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Thursday, November 24, 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: For Her

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Y'all, now that Thanksgiving has passed...I am all about Christmas!

I've already tackled some of my Christmas gifts, but I'm still searching for the perfect ones for a few of my family and friends.

If you're searching for the perfect gift for your mom, sister, daughter, best friend, girl friend, or even your grandmother-this is the gift guide for you!

I included things in all different price ranges & I would be delighted to receive any of these for myself, so I personally think they're all winners ;)
Winter Tote
I tend to like to change my bag at the change of the seasons-especially because during the summer months I tend to carry a cross body bag because carrying a heavy tote in the Southern summers is not my idea of fun.
I love choosing a pretty brown or black leather bag for winter-it's perfect for tucking a scarf into when you enter a warm shop or restaurant as well!

If you have ever been to Disney World or are a Disney fanatic, then you need to try out one of these candles.
They not only smell exactly like your favorite Disney things (think the Floridian and Dole Whips) but are great quality soy candles.
This specific one smells like hazelnut coffee and sweet pastries and cookies!

If you've never smelled Amazing Grace by Philosophy, you're missing out.
Once you smell it, you'll be tempted to keep this set for yourself!
Honestly, my favorite part about gift sets like this one is that you can either give it all as one gift (maybe to your mom or grandma?) or you can break it apart and give one item per person (maybe to your three best friends or sisters?)
This includes a shower gel, eau de toilette, and firming body emulsion & is only $50, but the value is almost $80!

This is the absolute best buy on the entire gift guide, these earrings are less than $10!
They are such a trendy statement and for $10 they could be teacher gifts for your kids teachers, co-worker gifts, Dirty Santa presents, stocking stuffers...or even a little something to treat yourself!

At the end of the day, after you've fed all your guests or been traveling all across the country to celebrate Christmas with all of your family & friends, what you want most is to be cozy!
These slippers are less than $50 & are so, so soft and comfortable.
These even have hard bottoms so they're ideal for stepping outside to take the dog out or check the mail.

These could go along with the slippers above for the ultimate cozy gift!
I love the Christmasy colors & I think it would be adorable to wear these if your family all wears pajamas the night before Christmas...think of the Instagrams!

I've heard this called the teddy bear vest and I understand why, it's like wrapping yourself in a hug!
The color is great & it would be an awesome gift for a girlfriend or daughter...or even a stylish mama!

I am a firm believer in giving killer beauty products as gifts because many times, people love high end beauty but don't want to splurge on themselves.
Tarte has amazing quality brushes & while the ones pictured are from 2016-the updated ones for 2017 are beautiful as well.

I purchased one of these at the Vera Bradley outlet a few months ago and even though we have a massive collection of "couch blankets" this one has become a favorite between both myself and my husband.
It's just the right price to gift as a dirty santa or office Christmas party gift, but would also be awesome to give to anyone on your list.
It comes in more patterns than this one, so be sure to check and see what all is available!

Y'all, this cardigan is so good.
I'm wearing it right now as I put together this post, I wear it almost every day at some point at work.
It's the softest thing you've ever curled up in and worth every single cent that was spent on it.
If I could afford to, I would give this to all of my grandmothers, my mother, my sisters, my neighbors, my veterinarian, people I see at the grocery store.
In all seriousness, I would give this to everyone if I could!

Well y'all, that's it for this Gift Guide for Her!
I hope this helped ease your shopping anxiety, especially since every link takes you straight to that product :)

Keep your eyes peeled for my other Christmas content, coming soon!

Until next time. . .



  1. Loving this guide- and that candle looks like it smells amazing!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. oooh love that st. anne tote, and yes, barefoot dreams cardis are to die for! happy shopping!


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