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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5 Reasons That Girls Love Fall

It's no secret that Fall is the favorite month of many. 
I mean, I love Fall, I love everything about Fall (except for the fact that it's kicking summer to the curb, but whatever).
Here are my top five reasons why girls freaking love Fall.

5) Scarves: 
Plaids, polka dots, solids, etc. You name it & there is a scarf in that print. You can spend big $$ on a Zara scarf or head to your local Target to pick up a cozy one for $7. Infinity to blanket, they come in all sizes and girls just love them. 
You can wrap up in them in a cold lecture hall, they look adorable layered over a button-up and jeans, you can even wear them over a dress at church on Sundays. 

4) Pumpkin Patches/Apple Picking
What is more instagram worthy than a day spent at the pumpkin patch or apple orchard?
I can guarantee you'll get at least 30 likes on any picture centered around pumpkins, apples, or leaves. Bonus points if you're carving a monogram into a pumpkin.
But in all seriousness, these two activities are staples of Fall & they really are a fun way to spend your day!

3) Vests, Plaid, and Leather Riding Boots
This sort of goes along with number five, but you just can't do Fall without these three staples.
Puffer vests are so in right now, my favorite is my herringbone vest from J.Crew Factory.
Plaid is all the rage right now & my favorite way to add it into your wardrobe is with this pull-over from Southern Proper. The plaid on the pocket is so fun & since it's mens, it'll be roomy & comfy cozy!
Leather Riding Boots are a staple for any girls Fall/Winter wardrobe. I love these from Gianni Bini (from Dillard's). They're the perfect brown color with just a very, very short heel. Plus, they're affordable & will last you for years + check out the back on these, such cool detailing!

2) Nail Polish
Y'all know that Fall has officially started when girls start breaking out Essie's Bordeaux, Chin-Chilly, & After School Boy Blazer (guilty).
These colors sort of symbolize Fall & girls don't mind letting the whole world know that they're ready for sweater weather with their nail color.
You'll see girls climbing over each other at Target to see the new colors & fight for the best ones.
(Okay, maybe not really but it was a hilarious visual).

1) PSL
The Pumpkin Spice Latte or better known as the PSL, is the Holy Grail of Fall for girls. 
It's all of the best flavors of Fall; pumpkin, spice, & creamy (if you're into whipped cream on top!)
They're a great treat after you've studied your tail off for a big test, or even just to sip while you're running errands.
Just be careful not to sip too many this holiday season or you might not be able to fit into your leggings!

Well there you are, ladies (& gents!) 
I hope you enjoyed my top five reasons that girls (especially basic girls!) love Fall. 

Until next time. . .

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