Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thanksgiving Outfit: Three Ways

For me there are a few things I have to consider when I'm planning a Thanksgiving outfit, but first you need to know that I enjoy "dressing up" for holidays, but most of my gatherings don't really call for that-so I have to compromise-elevate the casual, if you will.
 So for my outfit, like I said, I have a few parameters.
1. It's got to be comfortable: if I'm going to stuff my face with all the turkey, ham, dressing, and pies that it will hold then I have to have clothes that will expand with my waistline.
2.It's got to be festive: I need to have something that fits the theme; here I went with warm textures & the orange hints at Fall foliage.
3.It's got to have layers: Y'all have heard me preach this time & time again on Southern & Style, but in Alabama you never know whether it's going to be ninety degrees or forty degrees so you've got to be prepared for it all.
 I started out with basics for the first layer; a pair of my favorite jeggings that are stretchy but still have a denim feel & are the perfect dark wash.
Then I added a orange tunic top, it's long enough to cover your bum but still looks polished.

 If it's really cool outside, you can add a heavier cardigan, like this one with the beautiful plum, yellow, and orange detailing.
 I wanted to keep the accessories simple but still make a statement so I chose my favorite Mother-of-Pearl Kendra Scott earrings & a similar style necklace from a boutique.
Of course I decided on riding boots because they're comfortable & cute!

 Another option, if it's not quite cold enough for the heavy cardigan, but not warm enough to go with just the tunic my favorite answer to that problem is a cape.
This one has beautiful red & blue detailing on a cream background and the fringe provides awesome texture and interest!
Plus, it's like wrapping up in a blanket but socially acceptable!

Necklace (Similar)
Earrings (Similar)
Heavy Cardigan (Similar, Similar)
Fringe Cape (Similar)

A lot of these pieces are older (the earrings & both the cardigan and cape) so I had to link similar items, but the idea is the same no matter the pattern of the top layer.
This outfit meets all my criteria; comfortable, layer-able, and festive!

What are you wearing for Thanksgiving?
Let me know below!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.33]

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Where has the time gone, y'all?!
I feel like it was just the end of September & now we're almost halfway through November.
It's been a busy month so far, but I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving & the holiday season that is coming up!
The first big update deserves the number one spot this week & that's our freshly painted doors & trim!
We've been slowly working on making improvements to this house since before we were married & this was a huge part of that.
I chose the Sherwin William's color Salty Dog for the doors (a beautiful cobalt/royal/navy blue combo) and Roman Column for our columns & trim.

The next pick will be new light fixtures for beside the doors!

My Fall Book Review is up on the blog & two of those books were total favorites-I mean, the kind I'll reread & that's serious!

Also don't forget to check out my Hostess Gifts Under $25!
These would make great gifts for friends, co-workers, your child's teachers, neighbors, or whoever-many of the shops also have free shipping!

If you're looking for the most perfect holiday dress, this is it! 🎄

Even though I've been without my XM radio for over a month now (one day my truck won't be in the shop anymore, maybe) I'm still on a country music kick-I've just been getting it from tv.
Lee Brice was on Kathy Lee & Hoda the other day & I fell in love with "Songs in the Kitchen". It's such a sweet song!

And of course I watched most of the CMA's last week & like the rest of the country I fell in love with Carrie Underwood's tribute to all of those in the industry that had passed away in the last year & the victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

And my main man, Eric Church (who should've been Entertainer of the Year, but I digress) performed one of his most underrated songs; Chattanooga Lucy & I fell more in love.

If you're watching alllll the Hallmark Christmas movies (like me!) then you might want to print out this drinking game.

If you're planning on renovating (or building!) a house, you might want to check out Jillian's list of What to Know During a Home Renovation.

What I've been watching lately:
Alias Grace (on Netflix): This is based on another Margaret Atwood novel, the same woman that wrote The Handmaid's Tale) I've got one episode left & it's so captivating right now!
Elizabeth Smart Autobiography: This has been on A&E in a two part series & I've just been so interested in it. It's one of those bad stories with a good ending, and now I really want to read her book.
This is Us: I kind of got behind watching this season's episodes because I was bored with it by the end of last season, but this season has been so good so far. I'm looking forward to learning how Jack dies and following the foster child that Beth and Randall have in their home.

Last week my sister & I went to The Barn (the wedding venue my family owns) and helped decorate for the Christmas season, I couldn't resist snapping a quick iPhone shot of the surrounding mountain with the fog rising off-it was beautiful!

Y'all, Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets are my favorite to watch, but when you get the country music artists to read them they're even funnier.

Y'all know I've been on a kombucha kick-I love the stuff!
I've tried other brands & Kevita is my favorite, but I tried the Tart Cherry flavor this past week & it's a new favorite.
If you're a fan of slightly sour then you'll really like kombucha, I think.

Let me know below what you're up to this week, I'd love to know!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Fall Book Review

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I have a confession to make.
I had to take a slight reading break.
I read the first book on this list & then after that, I wasn't in the mood to read for like, two weeks-which is crazy for me because I've always got a book going.

But I guess my mind just needed a little break, and now that it's over I'm back to readying-yay!
I managed to read four "real" books since my last roundup in September and then one book that I'll elaborate on more in just a second-but they were all pretty good books, so let's chat about them.

This is another book focusing on a couple within the Amish sector, which Beverly Lewis is famous for.
I thoroughly enjoy these, especially this one since it followed a young couple who want to court each other but it's during a time where the Amish are beginning to split into a New Order versus the Old Order where things are not quite as traditional.
It was very interesting to me to learn about the New vs. Old Orders and I of course (like any chick) liked the romance aspect.
If you like sociology or just learning about different cultures or lifestyles than your own, I highly recommend reading some of Beverly's books!

I was able to get an early release copy of this book through a blogging program that I'm a part of, so it actually releases mid-February...but y'all, this is probably either my favorite or second favorite book on this entire list this time around-it was SO good.
The story follows a young Isabella Grayson who is the daughter of a successful newspaper owner as she discovers her passion for journalism & her passion for learning more about aviation.
It's got a little romance but a whole lot of sass in the main character, which I love.
She's headstrong & passionate which are two things I enjoy in a lead character.
I highly recommend you check this book when it becomes available-you can preorder it now for $15!

If you love a good Hallmark channel romance story, then this one is totally for you.
I loved the setting, the Four of Hearts Ranch in Texas and the main character is another fireball woman, Maggie Hope.
She is a journalist (I'm starting to see a pattern of the types of characters that I like to read about-haha!) who has an advice column.
She covers for a friend who is another journalist and ends up interviewing a cowboy named, Tru.
The story involves a bet, a rough childhood, a story of overcoming obstacles, and learning to ask others before you tell yourself they deserve better.
While some might say it's stereotypical, I think it's a good light read and after reading things like Girl on the Train like I did last time, I needed a few "feel good" stories under my belt.

Christmas at Carnton by Tamera Alexander
If you've been following my blog, you've probably read about my trip to Nashville this past summer with my husband. And, as a huge history buff I had to squeeze in at least one historical outing while we were there-I chose to go to Franklin, TN to visit Carnton Plantation.
So, it seemed only fitting that I chose to read this book to get into the Christmas spirit.
This book is either my favorite or second favorite on this list (competing of course with, Across the Blue).
It's the story of young window Aletta Prescott, who loses her husband in the Civil War.
She's left alone with her young son & another child on the way.
In the beginning of the story she loses her factory job & finds employment at Carnton for the holiday season.
You can tell that the author has been to Carnton and done their research-since I had been there I could trace Aletta's footsteps through the house & property and really envision it in my head, it was wonderful!
Although there were some sad parts, overall I loved the Christmas spirit that it imparted upon me and would definitely recommend for you to pick up for the Christmas season.

With the holiday season coming up, I couldn't help but pick up this little coffee table/reference guide for entertaining!
I've always loved formal occasions, what's not to love?
This book, while being beautifully bound in a linen-type cover and having beautiful photographs, doesn't skip on actual information.
It takes you through all kinds of settings; everything from setting a dining table all the way to serving breakfast in bed and all the places in between.
I love the fresh ideas that it brings.
I think this would be an especially good gift for a newly engaged or newly-wed couple, perfect to help them build their registries or be of great assistance for a first dinner party.

Let me know what you're reading below-I'm always looking for more inspiration!

Until next time. . .
Some of these books were provided by BookLookBloggers & Blogging for Books in exchange for honest reviews, but all opinions are my own and this post is not sponsored.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hostess Gifts for the Holidays ($25 and Under!)

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Can I just say I personally am looking very forward to all of the eating that is upon us in the next few weeks?
I know, I know 'tis the season to be thankful and to be giving-but while we're being thankful and giving...we also need to eat, am I right?
This is a post dedicated to giving back to those who we visit and call upon, all holiday season long; this applies to any family and friends you're going to be celebrating Thanksgiving with, as well as the many engagements and parties you might be attending during the Christmas season.

Growing up Southern (& really, anyone with good manners at all), you learn that you never go to someone's home empty-handed.
And while you certainly never have to spend a lot of money, it's always nice to leave them with a token of your appreciation.
I've included a bevy of gifts under the $25 mark, so you can make sure there's room in your budget for everyone you visit.
But if you don't have a hostess gift budget this holiday season, remember that homemade breads and desserts, bottles of wine, or even a handwritten note are plenty of thanks enough!

This beautiful cheeseboard can be personalized with a monogram, a family name, or simply left plain in it's pure, beautiful form.
These are perfect for tossing keys in, spare change, or as a ring dish.
For the fun-loving friend or family member in your life, this deck of cards will have the entire party entertained!
This is the perfect gift for those that love to be cozy-it comes with the strap to keep it contained for picnics or outdoor concerts as well.
There's something about a handmade mug that just warms your heart, you could include your favorite hot coco mix or some homemade marshmallows with this mug as well-if you're feeling extra generous.
For the Southerner in your life, this coffee table book is not only beautiful to display, but also includes many recipes, stories, and beautiful photographs.
This brand has so many cheeky tea towels at a great price point!
They're perfect for anyone in your life, just choose the saying to complete them (there are seasonal options as well)
For those building their bar-carts, this is the perfect gift to make sure bottles are popped all night long.
These dainty napkins come in under $20 for a pack of four & you can even take them to be embroidered for a special touch.
I love the look of this clutch almost as much as I love the price of it.
These are available in many states and come in under $10 making them a steal.
Pair with a bottle of your favorite wine and they make a complete gift that's easier than almost anything else on this list.
These candles are both amazing scents & I love the beautiful tins they come in-they're great for reusing for change or jewelry dishes.
This is also the time of year to stock up on these candles at this price because they make excellent gifts for birthdays, wedding showers, get-well gifts, teacher presents, housewarmings and more!

I hope this gift guide came at a good time for y'all, so y'all can purchase gifts for all holiday occasions!
What was your favorite gift on the guide above?
Let me know below!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.32]

Now that it's November does anyone else feel just a tiny bit of panic set in that maybe you aren't ready for the holidays just yet (I'm talking to you out there that haven't even started Christmas shopping) or maybe you just aren't ready for 2018 yet?
That's me today-I just looked at my planner and saw what all has to be accomplished before the end of the year and I'm tired just thinking about it.

But let's take a break from all that for like, 15 minutes.
Check out what's up for this week's Ten on Tuesday!

I don't always share a lot about my horses on the blog, mainly because they currently reside at my parents farm and I don't see them every single day.
But this past week I spent some time hanging out with Willow and she was being a little nosey when I pulled my phone out 😉
Is there anything better than a soft pony nose?

'Tis the season for Christmas cards! 🎄🎅
I've already shared my favorites (& I've ordered mine already!)
but I wanted to let you know that it's the details that truly matter when sending out stationary-like calligraphy addressing.


I've shared some really good posts on the blog the past two weeks, in my opinion and I don't want you to miss any of them!

Did you know that Joanna & Chip Gaine's Hearth and Hand collection released at Target on Sunday?!
Here's a few of the pieces I'm hoping to pick up:

We all know that Ina Garten is one of the kitchen queens of this world-check out her Thanksgiving recipes here to impress everyone at your table.

Is it totally out of fashion to still be reading magazines?
I know most everyone probably reads digitally now, but I still love to read both books & magazines in their paper forms!
Two of my favorites, especially for Fall-time are Martha Stewart Living (because she's almost as amazing as Oprah) and Southern Living.
They have the best recipes & decor ideas.

Rachel shared a really cozy, Fall appropriate look over at Something Delightful.
The orange cardigan is something I totally need, right?

Get rid of these 31 things to make your life happier & make you more successful.

It's the 300th episode & supposedly there will be characters that remind us of Izzy, George, Cristina and more!

Let me know what you're into this week below...

Until next time. . .

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fall Down South [Mustard Dress]

Happy Saturday, y'all!
We had been doing so well here in Alabama with the Fall-appropriate weather up until this week-now it's hitting 80 degrees every day again, so we're having to give ourselves the Fall-feels with Fall shades & textures.
I love mustard for Fall as well as mixing browns & blacks (some probably think that's taboo, but I love it especially this time of year).
This super rich shade of yellow makes me think of the ginkgo leaves that always start showering our lawn this time of year-my favorite!
 Also, don't mind my super white legs-I didn't have time to apply my favorite leg makeup!
It makes all the difference in the world.

 Had to pop the pumpkin in there for a little Fall touch 😉
I love the details of this outfit so much, too!
The necklace & clutch are two of my favorites. The clutch is from an Etsy shop the company is actually from Huntsville, Alabama...I love supporting small companies from my state.
The necklace is a gift from my oldest sister & I love the mixture of textures and colors there, perfect for Fall.
 Y'all know I had to sneak Forrest in somewhere!
He's usually poking around the outsides of every outfit shoot anyways, so I figured he deserved to have a small part in the post.

I hope y'all enjoyed another outfit post...I'm getting excited about some Holiday inspired posts as well (maybe even Holiday outfit posts!)
Let me know what types of posts you like to see around Christmas time below!

Until next time. . .

Thursday, November 2, 2017

November Goals

Hey y'all!
We're creeping our way slowly into my favorite part of the year-the holiday season.
Today kicks off the beginning of three posts per week as we gear up for Thanksgiving and Christmas content because I can't wait to give y'all help as you complete your Christmas shopping lists.

But today's post is all about goals-goals for this upcoming month & checking up to see how I did for October's goals...let's take a peek at how I did for October's goals:
Hit 50,000 Steps Per Week:
I consistently got over 50,000 each week in October-sometimes going up into the 70,000 step range!

Take Another Round of Outfit Photos:
Success-once again!
My sister took some outfit photos for me on our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and then I took another set of photos on Halloween that I'll be sharing this month.
I'm loving sharing my outfit creations with y'all & hope y'all are loving it as much as I am.

Purchase New Fall Plants & Re-Do My Front Porch:
I'll count this as half-done.
I did pick up some mums for Fall & instead of decorating the front porch (because our trim & columns just got finished yesterday & the door is next) I decorated some hay bales with my mums & pumpkins (you can see it in this post!)

Get the Downstairs Painted
I'm so excited that I've checked this off of my list. I'm hoping the next step will be staining our concrete downstairs, but that's a bigger job that I won't be able to tackle by myself.

Hit 950 on Instagram
As of today, right this second, I'm sitting at 944 followers on Instagram, which is incredibly close to my goal.
At one point this month I did hit 950, but with people following just to unfollow I lost that.
I'm working on posting diligently & interacting and engaging so I get real followers that actually care-like you!
If you aren't following Southern & Style on Instagram, will you do it?
I share super cute pictures of my pup, Forrest (like this one) sometimes! 

November Goals:

Get Christmas Cards in & Mail them Out
I ordered our Christmas cards Wednesday night (I can't wait to share them with y'all!)
and I'm hoping to get them in the end of this week or next.
I've got a post coming up where I'm going to share them so I can't wait to do that.

Finish my Christmas Shopping
I've been trying to do this for months, but November is the month where I really like to kick it into high gear because I like to fully enjoy the month of December without rushing around to pick up last minute gifts.
Also, I think it's more special if you put thought into gifts & don't just run to the store and pick something out because you feel obligated to purchase a gift.

Stick to at Least Three Posts Per Week
This is the holiday season & there is so much I want to share with y' guides, sales, party outfit inspiration, etc. but I also want to keep up my Ten on Tuesday posts so the only option was adding in another day for posts!
Don't worry, you'll still see life+style type posts as well with my book reviews, outfit posts, and more!

Try Out a New Thanksgiving Recipe
Whether it be dessert or a side dish, I want to try my hand at something new this year!

Pull Out the Christmas Decorations
I'm really wanting to do it this weekend, but my husband isn't a fan of Christmas before Thanksgiving-so I might have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving!

Well, I think that's enough to challenge me for this month...let me know below what your goals are for the month of November!

Until next time. . .