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Saturday, September 30, 2017

October Goals

Hey y'all!
Tomorrow brings us the start of one of my favorite months...October!
It's my favorite for many reasons, but mostly because it's really the beginning of a cool-down in Alabama & it's just a really festive month.

Let's see how I did on September's Goals:
Exercise Three Days Per Week
Y'all, I'll be honest-I totally bombed at this goal. But, I have been consistently meeting my step goal without having to actively exercise, so that's something!

Celebrate Chris' 31st Birthday!
Definitely did this! We had a low-key night at home, but I cooked some of his favorite things, which was what he really wanted. And then his Mama cooked him another really good meal the following week...that's how we celebrate around here, with good food!

Celebrate Trystan & Dexter's Birthdays!
My sister and nephew both had birthdays this month, so we celebrated that too of course.
For Trystan's you've probably already read about how us three sisters went out for dinner and to see Mary Chapin Carpenter and then we sent Dexter's birthday present for him to open :)

Work on Christmas Shopping
I've only purchased the three gifts I mentioned in September's post, but I have researched and thought of some more. I've got a list started and I'm excited to pick things up as the next few months come!

Plan a Getaway for October
We don't have any firm plans yet, but Chris and I have talked about a few possibilities of things we might like to do if the timing works out and money of course!

Take Outfit Photos at Least Once
We definitely did this! My mom and I got together and shot this athleisure look as well as another you'll see in October.

October's Goals:
Hit 50,000 Steps Per Week
I've been doing this pretty consistently and would like to keep it up, and hopefully surpass it!

Take Another Round of Outfit Photos
My outfit posts are slowly and surely become some of my favorites on my blog, especially when I pair them with other information (the atheleisure outfit I posted above also talked about 5 Ways to be More Active this Fall).

Purchase New Fall Plants and Re-Do my Front Porch
This is sort of pending on whether or not our porch and front door gets painted early or late in the month, but I definitely want to get some Fall plants in my pots to replace the summer ones and when it cools down a bit, I would love to purchase some pumpkins and decorate our front porch!

Get the Downstairs Painted
This has been a goal in my mind alllll summer long, but now I have plans for that room, so I need to get the walls painted so we can put down some flooring.
It shouldn't be difficult, it's just something I've been putting off.

Hit 950 on Instagram
Y'all, I have been trying so incredibly hard to get over the 930 follower hump on my Instagram for Southern & Style, but I'm struggling so much!
The algorithm sucks, and I've heard other bloggers talking about potential "shadow-banning", but I don't know if that's what has happened to me. I just want people that would like my content to be able to see it!

I think that's plenty of goals for October...let me know below what you want to accomplish this month!

Until next time. . .


  1. I need to get some fall plants and redo my patio as well! and I am totally already christmas shopping too :) I hear you on the insta struggle... have a great week!

  2. I am trying so hard to do more outfit posts too! Congrats on reaching all those goals! Here's to October!

  3. I'm definitely with you on having a step goal! It's so important to stay active and moving around :)

  4. I loved reading your goals. Yep you hit on quite a few I should be doing myself =)

  5. Good luck with your goals in October! It seems like you have been super active with your step goal, that is awesome!

  6. I'm trying to be more active too - maybe I need a step goal for myself this month!

  7. Your goals actually inspired me to set some of my own, I've been dragging to get a new fitness tracker, I think that's my number one priority for October,

  8. I hope you're able to get that trip planned! Which places are at the top of your list?

  9. Great goals! I am working on christmas shopping too!

  10. Loved reading about all of your goals, you go girl!

  11. Just followed you on Insta--good luck with your goal (YOU GOT THIS!) And I love the 50,000 steps a week goal! Very impressive :)

  12. I totally love this and great to read!!

  13. Such a great read!! I am so ready for christmas lol!

  14. Life happens. Meeting exercise goals can be really hard, especially if you focus a lot on them. Sometimes, just moving around is just what you need! Maybe try upping your steps 250-500 a month to increase movement if you end up not making it to the gym!

  15. Great goals! I really need to up my exercise this next month!

  16. I love that you have a step goal! I just bought a FitBit and I'm kinda addicted! haha
    Tori || Victori Media

  17. best of luck w/ your goals! I have a list of to-do's for the month & getting fall flowers is on it toooo. x, nicole //

  18. Good luck with all of your goals this month! I know you'll rock them.


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