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Monday, November 30, 2015

Cyber Monday Sales

Today is probably my favorite shopping day all year.
Because I can do every bit of shopping from my couch with no makeup on...and no pants!

The second reason why I love Cyber Monday is because the sales are straight up ridiculous.

I'm a sales rep for the small company Kiss My Southern Sass which carries not only product for Southern girls, but for everyone from everywhere (Southern is just a state of mind, after all ;)

There's something in this sale for everyone; your mom, sister, best friend, and even the fratty guy in your life!

Here are the KMSS deals and then I'll jump into the rest of the Cyber Monday sales below. . .

Keep in mind, you can use the code KMSSJSU for an extra $2 off any purchase today!

The Mason Jar cups are buy one, get one free (on the back they say "When life gives you lemons, put them in your sweet tea and thank God you're Southern!)
$5 tanks all day long (some exclusions apply)
Free decal with any purchase, free koozie with any patriotic purchase
50% off the reusable solo cups and ping pong balls (these are so fun to purchase in a set to give to your friends for tailgating!)
Buy one hair bow, get one free (perfect for your little sister or daughter! Also looks cute clipped onto a backpack)
Cookie cutters are $2!
All long sleeves are $5 off
The Red, White, and Brews soft cooler (hold a twelve pack!) only 12 dollars today!

There will also be a special happy hour sale from 5-6 with even bigger deals and discounts so watch out for can follow Kiss My Southern Sass on social media @KissMySthrnSass and visit the website at Kiss My Southern Sass

Onto the other Cyber Monday sales. . .

30% off sitewide with the code "HOLIDAY"

25% off sitewide with the code "Best25Ever"

This is the cutest little boutique for plus sized girls!
Use the code "cyber2015" to get 20% off purchases of $50 or more & free shipping

20% off sitewide on regularly priced items and free shipping with code "Cyber20"

25% off your purchase with the code "GFCyber" and free shipping over $50

50% off everything with the code MKQD48FRQ7VT
an email exclusive that I got for y'all so take advantage!

Get 40% off everything with the same code used for Old Navy above!

20% off your entire order, free monogramming, free gift wrapping, plus free shipping with the code "FRIENDS"

30% off today with code "CYBER30"

50% off everything, plus an extra 15% off and free shipping with the code "TodayOnly"

15% off sitewide with the code "CYBER15"

50% off sitewide with the code "YAYTODAY"

20% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping on orders over $25 with code "CYBER20"

30% off with the code 'SHINE" at checkout

Well, that's all y'all!

I hope you found a few sales to check out today that you wouldn't have known about otherwise.
Cyber Monday is such a great way to finish off (or start!) your Christmas shopping.
Don't forget about the Happy Hour sale with and using the code KMSSJSU for a bonus $2 off each order :)

Until next time. . .


Saturday, November 28, 2015

In Vs. Out {November}

Ah, only one more In Vs. Out link-up before the new year begins!

Let's just jump right into this one, shall we?


I'm so pleased with myself for blogging so much during my break from school, I feel like every single post makes me a better blogger!

My scores on Black Friday (well Thursday night, actually) were pretty few, but I'm so excited about them!
I got them all from Old Navy at 50% off the whole store. A pretty scarf, a pair of socks for myself, and two little gifts for others :)

Having only a few days of school left is getting me excited for not only winter break, but also for my internship (the last step before graduation!)

I'm still loving using my crockpot...I used it for Thanksgiving to make some awesome hash brown potatoes.

Oh, and as of yesterday I swapped out my Fall shower gel for my favorite Christmas one, Twisted Peppermint from B&BW!


Always being one step behind my to-do list! I can't seem to keep up, when I've finished a handful of tasks there's always more laundry, ironing, dishes, or sweeping to be done.

Stuffing myself with unhealthy foods. Thanksgiving was delicious, but there was so much food and dessert to be had! I've got to be better to my body, especially with Christmas upon us.

Still trying to finish buying Christmas presents. I'm about half done, but I still have to do some shopping and take some things to be embroidered.

Scheduling the month of December! It's been challenging to get everything in my planner and keep to it. I still have lots of things to get dates and times for.

Well guys, that's it!
Let me know down below what's in and out for you and if you have anything of the same things going on in your lives :)

Until next time. . .


Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday Deals & Steals

Black Friday Steals & Deals

I wasn't going to do a post like this one, but when I pulled up my email on my phone just a bit ago I realized that I seem to get emails from stores that some of the other bloggers that I read don't!

So some of these deals may be the same ones you're seeing everywhere else, but others may give you something different :)
The names of the stores are direct links to their sale pages!

If you've seen me post about my boots or certain boho dresses on insta, there's a good chance they came from this store.
They also have lots of rustic home decor!
40% off select boots, 20% off Ariat boots, 25% off Justin boots, 30% off select clothing, and more!

The exclusive Delia sandal is only $80 today!
There are also sales on lots of other sandals, flats, etc.

30% off storewide with the code "HOLIDAY"
Free shipping over $49 with the same code.

Extra 15% off every purchase with the code "AMAZING15"
60-70% off outerwear for women
Fitbit for $120 before extra discounts
20% off all Nike
Remember to stack your coupons at Kohls!
Plus $15 Kohls cash for every $50 you spend :)

Free gifts with purchase through the 30th (or while supplies last)
Free market tote with any purchase
Tusk In Sun bracelet with any purchase more than $75
Travel Journal Set with any purchase more than $250
Travel Cosmetics Case with any purchase more than $500

Find everything for your guy or you at Old South;
Hats normally $25, on sale for $20 (includes stickers, koozie, or crokie with every order)
Tank tops normally $30, now $13
Also a good selection of long sleeved and short sleeved tees

30% off everything with the code THX at checkout
Always free shipping and returns in the USA

In store and online, buy three-get three free
VIP tote worth $150, for only $25

30% off your total purchase with the code "FRIDAY30"
Free shipping with any $50 purchase
This store has the cutest styles for regular and plus sizes!

Spend $250, get 30% off with the code "THANKS"

50% off every single thing, free shipping on orders of $50 or more.
Get an extra 15% off when you sign up for their emails with a new email address.

20% off your purchase with the code "BLACKOUT15"
Sign up for their mailing list to get a code for 10% off.

20% off your regularly priced order with the code "GIFTING"

Enjoy up to 75% off at the Surprise Sale
This bag & this wallet are such steals (& on my wishlist!)

10% off your order
Free $10 gift card
Free shipping, no matter how much your purchase is!

Up to 90% off (I linked you directly to the sale page!)
Free shipping over $50 and free returns!

Perfect for the home decor lover or the bride-to-be/newly wed!
25% off your purchase with the code "CHEERS2015"

Another "Western Wear" store with gorgeous boots and jewelry, and lots of deals!
Gifts under $50, gifts under $25 
20% off all boots!

10 free cards (use the code "10FORME"
40% off everything else with the code "BLACKFRIDAY"
Free shipping over $39 with the code "SHIP39"
Don't forget to stack all of your coupons at Shutterfly!

Okay, y'all-I think I've about covered everything!

I hope y'all have found some new places to shop with my list and some great deals while you're at it.
I don't have affiliation with any of these stores, I just love to shop there and get their emails for their sales!

Where are you shopping this Black Friday?

Until next time. . .


Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thankful and Grateful

Today, we celebrate Thanksgiving.
While I normally wouldn't post on this day, it's typically set aside for family, I had some time to pre-write up some posts so this is one that I'm glad I got to share with you all.

I'm taking time to share ten things that I'm thankful and grateful for.
These are by no means the only ten things I'm thankful for, nor are they in order.
They aren't the most important things, but they're ten things I truly am grateful for.

1) Jesus Christ
I don't always share my beliefs on the blog, but I know I'm blessed to have such an audience to share my faith with.
I'm so thankful that at a young age I realized that Jesus needed to be an infinite part of my life, that I needed him in my heart.
He is the greatest comforter, the best friend, and a heavenly treasure.
This year He has shown up and taken so many burdens from me. He has taught me that He is still God even when my wants are not answered.

2) Family
My family is by no means perfect, but through their imperfections I have learned so much and become the person I am today.
I have two parents who love me more than life and would do anything for me.
Two sisters who I can call or text at any time and they will give me advice and make me laugh.
A sweet family of in-law's and Chris' brothers who are so genuine and kind.
And countless grandparents that I am so blessed to still have in my life.

3) My Husband
This is kind of a "duh" moment, but I am so thankful for Christopher.
He is my very best friend, he supports me in everything that I do.
He pushes me to be my best.
He irritates me, and is living proof that I can put up with anything ;)
He is forgiving, kind, generous, and loving.
No, he isn't perfect-but I'm not either.
We're just two imperfect people, living an imperfect love, and loving every minute of it.

4) My Friends
Since I graduated high school, my circle has gotten smaller.
It shrunk drastically after I got married.
But those that are still here are the ones I love the most.

There are a few select people at school in my program that I love more than life, they are some of the sweetest people that will remind me to submit my assignments on time, send me their lesson plans to help me better mine, and look over my work to make sure I'm not missing anything.
Those are the truest of friends and I hope our friendships last long after graduation!

5) The United States Military
I have friends that serve in almost every branch of the military, but even if it weren't for them I would still be thankful.
U.S. citizens are more blessed than we will ever know or understand. There are so many men and women who go out every single day, putting their lives on the line to keep us safe.
You may not agree with the politics within our country, but I will always support our military.

8) My Animals
This was a hard year for me. I lost two of the best pups I've ever had; Whiskey and Bullet.
This year also marked the one year anniversary of losing my sweet horse, Paint.
But this year I've had my relationships with my other horses grow and just get better.
My dachshund (who lives with my parents) is sweeter than ever, and my dad rescued a pup who we call Little Dog.

These animals make my heart smile, there's just something about petting an animal and being able to tell them anything you need to get off your chest.

I can't wait until graduation rolls around and we can have dogs again at our house!

7) Country Music
This might seem trivial (and I'm sure that you'll think that about a couple of the next few things I put on this list, but oh whale.
I used to be an avid concert attendee, it was like a once every two month deal.
But as I got older, busier, and married that slowed down a lot.

A few weeks ago my husband took me to the fair and Cole Swindell was playing-it was like a heavenly experience, being in that building. If you don't love music, then I can't explain it. But there's nothing like it.

8) Journaling and Blogging
Both of these have been so good for my soul this year.
I've kept journals for as long as I can remember and working on two blogs (one for family and this one) keeps me busy, but helps me think through thoughts that wear on my heart.
I can write down things that I might not want anyone else to hear or see, and on the blog-although it's public, there's something freeing about writing my thoughts for the entire world.
If you don't have a creative outlet like these, I suggest you get one and see how much lighter you feel!

9) Photographs
This year was definitely the year of having my picture made, with all the wedding things going on and all.
But as I was sifting through some pictures I had printed of our wedding the other day, I realized how thankful I am for all of those pictures and more so for printing them off and having them in hand.
These are memories that will be treasured for the rest of my days and I can't wait to frame them and have them in albums to hold onto.

10) Rest
This has been a stressful, busy year.
I knew it would be, with school coming to a close for me and the wedding.
But I have a warm, safe house to come home to.
I can cook yummy meals that fill our tummies up.
I have a husband who loves to snuggle with me.
I am thankful that at the end of the day, no matter how stressed and exhausted I am, I can rest at the end of the day and not have a care in the world.

I am one blessed girl, y'all.
I have had a mantra for this year and it is still ringing true, "God wouldn't bring me to something, if He wouldn't bring me through it"
And He always has. He's gotten me through so much, I know He'll get me through the future.

We all have so much to be thankful and grateful, I hope you count your blessings today!

What are you thankful for?

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Five Things

Today I want to share with y'all what I'm currently up to. . .

Reading. . .
I just finished up "A Season to Wed" which was a fabulous collection of wintertime romance stories which I'll be reviewing soon here on the blog :) Next up will no doubt be one of the Nicholas Sparks books I've got in back-up.

Don't judge, it's Fall/Winter and the perfect time to be cozy and cheesy!

Watching. . .
At this moment, The Pioneer Woman's Thanksgiving Special is playing (I do love some Ree Drummond), but last night I shamelessly watched The Best of Me and cried my eye-balls out.
Oh, and I finished up One Tree Hill while ironing, can you say...depressing?

Drinking. . .
Cold weather has me craving hot drinks, whether that is hot coco, hot tea, or coffee I crave it all.
Currently I'm drinking the best hot apple cider that Chris and I picked up from Sam's.

Using. . .
I have been using tons of different kitchen gadgets lately, lots of cooking has been taking place since I've been on break from school!
My favorites include my Alabama shaped cutting board, my knife block (love it!), both of my crock pots, and the other night I used my immersion blender for the first time to make butternut squash soup.

Wearing. . .
Well, when I'm at school I have to wear nice clothes-my favorites being Old Navy Pixie Pants and Lilly Pulitzer Elsa tops, oh and my favorite Old Navy lace up flats!
But since I've been on break it's been all jeans, boots, and long sleeves OR sweatpants and sweatshirts. . .oh and fuzzy socks!

Listening To. . .
I have been indulging in just a little bit of Christmas music, but when I'm not listening to that I've been loving Eric Church's new album Mr. Misunderstood (and his older album The Outsiders!)

What have y'all be up to lately, let me know below!

Until next time. . .


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving Appetizer Inspiration

The countdown is on, y'all!
Just one day stands between us and Thanksgiving, so I hope you've already hit up the grocery store for your necessary ingredients.

To round out my Thanksgiving blog posts, I wanted to finish up with some Thanksgiving appetizer inspiration.

When you're making a turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, etc. you don't exactly have time to work on a time consuming appetizer.

So here are the few that I've selected, whether you're bringing just the appetizer or need to squeeze something extra in while you're whipping up the whole meal.

Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

This is a great recipe to put together (mostly with ingredients you'll already have on hand!) and you can leave it in your crock-pot while everything else is cooking.
They're so yummy and they make your house smell delicious!

Spinach Artichoke Dip

This is another yummy slow cooker recipe!
Can y'all tell I'm a fan of them?
This is the cheesiest, tastiest, yummy dip of them all.
I love the fact that you can use tortilla chips, bread, or even veggies so if the store is out of one then you've still got several other options for dippers.

Cranberry Baked Brie Puff Pastry

These are great for making ahead so if you've got the ingredients tonight, go on and give it a try, or make it early in the morning and pop them in the oven Thursday before the guests arrive.
This is definitely a bit more fancy, but I think everyone would enjoy it!
Plus, how much more festive can you get than cranberries?!

Turkey Vegetable Tray

This is the ultimate EASY appetizer, just snag a whole bunch of your favorite veggies, shape them into the perfect Turkey (or just put them on a tray, cause let's be real-who can shape a turkey out of veggies)

I hope y'all enjoyed this roundup and I hope y'all have the happiest of Thanksgivings!

Until next time. . .


Monday, November 23, 2015

Thanksgiving Desserts

I promised that when I put up my Thanksgiving side dish inspiration that I would try to get up two more posts with dessert and maybe appetizers too!

Today is going to be a roundup of some of my most favorite Pinterest dessert ideas and I hope you utilize them for your Thanksgiving table :)


Southern Caramel Cake

This is probably one of my most favorite cakes I've ever had, and one that I really enjoy making!
This recipe is super sweet and moist, perfect for a Thanksgiving get-together. . . I mean, all the other dishes are rich and decadent, why not end the meal on the same note?!


Pecan Pie Bars

If you love the traditional taste of pie at Thanksgiving dinner, but you want a more modern twist (and maybe you want to feed more mouths!) then these pie bars are a great option.
I've never tried this recipe before, but it sounds very simple so it would be a great option for those who are short on cooking skills or don't have time to spend all day in the kitchen.


Cranberry Bliss Bars

If you're a basic white girl who frequents Starbucks, you probably get just as excited about these desserts as you do about the Pumpkin Spice Latte.
These bars are full of deliciousness; cranberry pieces, white chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar, and a hint of orange.
They're the best seasonal treat and not too challenging.
I probably won't be making these for Thanksgiving, but you best bet that I'm going to be making these around Christmastime!

Peach Berry Crumble

If you're looking for the easiest, most delicious, and rustic recipe to fix for your Thanksgiving dinner, then look no farther than this gem from Southern Living (my favorite place to get recipes!)
This suggests using fresh fruit, but I know for a fact that you can use de-frosted frozen peaches and blackberries and it will still taste delish!
This is a one pan dessert, so you don't have to worry about dirty-ing up your entire kitchen, but it does take about 45 minutes to cook, so prepare for that!

I hope y'all enjoyed this roundup and if you decide to cook any of these, tag me in pictures on insta at @SouthernStylista, I would love to see them!

Until next time. . .


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Thanksgiving Style

As I'm sitting here listening to the "Country Coffeehouse" station on Spotify (seriously, go check it out-so good) and sipping on some hot apple cider I'm feeling the warm and cozy spirit of Thanksgiving.

Today I wanted to share a few outfits that I think you could wear to any Thanksgiving celebration you're going to. There are three options; a casual, semi-casual, and a more dressy option for your choosing.

I personally lean toward the semi-casual look, but this year Thanksgiving is going to be very laid back around our house because Chris will be working most of the day and my parents are hosting Thanksgiving "breakfast", so that will be a fun new tradition to try out.

Casual Thanksgiving

Tunic/Jeggings/Booties/Flats/Charm Bracelet/TB Bracelet/KS Earrings

This is definitely an outfit I could see myself wearing on our family Thanksgiving.
I already own every piece but the jewelry, so I can personally vouch for the comfort factor.
The tunic dress is flowy (aka necessary to cover any and all food babies). The jeggings look like quality denim, but have a great stretch band at the top for optimum comfort.
And the shoes y'all, I love both the booties and those flats (steals from Old Navy!)

Semi-Casual Thanksgiving

If you're leaning toward a slightly more dressy Thanksgiving meal (aka the entire family is coming from all ends of the Earth to share your table) then this outfit is the perfect mix of comfortable and classic.

The denim shirt dress and the turquoise accents are fun and a little fancy, but the boots help keep you grounded (literally, no tripping and dropping the pumpkin pie allowed!)

Dressy Thanksgiving

Shift Dress/Statement Necklace/Knot Earrings/Envelope Clutch/Knee High Boots/Lace Up Booties

This outfit is definitely for a more upscale Thanksgiving celebration, but I think it's also a comfortable, yet chic look.

This cranberry color of this shift dress is perfect for the holiday season.
I kept the accessories pretty simple (those knot earrings are less than $20 right now!) and just added a statement necklace that adds some interest to the outfit. The clutch is a necessity for holding your cell phone close by without having it in your hand.

The shoes are the stars of this show, the lace up booties are adorable but my favorite are the over-the-knee boots with the gorgeous lacing detailing on the sides.

No matter what you wear, no matter how you celebrate, we all have so much to be thankful for this holiday season.

Count your blessings and let me know which outfit was your favorite out of the three!

Until next time. . .


Friday, November 13, 2015

Life is too Short for Boring Lunch Boxes

Since I've been doing my Senior Practicum, I've been obviously eating while I'm at the schools.
Even in elementary and high school I steered away from eating the blah cafeteria food & opted to bring my own (usually with a note from my mom written on my napkin)

Even my senior year when I had to bring my lunch, I was still rocking the Disney princess lunch box...but now that I'm sitting at the teacher table, I was looking for something a little more grown-up but still fun and cute.

I've rounded up some of my favorite lunch boxes on the 'net for you, especially if you're a teacher or teacher-to-be!

Chevron Lunch Break Thermal by Thirty One

This super cute tote comes in 7 patterns and it even has a pocket!
I love Thirty One products (and no, I'm not a consultant!) because of their durability.

Bunch Bag by Vera Bradley

I've always been a fan of Vera's bright, beautiful patterns and this one is no different.
This bag comes in 8 patterns and has over 200 reviews giving it 5 stars.
It also has a pocket & a place for an ID card, which I think would be great in case you accidentally lose it somewhere!

Lunch Box by LL Bean in Brilliant Blue

I love LL Bean products; they're know for their high quality. This lunch bag comes in 7 colors and the fabric is easy to clean (which is a huge plus!) There is also a mesh pocket in the bag to hold a warm or cold pack (not included in your purchase).
There are lots of reviews under this product saying that it is too small.
So if you're looking for this to hold a big meal, it's probably not the right one for you, but for snacks or a sandwich it would be a great option!

Wildkin Dinomite Lunch Box by Target

Normally I would see cutesy little lunch boxes like this and chalk them up to being for kindergarten boys. However, there is a science teacher at my school who carries a lunch box just like this and I think it's too cute (I mean, dinosaurs-science...get it?)

Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer inspired Lunch Tote by Sassy Southern Gals on Easy

If Lilly Pulitzer carried lunch boxes, y'all know I would have one!
But since she doesn't, I looked up some dupes on Etsy and found some really cute neoprene, monogrammed ones.
This tote is completely customizable with 9 prints, several different monogram options/frame options for around your monogram, color options, etc.
It's neoprene (wet suit material) so it's durable.
It's got a zipper and it can be washed in the washing machine!
This is definitely going on my wish list :)

Igloo Mini Lunch Tote by Target

This is the lunch tote I just recently picked up at Target for myself and I wanted to give you guys a little review.
I love the plaid, it's very chic but still a little playful.
The inside is made of thick thermal material so it keeps things cool or hot.
But, the problem is I carried it for three days and the strap broke.
I wasn't even carrying anything heavy in it or slinging it around a lot.
My mom was so sweet and sewed it back on for me, so we'll see how it holds up now.

Bonus, it's only $8, but I guess you get what you pay for.

I hope y'all found this interesting & enjoyable!

Do you carry your lunch? Which bag was your favorite?

Until next time. . .


Monday, November 9, 2015

Thanksgiving Side Dishes

If you're like me, you're trying hard to hold onto your Fall decor while everyone else is spewing Christmas carols at you.
I love Christmas, don't get me wrong.

But I want to enjoy Thanksgiving too!

So while everyone else is starting on gift guides, etc.

I want to make a conscious effort to share a couple of Thanksgiving, or Friends-Giving meal inspiration posts.
These are recipes that I have either tried or want to try and I'm going to do today's on side dishes and hopefully at least two more (on desserts and appetizers!)

These Old Fashioned Southern Green Beans would be a perfect addition to any Thanksgiving table. The recipe is simple and easy to follow, and although I haven't tried out this particular one, it's very similar to the way that I cook my green beans.

There are a couple of things that I love about this Oven Roasted Cauliflower recipe: It doesn't have too many ingredients and it doesn't take too long-perfect for meals when you're short on time and short on cash.

I'm still a little skeptical about cauliflower, but this recipe sounds so flavorful that I'm going to have to try it out soon!

Anything cooked in a slow cooker is high on my list for side dishes, it helps take some stress off of you & frees up space on your stove-top and in the oven.

This recipe for Easy Italian Seasoned Potatoes only has three ingredients (technically you have to make one of the ingredients (the Italian seasoning), but you can buy Italian seasoning at the store!)

We had corn suffle at our wedding reception and I think it was my favorite food there. This corn spoon bread is very similar and seems very simple to replicate.

I think it's the perfect warm and cozy dish to bring to a Thanksgiving table!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little round-up. . .
What sides are a must for your Thanksgiving table?
Which of these above sound the best to you?

Until next time. . .


Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Happy Wednesday, y'all!
We've almost made it through another week...and this one has been a long one indeed.

Today I'm rounding up some of my most favorite pictures from my insta...and if you aren't following me over at @SouthernStylista, then what are you really doing with your life?`

Let's see what I've been up to!

Over the summer, I tagged along on my family's beach trip to Panama City. The shopping center there, Pier Park, has a signature store and their Dillard's carries Lilly as we all know what my souvenirs from that trip were.
This popover is a dream!

There's something about farm fresh eggs that makes you want to scramble them, boil them, bake with them, everything!

This particular day was spent studying in Starbucks before my first French test.
I felt very much the part with my caramel macchiato, my flash cards, and my Longchamp.

This is another shot from vacation with my parents. My oldest sister and I drove down together and we had a little detour through Seaside on our way home. I was reminiscing back to this warm day & this cute little school we stumbled upon.

Talk about one of my favorite outfits ever!
This dress is by Umgee (unfortunately I bought it at a local boutique & can't find it online!), but it paired perfectly with a borrowed turquoise cross necklace from my sister, and my favorite wedding boots from Corral.

This is the most sassy, country outfit ever.
 This is another one of my favorite shots, this dress is an older find from Sikes and Khon (if you're from Alabama you probably know about this store!) but it's still a summer/fall favorite.
Paired with those same Corral boots & my Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs... I can carry this outfit into November here in 'Bama.
Seriously though, that Sally Hansen leg makeup 'doe.

This was my other buy from the Dillard's at Pier Park in PCB.
I had never tried on or owned a Melle dress from Lilly, but the fit on this is perfect.
It has a racer back and is cotton, so it's perfect to toss on as a swimsuit coverup or to wear out to dinner on it's own during the warm months.

I wore it like this to church a few weeks ago with my favorite Gap oversized sweater, my Marley Lilly monogrammed scalloped clutch,  and my OTBT Bushnell's!

This has been the first year using my Erin Condren planner and I have LOVED it. It's almost turned into a journaling thing plus keeping my plans in line.

I love buying stickers and cute washi tape to dress it up; this picture has some of my favorites. . .
lace washi & glitter washi
Thanksgiving stickers & cupcake/candle stickers
all from Hobby Lobby!

If you're interested in getting $10 off your first Erin Condren purchase, here's a link!

I hope y'all enjoyed this little instagram roundup. . .until next time!


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