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Friday, January 30, 2015

Keep The Kisses Comin'

I love the idea of Valentine's Day, especially since this year I get to spend it engaged to my best friend :)

I also love shopping for new dresses, so this is the perfect time of the year to combine my two loves, below are a few of my picks!

Dress #1 is a more conservative little black dress, that comes from DressBarn.
Dress #2 is the most affordable and most comfortable option from Old Navy-it's only $35 and would be perfect for a more casual night out.
Dress #3 is also from DressBarn and it comes in this adorable baby pink color that I find myself leaning toward for Valentine's Day.
Dress #4 is from Lulu's and is a little more on the sexy side, but I love the red-perfect for a date night!
Lastly is Dress #5 from Shop Hopes, it's fun and flirty & would look great paired with bright red heels!

Be on the lookout for a gift guide this weekend, only a few more days until Valentine's Day!

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Because It's Cheat Day

I've really been working on my health and fitness lately, but sometimes you just need a cheat day.
When I think of what I want on cheat day, I want something totally indulgent.
I want something rich, creamy, & decadent...

Reese's spreads fit the bill for my sweet tooth!

This spread is everything you think of when you think of Reese's.
It's the perfect combination of chocolate and peanut butter & it goes on so much!

There are so many different ways to eat Reese's spreads, so I decided for my cheat day I would indulge & show y'all what I did!

I decided that I would try it on Vanilla Wafers, Strawberries, and Saltine Crackers!
The Vanilla Wafers were so tasty, just the perfect amount of sweetness.
I love chocolate covered strawberries...but this had peanut butter. I am now saying goodbye to the chocolate covered strawberries & will only eat Reese's Spreads Strawberries!

Now, I know what you're thinking...saltine crackers?
I originally wanted to try it with pretzels...but we were out.
So I thought, maybe potato chips? But nope, we didn't have those either.

We did have saltines though & y'all...they were my favorite combination!
The perfect mixture of salty and sweet, I fell in love and it took every bit of self-control that I had not to have more than one!

Can you tell I enjoyed them?

I realized after taking the above pictures that I had some Quaker caramel corn rice cakes & I thought I would give those a try, they are a great snack & another way to keep your calories down-even on cheat day!

Reese's has tons of other ideas for ways to use their spreads such as pita chips, banana chips, or even on bacon (can you say delish?!)

Make sure to visit Reese's on Facebook and Twitter & share your Reese's Spreads creations with the hashtag #ReesesSpreads 

The best part of all of this?
Reese's Spreads are now available at food, drug, and convenience stores nationwide...and a 13 oz. jar is only $3.89!

So Treat YoSelf on this Tuesday & let me know if you love Reese's as much as I do!

Until next time. . .


 I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Working On My Fitness

Getting back in the swing of school & life in general is so difficult after a long break.
What I've found that has really helped me spring back is working out.

I have a wedding coming up in May (if you don't know this by now you've either been living under a rock or just started reading the blog today!)
But I want to tone up as much as possible before the wedding comes along & it's quickly approaching!

I was in such a good place a few years ago, but then I started dating C & basically, I got comfortable and I got lazy and I didn't maintain the healthy lifestyle that I had been living.
I don't have a radical diet plan that I'm following now, I eat basically what I want but I just try to control my portion sizes & I don't really eat anything that is just awful for you.

But y'all, my biggest motivator isn't even the wedding-it's the clothes.

Today, I'm sharing with y'all my favorite workout outfit & why I love it so...enjoy!

The tank top is from Lauren James, but I saw this one on sale from Country Club Prep so I knew I had to include it! I love that the one I have is over-sized & so comfortable to work out in.

The shoes are Nike Lunarglide shoes from Academy. I bought my pair similar to these (in black) my junior year of high school (which is way too long for tennis shoes, I know) but they are still in great shape & still so comfy!

I don't have this exact pair, but my all time favorite leggings for every day use & wearing to the gym are from VS. They're great quality & have lasted so long.

The sports bra is also from VS. I haven't personally tried this sports bra before, but the reviews on it are great. I would love to try one out, I think this color would look great underneath the tank I featured.

Tervis is one of my all-time favorite companies & this water bottle is too adorable to not include!
I use the tumbler from Tervis, but this water bottle may have to be added to my collection pretty soon. It would be a great Valentine's Day present too, but more on that later ;)

These Emi-Jay hair ties are also life-savers for gym days.
These are great because they don't leave the dreaded dent in your hair!
I am obsessed with all the fun color options that they have too, something for everyone.

I hope y'all enjoyed this & I hope it gave you a little inspiration along the way!
We're all just trying to be the best that we can be :)

Until next time. . .


Friday, January 9, 2015


Y'all, I am so sorry for taking such an extended blogging break, I feel like this semester of school starting really shocked my system-it's the senioritis I think.

Today I wanted to share something with you that I haven't done before on the blog, an Empties post!

These are all the products that I finished up and I just want to share my thoughts on each of them as well as tell you whether or not I repurchased or will be repurchasing them!

First up is the Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions body wash.
This stuff smells great & it's moisturizing. I would probably repurchase it, but I've got an entire closet of body washes that people have given me or that I've stockpiled from the semi-annual sales at Bath & Body Works. I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to try it though!

After that is the Silk Effects Razor from Schick. This is one that I haven't used in a while, I liked it just fine but I decided to opt for disposable razors (they're easier for traveling because I can toss them before I come back home!) But this is a great razor if you're looking for a non-disposable one :)

The Colgate Max Fresh toothpaste is the absolute best toothpaste ever. It's so minty & I've been using it for as long as I can remember. Of course I repurchased this one & when I run out of my new one I'll be buying it again.

The Neutrogena Cleansing Makeup Removing Wipes are my all-time favorite wipes.
I used up two packages & then I decided to try the Pond's wipes (they were a dollar or two cheaper) but I'll review those later...needless to say, I'll be swapping back to the Neutrogena ones next time!

The Secret Outlast deodorant is my all time favorite.
I don't usually sweat, it really just doesn't happen to me-even when I'm a complete beast in the gym.
But it could just be because I use this deodorant religiously.
It smells great & it lasts a long time even if I use it twice a day.

Rimmel's Stay Matte Primer was a Target impulse buy, mostly because I need something to help my makeup last and to prevent me from getting so so shiny throughout the day (any tips, y'all?!)
This didn't really do anything, in my opinion, so I wouldn't repurchase.

Lastly is my all-time favorite foundation, Covergirl Clean Oil Control Foundation.
Just to be honest, that statement isn't really true-it's not my all time favorite.
I haven't really tried another foundation, so if you have any better ones please let me know!
But this foundation does the job. It's light coverage (I probably need something a little heavier) but it doesn't weigh me down. It's a toss up as to whether I would recommend it, but I will keep buying it until someone recommends something better.

Thanks for reading this y'all, I hope y'all are glad that I came back around!

Let me know if y'all like this type of post?

Until next time. . .


Saturday, January 3, 2015

December Favorites

Can y'all believe that 2014 is over & that this is my first "Favorites" post of 2015?!
I honestly can't believe how quickly time is passing.
This is the year that I will say "I Do" to my best friend.
This is the year that I will turn 22 years old.
This is the year that I will make positive changes in my life.
Can you tell that I'm feeling confident & excited about 2015?

But for now...let's jump into what I was loving in December of 2014!

Who doesn't love Buzzfeed?
This is the most hilarious article, if you need a laugh to console yourself about Spring Semester starting in just a few days, read this one.
It's basically guys responding to "girl probs".
You will laugh & laugh & laugh some more.

This video is by some YouTuber who is famous for pranks (forgive me for forgetting his name!)
When this video started I was sure I knew what was going to happen...but you'll just have to watch and see for yourself!
It's worth taking a few minutes & watching for sure.

My favorite show right now is Southern at Heart on Food Network...I mean, how much more "old lady" could I be?

All the food that she makes is so special to my heart-I just fall in love with her sweet personality every time I watch as well!

As far as Christmas presents go, I got so many great goodies.

I got the Costa Wingman Aviators & while I'm still trying to get used to new sunnies, it's been so nice to have some that are scratch free!

Although this wasn't a Christmas gift, I recently bought myself the Navy & Cream J.Crew Factory vests & have fallen in love with them, just like I thought I would.

Factory quilted puffer vestFactory quilted puffer vest

They're so easy to toss on over a Piko dress, a long-sleeved tee, or even a nice sweater.
They instantly add a layer of warmth & a layer of style.

This recipe has been my absolute favorite for the month of December. . .
Chocolate Saltine Toffee Candy (aka Christmas Crack)
I made it for a get-together at my grandmother's house & it was a hit.

chocolate saltine toffee

I also have a random favorite that y'all might find a little weird-but I literally love this so listen up.

The PaperMate Flair pens are amazing.

Flair Felt Tip Marker Pen, Assorted Ink, Medium, Dozen
I have used them before (in fact, I used them all last semester!)
My mom got me a new pack of them for Christmas & I can't wait to use them.
The colors are so vibrant & they write so smoothly.
[These pens can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, or any office supply store]

Lastly, y'all know I always share my favorite songs with you each month.
This month is a little more difficult because I did mostly listen to Christmas music, specifically the Christmas with Nashville album & Duck the Halls.

But I did listen to a little bit of other music & my favorites were. . .

Mean to Me: Brett Eldredge
This is the sweetest song, it's on the list to be played at my reception for sure!
My favorite lyrics are, "The answer to your prayer, and the faith that sets you free, then I'd be what you mean to me."

Annie Bosko: Crooked Halo

This is a new song that I discovered on Sirius XM The Highway, it's so much fun to jam out to while you're getting ready for the day. It gets me pumped up for sure.
My favorite part is, "Her kindness don't mean weakness, there's vinegar in her sweetness, says I got a friend in Jesus & He knows who I am."
 I love songs that empower girls & this is definitely one of those that tells girls to be exactly who they are.
Plus, isn't Annie just gorgeous?! Definitely a woman-crush!

I hope y'all enjoyed last month's round-up of all of my favorites & I hope you found a new favorite of your own.

Until next time. . .


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