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Sunday, October 5, 2014

October: Breast Cancer Awareness

October: Breast Cancer Awareness

So far in 2014 there have been 232,570 cases of breast cancer diagnosed in the U.S. 
There have been 40,000 deaths related to breast cancer just in this year.
It's the second leading cancer cause in young women. 

Breast cancer is a cause very dear to my heart, C's mom was diagnosed about a year ago and is thankfully on the road to remission, but we're reminded every single day & especially this month how much breast cancer effects women as a whole.

I decided on the blog today I would highlight some items (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc.) that donate a portion of their proceeds to research to find a cure for breast cancer. Plus, they're pretty darn cute, aren't they?

1) Tory Burch York Small Buckle Tote-$275
This is probably the most pricey item on the list, but the quality is top notch because it's TB.
Tory Burch is donating 20% of the proceeds from the sales of this gorgeous bag to breast cancer research, I can't imagine a better way to give back-that shade of pink (Carnation Red) is absolute perfection.

2) Tory Burch Kerrington Zip Continental Wallet-$185
This pretty, pink, floral print wallet (the print is called Allure) is everything a Tory wallet should be. It's got lots of pockets, perfect for stashing all of that cash *which you won't have after you purchase this, but that's beside the point* & it's great for organization.
In all seriousness, this wallet is a great splurge item. The color is so fun to pull from the inside of your bag & TB donates 20% of the proceeds to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

3) Pink Ribbon Tervis-$11
Y'all know I have a minor obsession with my Tervis cups, but this one is definitely a favorite. This one is extra special though because 5% of all sales go towards breast cancer research, which is awesome.
I love the super cute confetti ribbon design, it's sparkly and shiny and basically every single thing that I love in life.
These cups are seriously the bomb dot come, they don't condensate, they are great for carrying around on errands or to class (check out the lid & straw selection) & they're dishwasher washable.

4) Coach Poppy Wildflower Perfume-$68
When I read reviews of this product, I knew that it was going to be added to my wishlist for Fall. All of the reviews describe it as a comforting, soft, sweet, & sexy scent with hints of bergamot, freesia, and citrus. It's perfect for casual shopping or coffee dates during the day or a date night out with your boy. 
20% of proceeds go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

5) OPI Pink of Hearts Duo-$16.95
The two polishes pictured are from the 2012 Pink of Hearts collection, but the 2014 collection is amazing as well & you can purchase it here.
The two colors are amazing & so perfect together. Plus, OPI will donate $25,000 to Susan G. Komen in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as well as $5,000 to Rethink Breast Cancer in Canada.
Mod About You is a light pink cream that has perfect coverage with two coats.
The Power of Pink is dark pink & white glitter in a pink jelly base, which looks amazing layered over Mod About You.
Go buy this right now & support an amazing cause, with a fab mani.

6) Aerie Bright Pink Charley Bra-$30
This watermelon colored bra from Aerie (which is American Eagle's lingerie line) is beyond perfect for breast cancer awareness month, you can keep your love for those that are going through breast cancer close to your heart (literally!)
Plus, it comes with a pin that you can personalize with the name of someone who inspires you the most.
Plus (& how amazing is this!) 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Bright Pink (Aerie's non-profit partner, which is focused on the prevention & early detection of breast & ovarian cancer in young women, while providing support for high risk individuals).

Thank you to all of you lovely ladies for listening & I hope you go out & purchase something to support this amazing cause.
Let's save the Ta-Ta's & save more of these beautiful women that have this awful disease!

Until next time. . .


  1. Hi Jordyn, thanks for stopping by FAR:-) I replied to your question about the table then wanted to pop over and say hi.

    Breast cancer has touched so many people I know, including a high school best friend who died a couple years ago, and several in my family who are survivors. I pray for the day cancer is gone:-)

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment & thank you so much for sharing your story! Our prayers have power & maybe one day we'll see an end to cancer! :)

      xoxo, SS


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