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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Household Favorites

Hey y'all!

Today I'm bringing y'all a post about something most of us dread and

But this spring-type weather Alabama has been having me wanting to keep everything fresh & sparkling, so I thought y'all might be interested in my tried and true products!

Since getting married and actually having to "keep house" for myself and Chris, I feel like I've come up with a solid list of cleaning items that I absolutely love to use and can't do without.

When I do laundry, I want it to be as quick and easy as possible.
These pods do a really good job of getting our clothes clean (which is a real job if you consider that my husband farms for a living). The pod is just so convenient because there's not any measuring or dripping or leaving puddles of soap all over the place. 

My friend, Paige turned me onto Bar Keeper's Friend stuff and there's a reason why I trust her...her house is literally spotless always, it looks amazing-I wish mine looked half as good as hers!
But this stuff is great for cleaning the top of my stove especially. I just apply it, let it dry, and scrape it off with my razor blade.

If you want to clean your toilet with absolutely zero effort, this is your cleaner.
I can pour this stuff it, wait five or ten minutes and come back and I honestly don't even have to use a brush, it's that clean!
I'm also a big fan of the Lysol Lime & Rust Remover toilet bowl cleaner for those times when we have stubborn stains like hard water buildup, etc. This cleaner knocks that right off with very little effort.

This stuff is amazing for so many different reasons.
I obviously use it to wash my hand-wash dishes with, but I use it to clean my shower/tub combo and I even keep a bottle in my laundry room to get stains out of clothes because nothing works better!

I know this is all items that I swear by...but y'all, I might have an addiction to these, I keep them everywhere!
I literally have one container in the kitchen, one in each bathroom in our house, and I keep them in my classroom as well.
You can use these everywhere and they are great because not only do they clean, but they disinfect (great for teachers to use on desks and doorknobs)
I buy mine in bulk at Sam's Club & they typically come in a couple of different scents...the orange and lemon are my favorites-so fresh!

I buy these in bulk at Sam's Club as well, because I cannot stand a nasty sponge.
I use these at least once a day when I clean our hand-wash dishes (my travel mugs, our stainless steel pots & pans, our nice knives, etc.)
They don't scratch up our stainless steel and they last a really long time, you can just toss them in the dishwasher and air dry them to keep them fresh longer.

This is another item that my friend Paige turned me onto, but these towels are awesome!
I use ours to dry dishes, to dry our hands, to clean the kitchen, to clean mirrors...basically everything.
I just buy them from Target (Amazon also has awesome deals on them) and they're white, you can just bleach them if they start looking dingy or replace them because they're so inexpensive.
I love them because they don't leave lint behind on your dishes, they dry quickly, and they are thin and easy to store.

I try to Swiffer our wood floors at least two times per week, sometimes more.
These sweeper pads catch all of the dust and dirt that seems to magically accumulate all over our house & I love how the Swiffer can get up underneath tables and night stands, it's just a great cleaning tool for in between big sweeping & mopping sessions. 
Pro Tip: Get the lavender scented pads...they smell so light and fresh!

I love the pod form of dishwasher detergent just like I like it for the washing machine, it's so so easy to measure out the right amount and there is no mess.
The cascade brand always gets our dishes clean & has left no residue or weird smell on our dishes like some other brands do.

About a year ago, I went down the rabbit hole on YouTube of watching cleaning videos-it's so weirdly satisfying and motivating!
I discovered this mop on YouTube and was suckered into buying it because I loved how easy it seemed to be to use it.
Y'all-this mop is everything I didn't know I needed!
This particular kit comes with two different bottles for your solution of choice and three washable pads that velcro to the mop.
I keep one bottle with our tile floor cleaner and one mop with our hardwood floor cleaner, and I swap the pads out between mopping the tile & the hardwood as well, but there is always at least one pad in the closet in case we have a mess that needs mopped between washes.

I got this vacuum two years ago for Christmas (that's when you know you're an adult, right?)
But it has held up so, so well even with a Lab that sheds like crazy inside and now a toddler, too.
It truly is really light, the battery lasts long enough for me to vacuum my entire house (upstairs and downstairs), and it's relatively easy to clean too.
The one complaint that I have about it is the hair-wrap situation, because I have very long hair that seems to fall out worse than Forrest's. I have to cut it out of the vacuum pretty regularly.
The next vacuum I purchase will be the Shark that prevents hair wrap-but this one makes me happy until then!

Well, I hope that helped y'all in some way...or maybe at least now you're inspired to clean a little bit?
Let me know below some of your favorite cleaning products!

Until next time. . .


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  1. Okay, love this post! Unlike most, I'm obsessed with cleaning. Bar keeper is my go to! I agree though about the weather, totally making me feel like spring cleaning!


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