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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Empties (May 2016)

It's been just a few months since I've shared my empties with y'all & I've been using a little bit of everything up.   
In this post, I'll let you know if I would recommend you buying it or not and letting you know if I had any thoughts about the products!

Let's just jump right in!

Equate One Daily Women's Health Vitamin
These were alright vitamins (I'm a big believer in taking a daily vitamin), but I've moved on now to a more grown up version...the gummy vitamin!
These are great if you want to save a couple of bucks and still want a vitamin though.

Dial Gold Antibacterial Hand Soap
This soap is a buy for you if you just want a plain-jane hand soap for your bathroom.
Since I've tried out the Bath & Body Works soaps, this one just doesn't do it for me.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte+Poreless Foundation (Foil Packet)
I had two of these to try out in the colors Classic Ivory and Natural Beige.
I really enjoyed these samples, the foundation went on smoothly and lasted a very long time.
A little bit also went a long way which I like-totally would recommend!

Kenra Platinum Revive Conditioner
I was able to try this entire Kenra Platinum system out and I loved how the conditioner made my hair feel.
I would totally repurchase this in the future (if I ever get tired of trying out new hair products!)

Bath & Body Works Pink Grapefruit Foaming Hand Soap
I'm a sucker for citrus scents, especially in a hand soap.
This one smelled so clean and fresh, I loved having it in my guest bathroom for spring and would recommend you picking it up if you see it at B&BW!

CHI Infra Texture Hair Spray
I'm a huge fan of CHI products (& I'll be searching my TJ Maxx high and low to repurchase this hair spray). I loved that this didn't make my hair husband even liked to use it!

Kenra Platinum Revive Shampoo
As much as I liked the conditioner, I also really enjoyed the shampoo from Kenra.
I would once again repurchase this if I ever get tired of trying out new hair products!

Nature Made Biotin Vitamins
I take a daily vitamin, but on top of that I take Biotin daily because it really does seem to make my hair and nails grow quickly.
I would've repurchased those vitamins, but there was a gummy you know which one I went with!

Bath & Body Works Italy "Espresso Cafe" Candle
I cannot express how happy I am to see this candle go.
It is NOT a coffee scent, it's more of a chocolate scent & I hate it.
I burned it because I didn't want to waste it, but I definitely won't recommend it and won't buy it again.

Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummy Vitamins
Y'all know by now that I love me some gummy vitamins.
These are the probiotic ones that my husband and I both take daily to keep us feeling good!
10/10 would recommend!

Bath & Body Works London "Tea and Lemon" Candle
For as much as I hated the Italy candle, I love, love, love the London candle!
The tea scent is so true and I love that it is not too overpowering.
I've already repurchased and am tempted to buy another backup because it's that good!

Clean & Clear Essentials Deep Cleaning Toner
I've had this in my linen closet for a long time and just decided to finally use it up.
It's a nice toner, but a little bit too harsh for my skin, even if it is for sensitive skin.
I need a new toner, but I don't think I'll rebuy this one!

DG Health Fabric Adhesive Bandages
If you think all bandaids are created equal, you would be wrong.
I prefer fabric bandages because they aren't so stiff, but I hated these from Dollar General.
My advice? Spring for the Band-Aid brand ones, they'll actually stick and stay stuck

Simple Cleansing Wipes
These came in a Beauty Box, and while I like the scent and the softness of the wipes they just weren't moist enough.
I won't buy them.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes
I don't have to tell y'all how much I love these wipes.
Sometimes I go to other brands, but I always come back to this one!

TopCare Cotton Swabs
These are a must in any bathroom, in my opinion.
I use them with my makeup, to clean out my ears, to clean up the edges of my lipstick, etc.
I will buy these, and if not these, then some kind of swabs again.

Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Creamy Body Wash
As y'all can probably tell, I'm trying to use up all the little odd bottles of body wash, etc. that I have laying around.
I had just a few washes left in this old bottle and I used it up before tossing it.
This is a classic B&BW scent, so if I run out of body wash any time soon I would definitely pick this up!

Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip
Sometimes I get lucky and I get cool samples like this in my magazines.
I love these pore strips, they work so well and when I run out I'll be picking some more up!

Bath & Body Works Secret Wonderland Shower Gel
This stuff smells really good and the scent lasts a really long time.
I prefer this for winter time because it's a really strong scent, but I would totally recommend picking this one up!

Publix Regular Nail Polish Remover
I'm pretty sure I picked this up on vacation, but it has definitely done it's job.
If I didn't have two other polish removers on hand I would buy this one-it was pretty good!

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Gel in Flirty Mango
I love using this brand of shave gel, no matter the scent.
I've tried lots of others and this one is just the best.
I'll continue buying it until I find something better!

Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa Lay it On Thick Shower Cream
I only had a few washes left in this bottle, it was pretty old.
I may have liked it when I first got it, but reusing it now I wasn't a fan.
The shea butter scent was too "natural" for me.
I won't buy this again.

Off Brand Beauty Blender
I got this imitation beauty blender in my stocking and used it until it was pretty gross.
It was pretty hard and now that I've used an imitation beauty blender that is closer to the real thing, I know I won't buy this one again.

Love My Nails Hardener & Strengthener
This is super old and it was just time to finally let it go.
I've graduated to more adult top coats that do a better job than this one.
I won't buy this again.

Chapstick in Classic Cherry
This is a must in my purse because I can apply it over lipstick without my lipstick coming off on my lip balm (because it's pink!)
I will always keep a tube of this on hand!

Marc Anthony Morocco Hair Spray
I'll just be honest and tell y'all from the start that I didn't use this up because I didn't like it.
I did pass it on to my hubby who used it up and said it was fine (he didn't mind the scent).

Revlon Colorstay Foundation
It's been a little while since I used this up, but I do remember that I really enjoyed it.
I didn't repurchase because my sister gave me a foundation to use that she didn't like, but I will probably buy it again when I finish my current one up!

Kimmel Stay Matte Primer
Every time I finish one of these up I think I don't need another one.
But then for some reason or other I pick one up and remember how much I love it.
I'm going to beat myself to the chase and just buy one next time I'm at Target!

Have y'all tried out any of these products?
Let me know what you think of them below-or if you have any favorites that I should try out!

Until next time. . .



  1. What a great review of beauty items for the month of May!! Nature Made vitamins are the best for me (esp since I get blood work done at the doctor's since I am low iron/other minerals)!! :)


  2. I want to try the probiotic gummy vitamins!

  3. whoa, this is a lot of empties!! I recently walked by the bath and body outlet store without even walking in. your candle empties made me a little jealous haha!!

  4. I'm surprised you didn't like the Simple Wipes! They're my favorite because they're not harsh on my skin and have less ingredients that may cause irritation compared to a lot of other makeup remover wipes!

    Great post though!!
    xoxo Olivia


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