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Friday, March 31, 2017

Easter Dresses {2017}

Hey y'all!

If you read my "What's Up Wednesday" post then you saw what I was working on...and it was this post! I've been rounding up my favorite potential Easter dresses from around the internet so that I can share them with y'all!

I remember growing up, my very favorite thing in the world (once I was old enough to enjoy dressing up) was going and getting a new Easter outfit. If I was really lucky, my parents would let me pick out a cute new pair of shoes and maybe some matching jewelry as well for that Sunday.

And today, although I don't always go buy something specifically for Easter, I still enjoy dressing up and wearing my best for Easter Sunday at church.

And even if you don't go to church, we all like to treat ourselves every now and then, am I right?!

I'm one who always likes to wear either bright colors/patterns, pastels, or white on Easter Sunday-it's the beginning of Spring, it's a celebration, so why not go all out.

Below I've rounded up even more favorites (& included the links to those in the graphic above)
I tried to include something for all price ranges: Target, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, some brands from Nordstrom, Old Navy, LOFT, Kate Spade, etc. 

Let me know down below what you'll be wearing this Easter!

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday!

Hey y'all!

This week you get a bonus post because I decided I would do the "What's Up Wednesday" link up that so many of my favorite bloggers/ do!

What We're Eating This Week...
On Monday, it was leftover shrimp boil (SO good!). Tuesday, I made a chicken casserole because my poor hubs didn't feel too good. Today (Wednesday) I'm going grocery shopping so I'll probably pick us up something from town! Thursday and Friday, who knows. Since it's Spring Break we're playing it by ear!

What I'm Reminiscing About...
The wedding this last weekend has me feeling all romance-y and missing the newlywed days (although, we've only been married right at two years, so I still claim newlywed status!)

What I'm Loving...
Being home all week from Spring Break!
The freedom to do whatever I want clean and answer phone calls during the day is wonderful!

What We've Been Up To...
Honestly, a whole lot of nothing. The hubs has a man cold, so I'm not sure if we're going to go canoeing this week as planned...but I am going shopping today!

What I'm Dreading...
State testing is coming up soon at school, it feels like it's going to last the whole month of April!
And I also have an oral surgery scheduled for next Wednesday, so that's not sounding too exciting.

What I'm Working On...
A really fun Easter post! And also working on getting our house cleaned & decorated for Spring :)

What I'm Excited About...
I have my eye on a couple of things on Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty that I want to purchase & new makeup/skincare always gets me excited!

What I'm Watching/Reading...
I'm trying to finish up my current book (Counting on a Cowboy by Debra Clopton) and I'm watching tons of YouTube videos to pass the time while I load/unload the dishes and fold lots of laundry.

What I'm Listening To...
I'm still hooked on the Women of Country Spotify playlist, but I'm also loving Drake White's playlist as well.

What I'm Wearing...
Since it's Spring Break I'm loving being able to wear my oversized shirts and leggings all day!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...
Maybe canoeing, maybe grilling out with friends. Who knows!

What I'm Looking Forward To Next Month...
I'm so looking forward to having those state tests behind my jr. high kids as well as my oral surgery.
Then I'll be counting down the days until summer break! (Oh wait...I already am. 39 school days!)

What Else Is New...
Not much else is new, but I am loving my new blogging schedule (Tuesdays and Saturdays) and I love being able to give y'all a bonus post this week. 
Blogging is my stress relief and greatest creative outlet-it's so much fun for me!

Bonus Question: What's your favorite Spring wardrobe piece?
These shoes are the most comfortable shoe I've ever had in my entire life. I have them in two colors and can wear them all day long to teach in. They are perfect for southern spring!

Statement earrings are another favorite for my Spring wardrobe. I love these, these...and omg, these!

I hope y'all enjoyed today's bonus post!

Down below, let me know what's up with you :)

Until next time. . . 


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.2]

Hey y'all!

Welcome back to another Ten on Tuesday-I'm so sorry I didn't have a post go up on Saturday! I intended on putting my finishing touches on it Friday afternoon, but we had a very busy day on Friday & left very early on Saturday so post Saturday!

I hope y'all all had a wonderful weekend, we surely did! And now I have the week off for Spring Break so I have that to look forward to :)

Let's jump into the Ten!


Number one has to be celebrating Chris' step-brother's wedding this weekend at the beautiful Ritz Carlton resort at Lake Oconee in Georgia.

Cody and his beautiful bride, Alex had a stunning wedding & we wish them the most happiness!

I wore this Adrianna Papell gown (on sale at Macy's) and it was so comfortable and I received so many compliments on it! I paired it these wedges (SO comfortable) and earrings similar to these.

Coming home on Sunday we only made one stop in Douglasville because I was so stoked to get home to this guy!
If you've been reading here long, you know I love Forrest, our labrador, so so much.
He was staying with my parents who take care of him like he's their own, but I still think he was really excited to see me ;)

When we stopped at the mall in Douglasville on our way home I visited the Bath & Body Works/White Barn store there. While I didn't buy any candles, I did fall in love with this scent...and this one smells good, I think? It's a confusing one! Let me know if you've tried that one out!

I've started a whole Pinterest board dedicated to our New Orleans trip this summer, so if you're going there you might want to check out what I've pinned...and if you have any suggestions for hotels to stay at, places to eat at, fun things to do...I'm interested in it all!

These 6 Easter Traditions You'll Only Find in the South had me nodding my head as I read the article...and I love the idea of a grown up Easter basket!

Speaking of Easter, I think I already have my Easter dress picked out (but after looking up a ton of dresses for a post idea...that might change) this one, this one, and this one are on my radar.

Now that I'm on Spring Break, I'm working on finishing up my current book and am looking for recommendations on what to pick up next...if you have any, leave them in the comments!

Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty is happening right now; here are a few picks for the next few days with their sale prices:

I already picked up these from an earlier day, but I really do have my eye on the Mario Badescu stuff (the whole line will be 25% off on April 1st) and I really need a spot treatment so I'm thinking of picking up the Proactiv one while it's only $10 on April 7th.

For a full list of all sale products and what days, check here.

I'm going to be real with you girls for a second, because since I've been posting more regularly I've gotten more questions about where I get products to test out and review.
One of the websites I use is Influenster and you absolutely do not have to be a blogger to use them and get free stuff. If you have any type of social media (twitter, Facebook, instagram, etc.) that's all you need.
I have gotten lots of things from them; makeup, hair care, food, drinks...basically everything.
The link is above, if you'd like to sign up-it's totally free and the only thing I get in return for you signing up with my link are "impact points" meaning that I have points showing how many people I can share products with.

It's a great program and I've found lots of new brands there that I never would've tried out on my own!

Number ten is actually part of my to-do list this week...but it's finally getting out my Easter/Spring decor!
I am so excited to pull out all of my bright spring colors and fresh scented's my favorite time of the year to decorate (although I think I say that for every season when it comes around!)

I hope y'all enjoyed another week of Ten on Tuesday!

Let me know down below your book suggestions & any suggestions you have for traveling to New Orleans if you've ever been :)

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.1]

Hey y'all!

Here's to being two days into my last week before Spring Break begins!

In all seriousness, I couldn't be more excited for a few days off of school to do boring things like clean the house & catch up on my Hulu shows.

Without further adieu, let's jump into my Ten on Tuesday. 

I have seen so many of my favorite Vloggers on YouTube getting this palette sent to them in PR, and y'all I'm just dying over how pretty it is. 
They say it smells amazing too, so how could you not want it?!

When I was shopping around for Lunch with Lilly last Saturday, I stumbled upon this bag and y'all-I need it for beach and lake trips this summer.
From the pattern to the size...and then those tassels, it's just a must-have.

One of my favorite ways to cook lately has been to grill, which I know seems odd since grilling is usually a "man-thing".
But y'all, the meat comes out so much better & the clean up is so much less.
I'm living for these warmer evenings we have coming up so I can cook a whole lot more outside!

I recently stumbled upon Spotify's Women of Country playlist, because I love listening to music while I work on these blog posts & this song has become a serious favorite-I fell in love with these two from the beginning of Nashville!

Some people check the news daily, but I check Good Housekeeping's website.
They round up articles from all over the internet on topics like recipes, lifestyle, inspirational stories, DIY...basically everything!

Y'all know my obsession with all things Southern...well this Southern Living article takes that obsession to a new level.
It covers all of the South's best shops-including a personal favorite of mine; Draper James in Nashville.

Speaking of Nashville & 12 South, which is the neighborhood where Draper James is located, I was so sad to read this article last week about the "I Believe in Nashville" mural being vandalized.
Apparently someone threw black tar on it and covered a good portion of the mural.

Thankfully, they are planning to fix the mural because soon it will be the 5-year anniversary of the mural being there on the wall. 

It's literally right across the street from Draper James-I'm so thankful that they're going to be able to repair the mural!

Last year I snagged a super cute bar cart & have been obsessed with decorating it for each new season. This one is on sale from Target and is SO cute (& here's an HGTV guide
for decorating it!) 

On Saturday, my husband and I went to the SLE Rodeo in Montgomery & had a great time!
We've been going to this rodeo since we first started dating, so it's so much fun to see it year after year and get to see some of our friends that we don't see very often.

The Kate Spade surprise sale ends tomorrow!
I've picked out a few favorites for you. . .

Well, here's to the second edition of Ten on Tuesday!
Hope y'all are liking it :)

Until next time. . .


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Drugstore Favorites

Hey y'all!

I hope this week has treated you well & that you enjoyed my "Ten on Tuesday" post that I've decided to start doing weekly. 
Also, just another little update-today is "Lunch with Lilly" and you can shop Lilly Pulitzer's newest releases in store or online with free gifts with purchase (and y'all, I want them all!) 

I'm going to link several of my favorites that are available right now at the bottom of this post, so check them out!

Today's post is all about my favorite drugstore products; because let's be honest-as much as I love designer and high end finds, oftentimes you can find great options right at your local Target, CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens.

*Some of the links below are affiliate links-thanks for supporting Southern & Style!

Y'all, I'm always up for trying new hair products (I have absolutely no brand loyalty when it comes to hair care), so when I got the opportunity to test out the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner from Finesse, I jumped at it.
The ends of my hair are so dry and fried because of using my flat iron way too often, so I always need to add more moisture.
While the conditioner worked pretty well, the shampoo was the best part for me. It balanced my hair without weighing it down and left the best scent ever.

Big bonus? It's less than $5 at Walmart. 

This is the lip balm that I keep by my bedside and I love it so much.
It's got a great minty scent and it moisturizes your lips without sucking the other moisture out of them like other lip balm products have a reputation of doing. 
My husband even likes it so much that he tried to steal it from me the other day, and that's saying a lot!

I fell in love with this body butter when I got a sample inside a Target Beauty Box and I've not been able to turn back since then.
The scent is so yummy and the cream is so rich and luscious. 

Take a hint from me and treat yourself to this drugstore gem.

This may be cheating, because even though you can buy it at Target (technically making it drugstore in my eyes) it's still pretty pricey.
But here's my two sense-you need to invest more in skincare than other things because if your skin doesn't look good, makeup and everything else won't help it.

This eye cream is just over $20, but a little goes a long way and it keeps my under eye area so hydrated and combats my dark circles.

I don't usually like drugstore eyeshadow, it's usually not pigmented and I'm just not a fan.
But this palette is one of my only much of an exception that I've hit pan on almost five out of the ten shades.

It's the perfect mix of matte and shimmer, of darks and lights and mid-tones.
It does kick up a good bit of powder when you dip in your brushes, but if you remember to tap them off you're golden.

Covergirl sent me a couple of new mascaras to try and honestly, I have a ton of mascaras that I haven't opened yet because I don't want them to dry out before I can use them up, but I was so curious about the brush on this one that I had to open it up and test it out.

The mascara was really, really wet when I first opened I hated it.

But after I let it dry out for a week or two, I really like it.
It's hard to work the brush on my left eye, but I work with it because it holds a curl so beautifully and adds both volume and length without adding clumps.

It also layers well with my Mary Kay mascara over it, so that's always a bonus. 

I hope y'all enjoyed this post!
Let me know if you have any drugstore favorites below-I'm always looking for new items to test out & honestly, I'm always looking for a bargain 😹

As are a couple of my Lilly favorites for today's Lunch with Lilly...

Well guys, that's all for today!

Until next time. . .


A big thank you to Finesse  for providing me with product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who support Southern & Style.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Week's Top 10

This week I'm trying to bump up my posting to twice a week!

I'll still be having my regular Saturday post go up (it'll be something random, like usual), but I'm shooting for Tuesday's posts to be a top ten type post where I share ten things I'm loving or thinking or doing.

It could be funny videos, my favorite songs, interesting articles...anything!

Check out this week's Top Ten below:

1. I have loved reading this book lately! I'm about halfway through, and I'm dying to get to the end so I can have my (hopefully) happy ending with it.

2. Sometimes you just need to try something new, so I keep this Pinterest board close to hand so that on weeknights when I need a side dish I can whip something up quickly. I want to try this and this sometime this week.

3. Sarah shared this over on her Friday Favorites post and I loved reading it; it's a Southern Living article all about Southern Hospitality.

4. This Facebook video is SO cute; it reminds me so much of my lab, Forrest.

5. If you're a blogger, you need to see if you're a "no-reply" blogger! Sarah (who also shared #3 on this post) helped me out so much by telling me that I've been "no-reply" for no telling how long. Thankfully, the girls over at the Millennial Blogger Network really helped me get things straightened out; especially this really helpful post by Caro! If you blog, go check out her post & make sure your blog is working properly.

6. Lilly Pulitzer's new line recently released & I'm dying over this piece, but if Alabama decides to stay the temperature that it's currently at I might need to wear this instead.

7. Y'all, if you haven't watched Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix yet, you're seriously missing out. I love Drew Barrymore so much & although I don't normally love comedies (I'm more of a drama girl), I love this show. It's so funny & the episodes are short so it's easy to watch.

8. I'm so excited to be another day closer to Spring Break! Having breaks off of school is a huge perk of being a teacher, I have to admit. When is everyone else's break? (if you're lucky enough to get one!)

9. Okay, I don't usually like Sam Hunt's music but this songreally makes me just want to go driving around with my windows down. It's so darn catchy.

10. I recently saw someone talking about these jeans and I couldn't believe that Topshop even carried them...thoughts?

Let me know what you think about number ten (or any of these top ten!) below!

Until next time. . .


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Insta Lately

Hey y'all!

I hope this Saturday post finds you well & I hope you're enjoying my Saturday posting schedule that I've had going on here lately.

I know that only posting one day a week isn't ideal, but I also hope you understand that this is an incredibly busy & tiring season in my life and I'm doing the best I can with what I have...and of course I want to love blogging & not have it become burdensome!

But today isn't about that, today is about sharing the behind-the-scenes of some of my instagrams & any products that I might've used with y'all.

I hope you enjoy this post-let's just jump in!

Some of the links below are affiliate links; if you purchase using one of the links I get a small percentage. Thank you for supporting Southern & Style!

A post shared by Southern & Style (@southernandstyle) on

My china cabinet/hutch in our dining area is one of my favorite parts of our house.
Chris purchased it for me as a surprise and it sat in our basement for a long while because it needed some TLC; then one of our good friends redid it in white while leaving the wood that backed it original and now I love it and it's probably my favorite piece of furniture that I own.

These china pieces that you see were wedding gifts to me from my Gran (my mom's mother) and they are the most precious heirlooms that I have.
I love displaying them and telling people the story of how they came to be-they mean so much more to me than china I could've registered for at any store!

A post shared by Southern & Style (@southernandstyle) on

This shot reminds me of why I love being a part of the farming & agricultural industry...because we get to own land that looks like this, with these incredibly old oak trees and beautiful sunsets.

I cannot wait to put roots down on this piece of property one day...just thinking about sitting on my future porch with that view thrills me!

I take about a million photos of our lab, Forrest, every week because he's such a photogenic dog & seems to enjoy having his picture made.

I took this one of him on Christmas morning because we had an unseasonably warm day & he got new tennis balls for Christmas, so we took him to play in my parents pond.

He was soaking wet, exhausted, and so happy when I took this shot & it's one of my favorite memories. 

This is another shot of my hutch, but from a different angel so you can see even more of my favorite details!

I wanted my design for the new year to have a true farmhouse feel to it, light and airy with pops of the 2017 Pantone color of the year...greenery.

I added links for some of my favorite products like the Farmhouse Rules sign that was purchased on our way home from a beach vacation. It's by the brand Primitives by Kathy and she has the cutest tea towels (which I love), wall-hanging signs, pillows, home decor pieces, and more. 

The Unity Cross is the type of Unity ceremony that we did at our wedding & I love that it's so easy to display, such a sweet memory.

And the plant even has a sweet memory-my mentor who helped me become the teacher that I am today gifted me this plant on the day of my graduation. It's the only thing I've ever been able to keep alive for more than a few months (we've almost made it a year!) so that must mean it's extra special!

Then of course my Gran's china, which I've already covered πŸ˜‰

This palette was a gift from my biggest big sister for Christmas this past year & guys, it's literally the palette I use almost every day to get ready.

It's the Lorac Pink Champagne Palette & it's got great pigmentation and the highlight is seriously so buttery and beautiful.

It's an Amazon exclusive & limited-addition item though, so keep that in mind if you're thinking about purchasing!

Other than my hutch, my entry way is my other favorite vignette to decorate for each season.

After Christmas, I really wanted to go simple and not to over-the-top for each season (at least until Easter...I do love decorating for Easter!)

So I kept the same white & gold plaid table runner out, used a couple of antlers and dried hydrangea for a natural touch, and of course my copper mercury glass vases that work well any time of the year.

The chicken platter is a hand-painted piece from Portugal that one of my mother-in-law's dear friends (who is from Portugal) gifted us for our wedding. I just love those special touches.

Then in my crude, sad hand-writing I did a little chalk-art for the season of love (& a good year-round reminder). 

I have really loved having fresh flowers and working on my arranging skills lately; especially since we seem to have stumbled upon an early Spring here in Alabama (hopefully!)

These daffodils mixed with greenery came straight from my backyard & were a beautiful addition to my deck while I read a little Southern Living on a pretty afternoon.

This picture represents one of my favorite things to do with my husband (& also has a pretty nice story behind it as well).

So for Christmas my husband wrote me a letter gifting me a couple of different things; one of those things were three free dates for us to go wherever I wanted to go & do whatever I wanted to do.

Well, I've waited patiently & I finally cashed my first one in mid-February.
We headed to Auburn and stopped by J&M Bookstore and purchased the cutest & comfiest sweatshirt, walked around Samford park (where this gorgeous shot was taken), had dinner at Acre (which is the best restaurant in the history of forever), and finished with desert at Krispy Kreme.

Does it get any better than that?

Last weekend Chris & I attended the Alabama Young Farmer's Conference in Montgomery, which we've attended for the past three years together.

This year instead of sitting through seminars and listening to speakers, they decided to take all the Young Farmers on farm tours around the Montgomery area.

Chris & I got to go to Pursell Farms and then Pinthlocco Plantation which is a private wild quail preserve...and y'all, this place looked like something straight out of Southern Living magazine-it was stunning. 

Although I wouldn't toot my own horn & say I'm a fantastic photographer-I do enjoy playing with my camera & my phone and taking fun pictures along the way.

Just the other day I was in my horse pasture waiting on my three to come up for their afternoon feed & I spotted this gnarled piece of wood and vine on the fence line.
While some farmers might call it a nuisance, I called it a photo opportunity for my favorite subject; my wedding set.

So yes, I was standing in the middle of the pasture holding feed buckets while I got this shot..but it doesn't make it any less pretty πŸ˜‰

Love Bears All Things by Beth Wiseman  is a book that I just recently finished reading, and y'all if you have any interest in the Amish way of life (which I'll be honest, I think it's my love of history and sociology that have me so interested in them!) then this series is perfect for you.

She somehow blends the English & Amish worlds into one and makes it so easy to understand. I highly recommend her books for an easy, quick read.

And last but not least guys...I cooked something & it looked pretty, so you know I had to document it.

The Fiestaware that this meal is on was also a wedding gift (I did mismatched Fiesta dinnerware and I love having all the different colors!)

The meal consists of parmesan garlic toast, bbq marinated pork chops, Mexican street corn (that was grilled on the cob, but I cut it off before I ate it), and my newest favorite recipe find-garlic butter smashed sweet potatoes with parmesan.

I stumbled on that last recipe on Pinterest & we had two sweet potatoes I needed to use up, so I tested it out & it was SO good, y'all.

Go try it immediately.

Well...I hope y'all had a good time looking through my latest Insta posts-if you're not following along already, please go give me a follow @SouthernAndStyle

I would love to have you join me over there-I post daily and it's just like this post, a little bit of everything!

Until next time. . .


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Empties {No.1}

Hey y'all!
I am so glad to be starting my first Empties post/series of the new year!
Because my empties aren't really "monthly" I want to do them by number instead, so that no one is confused and think I actually can go through this much stuff in one month ;)

Below you'll find my honest reviews on everything from skin care & makeup, to soaps & candles!
I'll share with you my loves, my hates, why I feel that way, and whether or not you should run and get these items.

I linked as many things as I could find below, some of the links are affiliate links which help support this blog, but all of them can be rounded up as well with a google search if you feel more comfortable doing that!

Thanks for reading along with me today & I hope you enjoy!

Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Body Cream
I have made it my mission to start using up all of my lotions and potions that I've hoarded over the last few years and I started with this one around Christmas.
I love this formula (so rich and creamy) and the scent almost feels spa-like.
When I finally need lotion again, I will be picking up the B&BW body creams in some scent!

Victoria's Secret Mango Temptation Refreshing Body Mist
I'm also trying to get through my giant stock of body sprays & perfumes, this one was the first to go.
It has a very fruity scent, but once I make it through my body sprays I probably won't be purchasing many more of those because the scent doesn't have staying power.
I don't have time to reapply throughout the day so I need a scent that's long-lasting.
If you just want a mist for running-errands or after the gym, these are great and take forever to go through.

Bath & Body Works A Thousand Wishes Shower Gel
I had a couple of travel sized items this time around that I needed to just use up the ends (because they wouldn't have lasted an entire trip) and this was the first.
I love this scent and I love that I probably got this for free with a coupon-I love B&BW so much.
This one is kind of fruity and floral with a little hint of musk, all of my favorite things.
I have a million body washes to go through, but this scent is a winner!

Bodycology Brown Sugar Vanilla Shower Gel & Bubble Bath
This was another travel-size on it's last leg that I just used up.
The scent was probably something I liked when I was a little younger, but now it was too overpowering.
It wasn't bad to use up, but I wouldn't go out and purchase it again.

Yankee Candle Christmas Cookie Mini Candle
This was a little freebie from Bed, Bath, and Beyond a year or two ago & while I liked the sweet scent...this candle had absolutely no scent-throw.
I had it burning on a table right beside me and I never smelled anything at all.
I won't be buying any mini candles in my future. 

Bath & Body Works Crisp Morning Air Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
I think the Fall hand soaps might just be my favorite scents from B&BW.
This one is so fresh and clean, you could honestly use it any time of the year.
My only gripe about the deep cleansing version (while I do feel that it cleans very, very well) it's impossible to get all of the soap out of the bottle-unlike the foaming hand soaps.
I will probably continue to buy a mixture of both types though!

This mascara is so, so good y'all.
It separates and gives so much volume, it looks good paired with another mascara for length.
It even looks good on my bottom lashes & the trial sized tube is awesome and lasts a long time.
I have two other trial sizes of this not opened yet, so I'm thankful for those...but when I run out, this one is on my list-it should be on yours too!

I tried out a sample of this BB cream a long time ago, so I picked up the full-size for my "no-makeup, makeup" days. I really liked the sheer coverage it gave, but I honestly won't repurchase because now I'm more confident in not wearing makeup on my "off" days. I'd rather just let my skin breathe.
But if you want a sheer coverage BB cream, this one is good!

I love these EOS balms so much, I keep them stashed everywhere from my truck, my purse, my bedside table...everywhere! They're so moisturizing and they last so long.
I have several more in different flavors to open and use-I can't wait to try new flavors!

First things first, for a drugstore primer-this one is $16 which seems really expensive to me.
But I really liked how this one worked, it was very smoothing and it didn't irritate my face or clog my pores. However, do I think there are cheaper options that work almost as well-yes.
But this one is a good option that I might consider purchasing again-plus the packaging is gorgeous!

I got this in an Ispy bag a long time ago (when I actually spent my money on subscriptions) and for the longest time, I had no idea how to use it.
It's a translucent powder and when I finally figured out I could use it to set my under-eyes, it became a game changer.
I love this product so much that I will probably be re-purchasing for sure because I haven't found a drug-store translucent powder that compares.
This one is so finely milled and it sets powder so securely that there is no creasing happening, I love it!

I absolutely adore Exuviance products, they are truly great quality.
This mask is supposed to diminish dark spots and create a more even tone, which I feel like it does. My face usually feels considerably more brightened afterwards.
I also love the fact that this is a sheet mask because it's not messy.
If you're in the market for a face mask that is relaxing and actually does the job-this one is that!

Radha Beauty Eye Gel
I was sent this product a long time ago when I was first beginning my blog & when I was first jumping into skin care.
While the eye gel was very hydrating, I have discovered over time that I really like an eye cream that sinks into a skin rather than a gel like this that sits on top (or feels like it does).
This one isn't "empty" but I am tossing it, I don't like products that I'm never going to use crowding up my storage.

I LOVE trying out new masks so when I saw a discounted pack of Target's Que Bella mask's after Christmas I picked them up.
This is the only one that I've tried...but y'all, it was SO bad.
It's supposed to be pomegranate but the scent was so chemically and strong.
The product was so goopy and it just felt bad, it was so sticky it was honestly difficult to get off.
I use masks to relax and there was nothing relaxing (or refreshing) about this one.

If you've read my blog at all for like the last six months, you would know about my obsession with this eye cream.
It is so silky and smooth and soaks into your under-eye area so well, it leaves them hydrated and I just love it.
This little bottle lasted me forever and I'm dreading having to purchase it again.
But I'm currently using a slightly cheaper drugstore option that is almost as good that I cannot wait to share with y'all!

I purchased these at a discount store because on Influenster they had pretty decent reviews & they were inexpensive, plus I really really like trying face masks and eye pads.
These work fairly well, although now that I'm only down to one pack I'm noticing that they are drying out.
They haven't changed my under-eye dramatically, however they are soothing and refreshing.

There are so many things that I love about this shampoo; the scent (OMG the scent is so good), how it made my hair feel, the formula...but this packaging is SO bad.
I bought it at Target and was drawn in by the jumbo size but I will never again.
The bottle bowed in and made it impossible to get the product out by just squeezing, you had to pop off the top (hard to do in the wet shower) and make sure it's been upside down in the shower so it would pour out.
Really poor design by OGX, but I would buy the product again-just in the smaller sized bottle.

Since my sister & brother-in-law own a salon, sometimes I get really lucky and get samples of products like this that I fall in love with.
I used this when I needed a break from the horrible conditioner by Pura D'Or.
This Redkin one was amazing; it moisturized my hair SO well and made it feel silky smooth and soft without weighing it down.
I want a million bottles of this.

I'll be honest, I got this in a Target Beauty Box & handed it off to my husband because I hate him using my expensive hairspray.
But the couple of times that I reached for this on his counter, I really liked it.
It was light and didn't weigh my hair down or make it crunchy.
It seems like a pretty ideal drugstore option and I love that it's alcohol free.

This was another product from a Target Beauty Box that I ended up loving!
The formula of this shampoo is awesome and the scent is even better.
It's so fresh and clean and made my hair feel amazing, when I need shampoo I will probably pick this up from Target!

My husband and I stayed at a hotel that had Aveda products and I brought these back home with me because I liked them so much, so I just now finally used them up.
The scent of this was so, so refreshing and nice and I loved how light the formula of this product left my hair feeling.
However, in my search for the link for this product I found that Suave has a product in a similar I might pick that up and try it before I purchase the Aveda one!

I was sent this conditioner a while back to review and when I first started using it, I really did enjoy it.
I love that it's organic and cruelty free, I loved the soft lavender and vanilla scent.
But I hate how it made my hair feel after extended use.
I had to use a ton of the product first of all, then it still didn't help my hair feel manageable which caused more breakage than it helped.
Overall, I feel like this product was kind of a dud and I won't be purchasing.

Maybe I'm just not into natural products...I don't know, but I was not feeling this product.
I used it a few times, since it was only a packet but it just didn't foam up very well and I didn't feel like it cleaned my hair enough.

L'Oreal Pure Zone Cleansing Cloths
Apparently they don't make these anymore, which makes me really sad as I type this.
Mostly because these were super convenient because you wet them before you used them, they don't come pre-moistened, which meant they couldn't dry out.
The type of wipe was also really nice because it was almost exfoliating but not too rough.
If anyone knows of another wipe like this one I would appreciate knowing about it!

I could rave about Exuviance products all day long because I've never tried a bad one before, I like them all.
But these are really, really great.
I used up four of them this time around and if you have problems with texture on your skin then you need to pick these up.
When used consistently my skin is softer and my makeup looks better when applied.
It's a two-step system that takes about 10 minutes to do, but you only do it once or twice a week at most, and it's so worth the time and money.

I got these in a Target Beauty Box & was planning on trying them out last week to take them on an upcoming trip...and I'm glad I tested them out before I took them because they are awful.
I don't use wipes to remove my full face of makeup, just as a last cleansing step to take off any remnants from my other cleansing methods.
But these were rough and didn't have a lot of product to even take off makeup...and the smell, it's so strong and chemical scented, I couldn't stand it.
I used them up because there were only ten...but never again.

These are my holy grail makeup remover clothes.
Like I said before, I don't use these to take off my full face, but kind of as a last step and they work great for that.
They stay moist, they have the perfect amount of product on them, and they don't irritate my skin-what more could you ask for?
I love them, I think you would too!

I got this in one of my recent Tarte orders and I really liked the idea of it.
It's a moisturizer that is supposed to brighten at the same time, which now that I'm attempting to go makeup-free on off days this one is a winner for me.
In the future, I might invest in this one since it is a little bit of an investment at $32.
But the radiant glow that it gives is worth that!

Clinique has some really great skin products out there and I would love to test them all out over long periods of time but I unfortunately don't have the funds for that.
This foil packet was enough for about two uses and it didn't have anything ground breaking about it that made me want to go buy it, it was just really nice.
So if you have the money, yes-do it.
If not, maybe try the next one I'm going to mention?

I love trying out foil packets like this, because sometimes you find awesome products just like this one.
I love a gel moisturizer, I just feel like they sink into your skin better and really get deep into your skin and give the hydration mine needs.
When I run out of the moisturizers I have, this one is on my list to try full-sized.

I like this foundation so, so much y'all.
It's so good-I have it in the full size and I'm obsessed.
It melts into your skin so well and feels weightless while still giving a good medium coverage that I can wear every single day and feel confident about my skin.

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Dancing Waters
I bought a ton of these when they changed over to their new shape, so I have so many to go through.
But this scent is a really good one, very fresh and clean.
I love that it wasn't overwhelmingly strong because I kept this one at my desk at school to use daily.
They have really nice hand sanitizers scents, and they're almost always on sale.

I really wanted to like this CC cream, but for almost $40 I would rather spend that money on a higher coverage foundation that I can use more often.
This one feels really good, really light on the skin and I love the SPF (if you like wearing makeup to the beach or on fun days outside, this would be a  really good option!) but it just isn't my cup of tea right now.

Here's what I have to say about this: It came in a Target Beauty Box, so of course I wanted to use it and try it. Did it work? Yes.
But did I like using it? Nope.
It's messy and it just didn't feel good using it.
It made my skin feel okay, but I hated using it and if I hate using something I will never buy it because it will go to waste.
The powder (which is flour and salt basically) got everywhere and it was hard to use because you can only get wet what you want to use that time, but you have to get it wet to use it.
I hate complicated products & this one was complicated.

Up & Up Color Cotton Swabs
These are always in my empties because my husband and I use these for everything.
We clean our ears (yeah, yeah we know we shouldn't but whatever), I clean up makeup mistakes, use them for our computer need some of these around & the store brand is a great money-saver.

Up & Up Five Blade Disposable Razors-2 Pack
I got these in a Target Beauty Box, and while I'm not usually picky about my razors...these were really bad.
They only were really usable for two or three uses and they seemed to rust quicker in the shower (once again, yes I know you shouldn't store your razor in there).
I wouldn't buy these again.

I received this in a promo box from Derma-E and was intrigued by the idea of a green powder for my smoothies. This one is supposed to help with digestion and cleansing, you can dissolve it in juice, water, or in smoothies.
I tried the smoothie route with orange juice and frozen berries and it actually tasted really good.
I have one more packet to use and I would really consider buying the larger size, it's got really good reviews on Amazon & I think it would be a great nutritional add to my smoothies this summer. 

I am a firm believer in taking a daily multivitamin and these have been my choice lately, mostly because I can buy them at Sam's in bulk and they're pretty inexpensive.
They do the job and have everything that I'm looking for, including 133% of the recommended daily value of Biotin.


Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint
This is seriously my favorite wintertime candle...when they come out (& when there is a sale) I stock up!
It's a fresh, slightly creamy and sweet minty scent.
It's not overwhelming and just makes your house smell clean and fresh, plus it's really great when you've got a winter cold!

Bath & Body Works Spiced Apple Toddy
This candle just screams Christmas to me.
I love how warm and spicy it is, when we have guests coming over during the Christmas season this was the candle I wanted to burn because it feels very homey.

Village Candle Maple Butter
When Publix has these candles buy one get one free, it's hard not to pick up a few because they have such unique scents and they last a really long time.
I loved this candle because it's slightly sweet, but you really get that buttery-ness to tone down the maple sweetness.
This makes your whole house smell like fresh pancakes, I highly recommend!

Bath & Body Works Summer Boardwalk
This is an older candle that I've hung onto forever, because it's that good.
It's similar to the Maple Butter candle above because it's supposed to smell like caramel and sweet cream, which it really does.

In case you don't know, the reason why my candles last so long is because after the wick is burned up I use a candle warmer to use up the wax. When they start having more of a burnt smell than actually smelling like the candle, I know it's time for them to move on.
It truly helps you get the most bang for your buck with you candles though!

If you made it to the end of that long (& sometimes ranting) post, you're the real MVP!
Thanks for reading along and I hope you learned something :)

Let me know below what products you recommend, do you use any of these & love or hate them too?!

Until next time. . .


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