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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.24]

Hey y'all!
Hope this week's post finds you all well, especially considering these hurricanes that have been battering the southern portions of the United States and many islands in the Caribbean, Atlantic, etc.
Maybe these ten will help you take your mind off all the chaos in the world, if only for a minute or two. 😊
So since Hurricane Irma decided to make her way up to Alabama, yesterday was definitely an inside day.
My mom and sister, Julie, came over and we canned a ton of tomatoes so we can have tomato soup this winter 🙌🍅
The power did go out for a little while, right in the middle of the process-but it didn't last too long, so we were fortunately able to finish!
 Forrest also got to enjoy being inside yesterday (that never happens, he only comes in at night!)
This was him studying me while I was eating a pop-tart after the tomato canning was over, he's just a handsome boy!

If you're from Alabama you might have seen Jake Pratt from Vestavia High School, he's a football player who just happens to also have Down Syndrome.
He was given the opportunity to attend the Auburn vs. Clemson game and met Coach Dabo Swinny-the moment was honestly incredible, you've got to watch it!

I've been obsessively watching Tori Sterling's vlogs on YouTube lately (she makes me want to workout and eat healthy ALL the time!) and she drinks Kombucha constantly.
I started reading up on it's benefits and when I saw it on sale at Target, I picked up this flavor just to see if it was any good and y'all-I'm obsessed.
It makes my stomach feel so much better, I'll definitely be getting it more often!
Do you drink Kombucha?

Everyone has been talking about Hurricane's (Harvey, Irma, upcoming Jose, and more) and this article is a good read about How Zoos and Aquariums Handle Hurricanes.

If you haven't checked out the blog since last week's Ten on Tuesday then you missed out on some really fun content!
On Wednesday I linked up with two other bloggers to share my favorite fall drink, which just happens to be an awesome recipe for Spiked Caramel Apple Cider-highly recommend.
And then on Saturday I had my second style post go up on the blog where I chatted with y'all about white after labor day & my take on florals for Fall (especially in the South!)
Check them out and leave me some feedback on both-I want to know what y'all want to see more of on Southern & Style!

Tory Burch has new Fall arrivals & I'm craving them all, just like I'm craving cooler temperatures.
These pearl earrings are the perfect mix of classic and current.
This gorgeous pitcher, it would be stunning with late hydrangeas in it!
And of course, everyone needs a statement shoe for Fall.

I've been following Zelle, from A Southern Style Blog since just after I started blogging & I've always loved keeping up with her life & her adventures & her style.
Recently, she opened a boutique in Wilmington-ZIA Boutique!
Of course I follow her shop on Insta and I saw the cutest pumpkins ever in her store-I wish I was local so I could snag them myself, especially the "ginger jar" painted ones!
 They are seriously adorable-if you're local you need to get you some pretty painted pumpkins!

Exciting new buy: my new sunglasses!
I am so hard on sunglasses, I was wearing my trusty Costa's until I popped the lens out when I dropped them on Thursday...sadly I couldn't get the screw out to try to put my lens back in so until I can get them fixed, I had to find an alternative...and I kinda love my alternative & they are more affordable!

Two recipes I tested this past week: Eggroll in a Bowl-this went over really, really well at our house because we love Chinese food! I made some fried rice on the side & we added some Yum-Yum sauce, it was a winner!
Saturday was such a "Fall" feeling day, the weather was so nice and we worked calves that morning & I spent time outside cutting grass, it was just a nice day. So that night I made chili, using this recipe from Publix (except I used beef ;) Chili is one of my Fall & Winter comfort foods, for sure!

In regards to the hurricanes that have hit the United States lately, because I know people are always looking for a way to give...
Lilly Pulitzer has released a Lilly Loves Florida tee that donates 100% of the net proceeds to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief.
There is also a Lilly Loves Texas version for Harvey victims as well.

Until next time. . .


  1. I've always wanted to try Kombucha and this post might have just motivated me to go out and get some! XO, Nicole //

  2. mmm love me some kombucha! haven't tried that flavor though! Sorry you got impacted by irma too!

  3. I drink a kombucha every day for lunch! I love it!

    Glad you're safe after Irma- seriously, how crazy are these hurricanes?!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  4. Love reading these posts! I'm glad you're safe from the hurricane- all of these hurricanes are insane. And that story about Jake Pratt is awesome. <3

  5. Such cute pumpkins! These hurricanes need to chill!

  6. Everything at Zia boutique looks so cute! I love the painted pumpkins. I've never tried canning but a co-worker spent the weekend doing it so I may need some lessons.

  7. The egg roll in a bowl literally made my mouth water. Also I love those painted pumpkins!

  8. Those pumpkins are so pretty! I've heard of Kombucha but never tried it!

  9. Glad that you guys were safe during Irma and that your power didn't go out for too long! :) I love watching Tori Sterling on YouTube too - she actually lives in our area!

    Kristen |

  10. I've tried 'Kombucha' but it just isn't my thing... maybe I haven't had the right one?

  11. That tomato soup sounds amazing! I want to make some soups this fall and winter.

  12. I am addicted to Kombucha. Everywhere I go I find new brands to try. I even found one brewed in my hometown.

  13. I love that you can your own tomatoes! Great idea!

  14. Love this post!!! I really want to try Kombucha!!! Have a lovely day
    Mónica Sors

  15. I love vloggers who make me want to eat healthy! So glad that you were okay during Irma!

  16. I keep seeing kombucha everywhere but I'm scared to try it out. The health benefits though do seem pretty great. Maybe I'll give that flavor a try.

  17. Those pumpkins are so cute!! I want them!


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