Saturday, June 9, 2018

Striped Swing Dress

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Is it just me, or is Old Navy really killing their new arrivals here lately?
I went just a few weeks ago and bought way too many things because everything was just so cute.

My number one purchase that I've already wore a ton is this striped swing dress. It comes with an attached slip, so it's lined. The fabric is so light and comfortable, it's the sort of long-sleeved dress you can wear in the Summertime and not melt.

I kept my accessories really simple, because that's what Summer fashion is to me-airy and simple.
My bar name necklace was a gift one Christmas and it's probably one of my most-worn pieces, & y'all know by now that my OTBT's are my most-worn shoes because not only do they add height and dress up any outfit, but they're also so comfortable.

Here's a fact that y'all might not know about me. . . I can't keep more than one pair of sunglasses to save my life.
I have bought so many pairs over the years & something always happens to them!
My favorite brand is Costa & right now, I actually have two pairs of mine in their repair shop πŸ˜’
but the ones that I've not had a single problem with in over a year are these High Key by Quay that I bought at Dillards for around $60. You can't beat that for how well they've held up...and I love the big mirrored frames!

What about y'all? Make me feel better by telling me y'all are rough on sunnies or other accessories below πŸ˜‚

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Father's Day Gift Guide [2018]

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Can we all just take a minute to agree that men are the hardest people to buy gifts for?!
But on the other hand; when you do manage to pull off a really great gift that they love, you feel like a winner because they are truly a challenge.

I've rounded up a ton of great gifts today for the men in your life, whether by blood or just the father figures out there-June 17th is the day to show them just a little bit of appreciation.

Some great smaller gifts that pair great with a card with a little note; the leather coozie, the uniquely scented candle, the notebook (which can be personalized & comes with free gift wrapping!) or even the grilling set (which is a great deal and comes in many different college teams.)

If you want to step up your gift giving just a little; the dopp kit I linked is a great, high quality piece without breaking the bank. I would pair it with the Clinique for Men gift set so he'll be set for his next  trip. The tie is also a beautiful piece for the sharp-dressed dad's out there!

And of course, for the bigger splurge pieces (still less than $150!); I love the collegiate stadium prints (they come in 47 different teams!), the Yeti Hopper cooler-we own several different Yeti's and they're great quality...this is a great beach sized cooler in my opinion, and of course that beautiful leather overnight bag-if your dad is a quality kind of guy, he'll appreciate this nice piece.
I also included the sunglasses because they're favorites of both my husband & my Daddy!

Please remember that Father's Day & any other holiday, they really aren't about the gift-they're about showing love to those that are important to you.
A sweet note in a card or just spending time with the important men in your life is more than enough.
Other great gift options would be concert tickets or tickets to a sporting event for a team that your dad enjoys; I also think it would be so much fun to take your dad to a cooking class if he enjoys cooking, or perhaps a book signing if his favorite author is coming close to your town.

You know your Dad best so you know what he loves ❤

Let me know below what you're planning on gifting (or doing for/with) your dad this Father's Day below!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.47]

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Number one of this week's Ten has to be a shout-out to yesterday, Memorial Day.
We sometimes take our country and our freedoms for granted, especially in today's political climate when it feels like so many things are going wrong.
But yesterday, I chose to be very thankful to the men & women who sacrificed their lives so that we might be able to have freedom and sleep in our beds at night without fear. πŸ’™

Tomorrow will be Christopher & I's three-year wedding anniversary and honestly it feels like we just got married yesterday, but also like we've been together forever if that makes any sense.
He is my absolute best friend & I love going on new adventures with him.
I've been reminiscing both on our wedding day & our beautiful honeymoon in Savannah and while those were both wonderful, I'm excited to begin the journey of raising our little boy with him in September-this will be the biggest trip of our lives, I'm sure!
 These are two of my favorite shots from our wedding; the above because we were going into our reception & were so stoked to finally be hitched, and the below shot because even though you can't see Chris' face, you can tell he's smirking & that's a favorite πŸ˜‰
Wedding Photos by Amy-Cole Photography

This past weekend, Chris & I tried out a couple of new recipes (& by that I mean, I cooked them and he ate them πŸ˜‚).
They all turned out so good & I wanted to share them with y'all & stick them here just in case I ever need to go back & reference them.
These pancakes were so light & fluffy-and easy! I also added a dash of almond extract to some of the mix, it gives it a little different flavor that I love.
Sunday Salad-Summer Corn Salad
I love, love, love a good corn salad and this one was great.
I grilled my corn for some added flavor & added a few more tomatoes. I also plan on trying this over lettuce and adding jalapeΓ±os and feta to it for a little different flavor in the future.
My husband requested Strawberry Shortcake at the last minute, so I had to find an easy recipe...and I've never made this before in my life!
It turned out really delicious and didn't take long at all, you probably have most of the ingredients on hand too.

GUYS. If you're spreading that post on Facebook about raw onions left in the fridge overnight becoming inedible because they harbor bacteria-stop! Snopes debunked it 😜

Forrest is really my first giant-sized inside/outside dog & y'all, I love it.
He's my sidekick. We go everywhere together. In fact, he's laying on the floor right next to me while I'm typing this.
My favorite is his begging face though; we hardly ever give him human foods but that face almost gets me to give in! How could anyone resist it?

As September draws closer & closer, of course we're thinking more & more about our little boy's arrival! Amanda from A Sweet Simple Southern Life shared her Thoughts for a New Mom over on her blog since her little Anna Claire is a month old now. There's so much advice floating around out there, but I loved her take on it!

If you haven't seen the "bad lip reading" of the Royal Wedding-you've got to watch it-it's so funny!

Saturday morning I was at my parents and had to check in on these three.
I had slowed down on riding even before I got pregnant, but now that I can't ride, I want to even more.
Why is it that when we can't have or do something, we want it even worse?!
Counting down the days 'til September for more than one reason!

Have you seen Lilly Pulitzer's new bathing suits that were just released?!
I'm dying over this one-it's a one piece, but still so fun and playful.


The other day on someone else's blog (I honestly can't remember who's, I wish I could!) I heard of a website called ThriftBooks.
Y'all know I'm already thrifty when it comes to book-buying because they can be so expensive and sometimes only get read once. I'm also trying to save money while building up our little guy's library, so every penny counts but I do want him to have a lot of great children's books!
So far, I haven't made any purchases but I've found them to have pretty decent prices (not as good as the actual thrift store, but the selection is much better) and all the reviews I've read are positive.

Have any of y'all tried this one out? I may have to make an order and report back!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Light & Easy Summer Style

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Y'all this is one of my all-time favorite looks that I think I've ever showed here on the blog!
It's a combination of some of my favorite pieces that truly are perfect for obtaining that light and easy summer style.

It's no secret that I'm a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan and these Essie dresses are some of my favorites to wear because they're just so darn easy. They're a tank dress that easily stretches (peep the growing bump in that last shot!) and the dress is just so light and wearable.
I have two and took them both on our beach baby moon last weekend because they're perfect for hot days.

I'm a little shy about showing my arms (one of my least favorite features) on camera, so I thought why not break out this beautiful light, lace kimono as a coverup of sorts?
It's ideal because it doesn't add any additional weight, but just adds the right sort of covering to shield any worry zones.

Just touching really quick on the shoes I'm sharing today-they're my favorite sandals for summer & they're a dupe for a designer piece!
They may not last as long as their more expensive counterparts, but for only $19 I can afford to buy a new pair, wear them out, and then repurchase.

P.S. if you noticed that I'm actually not blindingly white in these photos, it's not because I tanned-it's because I've found my holy grail beauty product.
It's less than $15, a little goes the longest way, and it gives you the most beautiful glow with minimal effort (all wins in my book!)

I hope y'all enjoy the rest of this long weekend-let's celebrate that it's a long one!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.46]

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Y'all-I have been such a bad blogger with my week-long break, but it was much needed!
I think it's so important to take those mental health breaks and to take time for yourself, it's important to recharge and never get burned out, especially on something that should be a creative outlet for you (like blogging!) 
One of the biggest and most exciting things that I want to recap is the last minute baby-moon that Chris & I went on Thursday through Sunday.
We had a blast, just relaxing and enjoying each others company. It was so important to me for us to take one last "just-us" trip before the baby comes in September because although we may go on trips just the two of us in the future, this will be the last one where we won't be missing him!
 Day 2 of our vacay was spent exploring the 30A, especially Seaside.
It was Chris' first time there & I loved showing him all of my favorite spots.
 We stayed at my favorite place in Panama City Beach, a condo in Emerald Beach Resort.
It's such a great spot that is centrally located to our favorite places and we love it.
Another favorite spot-St. Andrews! It's the opposite direction of 30A from Panama City Beach, but we love this little bay town. They have the best restaurants that aren't packed with tourists (I'm looking at you, Hunt's!) and the cutest boutiques, antique stores, etc. Plus it's always fun to stroll around the marina before or after your dinner.

After being at the beach, all I'm craving is seafood!
Luckily, I found this super easy and delicious sounding recipe from a blogger that I've been following for a long time-I can't wait to try it out.

Whenever we travel, I try to condense my products into as few bags as possible-my favorite travel case is this one from Vera Bradley. It has four zipper pockets inside (two are clear) and it hangs up, so once you get to your vacation spot, you can stow it on the back of the bathroom door or wherever you'll be getting ready.
I use mine for all of my makeup, brushes, and most of my jewelry as well!

I shared this over on Instagram; but y'all-without my planner & journals, I wouldn't lose my head.
My Q&A A Day Journal is a one-line question/answer journal for each day for five years. I'm on the fourth year now and it's so fun to see how my answers have changed over time.
I've filled up my PaperSource journal & have moved on to a bright, Lilly Pulitzer journal for the season-journaling really helps to keep my mind clear and I love the memories that I've collected over the years through my journaling.
I've been using the Essential Planner since the beginning of the year & I've really enjoyed the change in it from my Erin Condren that I've used in year's past. It's more affordable (at $36, with 20% off using the code TAKE20) and I love the organization that it provides.

I bought a three-pack of Soap & Glory's Body Butter's from Target during the after-Christmas sales and have been testing out the Smoothie Star.
Not only does it work so so well at keeping my skin hydrated, but it also smells amazing-pretty much like a wedding cake or some other delicious dessert-I highly recommend. 

If you're looking to add a furry-friend to your family; Good Housekeeping has rounded up the 20 Best Dog Breeds for Kids-it's no surprise that Labrador Retriever's are #1...I mean, look at this face?!

On Monday I had my 24-week doctor's appointment to check up on our little guy (who's doing perfectly!) and my sister & I stopped in at Lilly to see all the new pretty arrivals.
I couldn't help but pick up the new Tunic Popover in Mermaid's Cove; it just sucked me in-it's so pretty & still roomy on me at 5 months along.

Another travel-size thing I tested out on our vacation was the Glam Glow Supercleanse and I'm so glad that I tried it out...except for now that I'm addicted!
I've been having some problems with acne on my chin (thanks hormones) and after just using this for two days it had that almost completely cleared up.
My Sephora Play! box strikes again and makes me want to buy something new because it's so great!

Are you getting hitched in 2018?
Southern Living rounded up the best new wedding polishes for the year & some of them are so pretty!
I think "You Make My Dreams" is the prettiest of the bunch!

Adding this Pecan-Peach Cobbler recipe to my collection because those are two of my favorite flavors!
The recipe sounds really easy & can be made in advance and frozen-perfect for pulling out before a last minute get-together.

Until next time. . .

Saturday, May 12, 2018

5 Favorite Statement Earrings for Summer

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If there's one trend I'm willing to jump on for Spring & Summertime, it's going to be the statement earrings trend!
I absolutely love the idea of popping on a cute pair of earrings and then keeping everything else really simple-it makes accessorizing really easy (except for when it comes to choosing which pair to wear!)

Yellow is a color I don't have enough of in my wardrobe, but these bright, geometric earrings would be the perfect sunny touch for the warmer months.

Kendra Scott is by far my favorite statement earring brand because they're always so well-made & they have an amazing selection to choose from.
These aqua earrings would go with so much in my summer wardrobe & I love the tassel/fringe detailing on the edge.

If you're looking for an affordable option-BaubleBar for Target has a ton of affordable options that make just as much of a statement as the original brand.
I love the tropical feel of these earrings, so if you're headed off on vacay-make sure you pick these up for just over ten bucks right now!

These are the earrings that made me want to put together this entire roundup because I just fell in love with them.
They remind me of oysters and the beach, in the prettiest way possible-I just really need them (someone tell my husband!)

These are some of my favorites on BaubleBar's own website right now because I think red is a great color for summer, especially the Fourth of July!
These are a similar option from the SugarFix line at Target (currently on sale for just over $10), but they don't come in red-only pink, black, aqua, and white-but those are still some great colors for Summer for a nice price!

Which pair are you lusting after?!
I definitely need to save up and grab those Amber Sceats earrings before we head off on a trip!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.45]

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Y'all, I could literally browse antique stores every single day and probably never get bored.
They're a combination of home decor & history, two of my very favorite things and I just don't get sick of them. It's like a museum where everything is for sale.
My sister & I went to one this past weekend on the hunt for nursery furniture (which I'm pretty sure I found) and we stumbled upon this chippy, white, glam heaven-I could've taken every piece home with me if my husband wouldn't have divorced me πŸ˜‰
Okay, did anyone else watch the Kentucky Derby this year?
I totally meant to talk about it in last week's post, but it slipped my mind completely!
I picked Justify (aka, the winner!), mostly because I love his jockey-Mike Smith. He's such a talented guy & he spoke so highly of Justify.
He was the only horse in the field that finished the race with a clean nose, so I call that a double win.
I shared this quiz with my mom on race day; "Is This The Title of an Audiobook or the Name of a Racehorse?"
Y'all should all take it and let me know your results!
Did you check out Saturday's post yet?
Like I said, my sister and I were out and about so I didn't get a chance to share it around like I usually do, so you may have missed my big Empties review, but it was a really great roundup with lots of information. I would love to know if you use any of the products I used up!
My Mother's Day Gift Guide is still accessible and has some really great picks, even for you last minute shoppers. If nothing else, go pick her up a card and write her a sweet little message-she'll treasure it!
While my sister & I were out shopping Saturday, we went to Old Navy for her to make a return and I ended up buying another print in the same dress I purchased last time around.
This pretty striped print will be perfect for Spring & Summer (and it's pretty roomy, so hopefully it will work for me for a while longer!)
We spent lots of time with this sweet pup this weekend; we're really trying to soak up all our time with Forrest that we can so he doesn't feel like second fiddle when the baby comes.
I think he's going to be a great big brother!
I am a huge sucker for Italian food, so when I saw this recipe for antipasto squares, I knew I had to add it to our menu!
It's got all my favorite flavors; pepperoni, pepperoncini, cheeses-all the best things in life.
When I test it out, I'll let y'all know the results.
I was browsing around the other day & stumbled upon this dress and thought I might recommend it as a wedding dress to some of my friends that are getting married soon...but y'all, that price tag!
It's a stunning gown though & would be beautiful for a boho wedding. πŸ˜πŸ‘°
Does anyone else watch How Jen Does It on YouTube?
Her videos are perfection; they're usually fairly short, but they're all about how she maintains her household (aka, cleaning & cooking basically).
She recommends this mop & since Amazon has it right now for $45 with two spray bottles & four mop pads, which is a great deal-so I snapped it up & it should be here next week sometime.
Ignore all the junk in the background of this picture; but I just had to share my book haul from this past Saturday.
My sister & I took a truckload of boxes from my house to the thrift store to donate (we've been cleaning out in preparation for adding all the baby things!) and I stopped inside to browse through the books because that store has great prices.
I got the entire pile of children's books (on the left) and the pile of books for me (+ one more hardcover Elin Hilderbrand book that I've already started) all for $23. It's 29 books total so I think I did a pretty great job!
If you're looking for books-check out your local thrift store, you might be surprised at what you can find :)

Until next time. . .