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Saturday, September 2, 2017

September Goals

Hey y'all!
Can you believe that it's already September?!
I absolutely love this month because it's the beginning of Fall (even if Fall is still ninety degrees here in Alabama) and because this is the month I get to celebrate so many of my favorite people (my husband, nephew, and oldest sister all have birthdays this month!).

Let's see how I did on August's Goals:
-Get in 5 Days of Exercise Per Week
Most weeks I got 4 days of exercise in, minus last week where I only got 2. So I would call that a win-I'm definitely moving more than I was previously and I'm already feeling somewhat stronger and better.
-Get Back in the Saddle
I had every intention of doing this last Sunday, but it just didn't pan out so I'm going to add it to my September goals!
-Finish My Current Book & Read Another
I have been crushing my reading goals this month!
-Enjoy Our Trip to Nashville!
We had an awesome time in Nashville that you can read about in my Nashville Recap!
-Use What We Have Instead of Buying New
This was a total win for the month of August. I only threw out one thing-a package of cherries that turned out to be not exactly what I was hoping they would be.
We picked up very few groceries this month as well, we were very much so trying to shop our "stash" of frozen food!

September's Goals
-Exercise 3 Days Per Week
I'm going to be a little more realistic with myself and plan for a minimum of three days of exercise each week.
-Celebrate Chris' 31st birthday!
I'm hoping to at least have a little celebration at home, I can't wait to celebrate with him!
-Celebrate Trystan and Dexter's Birthdays!
I told you we were rich in birthdays this month!
-Work on Christmas Shopping
I've already purchased three Christmas gifts, now I just have to finish up the rest of my list! Ideally I would be done before December even gets here.
-Plan a Getaway for October
I wanted us to get away to the beach, but I just don't think that's going to happen this year but I am looking at maybe Mentone/Little River Canyon in North Alabama for a short little trip!
-Take Outfit Photos at Least Once
I need to get together with my mom and take at least one session of outfit photos (hopefully at least two posts worth!)

Well...let's see if I can do it!
Tell me below what your goals are. . .

Until next time. . .


  1. Christmas shopping?!?! You get it girl! I would not be able to hold out until December to give the gift if I bought gifts now=)

  2. Great job on your August goals! I love that you added the goal about planning a getaway. That's such a great idea!

  3. Glad that you crushed almost all your August goals, and here's to checking off many more in your September goals!!

    I thought I was crazy for being excited about Christmas already, but girl, you beat me to it! I haven't even shopped for a single present yet hahaha. But I probably should. Time flies!

  4. It is brilliant to make the goal a little more realistic. You can always surpass it. I love that you are already on Christmas shopping. I think I will allow that to play in my background and move it truly into my list for October.

  5. Your August goals are inspiring & September ones are so fun! I'll definitely check your Nashville trip! Awaiting your outfit posts as well!!
    All the best with your monthly goals!! :)

  6. Nice goals! I love reading other people's goals - it definitely inspires me to make some!

  7. These are such great goals! Thanks for sharing!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls


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