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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag: September Review

When this little pink package shows up on my porch, I know that my month just got a little bit better. 
Ipsy always sends the most fun products for me to try out & I always love getting something new, mail is so much fun to get, isn't it?
For $10 a month, that's such a steal too!

This month Ipsy sent: Harvey Prince Hello Fragrance, Hikari Lipstick, Pacifica Eyeliner, BWC Lotion, and Smooth Criminal Powder. 

First up is the Smooth Criminal Powder by the company Be A Bombshell.
Overall, I wasn't a huge fan of this powder. I currently use the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder & love it and I didn't see results that compared with that powder. 
If you'd like to give it a try, you can use the code IPSY30 at checkout (click the link above to purchase it!) to recieve 30% off plus a free Coco Delight lip gloss at checkout. 

Next up is the lipstick by Hikari...
Since I didn't take a photo of the actual lipstick that I was sent (funny story about that actually, the tip of mine is misshapen because I accidentally left it in my truck while I was in it melted!)
I'm inserting a picture of the shade Cabernet here, which is what I received. 
This lipstick is so pigmented. The color is so rich and perfect for fall & I love it's matte finish. Sometimes I layer a gloss over it for date night, just to add a little something extra. But I also wore it with a black maxi and a tucked in white tank top to add an edgy look. It's my most favorite thing, even though it did melt a little (which I still feel super bad about!)
Right now, this lipstick costs only $13 on the website I linked above, but Ipsy provided a coupon code, HIKARI30 which takes 30% off any purchase. 
That would make this lipstick just over $9! I'm obsessed with the other colors they have on their site, Scarlet & Peony, so much that I'll probably be adding them to my growing lipstick collection. 

Another one of my favorites from this month's bag was the fragrance Hello by Harvey Prince. I'm always hesitant about fragrances that I don't pick out specifically for myself, but this is one that I definitely would've chosen! 
The hints of scents that I get out of this fragrance are citrus, vanilla, floral, and musk. It's a happy-medium between a summery scent to a fall scent & that's just what I need for this time of year. I love this small size because it's perfect for tucking into my clutch when I'm leaving for date night, it's great for quick touch-ups throughout the evening!
This size is normally $21, but right now if you visit the link above for HP, you can use the code HARVEYLOVESIPSY and get 30% off any purchase!

Tip: Always apply your fragrance to the area behind your ear, at your throat, insides of your wrists, and occasionally behind your knee!

The Pacifica Natural Water-Proof Eye Pencil in Gun-Metal is one of my new go-to eye pencils. For days when I don't want the harshness of my black pencils, the subtle gray is a perfect compromise!
It goes on smoothly & I really love that the company doesn't use any animal products or animal testing, plus it's waterproof.

Pacifica is so generous with their bonuses right now: with the coupon code FALLBEAUTY you can get any product 20% off from the link I posted above, plus when you sign up for their email list you get a free gift, a free gift if your purchase is over $30, AND if you spend over $50 your shipping is free as well! You definitely can't beat that deal!

Last, but certainly not least is the Sweet Lavender Hand & Body Lotion by Beauty Without Cruelty.
This may seem like a TMI, but I have really, really dry skin. Especially on my feet. I decided that I would really put this to the test & after my evening shower I applied it to my feet & then slipped on comfy socks before going to sleep. After a week, I could tell a huge difference in how soft my feet were so this lotion was definitely a winner. 
Although the scent is a bit weird, it's not a turn-off & I've almost learned to like it. I do love the fact that it's 100% Vegetarian & made in the USA. Hashtag 'Merica. 

Right now BWC has a coupon for 20% off any product from their website which is linked above, the coupon is CUDWDFAA & with that discount a full sized bottle of this product would only be just over $10!

Plus, wasn't that little bag Ipsy included this month so cute? I love the metallic & the studs, very edgy for sure!

Make sure to check out all of the products mentioned above & take advantage of the coupon codes provided. 
And if you want to get in on the Ipsy fun, make sure to click this link & see what it's all about!

Until next time. . .


  1. I also sub to Ipsy and got a bag this month! I felt kinda meh about mine.. hopefully next month will be better!
    xo ClassToCloset

    1. It's always a toss-up whether I'll like mine or not, but maybe next month will be better!
      Xoxo, Ss

  2. I love finding beauty products that are made in the US! I might have to pass the lotion recommendation to my mom--she's always looking for lotion with a light scent for her hands!

    1. Definitely tell your mom about it, especially with that coupon its a great deal. My mom loves that lotion!


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