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Monday, October 30, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.31]

Some of the links below are affiliate links; when you use these I receive a small commission at no additional cost to you! Thank you for supporting brands who support Southern & Style.
Happy Halloween, y'all!
I hope this week's "Ten on Tuesday" finds each of you well-I hope y'all are all getting to enjoy this crisp, cool, and sometimes downright cold weather we're having down in Alabama right now!
I for one am a huge fan of cool weather so I'm enjoying every single second while it tip-toes in between hot as blazes and freezing cold.

On Saturday, my husband I went to the Alabama State Fair with my brother-in-law and his girlfriend and we had such a great time!
It was freezing cold, but we went out to eat, went to the concert, walked around the mid-way, and I got a lemonade so it was a win.
Fair lemonade is always the best. 
Brother's Osborne played that night and it was a pretty good show, they sound almost exactly live as they do on the radio.
But man, I enjoy guitar solos as much as the next person but I feel like half of their concert was guitar riffs and solos...I can't sing along to that!
They did play my favorite country oldie-Dinosaur by Hank Williams Jr. so they redeemed themselves there. 😉
Have you ever seen them live before?!

Have any of your Target's changed over to this new design?!
It's so beautiful & aesthetically pleasing-I hope our Target decides to change over.

So sometimes when I'm working away on blog posts or online banking or whatever I'm doing on my laptop, I have music playing in the background.
Sometimes it's Spotify, but sometimes it's also YouTube.
Recently I've been tying in Country Coffeehouse Playlist & really enjoying what's been coming up-it's a fun way to discover new music that's for easy listening.
My recent favorite is a cover of the One Direction song Perfect by Lucie Silvas-it's so, so intensely good. Her voice is amazing. I highly recommend checking it out!

I love purses, bags, clutches, etc. but I just don't ever want to spend money on them.
That's probably why I only have four bags to my name currently and three of them have been gifts. 🙈
But when I saw this clutch come in my e-mail last week, I fell in love.
It's perfect for Fall & Winter, I'm definitely adding it to my Christmas list for this year!

If you're an antique lover like me, you probably adore ginger jars. They have the prettiest aesthetic & are beautiful to display (you can even hide things inside them!)
This ginger jar with gold detailing is a perfect example of one you can buy new that's stunning with an antique feel.

If you're going out tonight & you're looking for a last minute costume idea, consult the gurus over at Southern Living!
They rounded up some fun combo outfits for you & your beau or your bestie to dress up as...personally if I could get Chris to dress up, I would love to go as Johnny and June Cash.
Or, we could go off-list & be Forrest Gump & Jenny-that one is easy and cute!

I may have already started a small wishlist for Christmas...I can't help it, y'all-it's all the Hallmark Christmas movies I've been watching, they're just getting me in the holiday spirit!

These pearl stud earrings are perfection & so classic.
This sheet mask set from Sephora would be perfect for me and it's a great buy too-very affordable!
I have coveted this perfume and have to smell it every single time I go by a perfume counter in a department store-it's so intoxicatingly good.
How cute is this long-sleeved tee? The pup on the back looks like my Forrest!

So I was outside on our deck taking some product shots for Instagram & future blog posts and my furry sidekick was hanging out with me, practically begging for me to take his picture-so of course I did!
Forrest is the best dog in the world & so photogenic.
Would anyone be interested in a post about him? (How we got him, etc. Let me know in the comments!)

I've been on a cleaning binge lately, maybe because it finally feels like Fall or maybe because I know the holidays are quickly approaching & we'll be having people over more.
But whatever the case, I had been cleaning our master bathroom & practically dying because of the chemical scent lingering in the small quarters, so I went to Target (the answer to all of life's problems in my opinion) and found this cleaner.
It's on the "green" side, but has awesome cleaning power. It cut right through grease in my kitchen and grime in my bathrooms while leaving a pleasant scent behind.
I bought the grapefruit (& later the apple-that's how addicted I am) and the grapefruit is the best, but they have tons of other scents.

Since it was so cold on Sunday, I whipped up a big batch of this potato soup in my crockpot (a great, inexpensive piece of kitchen equipment you totally should buy if you don't have one!)
This corn-potato chowder is next on my list to try!
I especially love any type of soup that is super easy, the potato soup I made only had 4 ingredients (not counting seasoning)-it uses frozen hash browns too, so it's super fast.

Let me know what you're eating this week, especially if it's easy or crock pot related!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, October 28, 2017

Empties [No.3]

Hey y'all!
Welcome back to Southern & Style and welcome to my absolute favorite kind of post to read or write-an empties post!
Just really quickly, to explain what these posts are-they're basically a round-up of beauty, health, lifestyle products that I've used up and I give quick reviews of what I thought about them, would I recommend them, would I repurchase, etc.
Some of the links below are affiliate links as well-I appreciate you using them because it supports Southern & Style without costing you anything!
As you can tell by the five pans that I've pretty much used up, I really enjoyed this palette.
However, now that I've purchased other higher end palettes and I've used up my favorite colors out of this one, it's time for it to go.
If you're just now getting into makeup, this is a good starter basic palette. It does kick up quite a large amount of dust though, so that's something to think about.

This color combination is pretty good of shadows and I hit pan on three of the shadows.
I could've kept using the one shadow that was left, but I have colors like it in my bigger palettes so it was really just taking up room in my makeup bag.
If you need a small quad to travel with or something, this would work well for that!

This is one of my most favorite makeup products I've ever purchased & the first high end blush/bronzer I ever owned.
The color of the Laguna bronzer was perfectly matte & a great mid-tone bronzer. The Orgasm blush is a beautiful peachy-pink tone that is perfect year round.
I would definitely considering picking this up again after using up a couple of the other ones I have now!

I got this in an Ipsy bag a long time ago & never used it because back then I didn't use dry shampoo.
Now that I'm trying to go longer between days of washing my hair & really really like this stuff.
It's pretty reasonably priced & I find it works better than any other dry shampoo I've ever used.

I'm all about preventative skincare and this retinol has done a great job of maintaining my skin and helping it keep it's glow and clarity.
I enjoyed this serum a lot and would definitely purchase it or another one from Valentia again in the future.

I got this a long time ago, so not only is it probably long expired, but I never saw any results so this is a hard-pass for me. Don't waste your $$$$.

This is just your basic brow pencil and it worked, but I really do prefer the Brow Precise below!
But in a pinch,  I would use this one again.

If I had to pick up a drugstore brow product, this would be the one I would choose.
I just wish you got more product for the price you pay, because this one doesn't last me long.
I also really enjoy the spoolie on the end, it works really well!
I would pick this one up again!

I picked this up at the drugstore when I ran out of my Billion Dollar Brows Universal pencil and while the pencil end was decent, the other end with the brow powder was just okay.
It was really too broad to get a defined line. I wouldn't purchase again.

The EOS lip balms are honestly my favorites, but this one wasn't.
It does smell very citrus-y which I liked, but it wasn't as hydrating as my sweet mint one so I wouldn't repurchase.

I'm going to be a bad beauty blogger for a second and be honest-I have never owned the official beauty blender!
But I do purchase beauty sponges regularly at TJ Maxx and usually they work pretty well.
This particular one cost about $4 and I used it and washed it until it was stained and starting to tear.
I highly recommend the one I linked or checking out your local TJ Maxx for great beauty sponges at reasonable prices.

These used to be some of my favorite lip balms, but now after trying the sweet mint EOS, they just don't moisturize my lips like they used to.

This is just a great classic chapstick, I specifically enjoy keeping this flavor in my purse because it's pink in color so I can apply it over lip colors and the colors won't stain my lip balm.
I would repurchase this when I work my way through my giant stash of lip balm!

This is an all time favorite soap from B&BW for me-it smells so fresh & slightly sweet, it's perfect for Spring & the packaging is just so pretty!
I hope I can find it in the semi-annual sale in a few months!

I purchased two of these last Christmas, hoping they would smell as good as the lemon & powdered sugar scent that I had before from the "southern" line of soaps...but this fell kind of short of that.
It is lemony and vanilla, so it smells good-just not like what I had planned.
I do still have the one from last year that I'll put out at Christmas and use up this year, but I won't purchase it again if they have it.

This was another great citrus scent for Spring.
It's not an all-time favorite or anything, but it was really nice and I would totally pick it up again if I needed a soap for Spring.

I didn't purchase any new soaps for Fall this year, just because I'm trying to use up what I have-so I pulled out this soap and it worked just fine for Fall.
The scent is very berry, like strong berry-but it was nice.
I probably wouldn't pick it up again though, even though the packaging is super cute!

While I'm not a huge fan of the deep cleansing hand soaps, sometimes I pick them up if it's a scent I really like-like this one.
This is a nice, clean, fresh scent that's not too overpowering (although these soaps all tend to linger on your hands for a while).
The B&BW soaps are well priced when on sale & I have several that I need to use up before I purchase any more, but this one is a good choice for really year-round use.

Bath & Body Works Pear Blossom Body Lotion
I've told y'all time and time again that I'm trying not to buy anything new from B&BW because I have so many lotions and potions to get through...this is just one example of something that's so old that they don't even make it anymore.
But I did use it up as my nightly lotion, I'm still not a fan of B&BW lotion because it doesn't seem very moisturizing.

This is one of my all-time favorite B&BW scents, it's fresh and clean-the lemon really stands out.
If this ever came out again, I would totally pick it up in shower gel form!

This cleanser took forever to go through (as you can see by the giant size of this bottle).
I enjoyed keeping it in my shower because it had the pump...which is convenient until you're trying to get that last bit out.
But it worked well, took my makeup off gently and did nice things for my skin.
However, I have other cleansers I like more so I won't be repurchasing.
But if you're looking for a good deal, this is definitely worth checking out-you can pick it up at Walmart!

If you're in the market for a great smelling basic shampoo, this is meant for you!
I loved how clean this smelled, it also didn't strip my hair but left it clean and shiny and smooth.
It's a great price at Target as well.
I haven't repurchased it yet because I have lots of other shampoos to use up, but I do recommend it.

This stuff is just okay.
It felt good on my skin and didn't give me any adverse reactions, however it also didn't do anything great and I feel like there are better moisturizers at the drugstore.
It also went bad quickly, which I hated.

I think this shave gel is well priced for what it is & you can usually find them on sale.
However, I really honestly prefer the Skintimate and how that leaves my skin feeling (& it usually doesn't cost that much more).

This stuff is such a game changer for your skin.
It's gentle (I can even use it on my eyes), it doesn't dry my skin out, and it effectively removes my makeup. A lot of times I use it as the second part to my cleanse just to pick up any leftover makeup and it works like a dream.
I totally recommend and I've already purchased a giant bottle of it to replace this one.

Bath & Body Works Sugared Peony Petals
Sadly, you can't find this amazing candle anymore but hopefully next Spring they'll come back out with it because it's a great candle!
It's a great mix of floral and creaminess that I love-it's addictive.
I love the label too, they should come out with more labels like that one.

I picked this candle up last year in winter time and while it smells warm and nutty and sweet, sometimes it can be overwhelming.
I wouldn't repurchase this scent again, I prefer something a little lighter.

This could potentially be the best smelling candle that B&BW has ever produced.
It smells lightly vanilla and lightly peachy, peaches & cream if you will.
It doesn't overpower, but it does fill a room-it's amazing and I'll totally pick another one up.

Archipelago Fleur De Bleu Candle
Y'all, I am so sad that this candle is gone & I can't find it anywhere!
 I purchased it a few years ago from Rue La La & they must've discontinued it.
It didn't burn all that well, but I finally used it up and it smelled so sweetly floral-it smelled expensive and I loved that!

I really, really liked this slightly sweet and floral body lotion.
It really did moisturize my skin and soaked in well, I'm glad I picked another one up at the last semi-annual sale because it's a favorite!

I picked this up at a Semi-Annual sale a while back and while it was a good body mist, the lasting power wasn't that great and the scent was pretty light.
I won't be purchasing any more body mists from Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works.

A few years ago, this was the only shampoo and conditioner line that I used.
Now, I typically switch mine up frequently but this is always a good one.
I actually have another of these giant conditioners, so I'm stocked up for now but if you're looking for a good conditioner for a good price, these are pretty nice. You can also typically find these big sizes at Sam's Club!
Y'all know I've loved these makeup wipes for a long time and I typically buy them in bulk, however in my latest Target beauty box I tried these different wipes and I think I'm converted-I'll be buying these again next time!

Y'all know I love to pick up my sheet masks from TJ Maxx and these were another great buy at $5 for 5 masks.
I really, really enjoyed how these made my skin feel (super clean and hydrated). The masks were really saturated with serum and they stuck to my face well. I'll definitely pick up more of these if I see them in TJ Maxx again.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening GelDesensitizing Gel (2 Packs of Each)
I've got a post coming up where I'm going to share more about how Smile Brilliant's teeth-whitening system works, but y'all I'm just gonna tell y'all now that I recommend this stuff! I've already went through two syringes each and I love it. It's made such a huge difference in my smile already and the price is so good!

This was a great smelling wallflower, but it also smelled pretty masculine.
That's normally not an issue, but I keep my wallflower dispenser in my kitchen now so I don't always want my kitchen to smell manly.

This was the perfect kitchen wallflower, especially for early Fall because it was fresh and crisp & smelled deliciously like fresh picked apples.

I loved this wallflower too!
It's so warm and cozy smelling, but this one did clog up in the warmer and colored where the scent comes out, so B&BW needs to work on that.
Regardless, I'd probably purchase this and the apple one again!

I've used these on and off since I was a teenager & while I like how satisfying they are to peel off and reveal what nasty gunk was in your nose pores, I've also learned that they aren't the best for your skin so I try to use them only when my nose is looking particularly clogged.

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 (2 Packs of Step 1 and 2)
This chemical peel is so, so good, y'all.
If you're not doing some kind of chemical exfoliation then you're really missing out because this is a good one.
It's a little pricey, but since I see such great and immediate results I'm willing to spend the money on it.

Y'all. This stuff is ridiculously expensive, but it is so good.
I love the way it leaves my face feeling and a little bit truly goes a long way (this small foil packet lasted me about three uses).
If I ever was feeling like spending a ton of money on skin care I would pick this up in a heartbeat!

I got these for Christmas and I absolutely love getting things like this in my stocking or whatever.
These worked pretty well for the price and there were multiple packs in a box, which was really nice too.
If you're looking to do a spa night on a budget, these are a great pick from Target.

I enjoy getting samples like these because I don't use facial scrubs all that often, just when I need a really deep cleanse, so I like to be able to just grab one of these.
This one works okay, it was pretty gentle and I feel like if you need a scrub this is a good drug store option.

I love ordering from Too Faced because they send really nice samples-this one was SO good.
I've been using an Urban Decay shadow primer and while that one is good, this one is so much better at holding onto my shadows all day long.
When I finish my Urban Decay one, I'll be purchasing this one instead.

During the summer months, I try to not wear much makeup but if I'm working outside I still need some SPF coverage.
This sample of Mary Kay's foundation primer sunscreen was great because I could wear it under a BB or CC cream and get just the right amount of coverage and still have SPF.
I would actually purchase this again when summer comes around. 

I'm such a huge fan of facial oils & this one is no different, it's amazing
It smells great and I love how hydrating but not greasy it left my skin.
If I can find it on sale at some point, I'll probably be picking it up.

I picked this $2 mask up on a whim at TJ Maxx one day and it's one of my favorites that I've ever tried.
I stuck it in the fridge before I used it and the gel was so cooling and calming to my skin.
I loved the thick gel (that had sparkles in it!) and how it fit to my face, I also loved the rich serum that it was infused with because it left me feeling moisturized and hydrated-not sticky.
If I saw this one again at TJ Maxx I would definitely pick a couple up.

This mask came in a Target Beauty Box and I enjoyed trying it out, but I have tried less expensive ones that gave better results, so I wouldn't recommend it or buy it again.

These are pretty pricey masks, but they do really work.
I don't use them often because of the price, but before a special event or when my skin is looking particularly rough I pull one of these out and they work miracles.

These four products are ones that I decluttered out of my collection and gave to my mom & sister.
This particular formula just was hard for me to apply and the color didn't look quite right on me, but my sister completely rocks it!

This is another formula that I didn't really love and the color didn't look great on me, but my mom looked awesome in it.
This is just another example of how products don't work for some people, but other people love them!

I gave this primer to my sister because although it worked, the foundation that I really like to use doesn't work well with it for some reason!

I think LORAC has discontinued this CC cream because I can't even find it to link for you.
I wasn't a huge fan of this product because it's a CC cream so obviously it doesn't have a ton of coverage and it wasn't long lasting on my face-both of which are things that I really look for in anything that covers my face.

Well y'all, that was a huge empties post but it's been so long since I've done one!
Let me know below what you think of these products if you've tried any of them or if you found something new you've gotta try!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.30]

Hey y'all!
I can't believe this is my 30th "Ten on Tuesday" post-I'm so excited that I kicked off this weekly post & have kept it running. It's really enjoyable for me to share what's going on in my life each week and to catch you up on fun things I've read or seen around the internet & I hope y'all enjoy it as much as I do.

This isn't the best picture & it's not completely done yet...but I actually put out Fall yard decorations!
I've been waiting to decorate my porch because our trim, columns, and doors are in the process of being painted, so I just didn't want to clutter up the porch while they were being worked on.
But my sweet uncle gave us square bales, so I went to Wal-Mart today and picked up some pumpkins & to Home Depot for mums and it's a good start.
I'm going to pick up some more small mums locally & I'm trying to decide what else it needs-maybe a scarecrow or some corn stalks for the middle? Help me decide!

(Also peep my neighbors adorable Rottweiler yawning in the bottom left of the picture 😂)

If you haven't checked out some of October's previous posts there is still time to Shop for a Cure (support breast cancer awareness & research, y'all!)
& don't miss last Saturday's post-it was a Fall transitional outfit along with pictures from my trip to the pumpkin patch with my cute niece and nephew!

My mom, sister, and I recently took a trip to the North Georgia Premium Outlets and of course, if there is an Old Navy near-we're going in it.
I was bound and determined to not buy anything, but of course I did...
I saw this pair of denim and couldn't walk out without them.
They're so comfortable & I love the trendy touch!

Last week I had a huge pile piles of laundry to fold so I knew I needed something good to watch on my laptop while I got the job done...I perused Hulu & found The Choice which is a movie based off a Nicholas Sparks novel.
Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author and I had read The Choice but the movie was so, so good y'all.
I highly recommend y'all checking it out!

Hold the phone!
Spicy chicken strips are potentially coming to Chick-Fil-A and I couldn't be more excited!

If you've ever wondered why your dog likes your boyfriend or girlfriend or sister or whoever more than they like you, this article explains how dogs pick their person. 🐶

I know I'm definitely not following the 6 month rule!
I'm thinking about trying this one, I might try this pretty bralette, or this one when I replace mine next!

Is anyone as excited as I am about Hallmark movies during the Fall & Winter season?
Here's a list of Hallmark movies filmed in the South & their locations (there are several I want to see from this list!)

If you're as sad as I am about Fixer Upper leaving, you'll be glad to read this article-everything we know about season 5...Tim Tebow will be on the show-that's all I need to know!

If you're not following Megan's blog Honey We're Home then you're seriously missing out.
Last week, she shared her husband's take on shopping Nordstrom & it was seriously one of the funniest posts I've ever read (but also really helpful!) 

Hope y'all enjoyed this weeks roundup...let me know below what you're up to this week!

Until next time. . .

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Transition + A Pumpkin Patch Trip

Y'all, it has finally been feeling like actual Fall here in Alabama & I could not be more excited about it!
A few weekends ago, my mom, my sister, and I decided to take our other sister's kiddos to the local Pumpkin Patch-we had an awesome time visiting the petting zoo, playing in the corn crib, taking a hay ride, and more-it was a total blast.
 They're pretty much the cutest things ever 🎃💖
 I knew while I was there I had to take some shots for the blog; just keep in mind that my sister doesn't usually take my blog photos & we're still learning-but with that in your mind, I think they turned out pretty darn well, if I do say so myself. 😉
 Let's just face it, Fall in Alabama the South is typically pretty warm, so wearing cute Fall outfits with blanket scarves & riding boots is pretty much 100% out of the question until about November at the earliest.
So, you have to work with transition pieces!

 This outfit was perfect for the 80-something degree day that we had while taking these shots.
I tried to keep it simple and also comfortable, since I was chasing the kids around the Patch!

Jeggings: Old Navy-literally the most comfortable pants I own!
Bag: (Shown in other pictures) Exact bag no longer available, similar linked
Rings: Tacori (similar)
 These shoes might not be everyone's cup of tea-but they're so comfortable and they match everything.
I'm crazy about the boho feel they give all my outfits as well.

 As you can tell, I had to keep the sleeves short and nix the boots or booties because the Southern heat was just too much, but by implementing the dark jeggings (& the dark lip!), using the suede texture of the moccasins to warm things up, and then keeping the attention on the striped tunic (a pattern I usually associate with Fall) it's the perfect Fall-feel without overheating...a win-win in my book!
 I hope y'all enjoyed this little trip to the pumpkin patch with me-I loved sharing one of my favorite Fall transition outfits with y'all!
Let me know below what items you use to transition from Summer to Fall!
 And lastly, but not leastly-I wanted y'all to meet the photographer behind these shots, my sweet sister Julie!

Until next time. . .

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.29]

Happy Tuesday y'all!
This week is going to be a busy one, but it's going to be a good one-so let's jump into the recap and what I've been loving lately.

The biggest thing I have to share this week is the reason for why there was no Saturday post. . .
We went on a little out of town getaway to Panama City Beach, Florida! 🎉
We had an amazing time just laying on the beach & spending time with each other-it was much needed R&R for the both of us, but especially my sweet husband because he works so hard and rarely takes any time for himself.
I could've put up a post on Saturday, but I didn't want to spend time promoting it and having it take time away from our time so I just didn't and I doubt y'all really missed it! 😉
Each night for dinner we drove about 20 minutes away from Panama City Beach to a little historic town named St. Andrews.
It's right on the bay and the marina is always beautiful, but especially so at sunset.
I always pick a book to bring to the beach each year that either I haven't started, or I've only read a few pages out of.
This year, I chose Across the Blue by Carrie Turansky and was not disappointed in the least.
This book is set in England in the early 1900s and focuses on the main character, Isabella Grayson, and her journey as the daughter of a wealthy newspaper-owner who is leading his family through societies ranks.
She's learning her role as his daughter, while also trying to find her place in the world.
I absolutely love reading about her independent streak & her desire to become a successful journalist in a time when hardly any women (especially women of her place in society) were working, much less reporting!
Along with her desire to become independent and her passion for aviation (which at this time is very, very new) as readers we get to explore her relationship with a young aviator who has dreams of becoming the first pilot to fly across the English Channel.
I'll spare you the details, to keep you interested, of course!
If you enjoy history, aviation, novels about interesting women, or just reading a good novel-I highly recommend Across the Blue.
Of course I had to break out one of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer dresses from the After Party Sale (the print name is Hey Bay Bay!)
The mural in St. Andrews is actually just a chalk mural-so stinkin' cute!
This print is currently sold out but there's a solid option and a sleeved option, perfect for Fall.
On our last night, I wore my favorite dress out to dinner-this cute little off-the-shoulder number with gorgeous embroidery.
Dress sold out-similar linked
Lip Color
Earrings (not shown, but so cute!)
Shoes (also not shown, but equally precious!)
It was tough to get up yesterday morning and leave (especially when your husband wakes you up before 7 AM!) but I got to see the pink tail-end of this beautiful sunrise, so that made it worth it...and...
We finished off our trip with a dozen of the best donuts I've ever had & one of the best breakfast bagel sandwiches I've had too. Highly recommend if you're ever in Destin, Panama City, Seaside, etc.

Tory Burch just released the cutest flats in the world-I'm totally obsessed!

This recipe for pumpkin pie (made as a slab pie-not round!) sounds so good, y'all!
I can't wait until the weather cools down just a tiny bit so I can get the Fall vibes & feel the urge to bake in my kitchen.

I made a couple of purchases on this trip, but my favorite by far are these boots!
I've been searching and searching for high quality, comfortable, fashionable, leather riding boots in a wide-calf version and I just couldn't find any, anywhere.
But yesterday, that search ended.
These boots are comfortable and oh so cute!
They fit well over jeans and leggings, but would look equally precious with dresses and skirts too, I can't wait to style them on the blog.

If you're in the mood for a new computer or iPhone wallpaper then look no further than Evelyn Henson's newest downloadable designs!
She makes the cutest watercolor-ish designs and patterns and her four newest ones are perfect for Fall!
If you decide to take a peep, let me know which of the four is your favorite-I just changed mine to the third picture, but the 2nd or 4th will be my next move when the weather cools down here & I feel more "Fall-y"!

This girl goes without texting her boyfriend in a week-you've got to read the article to see what happens.
Spoiler alert-I think she finds out how much fun it is to talk on the phone to someone, not just texting them, it's such an "old fashioned" thing, but one thing I kind of miss!

It's pretty much my all-time favorite movie, so of course I had to read up on an interview with Reese where she chats about making the movie & her favorite line (it's my favorite too!)

I've been following the stories from California and the horrible wildfires there.
There are so many sad, sad stories but there are also some very happy ones-like Izzy's story!

If you love Guy Fieri as much as I do (I'll watch any Food Network show he's on!) then you'll love this story about how he met his wife.

I am SO excited for Chip & Joanna Gaines new line Hearth & Hand for Target, so excited in fact that I have to share a few favorites:
This beautiful wreath hanger
Pom-Poms on a stocking?! Sign me up!
This beautiful lantern is just begging to be put on my front porch
Cutest. Christmas. Mug. Ever.
I totally envision this glass jug with fresh pine boughs in the winter and then big white hydrangeas in the summer!
It's not too early to think about Christmas gifts-this toiletry bag is the perfect gift for any man in your life!

I hope y'all enjoyed this roundup as much as I have!
It was so awfully nice to have a little blog-break this weekend, but I'm excited to share this Saturday's post with y'all.

Until next time. . .
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