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Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Favorites: Favorite Apps

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Today I want to feature my top five favorite apps for my iphone & narrowing it down to five was so hard.

1) Instagram

This is a duh moment, but I love instagram! I manage my own personal account, my KMSS Rep account, as well as my account for this blog (follow me at SouthernStylista)!

2) Monogram

See my adorable background that I featured at the beginning of this post? Well, it came from the monogram app. I switch my backgrounds up pretty often because they're always adding new images!
This app is free with the option to buy packages within it (which I have & love), but you can also download the Marley Lilly app, which does basically the same thing for free :)

3) Spotify

This app is so perfect, especially if you don't have a lot of space on your phone, you can make playlists within this app & keep all of your music instead of having it all within the "music" app. (I don't personally do this, but it's a great idea!)
I love that it syncs on my iPad & my laptop, so when I listen to it on my iPad I can choose any song I want to, I don't have to pick an artist and shuffle. They always have the newest music too!

4) RueLaLa

I've mentioned this app to y'all before I think, but it seriously is the best. You have to join the site (but it's absolutely free to join & browse, you only pay when you purchase an item!) Here is a link to join.
I've scored some great deals; Lilly Pulitzer, Jack Rogers, Kate Spade, Coach, Pandora, Cole Haan, & even more country brands like Laredo & Ariat frequent the boutiques at deeply discounted prices.
I store my debit card information within the app (completely safe!) & when I'm ready to buy something, it only takes a second :)
This is an especially helpful feature because sometimes when things are deeply discounted, they go very fast so it's best to scoop them up while they're there!

Would y'all be interested in an entire post detailing how to use Rue & all of my favorite tips & tricks for getting the best deals? Let me know if you do!

5) Tumblr & Pinterest

Okay, I cheated...I'm actually loving six apps, but these are so similar that I wanted to share them together.
I can bury myself in Pinterest for hours (as y'all know!) & it appeals to my OCD side because I can organize and reorganize my boards as much as I want to!
Tumblr is my new favorite though, it's great for blog inspiration as well as finding pictures to share on the blogs instagram. 
Follow me on both & leave comments with your usernames so I can follow y'all as well!
Pinterest: JordynReneeee

I hope y'all enjoyed this version of Friday Favorites, leave me your favorite apps below if you think there is one that I need to check out & please let me know if you would be interested in seeing a RueLaLa themed post.

Remember to follow on the social media outlets that I've posted as well as here on GFC (on the sidebar) & BlogLovin'

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I know we focus on my favorite engagement photographs a lot, but right now I'm getting ready to arrange my engagement session & that's all I've been burying myself in...well, that and a million different projects for school, but that's an entirely different blog post for a different day.

Today, I want to feature just a handful of the prettiest engagement photos that I could find on Pinterest, y'all need to let me know which poses you like or hate so I can know whether to include them or not!

 fall pumpkin engagement shoot

One of my mom's friends sent this image to me via Pinterest & I fell in love. Who wouldn't want to have a pumpkin patch/Fall themed engagement shoot?
The middle picture is my favorite of the three because they looks so natural with each other.

Engagement pictures with a horse | sunset engagements in a field | rustic country engagement pictures | barn horse engagement pictures | Two Birds One Stone Wedding {Abilene, TX Wedding Photographer}

I'm constantly trying to find ways to incorporate our horses into our engagement session without coming across as cheesy or silly, I think if we took the cowboy hat out of the equation (C wouldn't be caught dead in a cowboy hat), this would be perfect for the two of us.
Their outfits are simple, the horse is gorgeous (but mine are just as pretty ;), and the background is beautiful.

It's the hopeless romantic in me. I will have a picture like this someday!

The hopeless romantic in me wants to have a beautiful shot like this.
I love the rustic atmosphere of the barn & the shadows fall in such a visually appealing way.
Plus, let's all just take a second to say, "Awww" at the way his hand is gently brushing her face, too cute.

Wooden Monogram Used in Engagement Photo. So Adorable.

Call me corny, but I love the idea of incorporating your new family monogram into your engagement session. In fact, I recently won a wooden monogram & got it with our couple initials so we could use it for our engagement & wedding shots!

Love this Tractor engagement picture.

Last but not least, you can call me a hick...but I am the farmer's daughter & I will be the farmer's wife-so it's only fitting that we have a pose with one of our trusty John Deere tractors.
I also love how laid back (Haha, that's my dad's farms name!) it is, as well as being unique!

Well. there y'all have it, my roundup of my favorite (at the moment) engagement pictures.

Also, please keep C's sweet step-mom in your prayers-she's undergoing her reconstructive surgery from her battle with breast cancer as I type, so just remember her.

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Morning Routine

Cute Looking Shabby Chic Bedroom Ideas | Decozilla
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The way you wake up and your morning routine have more of an effect on your day than you realize.
The way you start your day lays a foundation for how well or how badly the rest of it will go, so it's so important to get off on the right foot!

I'm going to take you through my average morning routine (for a day that I have class in the mornings) so you can see how I start my day.

First things first, I hit the snooze button two or three times (this isn't preferable, but you do what you gotta do, right?)
This gives me time to gradually wake up, especially since it's still dark when I wake up now (at 6 AM).
I reach over and play with my phone for a few minutes after I turn the alarm clock off; checking the weather (to see what outfit I should wear today), seeing who's posted what on Instagram, checking and responding to comments on the blog, etc.
This helps me wake up and know exactly what's going on for the day.

Morning sun..I love gorgeous mornings!!! A gorgeous morning (especially in the Fall with a cozy sweater!), a nice hot cup of coffee, on a porch swing = perfection!! :-))
image via

Coffee is always the first place I go when I wake up.
My coffee pot has a pre-set, so it goes on automatically at 6 AM.
I pour myself a cup & stir in 2 packets of Splenda (sorry big sis!), a splash of milk, and a splash of some sort of flavored creamer (I'm loving this & this right now)
Then while my coffee cools a little bit, I head to the bathroom.

Back in the bathroom, I turn on my straightener (I'll talk more about that later), wash my face with this toner by Neutrogena, brush my teeth with my favorite toothpaste, and then moisturize with this (which I'll be reviewing soon!) by Yes to Carrots.

After that, I head back into the kitchen for breakfast.
I used to hate breakfast, but now I realize that it's the most important meal of the day & I make sure to load my breakfast with lots of protein.

My favorite breakfast is made with sourdough bread (which I toast), scrambled eggs with a little cheddar cheese tossed in, two slices of deli chicken, and a thin slice of cheddar.

It's delicious, filling, and pairs perfectly with my cup of coffee.
I enjoy it while watching the morning news with my favorite guy, it just really kick-starts my morning.

C leaves for work after breakfast & then it's time for me to go get ready for class.

The NuMe Silhouette  is the new straightener that I just bought (you'll see it in my next haul post & maybe even a review of it!). Basically, when I have class (& pretty much every other day, too) I just straighten my hair since it only takes about 15 minutes.

Now for makeup. . .

Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel is the primer I'm using right now, it's not my favorite, but it gets the job done. I'll probably be trying a new one, so if y'all have any suggestions let me know in the comments below!

The next step is my Maybeline eyeliner & my NYX eyebrow pencil.
They are my go-to's and I don't feel like a human unless I've used these two products.

Covergirl Clean Oil Control FoundationSonia Kashuk® Blending Sponge

Covergirl Clean foundation is my long-time foundation, I've been using it since I first started using makeup. I apply it with a dampened blending sponge (this one is from Sonia Kashuk at Target).

Maybelline Fit Me concealer is my new go-to for problem areas such as my chin & nose, it really gives them a matte appearance and covers any small imperfections that I might have.

COVERGIRL TRUblend Minerals Loose Powder, TRANSLUCENT FAIR 405

Y'all will probably think this next step is weird, but I use L'Oreal True Matte Naturale powder on my t-zone, and then I use CoverGirl Trublend Mineral loose powder all over my face with a large brush.

Maybelline Master Glaze by FaceStudio Glisten Blush Stick, Coral Sheen- .24 ozalternative text

Next I use my Maybelline Master Glaze cream blush stick in Coral Sheen on the apples of my cheeks & I use this Pop Beauty bronzer (which I received in one of my Ipsy bags!) to contour my cheekbones, on my temples, and on my neck.

My Physician's Formula highlighter goes on next and then...

I use eye shadow from my Sephora makeup pallet from Christmas 2012 (I think), which they obviously no longer have, but Sephora always has great, high-quality makeup sets for the holiday season. (This is a great set & great value here).

After my eye shadow, I use. . .

Maybelline® Volum' Express® The Colossal Washable Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara

This mascara probably isn't the best, but it's waterproof and it gives my lashes the little extra that they need.

Flower Sheer Lip Tint is usually what I use to top my lips with for the morning.
Believe it or not, I stumbled upon this in Wal-Mart & fell in love with it's moisturizing texture, soft yet pigmented shade, and easy to use crayon applicator.
It's great to wear for just a day of classes because it goes on really easy but doesn't make your lips look too red.

After my makeup routine is over with, I just put on my every day pieces of jewelry which are. . .


My Tacori engagement ring, my Sea Magic pearl studs by Kay Jewelers, & my Open-Heart necklace by Kay Jewelers.

Sometimes, I also add bracelets, depending on what I'm wearing for the day & my mood. ;)

After all that is done, I go pick out an is an example of what I might wear to class on a casual day.

Casual Campus Style
You can always find me in a Spirit Jersey (now that the weather has cooled down!), leggings (usually from Victoria's Secret!), Riding boots (my favorites are from Gianni Bini), carrying my NorthFace backpack around, texting on my iPhone 5C, and wearing my favorite Essie nailpolish (which at the moment is the shade Wicked).

Thank y'all for sticking around through this long blog post, I hope y'all enjoyed living through my morning routine & seeing what it takes to get me ready for school!

What do y'all do to make your day get off to a great start?

Until next time. . .


Monday, October 27, 2014

Motivation Monday

I usually don't mind Mondays, because usually I only have one class & it's just a short one.
But a few times this semester both of my hybrid Monday classes fall on the same one & I end up having to stay on campus from 12 to 8 that night, which is a huge bummer.
Sure, I could take that time to do something constructive, like take a nap study for tests, etc. But sometimes it's just so hard to get going.

So today, I decided to do a little post dedicated to my favorite motivational quotes to get us all up and moving & kick the Monday blues.

Advice my momma would give to me :)

This one embodies everything a girl should be. Be healthy in what you do & what you eat.
Feel good about yourself, wear the makeup (or no makeup!) that makes you feel good.
And most importantly, don't let anyone, not just boys, be mean to you.

Time takes time.

I think at some point we all get uptight when we think about all of the things that aren't moving forward in our lives, but I love the part of this quote that says, "Time takes time."
We can't force it to go faster, we just have to keep moving forward and take it all one day at a time.
Enjoy the process.
You'll look back in 50 years and wish you had enjoyed everything instead of rushing from one point to the next.

very true

I know the theme is motivation, but honestly after finding the quotes that I wanted to use, I think I'm motivating you not only to kick Monday's rear-end, but also to remember how precious life is.

Too often we run through life with our eyes closed & we take every day, every hug, every smile for granted. I know there are people who I would like to see just one more time, but I can't.
So make sure that you enjoy every moment. 
Even when you're sad, stressed out, busy, angry, etc.
Slow down & just feel everything, realize what's around you, and enjoy all the little bits and pieces of life.
Today is Monday October 27th, 2014 and we're never going to get to have this day again-remember it.

Make sure to follow my Quotes & LOL's board on Pinterest for more quotes like these.

Until next time. . . 


Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

This week is honestly just a mash-up of all of my favorite things from this week, I know I usually have a theme-but change is good, right?

Let's just jump right in!

1) Wise Dan: The Most Interesting Horse in the World
Y'all know I love horses, but this video is so funny. It's only about 30 seconds & it makes me laugh every single time. (Plus, if you're interested, google Wise Dan-he's a pretty interesting horse, seriously!)

2) Wild Horse, Wild Ride

This is a documentary on Netflix that I absolutely fell in love with.
It highlights the story of Mustangs that ran wild in the western US that are captured to keep the herd population down & are claimed by trainers who have 90 days to train them & them bring them back to compete in a competition, after which they are auctioned off.
It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you think, but most of all it will remind you how awesome people are & how great the bond is between human & horse (even if you don't really like horses!)

3) Mark & Graham

Acacia Circular Tray
click the link to view this product & the website

Mark & Graham has recently been one of my most visited websites. They have an amazing selection of everything from jewelry, apparel, bags & accessories, items for your home, and even stationary. (Plus they have an amazing sale section!)

I've been trying to find deals for Christmas presents (only 62 days!) & when I stumbled upon this, I knew it would be a perfect gift for anyone. 
It could also work as part of a beautiful Thanksgiving table display.

Plus, it would make a great wedding present...just sayin'. ;)

4) Target Fall Decor

Smith & Hawken® Dried Birch Bark Wreath - 21"Threshold™ Decorative Pumpkin Figurine - WoodgrainMudhut™ Hope Reversible Quilt Set
each image is linked, click to visit that item

Target's home decor gets me every single time, but especially Fall.

Those birch wreaths would look amazing on our burgundy front doors...
You could even use them for multiple seasons, not just Fall!

I recently picked up the little wooden pumpkin *on sale* in my store & I love the way it looks displayed on my bookshelf that is in the foyer when you first open the door (there will be a post about that set up later!).

This quilt is so gorgeous. The color is so rich and I love the pattern. 
Plus, it's reversible so you could get so much use out of it. 

5) Music

All Night: Dustin Lynch

I love Dustin Lynch & his new album is amazing. This song is one of my favorites, mostly because it reminds me of my teenage years growing up in my small town, I loved it for sure!

Shotgun Rider: Tim McGraw

This song is so sweet, plus this video is a slideshow of Tim & his wife, Faith (which is so precious!)
I kind of love this song personally because it reminds me of my relationship with C...but ya know ;)
It's a sweet & kind of romantic song that is perfect for one of those just riding around afternoons.

I hope y'all enjoyed this edition of my Friday favorites, make sure to watch the videos, visit the links, & listen to the music & let me know what y'all think!

Also, follow me on social media...

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Until next time. . .


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

My Hypothetical Ladies Brunch

Recently in one of the classes that I'm taking this semester, we discussed who we thought were the top ten most influential people in the world-when the final class list emerged, I was shocked that there were no women on that list.

In that moment, I decided to make sure to dedicate a blog post to the women that I would love to gather around my table for brunch (living or dead) and not only celebrate with, but also just to talk to, to learn more about them and their amazing contributions. 

Some on my list will be serious and some will be funny, but all will be women that I have a strong interest in knowing.
Plus, isn't brunch just so much fun? Mimosas, finger sandwiches, etc. All the best things in life are stars of brunch. We should make it a more common thing. But I digress.

Here are the women I would invite to my hypothetical ladies brunch. . .

Susan G. Komen (on the left)

Not only am I featuring her because it's Breast Cancer Awareness month, but also I'm featuring her because of her story, which you can read here.
Susan's sister, Nancy (on the right), started the foundation named after her sister. Susan's death at the age of 36 at the hands of breast cancer, was a catalyst to not only bringing billions of dollars to research, but also awareness for those suffering from breast cancer. Even as Susan was dying herself, she was thinking of others-not only did she want a cure, she wanted the waiting rooms to be more comfortable and colorful for the patients who were waiting on appointments-she was selfless.
I would be proud to have her at my brunch table.

Susan B. Anthony

Everyone is talking about feminism these days, but if you really want to know about the fight for women's rights, you would have to sit down with Susan B. Anthony. I fought for her to make it onto my classes top ten list, but I guess there were just too many guys in that class who outvoted me. I would love to hear her stories about her women's rights convention at Senaca Falls. I am just absolutely in awe and inspired by her.

Annie Oakley

I swear, I'm honestly not that much of a feminist, but I am so inspired by women that fought for our right to do anything that a man can do. It also cracks me up that she met her husband in a shooting match, anything he could do-she could do better. She also was a defender of girl's with guns, which I am also a defender of. I think every woman has the right to be able to defend herself with a weapon if she chooses to learn how to use one. I'm sure Annie would have some hilarious and also wise stories to share over brunch.

Helen Keller

Since Helen is a Bama Belle just like me, I would love to have her at my table. Her story is so inspiring. She was the first deaf-blind person to ever earn a college degree, so when I think I can't do something I have to remember that I was blessed with abilities and be thankful for what I have. Her story has always taught me that I can do anything I put my mind to.
I can't imagine what all she had to go through, but I know I would learn so much from her.

Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 

Every time I had to write a paper on a First Lady when I was in school, I wrote about Mrs. Jackie Kennedy. She was not only stylish and fashionable (I wonder what she would wear to brunch?), but she was also so strong in the face of her husband's deaf & an amazing mother. She was also a huge advocate for historic preservation, which I love because I'm a history major/history nerd.
She would be a classy and graceful edition to my brunch table.

Katie Couric

Not only is she unbelievably classy and elegant, Katie is also inspiring. having a colonoscopy performed on tv to raise awareness after her husband's death from colon cancer.
She was also the first woman solo news anchor, which is an amazing feat in itself.
She would have so many amazing stories of all the people she's met and the places she's been, it would be amazing to talk with her over brunch.

Linda Parelli 

Linda and her husband, Pat, have been favorites of mine for a long, long time.
They created Parelli Natural Horsemanship, which is a method of training horses in a natural way-instead of simply "breaking" horses.
She met her husband when she had a "problem" horse that she needed "fixed" and she discovered at one of his clinics that she had been looking at the horse all wrong.
She and her husband travel the world teaching their methods, but I would love to have her at my brunch table so that I could learn more too!

Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall is another trainer that is absolutely impressive to me (I mean, in the picture above she isn't using a saddle or a bridle!)
Her most famous routine is here, which is a reining routine she dedicated to her father who did just over a month before she did the routine, she used the song Live Like You Were Dying and the routine just gives me chills every single time I watch it.
She does clinics all over the country, sharing her techniques & was the winner of the prestigious Road To The Horse competition (where she faced many famous trainers).
She's basically the epitome of girl-power & I would love to chat with her in person.

Paula Deen

I know what y'all are thinking, but Paula Deen was an inspiring lady. Her parents died when she was only in her 20's and she suffered from anxiety. She used her cooking as a focus to ground her when her anxiety got too bad. She divorced her husband, Jimmy Deen, later in life and was left raising two young sons as well as her brother. She tried many different jobs to make ends meet until she discovered her knack for catering.
Now look at her, she has an entire empire.
I love her almost as much as she loves butter, almost.
I think she would be so much fun to have at brunch, heck-I would love for her to help me throw the brunch!

Thank y'all for visiting today & I hope y'all enjoyed my little "brunch". I know that's quite a list of ladies, but I love each of them and I think that I could gain something from all of them.

We would have quite the cast, wouldn't we?

Now tell me, who would you invite? Leave a comment down below or a link to your blog post about this!

Until next time. . .


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