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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summer Class Survival

This summer has been one of the busiest of my entire life, with the wedding, my birthday, etc.

This month I've been taking two summer classes.
They meet twice a week & are two hours a piece...y'all, it's a struggle!

I wanted to gather up a few of my "must-have's" for my summer classes, because without them I wouldn't make it!

Just because you're in class when you really should be at the beach or at the pool, doesn't mean you have to carry a lame backpack.
Because it's summer I use one notebook for both classes & I don't really have to carry any books to class.
The Lilly Pulitzer cooler totes are perfect for carrying all of my essentials in a cute way
plus it transitions to a pool or beach bag really easily!

My planner never leaves my side, it's from Erin Condren & I'm obsessed with how organized it keeps me, it makes it super easy to balance assignments, blogging, anything that Chris has going on, etc.
My Papermate Flair pens are also a must, they're perfect for color coding in my planner and making my notes a little bit more fun to take!

It's always freaking freezing in the building that my classes are in, but I can't wear sweatpants or anything like that to class because it's almost 100 degrees outside.
I just stash this comfy, oversized Fraternity Collection sweatshirt in my bag and pull it out when I get inside. It keeps me from freezing to death. :)

Snacks & water are also a must when you don't get out of class until 2 PM.
There's no time for lunch, so you have to get your protein fix somehow!
I keep a Yeti tumbler (which keeps my drink cold the entire day!) and I keep trailmix (usually I make my own, but this kind from Publix is okay too!) JIF to go is also a quick snack that I can eat on my break between classes!

EOS & my phone are also little must-haves :)

I keep my outfits for class really low key, especially since I typically go run errands after class & I just want to be as comfy as possible.
Norts (monogrammed of course), chacos (which are super comfortable for long walks to class..and long walks shopping after!), and comfy tank tops like this one from Kiss My Southern Sass-it says Buck Wild on the front, super easy to toss on-these are all musts!

That tank is available in size large on the website & you can use the code KMSSJSU to save on your purchase!

Having a super easy outfit is perfect for busy days like these & even though I might not be the cutest girl in class, I know that I'm the most comfortable :)

The most important thing to remember about summer classes is that they really do fly by.

Pay attention, do the readings, and study for your tests!
Stay hydrated, bring snacks, & make sure you give your phone number to someone in the class so that in case you have to miss, you'll be able to catch up :)

Until next time. . .



  1. The LP totes are so cute + bright!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. I absolutely love them, I have way too many!

      xoxo, SS

  2. Girl, we have the same necessities! I do not miss summer classes one bit. Hope you're enjoying your summer, despite the classes!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

    1. This should be my last summer taking them, so I'm enjoying that at least ;)

      xoxo, SS

  3. Love it! A nice big tote is always an essential for classes.


    1. Totally! Especially when you have as many "essentials" as I do! lol

      xoxo, SS


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