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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.18]

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Happy First of August! I know I seem to say this every single week, but I still cannot believe how quickly this summer has flown by-it seems as though May just got here yesterday!
Is there anything better in the summertime than a light, fresh salad as a light lunch or snack? I think not!
I cut up fresh garden-grown tomatoes & seasoned them lightly with Greek seasoning, topped that with feta cheese, fresh greens, walnuts, and dried cranberries-no dressing needed, this salad was already packed with flavor!

The official countdown is on until we leave for Nashville & I couldn't be more excited!
I can't wait to visit some of our favorites (mentioned here in my Nashville Travel Guide) and find some new faves as well! If you have any suggestions for Nashville-please leave them below, I'm always looking for new places to eat, visit, etc.

I have a new guilty's Pretty Little Liars!
I tried to watch the show back when it started on TV & I just couldn't get into it-it was creepy & I honestly didn't watch too much TV in high school.
But now that it's on Netflix & I can have it on while I'm folding laundry, putting away dishes, etc. I love it!
I've also been watching Chicago Justice and Nashville on Hulu, since I wrapped up the current seasons of Heartland & Blue Bloods!

Have you checked out last Saturday's post?
It was my Summer Book Review & I shared the four books I've been reading since my Spring Book Review and I really liked all of them, for different reasons.
I can't wait to finish the one I'm currently reading and I just ordered this one from Amazon.

That's good news for me because as it gets cooler outside here in Alabama (the past two days have felt like pre-Fall & I'm so excited!) I'm going to start walking at our park and in our neighborhood again.

After taking a many-month-long hiatus from the Target Beauty Box I finally picked up the August edition because I was planning on purchasing the deodorant that comes in it anyway for $4 and the box was only $7.
I have loved getting these in the past & I highly suggest picking this one up-it looks like it's got a lot of great goodies inside!

If you're as excited as I am about the upcoming Fall, check out these 15 quotes to get you into the Fall spirit!

Emily just wrote a great post on Creative Ways to Save Money for Travel and I absolutely love her ideas, especially since we're getting into the cooler months, which is my favorite time of the year to travel!

I was really, really bad with my June Goals and I never even attempted a July I'm thinking I really need to start fresh with an August Goal list for this Saturday's post...what do y'all think?
The things I did accomplish for my June Goals?
-I did work on a Shutterfly book, but I want it to be perfect & not rushed, so I'm taking my time working on it.
-I did increase my instagram following, but I'm not quite at 950 yet! 
-I did enjoy my birthday month & celebrating birthdays for my mom & sister, and Father's Day with my daddy as well!

One of my parent's sweet neighbors brought them a sack of home-grown peaches & y'all best bet that I brought some of those babies home with me.
I had one last night & they are the juiciest, sweetest peaches-I'm obsessed & think they would be amazing in some ice cream!

Well that's all for this week-hope you enjoyed!
Let me know below what you're up to this week :)

Until next time. . .


  1. Sounds like an awesome week! Super pumped to learn that walking can be better than running because I love to walk but let me tell you running is not my thing. I danced for 15 years and that was not kind to my joints. I'm leaving for a family vacation to Disney World this week and I am so excited!


  2. Goodness! 1. That salad looks amazing. 2. The peaches are gorgeous. 3.I'm so glad that walking is better than running. I hate running. haha

  3. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone by either. But I'm so excited for fall- it's my most fav season!!

  4. My garden is finally putting out veggies and I can't wait to have enough for a tasty salad! And I had no idea Target had a subscription box - def checking it out!

  5. Okay, when you're done with PLL, we gotta discuss it ;) I looooove it! Also my guilty pleasure ;P

  6. Sounds like you had an awesome week! I've never visited Nashville, but I've always wanted to. And I really want to read Big Little Lies after watching the series on HBO! I'll have to read your review!

  7. Food is one of my favorite things. Those peaches and salad look amazing!

    Jennifer |

  8. I love Pretty Little Liars! I'm so sad it's over :(

  9. You're right, summer is flying by ! I read Big little Lies, head to that post to read your review!

  10. Those peaches look delicious! I hope you have a great time in Nashville, I visited about five years ago and loved it!

  11. All I got from this is that I can stop running Hahahaha. YAS!!! ;) I am so jealous about your Nashville trip! We had a trip planned for the weekend of the solar eclipse...until we found out that EVERYONE was going so we cancelled haha!

  12. Love summer salads for lunch! Nothing better on a hot day.

    Tori || Victori Media

  13. Those peaches and salad look amazing!

  14. This series is so cute! Also I love Big Little Lies, such a great summer show!


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