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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

I know we focus on my favorite engagement photographs a lot, but right now I'm getting ready to arrange my engagement session & that's all I've been burying myself in...well, that and a million different projects for school, but that's an entirely different blog post for a different day.

Today, I want to feature just a handful of the prettiest engagement photos that I could find on Pinterest, y'all need to let me know which poses you like or hate so I can know whether to include them or not!

 fall pumpkin engagement shoot

One of my mom's friends sent this image to me via Pinterest & I fell in love. Who wouldn't want to have a pumpkin patch/Fall themed engagement shoot?
The middle picture is my favorite of the three because they looks so natural with each other.

Engagement pictures with a horse | sunset engagements in a field | rustic country engagement pictures | barn horse engagement pictures | Two Birds One Stone Wedding {Abilene, TX Wedding Photographer}

I'm constantly trying to find ways to incorporate our horses into our engagement session without coming across as cheesy or silly, I think if we took the cowboy hat out of the equation (C wouldn't be caught dead in a cowboy hat), this would be perfect for the two of us.
Their outfits are simple, the horse is gorgeous (but mine are just as pretty ;), and the background is beautiful.

It's the hopeless romantic in me. I will have a picture like this someday!

The hopeless romantic in me wants to have a beautiful shot like this.
I love the rustic atmosphere of the barn & the shadows fall in such a visually appealing way.
Plus, let's all just take a second to say, "Awww" at the way his hand is gently brushing her face, too cute.

Wooden Monogram Used in Engagement Photo. So Adorable.

Call me corny, but I love the idea of incorporating your new family monogram into your engagement session. In fact, I recently won a wooden monogram & got it with our couple initials so we could use it for our engagement & wedding shots!

Love this Tractor engagement picture.

Last but not least, you can call me a hick...but I am the farmer's daughter & I will be the farmer's wife-so it's only fitting that we have a pose with one of our trusty John Deere tractors.
I also love how laid back (Haha, that's my dad's farms name!) it is, as well as being unique!

Well. there y'all have it, my roundup of my favorite (at the moment) engagement pictures.

Also, please keep C's sweet step-mom in your prayers-she's undergoing her reconstructive surgery from her battle with breast cancer as I type, so just remember her.

Until next time. . .


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