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Hey y'all! 

My name is Jordyn Upchurch and I want to welcome you to Southern & Style, a lifestyle blog that I created to share a little bit of everything.

These are a few of my favorite things: 
The Auburn Tigers, riding and spending time with my horses, working and living on our farm,  a good book, candles, handwritten letters or cards, a good coffee, Southern Living magazine, traveling all over (especially to Southern cities!), delicious grilled meals, Lilly Pulitzer, fresh veggies, puppies, holidays and celebration, traditions, fresh flowers, Southern life in general, new makeup, cowboy boots, and teaching History.

As much as I love all of those things...
my number one favorite is spending time with my best friend, my husband, Christopher.
I met Christopher in the Spring of 2013 as I was getting ready to transfer to Jacksonville State University (go gamecocks!)
Fastforward to the Fall of 2014 and we got engaged on my daddy's farm, while riding horses.
In May of 2015 we were married at a beautiful venue and since then, my goal has been to have a marriage even more beautiful and special than that day.
We love our small town life and even though I'm one of probably five women in this town that wears Lilly, that's okay because we love the culture and the warm feeling we get when we drive down the road and everyone waves.
We love playing with our Labrador, Forrest, who we adopted in the summer of 2017. He's such a fun dog and he has made us so passionate about adopting instead of shopping for pets!

Thank you so much for stopping by my little spot on the internet, if you have any questions or just want to talk more, please drop me an email at southandstyle@outlook.com!

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