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Saturday, September 5, 2015

August Favorites

Hey y'all!
Can you believe that it's already September?
It feels like it was just yesterday that I was counting down the days until my wedding that was in May!

August was such a fun, busy month. I spent it soaking up what was left of my summer by going to the beach with my family and spending as much time with my new husband as I possibly could.

Now I'm headed back to school and I start my second practicum experience (semi-student teaching!) at the end of this month, so I know that's going to take over my life soon!

I just wanted to share a few things that I couldn't get enough of this month...

Carmex has literally been a lip-saver this month!
After coming back from the beach my lips were super dried out, I saw this baby sitting on my husband's dresser and fell in love.
It kind of burns your lips for a second when you put it on, but then it's so glossy and soothing.
I usually wear it at night after I take my shower, before I head to bed.

Sally Hansen's Air Brush Legs (which Influenster sent me to test out) has quickly become a fave for this month. I wore this for a dinner that my husband and I had to go to as well as a date night out (pictured above!)
It gives me just enough color, which is super helpful since I've kind of sworn off tanning.
It goes on really smoothly and comes off easily with water and soap (but didn't rub off onto my clothes!)

Another favorite in this picture are my Corral Boots!

These were my wedding boots and I absolutely love them. They are so comfortable and just gorgeous.
The bone color of the detailing is so feminine and the leather is very worn-in and rustic.
I can't wait to wear them a lot this fall!
 A beauty favorite of mine this month is one that I reviewed in this blog post last February.
I ran out of my Say Yes! to Carrots moisturizer and I reached into my stash and re-discovered the Insta Nautral Vitamin C Moisturizer.
It's got the perfect consistency, almost watery, but it absorbs so well and really soaks your skin with moisture.

After being out in the sun all day, it's just what my skin needs!

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned my Yeti Rambler (30 oz) on this here blog, heck it might have even been in my last favorites post. But that just goes to show you how often I turn to it!

I rotate between this cup, my Tervis, and my Lilly insulated tumbler but by far the Yeti Rambler works the best.
It keeps ice all day long and having ice cold water on hand makes me want to drink it even more.

Plus, Chris just brought me a new one home which means I'll be looking for a new monogram sticker...where should I get one?!

This favorite is kind of random (& a lot harder to track down on the internet than I thought it would be!)
but it's my candle warmer!
I bought mine from Bed, Bath, & Beyond a realllly long time ago, but I linked a similar one from Amazon for y'all.
What I love about these candle warmers is that I can use up allllll of a candle.
Instead of having to toss out those jars with an inch or two of wax left and no wick, I just stick it on this warmer and it melts the wax (kind of like a Scentsy!)
My two food favorites of the month are two that I took with me on the roadtrip to Panama City with my sister. . .
Boom Chicka Pop Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn is so, so good.
I picked it up at Target & I was satisfied with the flavor and the amount that you get for only 70 calories!
It's a snack that will be easy for me to portion out into bags for school.

My second favorite are these Samoa dupes, the Coconut Dreams cookies by Keebler!
I don't like coconut. I actually hate it. But these cookies, when it's combined with caramel and chocolate-it's delish!
They aren't a healthy alternative like my first snack, but they are a great treat for dessert.

This Tazo Chai tea has been an absolute fave this month.
On mornings when I don't get up with Chris and cook him breakfast (which includes coffee), I just don't see the need in fixing any for just myself.
This tea doesn't take too long to steep and the flavor is amazing. Sometimes I add just a little bit of Sweet Cream creamer for a little extra-well creaminess!
(You can get this at Publix for sure, but probably any grocery store!)

My favorite song of the month came late in the month, it's Chris Jansen's newest single and I absolutely love it. It's the perfect end-of-summer anthem.
My favorite part of course is the part about a Yeti 110 iced down with some silver bullets :)

I hope y'all enjoyed this little gathering of all of my favorites for the month.
Look forward to some great content this month, I've already got several things in the works :)

Until next time. . . 


  1. Wow! Those boots are outstanding!!! Happy weekend!
    Red Reticule

  2. Replies
    1. This was my first time trying it and I'm obsessed with it now, so tasty!

      xoxo, SS

  3. I've heard SO many good things about Sally Hansen's Air Brush Legs! I need to try!


    P.S. Thanks for always leaving the sweetest comments on my blog! Means so much! Keep up the great work on your blog!

    1. Thank you so much! You are definitely a blogger that I look up to so it means so much to have you reading & leaving sweet comments on my posts :)

      xoxo, SS


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