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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday

I hope y'all have all had a fabulous Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, & a relaxing Sunday to recover from all of that...but we all know Sunday is really just for us to gear up & do our research for the best shopping day of them all, Cyber Monday!

I loved getting out and about late Thursday night to do a little shopping, but I have to admit the appeal of Cyber Monday is sitting on my couch in my pajamas all day just hitting the cart button & getting deals & steals without having to steal borrow what I want out of some elderly lady's real life shopping cart.

Not like I would ever do that...but whatever.
It's fine.

I know I actually have class tomorrow...what?
Don't my professors know that tomorrow is practically a national holiday?

But I'll be doing my fair share of shopping, mainly on my phone, under the desk-but who really cares, right?

There are so many stores out there having great deals, but I wanted to highlight just a few of my favorites, specifically some of the smaller online stores that don't have million dollar ad campaigns, but are still fab.

First up is one that is super close to my heart...

This is the perfect time to stock up on gifts for yourself, your sisters, girls in your sorority, etc.
Use the code KMSSJSU for $2 off all orders, all day long
-free decal with every purchase of $25 or more!
-Free pearl earrings with any sorority purchase
-50% off our Red, White, & Bows short sleeved tee
-Buy one, get one free cookie cutters & shot glasses

Plus, there is a special secret happy hour from 5-6 with deals that you do not want to miss, so set your alarms, follow me on twitter @KMSSatJSU, instagram at KMSSatJSU and on facebook at Kiss My Southern Sass-Jacksonville State University to be kept updated on when the sale goes live, whats on sale, & special deals and steals during happy hour!

Now onto the rest of the blog post ;)

These koozies make the perfect stocking stuffer at only $3, plus free shipping!
Visit the link above to see their High Cotton Cyber Monday sale which has tons of great deals-all with free shipping!


What better way to show your 'Merican pride than with this Stars & Stripes scarf, only $6 from FFL?
Plus, she has tons of jewelry, drinkware, koozies, and apparel some of which are 50% and make great gifts. 
There are even some koozies on there that I bet your Republican guy would love!
Also, get a free ornament with orders over $35 & take 10% off with my KMSS sister's code GabrielleBowers.

What guy wouldn't love these initialed hankies?
Mark & Graham have their entire site 20% off right now with the code NOVSAVE20
Plus, each item gets free monogramming & free gift wrapping!
This is the perfect site to snap up all of those initialed and monogrammed goodies that you've been eyeing all year long.

If you've been wanting a FitBit, now is the time to get it & Kohl's is the place.
Right now, for every $50 you spend, you get $15 dollars in Kohl's cash which is basically them handing you a $15 gift card to come back and spend at Kohl's again...what? I know.
Plus, use the code CYBER20 for 20% off of your purchase & free shipping when you spend $25.

The FitBit isn't the only thing Kohl's has either, they have gifts for everyone; your mom, your beau, your dad, your grandmother, in-laws, sisters, and even the little ones!

Cyber Monday Savings - 40% off your purchase at Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic with code CYBER

Old Navy is one of my most favorite places to shop & get great basic pieces at great deals.

Use the code CYBER at checkout for 40% off your purchase! 
((Also at GAP & Banana Republic!))

Fraternity Collection

I'm going to be such a hipster & tell y'all this, I found Fraternity Collection right as it was beginning & fell in love with it. I own more of their sweatshirts, short sleeves, long sleeves, & tanks that I should probably admit...but I love them!
I love that you can also allocate which philanthropy gets your percentage back 'cause I'm a giver like that.

Right now, they are running 25% off sitewide, with the code HOLIDAY

Take advantage & pick yourself up something nice, or treat your beau to a new button up, they're so classy & nice!

I know what you're thinking,
But right now, is having some great deals that I thought all of my coffee-loving readers should know about.

15-50% off of Verismo machines
20% select Verismo pods
Save $20 on orders over $60 & free shipping with the code CYBER14

This would be a great time to stock up on a new Verismo machine, your favorite pods or coffee, or even some of your favorite mugs!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little Cyber Monday list & I hope it was a little something different than what every other blogger is posting right now!

Until next time. . . 


Saturday, November 29, 2014

Winter Essentials

I'm a Southern girl, so I'm obviously not great with cold weather.
I have rounded up just a few of my essentials to help me make it through these cold days & nights that are coming up.

This long-sleeved tee is a staple in my wardrobe, I wear it lounging around the house, I wear it to class, I wear it everywhere. & I bought mine like, two sizes up so it covers my butt. It's great.
Plus, there is just something about the front pocket that makes me laugh, it says Chuck's Tee-Shirt Company: Established Last Week. It just makes me giggle.

Cozy knit blankets are a must have for any Netflix/Hulu binge session. C & I snapped up several hand-made crocheted blankets at a local estate sale a few weeks ago & they have been a God-send!

J.Crew camp socks are my go to, especially for when I'm just hanging out around the house all day. They are so cozy and comfortable, right now they're only $7 so you should snap them up while you can!

My lips & skin get so so dry during the winter, so of course there are EOS pods all over my house, in my purse, in my truck, literally everywhere. I'm never more than arms length away from one. They're so moisturizing and they smell so good.

Bath & Body Works is my go-to place for candles & if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you should know that. When I forced asked C sweetly, to take me Black Friday shopping, we stood patiently in line for 45 minutes at B & BW to take advantage of their buy three, get three free sale where I stocked up on six of their big three wick candles! 
Marshmallow Fireside is one of my favorite scents to burn year-round, it's got the sweetness of marshmallow & the toasty smell of a campfire-the perfect combination!

When I tell you that my skin gets dry during the winter, I'm not joking.
The skin around my nails was cracking & my fingers were in serious pain, which is no joke for a blogger!
Cue the Sally Hansen "Healthy Cuticles Now!" cream. . .
This stuff is a miracle worker *and it smells so delish!*
I put it on before I went to sleep one night & by the next morning, my dry cracking fingers were smooth & painless. I recommend it to anyone!

I hope these suggestions gave you some ideas to make these cold winter months a little bit more bearable!

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for a special Cyber Monday edition of The Southern Stylista-I'll have some big deals for y'all!

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Favorite Things: Stocking Stuffers

Stocking stuffers are the best part of Christmas for me.
Sure, I enjoy all the big presents waiting wrapped under the tree, but finding the little gifts in the stockings are some of the most fun!

When I was younger, my mom always stuck in chapstick, nail polish, nail files, etc. Little beauty products that we loved to get and use. Plus, the perks of having two other sisters-we all got to share the nail polish between the three of us!

Now that it's just C & I, I'm having to get more creative to fill his stocking, you'll see some tips for your dad/brother/beau down below.
But as far as for the girls in your life, I think I've included some great tips for C to stick in my stocking!

I tried to add something for every price point & these are all things I would love to find in my stocking...those socks? Less than two dollars! Those earrings? Less than six bucks!

& Twisted Peppermint is my favorite winter scent from Bath and Body Works right now, so those mini candles would be perfect to use during bubble baths.

C is so impossible to shop for, especially little gifts like stocking stuffers!
I prefer to get him things that he can use, like the body wash because I know we'll have to buy it eventually! The shot glasses & flask are also a little different than your average gift and they're perfect for the guy who loves to tailgate.

I'm so glad that I joined this linkup from Southern Style, I've seen so many great stocking stuffer options that I plan on using on C & as little gifts for my friends!

Until next time. . .


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Pinspiration

Tonight my parents and sister are coming over to watch the documentary Farmland with C & I and since the Brunswick stew is in the crock pot, the pumpkin pie is cooking in the oven for dessert, and the cornbread won't take long to whip up when they get here-I've decided to sit down for just a little while, relax, and of course I end up on Pinterest. 

No matter whether I'm in class (sorry Mom!), waiting in the Starbucks drive-thru, or relaxing before bed-I'm probably perusing Pinterest.
It's so addictive, in fact...I've recently gotten my Little addicted (sorry Nat!)

It's got everything from DIY, recipes, fashion, even gift-giving and decorating ideas. What more could a girl want?

Here are a few of the pins that have been inspiring me lately...

 Patagonia & plaid.

I love patagonia & doesn't this vest look so cozy paired with that plaid?


Oh my gosh. I can't even handle how fuzzy this little guy is.
Insert heart-eye emoji.

Put On A Pot Of "Christmas Scent" And Get Into The Holiday Spirit....

When you've got family coming over, don't you want to have your house smell heavenly? Well Pinterest has that covered, too.

fill clear ornaments with glitter add monogram

I've been obsessed with crafting, but school hasn't really allowed me a lot of extra time to do that...this is the perfect lazy-girls craft that I may attempt at some point this December!

cozy cabin decor.

This is the perfect inspiration for decorating for the holiday season. It isn't too overdone or too in-your-face. It's just perfectly cozy. & that cable knit blanket...Get in my closet!


This is what happens when you go on a Grey's Anatomy binge...I'm finally on season eleven & it's so good, I just can't stop.

If you want to play along on Pinterest follow me here.
Leave your pinterest username below so I can follow you too!

Until next time. . .


Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites: Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.
There is just something about the warmth, the laughter that we share as a family, and not to mention the yummy delicious food.

A lot of times we forget about Thanksgiving & move straight forward to Christmas-but this year I want to take a special moment to cherish Thanksgiving & to enjoy celebrating with both my family & C's's our first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple!

Below, I'm sharing several of my favorite Pinterest recipes that you could feature on your Thanksgiving table.
Also, I'll be sure to link all of my foodie boards below so you can explore for even more delicious ideas!

Stuffed Pepper Poppers Recipe - Super tasty and healthy snack :).

Sausage Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers

These peppers are amazing!
C grew peppers in his garden this year & so all summer long we had a big supply of them, they were perfect when we had a huge group of friends over & they're such an easy appetizer (when you have tons of people especially!)
The recipe is here 

Crack Potatoes

When they call these crack potatoes...they are not joking!
My friend (& Maid of Honor!) made these when we had dinner at her and her husband's house one night & I've been craving them ever since.
They are so easy & you can make them for a large crowd-they're even great to take to pot-luck dinners!

Recipe here. 

Tennessee Honey Corn Pudding

This corn pudding may have several ingredients, but guess what?
It's so worth it!
It's the perfect side, a little bit sweet-a little bit creamy.
This recipe is enough to make for your entire crew, so if you're only making it for 4-6 people make sure to cut it in half!

War Eagle Bean Palace  Pecan Cobbler. Photo by macanudomiss

Pecan Cobbler

I crave pecan cobbler, mostly because I love the flavor of pecan pie-but I don't always like the crust.
This cobbler is the best of both worlds, the creamy caramel flavor & the crunchy pecans.
Plus, you can get more servings out of this than a regular pie so it's great for serving your whole crowd!

How to make a cherry pineapple dump cake

Cherry Pineapple Dump Cake

This cake has only five ingredients. You read that right. FIVE.
And it only takes about five minutes to put it together.
It's sweet & crunchy-it's perfect for a family get-together.

caramel cake

Southern Caramel Cake

This cake is so comforting.
It's a real old fashioned recipe & perfect for a sit down dinner with all of your family.
Plus, who doesn't love creamy, caramel icing?

Find the recipe here.

Explore more options on my Pinterest boards...

Thanks for reading along y'all!

Until next time. . . 


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things: Wish-List

I was so, so excited to find this little blog link-up, wish list posts are my absolute favorite!
Southern Style is one of my favorite blogs & so I was more than happy to join up & add my little list into the mix, plus it doesn't hurt to have this as public case anyone wanted to give me a little gift (I'm looking at you mom & sisters, lookin' at you.)
These are just a few of the things that I've been lusting after for a while now, specifically the J.Crew Excursion vest in cream. I wear my herringbone vest all the time & I think that the cream version would be a great addition to my closet-one that I would get a ton of use out of!
The Costa Wingman Aviators are also at the top of my list, they're perfect for every day wear (& what girl doesn't need the perfect sunnies to wear after staying out all night pulling an all-nighter studying?)
These Kendra Scott earrings would not only be the perfect gift for me, but they would also be a great gift for your best friend or sister & that Essie polish? That makes a great stocking stuffer.

Alright, who's ready to Jingle Bell Rock?
Too soon?

What's on your Christmas wishlist?

Until next time. . . 


Monday, November 17, 2014

What To Wear: Thanksgiving Dinner

Can y'all believe that Thanksgiving is next week?!

I know, I know, me neither. 

But in my head, all that I've been trying to do is make it through these last few weeks of school.
I swear, I don't know how I let all of these projects and papers pile up on me, but they definitely do.
But the plus side of being in the education program is that instead of having a final, we have teaching demonstrations and portfolio assignments, oh and a million lesson plans-but that's another story.

I have been so busy procrastinating working on school stuff, that I have had hardly any time to worry about what dish I'm bringing to the million family get-togethers that I have coming up, but I have a few ideas for what I might wear to some of these dinners.

Some are pretty casual, while some are a little more on the dressy side, so I tried to do a little bit of both, although I still wanted to look nice for the casual ones.
Especially since this is C and I's first Thanksgiving as an engaged couple, so you know there will be a million pictures taken.

Anyway, let's get into it so I can finish up this post & get back into lesson planning. #TeacherProbs

Andddd as I type this I see that I messed up my graphic...but whatever.

I love everything about this, from the simple, comfy Piko top that is instantly dressed up with the rope statement necklace from LOFT (40% off right now!)
The fringe boots have been on my wishlist forever and will probably either be on my Christmas wishlist, or my Christmas gift to myself.
And you just can't not pair all of this with a classic pair of dark-washed skinny jeans from American Eagle. These have the perfect amount of stretch & have a comfy waistband for when you overeat on Thanksgiving dinner.

I would say that this is perfect for a more casual lunch/dinner.

Okay, I'm still working on the graphic situation. I'm trying a new method of doing them, so the more I practice, the better they will get-promise. 

I adore this outfit for a little more dressy occasion.
This maroon Piko and chunky knit cardigan are just the right amount of casual and fabulous.
Adding a long, dramatic necklace also adds a little something special.
The faux leather leggings are so chic and trendy & they're best way to wear leggings to dinner without looking like you just rolled out of bed.
Add these herringbone TOMS wedges with the entire look & you will be a winner for sure, and the star of all of the family photos.

If you're looking for some more inspiration you can follow me on social media...
Instagram: SouthernStylista

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday Wishlist: Monogrammed Gifts

Who does't love a monogrammed gift?
There is just something about those three little initials that make something so special, especially when you're recently engaged (like me!)

The thing about personalized gifts are that you need to make sure you purchase them in plenty of time so that they have time to be made before Christmas (or whatever gift giving occasion that you choose!)

Below I'm going to list some of my favorite monogrammed gift options, at several different price points, so here we go.

One of my personal favorites is this tote from Gigi New York, it can be left un-personalized or you can add it to the actual bag or simply to a tag that can hang on the side of the bag.
It comes in so many colors, I really love the Stone color!
These are great for tossing all of your stuff in for class or running errands-they fit everything. 
Gigi New York has so many great options, from bags to clutches and everything in between. 

SALE - Comfort Colors Monogrammed Tank Top

Who doesn't love a monogrammed tank top, even if it's freezing outside-these are great for lounging around the house or wearing under a sweater & then later in the year, they're great for layering over a swimsuit or wearing with shorts.
For only $15, these could even make a great stocking stuffer-just roll them up & they fill up a ton of space in there!

This etsy shop has SO many adorable options for key fobs, from Greek letters to nautical flags, even custom color combinations and fonts for monogrammed fobs.
The best part? They're only $20!
You could snag one for your best friend, your mom, or even the boy in your life.

Holiday SALE 18 inch Wooden Monogram Letters Vine Font Dorm Room Decor

This 18 inch monogram is only 18 dollars, how great of a deal is that?
Basically, she sends you the letters-you paint them the color of your choice..easy peasy!
This is probably the best deal I have found on these cut-outs without having to buy in bulk, plus they have a million different sizes and styles.
They even have ones that are perfect for the middle of a cute would that be for a Christmas front-door wreath?!

Monogrammed Twill Cotton Cap Black

There is nothing more simple than throwing on a baseball cap when you're having a rough hair day, especially on those cold, rainy winter days.
Wear them later in the year at the beach or out to a baseball game with your friends or your special guy.
Not only are these caps super adorable with their monogram (they come in all colors & font styles), but they're only $24, a great deal from a great company!

engagement gift idea - monogrammed burlap anniversary/wedding pillow

When I knew I was featuring monogrammed gifts, this shop immediately came to mind.
I have the exact place in my home where I would put this if I were to get it for Christmas...hint hint ;)
Not only do they do initials, but they also do monograms-not just pillows either, but place mats, framed embroidered art, napkin rings, table runners, etc.
They even have the cutest chevron baby pillows...I can't even deal with how cute those are!

Make sure to check out all of these fabulous websites & Etsy shops, they're all linked above.
Make sure to let me know your favorite places to get personalized goodies in the comments below!

Until next time. . . 


Friday, November 7, 2014

Running Around Style

On Polyvore when I created this set, I titled it Winter-Day Errands, but when I got to looking at it I realized it was perfect for earlier than Winter!

Fall gets pretty serious down here in the South sometimes, other times it could be the middle of December and we're still sweating, it's always a toss-up. 

Winter Sweater, black leggings, brown riding boots, brown cross-body bag, pearl studs, simple braid, cross necklace, butter London polish

This sweater is described as a "Tacky-Christmas Sweater", but I think it's so much more than that! I love the little reindeer details, throw it on over some leggings and you're set for class or errands. 
The cross-body bag is perfect for running around town, just toss in your phone, keys, and wallet and you're ready to go. 
I kept the accessories simple, just a pair of pearl studs and a cross necklace. The braid is easy too & it shows off those studs!
The boots are Tory Burch and they are to die for!
The Butter London polish is such a great color, the name even makes me feel all warm and cozy inside, Saucy Jack, love it!

Until next time. . .

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Moda Vox Box Review

Moda means fashion or style & this box couldn't mean anything more.
All of the products were so luxurious and amazing.

Included in this box were...

Resource Natural Spring Water
Puffs Softpack Basic
Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa
Jergens Ultra Healing Hand Lotion
Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lipliner
Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in the color "As You Want Victoria"
Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara
Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask

First up is the Resource Natural Spring Water. . .

Every day when I head to class, I always have either a bottle of water or my Tervis full of water, this Resource water was just what the doctor ordered for my long day of classes!
It's got naturally occurring electrolytes which make it taste good & be good for you.
Plus, the bottle is 50% recycled & when I finished it, I put it in my school's recycling bins, so the cycle continues!
You can even order resource directly to your home or convenient is that?  
Make sure to visit their website and follow them on twitter & if you do decide to try it make sure to post a picture with the hashtag #RefreshWithResource

Puffs Softpack Basic

Tissues are a must-have for this time of the year, we all get those colds that we just can't shake.
This packaging is so nice, much better than the traditional cardboard box.
Also, the tissues inside are so soft. I not only use them for blowing my nose (TMI, I know)
but I also use them for removing makeup & blotting my lipstick-they don't leave nasty residue behind or anything!
Make sure to pick them up & then you can Instagram your cute boxes with #PassThePuffs & follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa

With Alabama finally getting a frost & cooler temps, there is nothing better than curling up on the couch with a hot cup of cocoa, a blanket, & Netflix.
I got to try the milk chocolate flavor & it was velvety & delicious, so smooth and enjoyable-everything you would expect from the perfect cup of hot cocoa.
Wanna know what the best part of Simply Cocoa is?
There are only five ingredients; sugar, cocoa, nonfat milk, salt, & natural flavor.
That means no preservatives or artificial flavors/colors!
So yummy & actually not that bad for you!
Make sure you head to your nearest grocery store to pick it up & the "like" them on Facebook & take a picture of your yummy cup and use the hashtag #SwissMissSimplyCocoa

Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

My skin gets so dry during the winter time, so this little baby was a God-send (especially for stashing in my purse/backpack)
It's great for elbows, knees, and heels & the moisture lasts for about 48 hours!
The travel size is awesome, but the full size bottle will be making it's way to my bathroom counter soon.
Get yours today at your local drugstore...
Like them on Facebook & follow them on Twitter, you can even Instagram your process to beautiful skin by hashtagging #1WeekToGorgeous so everyone can see your results. :)

Rimmel Moisture Renew Universal Transparent Lip Liner

I totally underestimated how amazing this lip liner was going to be. Because it's transparent, you can wear it with any shade of lip product & it keeps it all in line, no feathering here, y'all!
It's so smooth & moisturizing, it helps keep my lips from drying out so it's a great product for the winter months.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in the color "As You Want Victoria"

This color is so good, so pigmented, so rich, creamy, & smooth
When they say moisturizing, they aren't joking. I am addicted to chapstick-but there is no need for it with this product, it's that good.
This shade is so fun, it's a fuchsia-not too pink, but not too red.
It's perfection in a tube and my new go-to lipstick, I'm recommending it to all of my friends & now to all of you too!
Make sure to "like" Rimmel on Facebook  and follow them on Twitter for all of their latest updates!
When you buy it at your nearest drugstore make sure you hashtag it with #MoistureRenew

Rimmel Scandaleyes Rockin' Curves Mascara

I'm super picky when it comes to mascara, but this one has almost everything that I love.
The unique-shaped brush reaches all the nooks & crannies, the color of the mascara is so dark and perfect.
Plus, isn't the packaging so cool? Snakeskin printed & textured, it's definitely one of my new favorite additions in my makeup bag.
The only negative is that it isn't waterproof, but as long as I don't wear it when I plan on crying-it's all good!
Take a picture with your huge lashes & hashtag it with #RockinIt #Rimmel

Hair Food Moisturizing Hair Mask -6.3 oz

Hair Food Moisture Hair Mask 

I tried this in the shower for the first time the other night in place of my Dove conditioner & I was pleasantly surprised. Not only does it smell amazing, but it is so moisturizing.
My hair is so dry because of using heat products, but this will definitely be helpful to restoring my hair back to it's former glory.
Since I started using it my hair is smooth, shiny, and so incredibly soft.

Make sure you use the hashtag #HairFood when you see it in your local Target, it's a new product so you should be seeing it soon!

I really enjoyed my Influenster Moda VoxBox & testing all of the new products, I definitely found some new favorites & I'm so thankful I got to share them all with y'all!

Until next time. . .


Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes, but all opinions are my own.
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