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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Tips for Gift Registration

Happy Wedding Wednesday, y'all!

This is another edition of my Wedding Bells series & I'm so excited to share with y'all some of my favorite tips for registering for those wedding gifts that newlyweds are typically showered with.

I actually had a bridal luncheon a few weekends ago, given by my amazing maid of honor & her mother in law.
It was beautiful & I cannot wait to get all the pictures downloaded to my laptop & share them with y'all!

Showers are so much fun, both to attend & be given. . . but the registering for the gifts part can be SO annoying, especially when your fiance' is less than happy about going ;)

Before You Register:

Take stock of your kitchen/linen closets/etc. 
This is especially important if both of you already have apartments or homes, you may already have 2 of some things. You don't want to register for even more of the same thing!

Plan where you're going to go
This may be another obvious thing, but you don't want to be in disagreement about which stores you're going to register at, or how many, before you even get there.

Eat before you go
Men get cranky when they have to go shopping, it's just a fact of life.
They get less cranky if you feed them.
Also, bring snacks & a water if you're going to be going to multiple stores.

Make a game plan
I'm not talking about printing a map of Target out and drawing X's & O's on it.
Just know the layout of your store & decide how you're going to tackle it.
Our method was choosing what we least liked (bathroom stuff & linens) and doing that first, saving the fun stuff (kitchen stuff!) for last.

Make decisions before you go!
I stress this one the most because if not, you're going to be sitting in Bed Bath & Beyond with a guy named Walter for 45 minutes trying to decide if you want to register for any silver or china before you even get into the store.
((We opted to forgo china because I'm getting my grandmothers!))

During the Registering Process:

Take your time
You don't want to make it 3/4 of the way through the store & quit because you're bickering or tired.
Take your time & be patient.
If you have to stop and come back another day, don't sweat it!

Register for anything you might need or want
This registry is for your wedding guests to see, sure.
But in the end, you're going to have lots of unpurchased things and that's okay!
All of the stores we're registered with offer a 15-20% off of any of our leftover registry items after our big day, so if there is anything that we really wanted that we didn't get, we can come back and buy them ourselves with gift cards & money!

Let him hold the clicker
Just do it. He'll think it's fun & it'll keep him engaged for a little bit longer ;)

Accept the help from the store employees
Chances are, they've seen couples like you...probably several times a week.
They know what most people register for & more importantly, they know what people like to buy.
Listen to their wisdom :)

Register for out-of-the-box items
If you're just not into china and silver, or if you have 14 sets of towels already why don't you register for some cool camping gear, a tv, or even board games (my personal favorite item on our Target registry!)

Post-Registering for Gifts:

Do go online & check your registry
I love telling this story.
My fiance' and I were in Bed Bath & Beyond...he was going wild with the clicker & accidentally registered for 188 grill pans.
Do we need that many grill pans? Nope.
Luckily, I checked online & managed to take them off so no one had to see our accident, but it's still a funny story!
In all seriousness, those scanners do mess up & sometimes they don't put in the item at all or put in too many. It's important to edit it online!

Do add things as you go on
There is always a better selection online, I highly suggest you fill in the gaps online in your spare time.
Also, I attended a wedding shower last weekend and saw some cute items I wanted to add to my I hopped online & did it!

Additional Tips:

Honey Fund is a great website to register for your honeymoon, for the couple that has everything & just wants a great vacation, this is the ticket!

This article by Taylor Bradford has a printable list of everything that you need to register for.
Even if you aren't just starting out, there are some great ideas on there to get you started!

My Favorite Registry Items:

Our favorite Mexican restaurant uses Fiesta dinnerware in every color & I love how it looks, so when we decided not to do traditional china, I decided I wanted new plates.
Fiesta-ware comes in such fun colors & I can't wait to see how colorful our table is going to get :)

This is kind of cheating, because I didn't register for this...I know I'm getting it, so I didn't add it.
But I did register for some of the attachments & I cannot wait to use it!

This is one thing that every kitchen needs, but most people overlook it.
Good knives are essential to being able to prep things easily, having the right knife for the job makes things so much better! I also like that the block I linked has kitchen sheers too, those are great to have handy.

I am in a love affair with this blender.
I have a pretty decent one now, if I just want to make shakes or something easy like that, but I want something that has some power behind it.
Even if no one buys us this, I know Chris and I will be using our discount and getting it for ourselves ;)

Once again, I'm kind of leaving y'all hanging.
There isn't one specific piece of decor that I really loved above anything else, but I'm a huge fan of having decor pieces to change around with the seasons & just when I get bored.
Decorating our house is definitely my side-job ;)
Bed Bath & Beyond has a great online selection of decor (so does Target) that you can register for.
But honestly, some of my favorite decor finds that I've given as shower gifts have been from TJ Maxx & Hobby Lobby!

I know this was a long post, thank y'all so much for bearing with me!
I hope you learned a little something & that this was helpful for anyone who is either registering for a wedding or is buying a wedding gift any time soon!

Until next time. . .



  1. Great tips! It'll be awhile before I get married, but aren't weddings just so much fun? Great post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Even if you aren't getting married right away, it's always fun to think about and plan :)

      xoxo, SS

  2. When we registered, we thought we were so well prepared. Then we got there and totally got overwhelmed! It was so nice to have the online registration to fix our wacky decisions later!

    1. I totally understand, it sounded so easy until we actually got there!

      xoxo, SS

  3. Great tips! I definitely think having a plan is key, registering for any event can be so over-whelming
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    1. You're so right! Thanks for stopping by :)

      xoxo, SS

  4. Just shared this post with my best friend who is getting married soon! Love this!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass


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