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Saturday, July 15, 2017

My #NSale Picks!

Hey y'all!

Today we're talking about the same thing that every other blogger is talking about, yes it's basic, but we're talking about the #NSale aka, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
It's one of my favorite sales of the year (next to the Lilly sales, of course) because you have the opportunity to get so many Fall staples at great prices before the season, instead of after.
Instead of dragging this out into four different posts, I just separated this into four different graphics: Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, and Home.
Shop my favorites from the widgets below each graphic!
Just a heads up, you'll have to actually click on the images in the widget to see the sale prices, for some reason the normal price is the only one showing up :)
This sale is such a good one, I personally picked up the Barefoot Dreams cardigan in Indigo (it feels like you're wearing a blanket) and it is perfect for the mild Alabama winters. I'm also about to purchase the Zella leggings, because I wear leggings all year long and $35 is a great deal!
I also am currently living in Nike Tempo shorts, so $22 is a steal for those-I might need to stock up there too!
Y'all, I could've gone shoe crazy in this sale if I had enough $$$.
My personal favorites are the bootie options and those gorgeous lace up flats, but if you're looking for tall boots-this is the time of year to grab them!

I know I've said this about every category, but I absolutely adore so many things in this section of the sale! Those drop earrings are so trendy and such a great price (they come in four different colors!) and I'm a huge fan of aviators, just at $100-those are an awesome deal and are so classic.

My personal favorite category is home, because I absolutely love decorating our home!
The recipe tin, Mr. & Mrs. mugs, and the address books would all make excellent wedding gifts (yes, you'll still need a paper address book-I promise!)
I am a huge fan of stocking up on Christmas gifts throughout the year, both the UGG blanket and Barefoot Dreams blankets would make awesome gifts.
I personally am a huge fan of the pineapple float ;)

I hope y'all enjoyed my little roundup of my favorite products and pieces from this sale-let me know down below what you purchased on plan on purchasing in the sale!

Until next time. . .


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