see them again, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

I hope y'all enjoyed knowing what has been going on in my life and I want to again apologize for being absent. This summer has been crazy, but I have enjoyed most of it. 

Until next time. . .



  1. Jordyn, it looks like you had a blast!! My two youngest went to a horse camp here and loved it last week! Now my son wants a horse, ha! Oh...I splurged and bought my 15 year old the Lilly's Lagoon dress! I'm glad there's a big hem so I can let it out a bit. She's really tall! She loves the print though and is planning to wear it first day of school:-)

    1. You're such a good mom, I would've loved to have Lilly at age 15! :)

      xoox, SS

  2. ...and I'm so sorry to hear about your pup:-) I know that is so hard...

    1. It's very difficult, we loved him very, very much!

      xoxo, SS

  3. I love me some lilly :) and those dogs are so cute!


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