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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.19]

Hey y'all & happy Tuesday!
Let's check out today's round-up. . .

Today students in my county reported back to school & it was such a bittersweet day for me.
I wasn't able to find a job this year (I live in a pretty rural area & who knew that it would be so difficult for a history teacher to find a job).
But on the other hand it's a positive because I'll be able to be more involved on the farm & I'm going to be helping out with the event+wedding venue that my aunt & uncle own.
Hey, and this leaves more time for blogging 😉

#8 and #14 are the two that are totally me 😂

I'm really trying to take charge of my health lately, because I know I've gotten so lax in taking care of myself in the eating department.
This article about healthy swaps to get more good carbs in was so interesting!
I was so glad to find out that sourdough bread is a better choice than French bread because it has less of an effect on your blood sugar-yay for my favorite kind of bread!

As part of my August Goals, I want to get in 5 days of exercise each week (as per my FitBit goals!) &  so far this month I've been doing really well. Our neighborhood is super walkable and Forrest (my labrador) usually tags along.
If you're interested, this is the 21-Day walking plan that I'm doing!

I picked up this month's Target Beauty Box and am thinking about doing a review on the blog of it, is that something y'all would like to see?
I've done them in the past here, here, and here!

As we get closer to our Nashville trip (10 days, y'all!) I've been planning my outfits & maybe doing a little lusting over things I wish I could buy for this trip.
-This dress; the embroidery and boho feel scream Nashville to me.
-I have these boots that I'm taking, but I can't help but want these too because I cannot get enough of that fringe!
-My dream weekender bag 😍

I'm obsessed with everything about the Royal Family (isn't everyone?!) 
and when I read this article about why they always carry a second change of clothes with them on every trip I was a bit surprised, but it makes perfect sense.

With school starting back there are tons of teacher wives & moms out there that need quick dinner ideas.
This collection of 30-minute meals will come in clutch for those that need something fast & delicious.
A few of my personal favorites are kabobs and those sheet pan nachos!

One of my very best friends is expecting her first baby (a little girl 🎀) and her baby shower is this weekend!
I am so excited for her & have had so much fun shopping for her, it reminded me of one of the first posts I did on this blog talking about curating the perfect baby shower gift.
If you're looking for what to buy for your friend or co-workers who are expecting, check this post out!

If you're still in college (or about to start!) then check out Dorothy's post on updating her apartment decor, she seriously knows how to put together a small space and make it look like a million bucks!

Until next time. . .

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  1. Would love to see a review of the Target Beauty Box! Sorry it was tough finding a job, but you never know when the right one will pop up <3
    Green Fashionista


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