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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Hey y'all!

It's been almost two months since I've shared my insta posts with y'all, so I decided that I'm going to do a mini roundup and catch you up with my life!

If you're not following along already, visit with me over at @SouthernAndStyle 
I share my favorite outfits, products, what I'm up to, etc. over there :)

On Sunday, I shared one of my favorite snacks-an iced coffee (in my favorite Lilly tumbler no-less!) and some yummy granola.

This granola is actually one of my favorite snack finds that I've stumbled upon lately.
It's by a company called Luv Michael & it is not just a tasty snack.
This company was born from an 18 year old boy who has autism.
Michael loved to cook, but was unable to attend culinary school because of his lack of a high school diploma. Luv Michael was born as a way of expressing his love of cooking as well as allowing other individuals with autism to gain vocational training.

Other than the positive message of this company-which is amazing in itself-the granola tastes so good!
It's like your mother's oatmeal cookies, but even better because it's Gluten Free, Nut Free, GMO Free so that means lots of people can enjoy it!
My second favorite way to enjoy it (other than just plain!) is crumbled up on top of greek yogurt with a touch of honey, it's so yummy!

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Y'all, it is still SO hot in Alabama right now.
But when I was wandering around the Summit last weekend I had to stop in at Lush.
Those bath bombs all smelled, well....bomb.
They smelled so good & I cannot wait for the weather to cool down so I can relax in a warm bath!

So I just want to let y'all know how much I love companies that take care of their "fans"...
I tweeted International Delight about how I would love it if they "sponsored my mornings" because then I would never go without my favorite creamer again.
They tweeted me back & asked if they could send me some goodies, my favorites are the "hello sunshine" spoon & the knitted coasters-so cute & such a sweet company!

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This sign that I bought last year from Hobby Lobby (on sale too!) has been used at so many parties, y'all.
This is a shot from my husband's 30th birthday party-I loved decorating for it & will hopefully be sharing more photos soon :)

On our summer trip to Nashville (it seems like so long ago!) I tried on these two beauties in the Lilly store at Green Hills mall.
I fell hard for the white embroidered dress, but didn't fall in love with the $200 price tag.
I wanted it so badly during the Lilly After Party Sale, but didn't manage to get on the website in time...
Thanks to the beautiful Lilly community on FB, I was able to track down that dress for less than $100 in Tulsa and had it shipped to my door.
Needless to say, I was thrilled!

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I LOVE this shot so, so much.
These pears came from my husband's sweet grandfather's pear tree & they tasted amazing.
There is nothing more than fresh apples, pears, and pumpkins that makes me think of Fall.

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This is another shot from my husband's birthday party-I put together some of my favorite blooms for the tables; hydrangeas & sunflowers look amazing together!

I hope y'all enjoyed this update post-I know some of you don't follow along on Insta so I wanted to share here too :)

Until next time. . .


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

My Hair-Care Routine

Hey y'all!

Today's post has been a long time coming & I am so, so excited to finally share my hair care routine with y'all.

I have always loved having long hair, but when I was younger I didn't really know how to take care of it and I fried it by constantly straightening it and not giving it the nourishment that it needed.
Up until a few years ago, I didn't really understand how important quality products are!

My hair has completely turned itself around in the last year; it's grown so much, it's strong, and it's more shiny than ever-I'm so happy with let me tell you how I got here!

I have been a long-time believer in taking vitamins & have sworn by Biotin forever, but when I got the chance to try out the Vibrance supplement I jumped at it.
Each pill is packed with 23 vitamins, minerals, & herbs (including biotin)
You're supposed to take 2 capsules daily with water (or you can open them and put them in a smoothie!) and in 6-8 weeks, you're supposed to see growth & less split ends.

I've only been taking these vitamins for about two weeks and I can see a measurable difference, but if you don't-there's a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it's risk free, which is something else that I love.

Honestly, I feel like Hask is such a well-kept secret in the beauty world. Both of these hair products are less than $5 each & not only do they smell amazing, but they work great!

I have the hardest time with my hair getting build up from shampooing and conditioning it every day, but I have never had that problem with Hask products. 
These honestly smell amazing & I'm incredibly happy with how well they've treated my hair.

As much as my shampoo & conditioner are budget-savers, this hair is a budget spender-but once again, I'm okay with it as long as it works!

I've had this in my collection for  a while, because I've been hesitant about putting oil in my hair...
but y'all, I put two pumps of this starting about half-way down my hair to my ends & I can do it every single night & it doesn't make my hair feel oily at all.

I love how soft it makes my hair and I really do feel as though it's helping slow the breaking of my brittle ends-and those need all the help I can get.

The scent is also a huge plus, it smells awesome!

I ordered this probably about three years ago & it's one of my best hair care purchases to-date.
You can control the temperature, which is great because it helps me prevent getting my hair too hot.

I love how sleek the design is & how light and easy to maneuver the flat iron is.
Nume always has sales too, so if you're in the market for a new straightener watch out for those on their website!

I inserted this terrible mirror selfie so that y'all can see just how long & shiny my hair has gotten to be lately, it's so much better than it used to be.

Well y'all, there it is-my hair care routine.
You get a sneak peek at everything I use; from my supplements, to my products, all the way down to my tools.

I don't use a lot of stuff in my hair, just because I don't feel like I really need it.
I feel like my routine is really streamlined for quick and easy use!

If you have any questions or want to know anything, just leave a comment below...

Until next time. . .


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Friday, September 9, 2016

Current Favorites

Hey y'all!

Today I'm popping in because I want to share a couple of my current essentials/favorites-just things that I've been loving & finding useful lately...I hope y'all enjoy this shortie of a post!

Bath & Body Works Bourbon Strawberry Vanilla Body Spray
Y'all, when I started writing out this post I was going to B&BW website to link this product and I realized that it's gone for the season (hopefully it will be back in the Spring!)
This spray was gifted to me by my sweet Mother-in-Law for my birthday & I absolutely love it
It smells so sweet, but clean & fresh as well.
Sometimes, B&BW scents overwhelm me and give me headaches, but this one is just enough.
It's also a long lasting scent-I love that I don't have to use a ton of it.
Lastly, that packaging's so gorgeous!

I have been a fan of Valentia products for quite some time, I have two of their serums that I use on a daily basis that have been game changers for my skin.
When I got the chance to work with them to promote this moisturizer, I didn't have to be asked twice-I knew when they contacted me that I would not be disappointed.

It claims to lighten dark spots, restore skin radiance, even skin tone, diminish fine lines, and provide all-day hydration because of it's key ingredients like Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Ginseng, Salflower Oil, and Shea Butter. 

So far, I can attest to the evening of skin tone, skin radiance, and the all-day hydration-those were all almost immediate for me!
I highly recommend trying out anything from Valentia, but especially this moisturizer-it just can't be beat, especially since we're about to go through a season change (that always messes up my skin!)

Make sure you follow along with Valentia on Facebook or Insta for product releases and updates :) 

I have an entire post coming up about this product (how I included it in my wedding day-yup, the wedding belles series is coming back!) but today I just wanted to let you know that I have fallen for this product so, so hard.

I first tried it out about two years ago, and since then have gone through several bottles, both travel and full-sized.
I use it in the mornings as I do my makeup, I use it on my face to keep from getting too warm (it's perfect by the pool or beach!), and I think it would be great for travel-hello dry airplane air!

Also, today I'm going to let you know about a giveaway that I'm hosting with Evian (you can enter below!) If you win, the prize is a $25 Amazon gift card, a 10 oz Evian Facial Spray, a 5 oz Evian Facial Spray, & three 1.7 oz travel sized Evian Facial Sprays (which is a total value of over $75!)

Well y'all, that's all for today! Be on the lookout for several posts coming up in the next few weeks-I've got big plans for y'all :)

Until next time. . .


A big thank you to BrandBacker for providing me with product in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who support The Southern Stylista.
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