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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.11]

Happy Tuesday, y'all!


Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!
Today we celebrate two years of being married, I can't believe that it's been two years-it feels as though we both got married yesterday & that we've been together forever, if that's even possible.

He is my absolute best friend, we don't always get along but it's always easy to make up with him because I know he's the one God made for me.

I'm so happy that we continuously choose each other over and over, he is truly my better half and I love him to pieces!

I have a couple new series beginning on the blog this week that I am SO excited about...
The first is going to be #GoingToTheUpchurch which will be a walk-through of the details leading up to and including our big day-I cannot wait to start sharing them with y'all!

The second series is for Wedding Wednesday (which means I'll be posting three days a week most weeks!) 
For this series I want to share weddings...your weddings!
If you're interested in being interviewed by me and sharing details from your wedding, please leave me a comment with your email or email me at

It doesn't matter if you've been married for years or you just got married last weekend-let me feature you! You'll answer some questions and include some photos from your special day; if you're a blogger I would love to include your social and your blog to promote you (as well as your vendors!)

If you're interested in participating-please let me know!

Y'all, those Memorial Day sales got me and they got me good.
I went shopping with my sister at Belk last Saturday and I walked out with a bag the size of my body and I could've ended up with way more if I hadn't practiced restraint.
I picked up this adorable dress (that bow on the back, though!), these earrings, and this bathing suit.
I really wanted this tote and this hat though!

I smelled a sample of this perfume & now I need want to add it to my collection really badly. 
It's a little warm and a little bit floral, the perfect summer evening scent.

If you like to grill out, but like me-you never know what sides to make, this article can help!
I especially like the idea of the summer succotash and street corn salad-those both make my mouth water!


Some of you already know this (especially if you know me personally), but I sadly won't be returning to the school I've been teaching at for the last year and a half.
I was covering a military leave for a teacher that was already there, so now that he'll be returning in the fall, I'll be leaving CJHS.

I absolutely loved my time there and hope that in due time, I'll be able to return to my CJHS family-until then, I'm on the job hunt and trusting in God's plan that I'll end up right where I'm supposed to be!

Victoria Strader shared this home tour on her blog, saying that she had been obsessed with it and you know what...I fell in love too!
I love how bright and neutral it is; with the fresh, rustic accents-and those pops of blue buffalo check on the pillows!

I'm planning on creating a books that I've read this spring post, hopefully this next week.
But until then, tide yourselves over with Southern Living's "Best New Summer Books of 2017".
I'm adding Young Wives Club and The Shark Club to my Amazon wish list! 

I'm just going to go on and be up front with y'all-I have been terrible with my monthly goals in May!
I think I kind of overestimated how much free time I would have, so I guess I better double down in the month of June and try to get some of my May goals accomplished!

If you love shopping on Amazon as much as I do (I literally just placed an order yeterday!) then you will really love this post about things that are actually cheaper on Amazon than in other stores!

Hope y'all enjoyed this week's roundup-I'm off to go hunt down my husband so we can spend our anniversary together!

Until next time. . .


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  1. I am a teacher, too! Don't worry.. like you said, what is in your plan of life will arrive. You seem bubbly and fun, so any school would be lucky to have you xx


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