Saturday, August 11, 2018

35 Week Pregnancy Update

The 35-week pregnancy update...aka, my very first pregnancy update 😂
When I first announced that I was pregnant on the blog I knew I didn't want to do weekly or really even monthly updates on the blog-those can be kind of tedious and boring for those of y'all that don't come here for that content.
But...I thought about it and decided that I wanted to, for at least the last few weeks of pregnancy, to update y'all and to have these for my future memories!

How far along? 35 weeks! Actually, on the day this is being posted I'll be exactly 36. But it's being written at 35 😉
Days until due date? 28!
Weight change? Y'all-I'll be honest...I really kind of wanted to delete this question because who wants to put all that out on the internet? But I'm honestly pretty proud of how my weight has been managed throughout this entire pregnancy, I'm probably more healthy now than I was when we found out we were expecting!
Up until this point, I've only gained 16 lbs. That might change when I weigh in again on Monday, but for now I'm saying 16!
Any cravings? Not really! I haven't "craved" much of anything this entire pregnancy. It's more of, "man, that sounds like it would be really good right now-but I won't die without it or anything". I really do love pizza more than normal, though.
Symptoms? I've definitely been feeling myself get more and more worn out as the days go by, which is so difficult for me to get used to because I'm super independent and like to be able to do everything myself. It's also been hard to slow down on the farm, because I like to do my own things myself but I've had to pass the torch down to my husband & some of our help to get my daily things done because I just can't accomplish tasks as easily as I used to.
I've also had a lot of trouble sleeping. Not sure if it's due to me over-doing it during the daytime hours or what, but definitely not sleeping well and feeling pretty sore towards the end of the day.
Sleep? Ha! I guess I covered that in the symptoms part, but between being super sore and over-tired, and having to get up to go to the bathroom what feels like a million times each night I'm usually only clocking about 5 hours of sleep at night.

I do try to squeeze in a nap somewhere during the day if I'm feeling the need!

Movement? He's definitely an active little one! There isn't as much room for him to stretch out, but he's not shy about trying to do so. Thankfully, he's gotten to where he's active during the day and more relaxed at I'm hoping he'll continue that schedule when he's born-so many of my friends have said their baby's did!

Belly Button: In or Out? In!

Wedding Rings: On or Off? On a day-to day basis I don't wear my wedding rings anyway; since I'm just around the house. Thankfully, I haven't had much swelling either other than my normal swelling that I get in my hands during the summer months. If we're going out somewhere, I do usually wear my wedding band.

Best Moment this week? I haven't been to the doctor this week (it was my last week to skip a week, starting Monday I'm on a once-a-week basis with my doctor). But I think just spending time with Chris while we were in Montgomery & getting to dream with him about all the things we're planning on doing with the baby once he gets here-that was pretty special!

 Best style moment this week? 😂😂😂 On a regular basis, I'm wearing Nike shorts & an over-sized tee shirt so my "style" isn't what I would call "best".  If we can count Saturday into that equation, I wore my beloved Lilly maxi (again) for our award's ceremony and I feel amazing when I rock that little number. 

 Worst moment this week?  I don't think I really had a "worst" moment this week. I am starting to get a bit stressed that everything isn't going to come together before he is born. But I'm also trying to remind myself that if it doesn't, that will be okay too! 

 Do you miss anything? Yes! I miss SO many things. But guess what? In just a few weeks, I'll be able to have them so it's all okay and all worth it. I mostly miss raw sushi, wine, and being able to eat a sandwich without microwaving the meat first!

 What are you looking forward to? I'm exciting to hopefully finish the nursery! We have a few things left to purchase & do, but it's all coming together and I'm really grateful for that.

 Mood? Nervous and excited. It's finally starting to become a reality, although it seems so strange that Chris & I are really, really about to be parents! There is a sense of nervous-ness, mostly because I hate hospitals and doctors offices-they just really freak me out so I'm dreading all of that. But there is a sense of excitement as well because I'm excited to finally have our little man here and be able to share all that the future holds! 

            Well, there y'all have it-my first pregnancy 35 weeks 😂
Until next time. . .

Monday, August 6, 2018

A Farm is More than Land & Crops. . .

It's a family's heritage & future ❤🚜
Typically, on a Tuesday I would do a weekly recap, a roundup of all the little things I've been doing in the past week & fun things I've found around the internet.

And to be honest, normally I don't get 100% personal on the blog with y'all because we tend to be a pretty private family.

However, this past weekend was one for the books & I have to tell our story and put this down to remember and share because it's so exciting and important!

Friday afternoon, Christopher and I packed up and headed south for Montgomery. We checked in to our hotel room, (spent over an hour on the phone with Verizon & Apple tech support 🙈), spent another hour in the Verizon store buying Christopher a new iPhone because phones are important to farmer's y'all, had dinner at Wentzell's, walked by the river, and headed up to our room for the night.

Saturday was a jam-packed day for us, it was our full day at Commodity Conference for the Alabama Farmer's Federation and we were so excited to see friends, meet new friends, learn new things in seminars, etc.
The day was fun and tiring, so around 3ish we headed back up to our room, took a nap, then got up around 5 and got all gussied up for the dinner.

Over the past six months, there have been a ton of things going on in the background that I've mentioned here and there on the blog, but never really went into full detail on.

In March, Chris & I were chosen as one of three finalists to be Alabama's Outstanding Young Farm Family. We had went through an application and interview process to be chosen as finalists.
Over the next few months, we prepared and practiced, we worked really hard to prepare for an on-farm interview with three judges which happened the last week of June.

On Saturday night, all of that hard work came to fruition as we stood on stage with two other very deserving couples-but our name was announced!
It was such a validating moment for both of us because of all the hard work and dreams that we've poured into our farm and into this contest. To know that other's notice your dedication and passion is an awesome feeling-especially since farmers tend to get more criticism than compassion sometimes.
 We love what we do & we love this organization that we get to be a part of.
We're so excited to represent the state of Alabama over the next year and that we get to compete at National's in New Orleans in January!
 We have an incredible support system of both of our families as well as all of our friends, we are so thankful to have everyone cheering us on and helping out whenever we asked.
It's going through things like this that truly let you know who you can count on & we appreciate everyone so much!
There are so many exciting things coming in the next few months; mostly the arrival of our sweet little boy!
But we can't wait to see where we go from here & we look forward to advocating and supporting agriculture in the future.

Until next time. . .

Saturday, August 4, 2018

August Goals [2018]

P.S. Another sneak-peak from our maternity photos with Amy-Cole Photography 😍

Y'all, it has been so, so long since I've done a goals post. I'm talking way back in January!
Thankfully, I did check some of those off like...
-redecorating our home (thankfully it's current state is neutral enough where it will be fine until I feel like decorating like Fall, or maybe even until Christmas!)
-having a fun night out with my biggest big sister (we had a blast seeing the My Favorite Murder podcast girls live in Atlanta!)

But. . . I also kinda failed at the others because there was so much going on in our lives and I fell off the wagon!

So instead of dwelling on what didn't get done, I'm going to share my goals for August with y'all.
At my last doctors appointment (34 weeks!) she scared me to death basically saying we could have a baby before the end of August, which I know is true but darn it if I wasn't planning on a September baby 😅
So I've got a to-do list that needs to get checked off. . .
~Reach 1,100 on Instagram
Obviously this is a selfish social media/blogger goal, but I am so close (currently at 1,085!) and would love to reach that goal that I've wanted for a long time!
~Complete Baby Upchurch's Nursery
We have all of the pieces, it's just getting things put away and things hung on the wall, etc.
As soon as our dresser & bookshelf arrive from our handyman who is painting them then the room can finally be finished! We also have a piece of artwork that I had commissioned coming for over his crib that should be here in 2 weeks!
~Add Baby Upchurch to Our Insurance
Technically this can't officially be done until he's made his arrival, but I want to make sure all my ducks are in a row so it won't be a headache after he's born.
~Pack my Hospital Bag
I have my list all written out & ready to go, I'm just waiting on a few things to come in from Target orders & then I can pack my bag and have it waiting. I'm also waiting on some sweet "coming home" outfits for our little guy so those can be packed as well.
If you have any hospital bag do's or don't's please leave them in the comments!
~Enjoy 2 Date Nights Before Baby
I know date nights will become a thing of the past, at least for a little while after we bring our babe home so I want to make sure we sneak in at least one or two before he arrives.
~Finish All Baby Shower/Gift Thank-You Notes
Y'all, if you don't send thank-you notes...why not?!
I think they are so thoughtful and sweet, especially when people have been so generous and kind to you as they have been to us.
My goal is to have every note out before baby comes.
~Repaint Our Front Door Hangers
With baby's arrival comes the arrival of friends & family to our home.
I want to make sure our front door hangers are repainted (they're just white and need touched up) so they are welcoming to all who enter!

Well, it's a lofty list but I'm hoping I can accomplish it all-I guess we'll see next month!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.49]

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Two Monday's ago was a big day, y'all!
I had a doctor's appointment that afternoon to check on our little guy (who is doing great, by the way!) and my mom and sister, Julie, tagged along.
After my appointment, we met up with my oldest sister, Trystan, for a little window shopping at the Summit and then dinner at Bar Taco (my fave).
She had planned a belated birthday surprise for Julie, Mom, and I (since our birthday's all fall in the same week in June) and it turned out to be a cooking class at Sur La Table!
 We took a cooking class last year for my mom's birthday and this year's was so much fun as well-we ended up making crepes with an orange sauce; delicious!
I highly recommend taking a cooking class if you've never done it before, they're so much fun and you walk away with new skills and recipes.
If y'all aren't following along on my Facebook page for Southern & Style, you're really missing out!
I don't just post my blog posts when they go live (although, I do that too), I share fun articles that I read around the internet, but my favorite thing to share are #SaleAlerts of items I find around the internet that are great deals from some of my favorite retailers.
These will get more frequent as Christmas approaches because I love to get my shopping done early, if I can!
I also am just one follower away from 200 followers, so I'll be planning a giveaway be on the lookout for that and follow along for a chance to win!
 On Saturday, I had my first baby shower for our sweet little boy (who's name we're not going to reveal on the blog until after he's born-which is why I'm going to have to wait to share a lot of the baby shower pictures until after he's been born!)
 My sister, Trystan, did our invitations (aren't they absolutely beautiful?!) as well as some chalk art for the shower and y'all-if you need anything done, I'll say it a million times-she's fabulous.
Her Etsy is SouthernScrawledShop & she has done tons of custom stuff for me, she would love to do it for you too!
My sweet husband even dropped by at the end of the shower to help us load our presents up & take them home. It was the best day with my family and sweet friends, we felt so much love & I can't wait to bring our little guy into this fun group!
P.S. My dress is this Lilly dress in an older pattern (I bought it when we first found out we were pregnant...I was basically expecting a boy from day 1 and knew I wanted to wear this to our shower!)
It's the best "maternity but not" dress and I love, love, love how it fits.
There are a ton of great sales right now & it's honestly the perfect time (like I said in 2), to stock up on gifts for birthdays or Christmas!
Zulilly is one of my favorite sale sites to shop, because they host flash sales on great brands.
Fiestaware (my favorite brand of dishware!) is currently up to 40% off there for the next three days, as well as tons of your favorite lipstick brands (like Nars, Bobbi Brown, Smashbox, etc.) are up to 50% off until tomorrow!
Don't mind me-I'm just daydreaming over here about the day when we finally get to sell our house in town & move out to the farm...currently, my favorite house plan is this one by Southern Living, minus finishing the upstairs-that's something that could always just be roughed out & then finished later if we needed more space!
If you missed Saturday's post, I chatted all about the fun shoes I've been seeing all over the internet.
It definitely still feels like Summer here in Alabama & probably will until the end of September or into October, so I shared my favorite Summer shoes and mentioned briefly how I would style them into the Fall-so many of these shoes can be worn into Fall!
And bonus, a lot of them are on sale right now.
Does anyone else really love when Lay's comes out with new crazy chip flavors?
Right now I'm highly anticipating cajun spice and chile con queso!
I haven't shared a dedicated Nordstrom sale post with y'all-mostly because everyone else is doing it and I don't think y'all need another blogger shoving it down your throat...but every now & then I do like to share a pick or two of something I find to be a good deal.
This Kate Spade necklace is $16 off (formerly $48, now $32) which isn't a ton, but I definitely think it's a good buy.
I love the idea of an initial necklace, especially as a new-mom-to-be, I would gladly wear one with my little babe's new initial on it!
 On Sunday my husband & I hopped in the car and made the two hour drive North of Atlanta to see our favorite friend, who also happens to be an amazing & magical photographer-Mrs. Amy Sullins!
She's been there for us from our engagement, to our wedding, my graduation, our first anniversary, and now our maternity photos! Good-Lord willing, she'll be there to capture the birth of our sweet baby boy & his newborn photos as well. I can't imagine anyone else I'd rather have to help us document our she keeps us on our toes laughing!
I mean, just look at this sneaky-peeky image that we already got on MONDAY after a SUNDAY shoot-she's good, y'all. That light is so dreamy.
Ironically, the one thing that is my all-time favorite that I purchased during the Nordstrom sale wasn't even on sale...typical for me, haha!
I bought myself a cozy robe because I know I'll be pretty much living in cozy clothes after the baby comes and this one is already a winner. It's my favorite thing to wear in the mornings while I fix Chris breakfast and then before bed, too.

Until next time. . .

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Super-Fun Summer Shoes

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Even though I'm trying to abstain from anymore personal shopping (because furnishing a nursery and buying things for babies is expensive, y'all!) I can't help but browse with all of the summer sales going on right now-they're all so good.
So I decided to throw together a guide of some of my favorite summer shoe finds, just in case some of y'all were still on the hunt for a new pair.
Bonus-so many of these will transition beautifully into Fall!

If you were obsessed with the Hermes Oran Sandals, but couldn't stomach the outrageous price tag...then these sandals from Target's Universal Threads line might be more in your price range.
These classy sandals are only $20 and come in cognac (shown in the graphic), black, and white...and heck-at that price you can afford to get all three!
These are the perfect casual slide, plus you can wear them to the pool and not worry about them getting destroyed. They also come in at less than $25 so they're easy on your wallet.
Reviewers say to size up at least one size, as they run small-but they come from Nordstrom, so shipping & returns are always free!
Can y'all believe I only included one gingham option on this post? Honestly, I can't either!
Gingham is one of my favorite prints & I am so lucky to live in the South, where I could wear these sandals well into October and still be comfortable.
These are currently $15 (what?!) and come in this pretty gingham as well as a striped chambray.
Wear now with shorts and into Fall with a skinny jean.
The color blush was trendy in Spring, held strong in Summer, and I'm pretty sure it's going to last through Fall as well-it's that good, y'all.
If you haven't shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, these shoes are part of it & are currently in stock in all sizes.
Two of the most quintessential Southern brands came together to collaborate and these sandals are some of my favorites from that collection-the magnolia blossom is just so classic.
The navy color will also match with almost anything, so feel free to wear them at will!
If you haven't gathered it from the image above, espadrilles are very popular for Summer going into Fall. These rose gold wedges are under $50 & can completely be dressed up for date night or dressed down to wear during the day.
If I'm going to wear a high shoe of any sort, it's going to have to be a platform these days.
These platform espadrilles are so cute with their leopard print, but everything else is neutral meaning you can style these however you want.
I'm thinking they would be perfect right now with a dress and then wear them into Fall with some trendy bell-bottom jeans!
This Forever21 find is a steal at under $25; don't they give y'all all the Gucci loafer vibes?!
These will be perfect for transitioning into the cooler months, while still giving a pretty pop of fuchsia.
These trendy platforms are a part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, making them less than $75 right now. That's a great buy on a shoe that will be trendy into Fall.
They come in black & tan, I can't decide which ones I love the most.
They just have the perfect flirty seventies vibe that makes me want to wear them with a short denim skirt and a bell-sleeved top (but hello, I'm past those days 😂).
Another blush option, these pretty wedges are from the TOMS brand which I've always found so, so comfortable. Luckily for y'all that want to wear these into Fall, or just aren't blush fans-they also come in black & pine (which is an olive shade).
They're also 30% off right now which makes them an excellent deal!
Draper James always has the cutest items in their collections, don't they?!
These darling smoking slippers are perfect for tossing on & running errands or for an afternoon date.
These are a tighter fitted shoe, after wearing once you'll have a custom fit due to the tailoring and materials used.

Which pair are y'alls favorite?!
I really love 7 & 9 the most I think-they're perfect transition shoes into Fall!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.48]

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Hey y'all!
So many things have been going on lately, I haven't even given y'all a life update since May.
We've had so many things going on in our lives on the farm, getting ready for baby, etc.
A big part of our lives since I stopped teaching is obviously the farm since it's both of our "full-time" jobs. 'Tis the season around here for weaning our calves, so we've had a lot of early mornings getting ready to do that. It's a little annoying when you're getting up, but that sunrise view makes it a little bit better.
 Driving the tractor with Forrest leading the way is how we get the cows moved from the various pastures they're in, to the barn where weaning will take place.
 This little guy was checking me out while we were unloading back at the barn.
 A gorgeous golden hour shot of our girls, since I'm back on checking cows duty once or twice a day.
 We recently purchased a new big truck for our hauling business and Chris took me for a ride!
He took our niece and nephew for a ride as well and they loved honking the horn.
A lot of people don't understand our farming way of life because they never see it up close.
I can't invite all of y'all over (even though I wish I could!), but hopefully seeing these pictures & hearing my passion about this little corner of the Earth will reassure you all that family farms do exist  and that we love these animals that we're entrusted with-we're trying to be good stewards of what we're given. ♡
 Another fun thing that's happened over the past month & a half was being able to spend some quality time with our niece and nephew.
Lola went for a tractor ride with Uncle Chris to bale hay and loved it-I just melt seeing them together!
We took them and our favorite puppy boy, Forrest, for a hike at High Falls.
We all loved doing it together-especially the kids and Forrest, who all got to take a swim in that little natural pool behind us at the base of the Falls.
To end the weekend with our niece and nephew, Lola snuck off with us and ended up going for a little boat ride with Uncle Chris. This shot is him showing her some fish swimming beside the bank.
Oh, Williams-Sonoma, why you gotta tempt me this way?!
If y'all have been following along for some time now, then you probably know my affection for ginger jars in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
This one from Williams Sonoma caught my eye last week and it's now on my permanent wish list (where it will probably remain forever because of the price tag!) but that color is just so different & beautiful!
 I mentioned in the last life update that I did, our anniversary was the 30th of May plus my birthday was the 13th of June.
Chris took me to my all-time favorite restaurant, Acre in Auburn, AL for a romantic dinner.
They have an amazing "Urban Farm" where they grow a lot of their vegetables on site, but they also have a great program with local farmers to source their other produce, meats, etc.
The meal was incredible and I'm hoping I'll be able to convince him to squeeze in one more meal there before this babe comes!

 Our Fourth of July was absolutely wonderful.
We have some of the best friends, the Thompson's, that have a lake house and are always so kind to welcome us there during the Summer months.
It's just one of my most favorite places on Earth, so calming and rejuvenating-plus those friends of ours are just some of my favorite people!
Of course, we couldn't not take a boat ride & end our day with the most beautiful fireworks show from the dock-you can't beat that view!
Another not-so-fun thing that has kept me from blogging is that we lost my Daddy's mom, our Maw-Maw just a few weeks ago now.
When Chris & I went over to my parents to look through photos for the slide show for her memorial, I found this gem of us "smoking" cookie cigars-she certainly was a character that kept us all laughing!
 Just in case you missed it, I did blog Saturday about what I've been reading lately.
I got really honest with y'all & explained that I've actually read three & a half books but I hated one of them so much I didn't even want to review it here and the other I stopped not even halfway through and tossed it in the donate pile because I just wasn't interested.
Influenster is one of my most favorite apps/sites to use both as a consumer and as a blogger.
I was recently sent these Marc Jacobs lip gloss sticks in Sweet Escape and Uh-Huh Honey and y'all, they are so good I've raved about them to anyone that will listen.
They're lightly hydrating, not sticky like normal lipgloss and the colors offer the perfect wash of color for every day.
If you'd like to get freebies from Influenster (you don't have to be a blogger-you just have to have social media like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to qualify!) then sign up through this link and you'll be able to qualify for free makeup, food items, household items...basically the sky is the limit!
This section is just going to be kind of a dump of some pictures that I wanted to share from my phone to y'all. . .
 My sister, Mama, and I have been scouring antique stores for finds for not only the house, but the baby's room specifically because even though it is a nursery it's still a part of our home and I want it to fit.
We decided to not go with white because that felt too feminine, but you best bet that if we ever have a little girl I'm going to pray to find beautiful antique furniture like this one for that room.
 Our foyer has gotten a mini facelift by adding this arched mirror from Kirkland's.
It really gives that space a finished look & brings so much light into that area-I love it!
I haven't had many pregnancy cravings, but one major one has been fried green tomatoes...y'all-they are so addictive!
I haven't fried any in about a month now, but it's on my to-do list for this week.
Have you seen the Lilly Pulitzer X goop collection?!
This maxi dress and the maxi skirt are giving me all the vintage Lilly Pulitzer vibes and I really want them both! 💮
Just another beautiful view to end this life update/Ten on Tuesday from one of our local date nights on Lake Wedowee.
The cotton candy sky reflecting off the of the lake was just beautiful over the marina, basically just the lake is a favorite for Summer.

Let me know; what's been going on in your life lately or what are some of your favorites?!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, July 14, 2018

What I'm Reading Lately

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If you keep up with my blog, then it's probably been so long since I've updated y'all on my latest reads that you probably thought I stopped altogether 😂 It's literally been since March!

I've read three and a half books since then, but one of them was honestly so bad I immediately put it in my donate pile so I never had to even see it on my bookshelf again so I definitely don't want to share it with y'all & torture you too! The half book was one that I picked up on a whim from the thrift store and it was okay, just not something I wanted to focus on and I decided I was tired of forcing myself to read terrible books-so I didn't and I put it in the donate pile as well.
Don't make yourself waste your time reading bad books-read things you like!

When I was at the thrift store hunting for new books for myself and our little guy (it's the best place to find books on the cheap!) I stumbled upon two Elin Hilderbrand books and of course, bought them!
This book focuses on main character, middle-aged Dabney Kimball Beech and her life on Nantucket.
She lives a wonderful like with a pleasant husband, a sweet daughter who is successful in her own right, a job she loves, and a successful ability for matchmaking-42 successful couples in all.
The story absolutely drew me in from minute one and I was enthralled from the beginning, I stayed up many nights late into the night reading this book trying to finish it.
It has funny moments, touching moments, and just when you think you've got it figured out-you don't.
I don't often have good reviews of books that have me in tears at the end, but this one did and I still love love love it.
It's the perfect beach read, so grab a copy on your way for your last summer vacay!

Y'all know I had to squeeze in at least one historical fiction because they are my favorite genre. This story follows Isabella Bankmill as she journeys throughout London society as she comes of age and is on her way to finding her future betrothed.
She is pursued by two gentleman that are complete opposites of one another; Lord Bromby, who is dark, mysterious, and a talented poet. The other is David Beringer; a true gentleman, a philanthropist, and a man who shares the same Christian faith as Isabella.
I was a big fan of the novel from the beginning, simply because it is a historical story with a strong female lead. I feel as though it contained an excellent "lesson" if you will for those who are searching for their future life-mate because it truly is important to be like-minded and to know your partner well for the success of your relationship.
The book was well written and it kept drawing me in throughout the entire story, always frustrating me with it's direction, then consoling me with something pleasant, then taking a different turn. Some people don't like their reading to go that way, but I enjoy a book that keeps me guessing.

Although those are the only two books that I've read in the past three and a half months, I'm hoping that now that I've started back in earnest that I'll keep up with it.
It's really come in handy to have some good books to read with my inability to sleep well at night (& I'm sure there will be lots of long nights with a babe in my future that I might be able to sneak some pages in then!)

If you've read anything good recently, please leave it below as I'm always on the hunt for new books!

Until next time. . .