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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.22]

Hey y'all!
Happy Tuesday-I hope your week is off to a great start & that you're enjoying the end of August as much as I am.
Let's jump into this week's Ten. . .

 Lately I've been absolutely loving taking walks a couple of days per week.
My goal for this month was five days each week, and while that might have been a little ambitious, I have been moving a lot more which was the main goal.
Just the other day I decided to take Forrest with me, he's a pretty good walking buddy.
We live in town, so I leashed him up & we headed down past my old high school (which is now an elementary school) and took Forrest for his first trip over the catwalk-which still kind of freaks me out to be honest.
Once we got closer to the house, I let Forrest off of his leash and he was so much happier!
He's great at walking on his leash, but if he had to choose he would just walk with me without the leash.

All of the reports coming out of Texas with Hurricane Harvey are just heart-breaking.
If you want to help, here is a list of how you can help!

If you missed last Saturday's post, it's a recap of our trip to Nashville and I share all the fun stuff we did while we were there!

I can't believe I didn't make this #1, but have you checked out the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale yet?!
I've browsed around the website several times already (the sale lasts until Wednesday night!)
and purchased this dress in the print Hey Bay Bay! which is the only thing I was really looking for, but I'm sure I'll keep checking back to see what the restocks are until the end of the sale!

Get excited for Fall because according to this article, the leaves are going to be beautiful this year! 🍂🍁

Since Target's carrying this new cookie...I know what I'll be snacking on!

If anyone has about 7 million dollars just laying around, I'd love to borrow it to purchase this gorgeous historic home in Savannah-that back porch is amazing!

Okay, call me Fall obsessed-but if you love traveling when the weather is just right in the Fall, check out this list of perfect mountain towns to visit-#1 is on my list!

We're having our yard worked on and our house painted in the next few weeks & I couldn't be more excited! I'm going to work with the guy that's doing it for us to pick out some new plants to put in and I've got my September gardening checklist all made out.

Since our house is kind of old, there is next to no storage-especially closets.
My husband has both of the closets in our master bedroom, so I've been using the small closet in our guest room...but y'all-it's just not big enough, since I grew up with a walk-in closet!
I did some re-arranging and one of the new additions is this clothing rack for my t-shirts and long-sleeve shirts.
I'm thinking about doing a post about organizing small spaces, so if you'd like to see something like that please let me know!

Well, that's all for this week-check back with me on Saturday for a fun post!

Until next time. . . 


  1. I was our leaves changed here. I can't wait to live where I can experience seasons! Your pup is so cute too!

  2. oh, some of these sounds so awesome! especially taking more walks with your pup and that cookie!

  3. Ok, loving your top 10 list! I need to do some organizing on my t-shirts!

  4. Enjoy all the walks with your pup! My little guy is SO difficult to walk right now (he's just a baby!) but I love adventuring with him.

    I love that burgundy top! I really want to visit Nashville for 10,000 reasons – now I have 10,001 reasons!

    xoxo, Paige

  5. I can't wait to see the leaves change either! So excited!

    xoxo, Candice

  6. Forrest is so adorable! And I have got to try those cookies. Lovely post!

  7. Such an adorable puppy! I can't wait for the leaves to change, in fact I'm hoping that they'll be beautiful because my wedding is in October!

  8. I wish I could take my fur baby off the leash. She's a notorious bolter and runs away any chance she gets! Love this post!

    Greta |

  9. My apartment doesn't have enough closet space either, I would love to read your tips for organizing small spaces. My pup and I also love to take walks, I feel so much happier when I get outside and get moving!

  10. The After Party Sale was so good this year! I am kicking myself in the butt for not picking up anything in the Hey Bay Bay print!
    Amy | Pastel N Pink

  11. LOL I'm so glad to hear me and my husband aren't the only ones using ALL the closet space in our house! My husband and I each have 3 closets in our house and it's seriously getting embarrassing at this point!

  12. I'm going to Nashville at the end of the month! Can't wait to check out your post to see what I should do!

  13. The leaves are already starting to change here and it's giving me all the warm and fuzzy fall feels! I'd totally love to see posts about organizing small spaces. We don't have much room where we live.

  14. Can't wait until the leaves start changing colors here either! And that house in Savannah is gorgeous!

  15. def checking out that mountain travel guide! and your dog is so friggin cute


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