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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Empties [No.4]

 Happy weekend, y'all!
I'm sharing an Empties post with y'all today (aka, I'm going through my beauty trash & sharing mini reviews of each item!) and I'm excited because these are some of my favorite posts to do and I haven't done one since last October!
There are a ton of items in this post, so I'm just going to jump right in & start sharing. . .
This was a great scrub for a great price, the tub lasts forever!
It smells like maple and left my skin feeling super smooth and soft after use.
I've got a few scrubs to use up, but I will definitely buy this again.
This is an excellent mask for clearing up your skin, unfortunately I just didn't go through this massive tub fast enough and it started to get mold on it so I had to toss it.
They now sell an 8 oz tub, instead of the 16 oz once I have, so I would probably purchase it again in the smaller size.
This is my favorite body butter to apply after showering, it smells amazing-floral and sweet.
I've already got a back up of this stuff because I don't want to be without it ever.
I bought a Burt's Bees gift set after Christmas on a discount and this was a product in that set.
Unfortunately, I didn't love this cleanser. The cream wouldn't really spread around on my face and it has menthol making it almost sting.
I wouldn't really recommend.
Bath & Body Works Kitchen Lemon & Mint Deep Cleansing Hand Soap
I mention another soap from the B&BW "Lemon" line in this post, but this one is not my favorite.
Mint & lemon just don't seem to go together. Plus, the deep cleansing formula isn't my favorite.
I bought this shampoo to combat some of the itchy scalp that I get when I use dry shampoo too often (whoops!), but I didn't really love it. It really does make your scalp tingle, which is fine...until it gets in your eyes. So I'll pass from now on and look for something new.
I bought this with hopes that it would be like the Lemon scented hand soap from the Southern line that B&BW did a few years back, but unfortunately it wasn't. It was still good though, and I liked the clean, lemony scent with the Christmas-y packaging for the Winter season.

This is my all-time favorite lip balm, it smells so good and almost freshens your breath when you use it. Highly recommend this & I can't pick another one up fast enough.
I always keep a lip balm by my bed, by my seat in the living room, in my purse, etc. and so while I did use this one up it just wasn't my favorite flavor. It was just okay.
I love this moisturizer so much. It's so good.
It goes on so smoothly and soaks in immediately.
The smell is citrusy and delicious.
I would definitely consider picking this up again, in the future, especially if I saw it on sale.
This stuff was awful.
The smell was decent, but it didn't smooth my hair or anything at all. It didn't even help make it manageable, much less repair frizz.
Bath & Body Works Holly Jolly Berry Hand Sanitizer
This was another little Christmas gift-y from my mom that I kept on my desk while teaching & then tossed in my purse once I wasn't teaching anymore.
It smelled slightly sweet and clean, I really liked it and would love to get another one again around the Christmas season.
I always try to keep a small size of lotion near my seat in the living room, just in case.
This has been there for a while just because the scent is so strong. It's a musky scent, which I used to love but it's just too much now.
I did use it up, but won't repurchase.
Don't let "snail" in the name fool you, this stuff is really good.
I can't speak for the anti-aging benefits because obviously that's going to take a while to notice, but I did notice how soft and manageable it left my hair feeling which is very important to me.
While not my favorite soap formula, I really enjoyed this scent.
It was super fresh & clean, I loved it for the Fall season into Winter.
Hopefully they'll bring it back this Fall!
I'm trying desperately to use up a ton of my lotions & potions, and this is one of those.
I kept it by my bed and overall I was pretty pleased with it, although the moisture didn't last long on my skin. The scent is a sweet, musky scent that I love-especially for Summer nights.
I love anything lemon (if y'all have been here for a while, you know!) and so when B&BW came out with a ton of "lemon" scents I was so excited.
This one was so good and clean, hopefully I'll see it again because I loved it in our bathroom.
I tried a spray deodorant for the first time in 2017 and will never go back.
They're so much more sanitary in my opinion and I love how they feel on my skin.
This one lasts all day and doesn't leave marks on my clothing.
I really, really liked this moisturizer and noticed the difference it made in my skin.
There are lots of good moisturizers at the drug store right now, but I think this is a really great hydrating one for summer.
I love the plain Jergens Wet Skin Moisturizer, so I thought a self-tanner version was a no brainer...I was wrong, y'all.
It smells funny & left my skin colored patchy. I'll pass.
If you're looking for a basic facial scrub, pick this over the St. Ives Apricot Scrub because it's the same thing. There are better ones on the market, but this is a pretty nice cheap alternative.
If you want a really nice looking, quick-drying topcoat then I recommend picking this one up at Target.
It's not very expensive and works so well.
I used mine too early over red polish, so it took on red and then got a little too gloopy for my taste, so I replaced mine, but at the under $5 it's easy to do.
Love My Nails Hardener & Strengthener
When cleaning out my nail polish, I realized this clear coat had turned colors and was almost empty so I'm tossing it.
I have a few topcoats that I love more than this, so I won't repurchase.
It's a nice budget buy though.
If you love the look of gel nails, but don't want to damage your nails or spend the $$$ at the salon, then pick up this gel-coat.
I get mine from Sally Beauty Supply, but they also have it on Amazon.
It makes your nails look super shiny and have that gel thickness to them.
Equate Nail Polish Remover
If you're ever at Wal-Mart in the travel items aisle thinking you should purchase this to take on trips, etc. turn around and walk away because you shouldn't.
It literally didn't take off anything.
I tried & tried & tried.
Ignore the funny name, but embrace the great formula of lip balm!
I love my Chicken Poop lip balm because it really does moisturize and doesn't have a crazy scent.
I keep one by my bed currently and have to try to keep my husband from stealing it.
I got this in a Sephora Play box & fell head-over-heels in love with it, so much that I went to Sephora and picked up a full size.
I love how clean it makes my hair feel and the scent is really nice as well.
I used this cleanser as a travel cleanser, until I only had a few uses left and just used it up at home.
It was okay, a little drying on my skin and it was hard to get all of the product out of this packaging.
I probably wouldn't purchase full sized.
You definitely need to click that link to go see the brush on this mascara because it's so crazy.
I didn't mind the crazy brush, but it wasn't my favorite formula.
It was pretty lengthening, but I also need thickening.
I picked this up after hearing some YouTuber's chat about it, and I did use it up...but it was just okay. I wouldn't go out of my way to repurchase, but I might try the Pro-Glow version.
This was a really nice basic bronzer, I hit major pan on mine & then it broke leaving it difficult to use.
I've found other bronzers that do a better job, but if you're just looking for something quick, easy, and inexpensive then this is a great option.
I got this in an Influenster box I think, I just didn't care for it enough to even use it up.
It's a brow mascara, but I prefer a pencil or powder for my brows.
This is my trusty concealer that I always fall back on when I'm not sure which one I want to test out at the drugstore.
I currently have this again right now & may pick up another as a backup.
I picked this up on a whim and while it performed decently, it just was just okay.
It's not very thick, so if you prefer a thinner formula this might be up your alley.
This sample is from when I had Ipsy (aka, I should've tossed this a long time ago).
I never really liked it because the formula wasn't great and it didn't blend well.
Don't really recommend unless you really like a natural look.
I love perfume samples!
They're great for travel or tucking in your purse for on-the-go, this one was a really nice apple-y scent. It didn't win me over enough to want to purchase full price, however.
This was a very strong, sweet, and heady perfume.
I enjoyed it for the cooler months as a nighttime perfume, but once again-not enough to purchase. It was kind of forgettable.
This was my first go at a sleeping mask and while I liked it for it's moisturizing benefits, I just felt like it was too pricey for what it was.
The scent is quite nice though and a little bit does go a long way.
This is a very soft powder brush that comes in at less than $5.
I enjoyed using it for many years, but even after washing it over and over it just felt like there was build up so I replaced it.
It's a great brush for the price though!
This is totally embarrassing, but this is probably the first eyeshadow brush I ever actually bought (instead of using the ones that came with eyeshadow).
It was decent for packing on pigment, but after so many washings the head falls off of the handle and it's time to say bye-bye.
This sheet mask was different than anything I had ever seen before, it was almost like a cleansing mask to remove leftover traces of dirt, oil, and makeup.
I tried it one night when I took a bubble bath and it was okay, just not my favorite mask and I wouldn't buy it.
I got this mask for Christmas & while I love Burt's Bees, this sheet mask just didn't do it for me.
The mask itself is textured and felt kinda funny on my face, plus it wasn't very saturated (which I love in a sheet mask, especially a hydrating one). It wasn't bad, but I didn't fall in love with it.
These masks are a little pricey, but man do they work well.
I know that when I use them once a week or every other week, they really do a number on getting rid of my dark spots and acne scarring.
Next time I spot them in a sale at Ulta, I might snap them up!
I always search out The Creme' Shop face masks at TJ Maxx because they're always a great price and they always do me right.
I've used four out of the five in the box (I'm wearing one right now!) and they really do a great job.
I love this one for hydrating and reducing redness, plus the scent is really light and nice.
They also fit my face really well, which is a huge plus.
I used this in my last bath and I loved how it made me feel.
The scent was really nice and soothing and I felt like it just soaked away my sore, tired muscles.
I would definitely purchase this again, especially since it's such a good price.
I used up two packs of these wipes since October and they're still my favorite wipes to use.
I love how moist they are and how they glide on my skin.
I got these in a Target Beauty Box & I was pleased that I got to test them out.
They would do in a pinch, but they still aren't quite as good as my Neutrogena ones.
Ole Henriksen created new packaging, so they had a ton of these for $1 for 10 wipes at my TJ Maxx.
I decided I would pick up one packet to test out and while they did smell good, they didn't glide well across my skin so I probably wouldn't purchase the newly packaged ones.
These are the cotton rounds I used to take off my makeup and sometimes nail polish.
I recently accidentally picked up the premium rounds and actually, for just a few cents more...I like the premium ones better! They're very soft, so I might be converted into premium over basic now.
My Target just started carrying Bliss, and I do love a good citrusy scent...but I won't be picking up this one, only because I've got enough body butter and lotion in back-up.
If you need a good body butter and prefer citrus over sweet, then this one is a winner!
This serum is one sample I always love to get, but will never ever purchase because it comes in at over $100.
It's supposed to be a youth serum, but I'm sure you'd have to use it consistently to see results.
I do love the boost of hydration I get, but not worth the cost in my opinion.
While I always enjoy trying out these high-end samples, but this Dior sample wasn't anything too exciting. I have moisturizers I like that don't cost $70.
I got this sample from Sephora with my last purchase & was so excited to test it out...but y'all, I used it once before a meeting and my makeup broke up so bad and patches clung to my was awful. 
I didn't even try it out again, I tossed it in the empties bin so y'all would know how much I disliked it.
This is my favorite type of moisturizer right now, a hydra-gel type. However, you don't have to pay Clinique prices to get this! Go to the drug store, they have tons to choose from with similar results for a fraction of the price.
I received this in a Too Faced order & was so excited, because I've been wanting to try this foundation out but didn't know my shade.
This provided three shades for me to try out and I decided on Light Beige.
This is definitely on my to-buy list as a full coverage foundation once I use one of my current ones up!
I'm pretty sure my sister gifted these to me from the salon she & her husband owns, and y'all they are so good I just might purchase the full size.
They're for thin, lifeless hair and while my hair isn't necessarily thin-it surely needs some help.
This gave my hair lift and volume, it made it very soft and manageable as well. Plus the smell-so good!
I might as well have named this section "things I love but I can't do while pregnant" because that's what all this stuff is.
If you really, really need to work on your skin's texture, the Exuviance Performance Peel will be your life saver. It makes such a huge difference in my skin; in acne scarring, sunspots, texture, etc. and I'm sure I'll have some spots that need to be worked on once the babe is here.
I unfortunately cannot use my Smile Brilliant kit while I'm pregnant, but you can read about my experience here. I loved it so much & look forward to being able to whiten my teeth again once our little guy is here.
The desensitizing gel is very important to me when whitening because it keeps my teeth from hurting-so if you get the whitening kit, make sure to add this gel!
Like I just said, I really loved my experience with Smile Brilliant & will definitely start again once I'm not pregnant.
Their prices are really great compared to professional teeth whitening and the process is so easy. If you're trying to whiten for an event or just to boost your self-esteem, I really love this brand.
This is one of the best wallflowers I have ever tried from B&BW.
I hope it's going to be back around this summer because I would totally repurchase.
It's fresh and sweet, but not a headache scent if you know what I mean.
This was a great Wallflower for the Winter season, it was very clean and crisp. I would definitely purchase it again in the future.
This was a nice, light scent that wasn't very overpowering. I enjoyed it in our kitchen, but I doubt I would repurchase it again because it just wasn't memorable.

That was a huge round-up of empties, but I hope y'all enjoyed it!
Have you used up any of these products (or any products in general)?!
I would love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time. . .


  1. That mud mask looks amazing and I use the same Origins facial cleanser! It is absolutely amazing!!

  2. I see so many products I use and love! I love the Infallible foundation, it's my go-to and I love mixing the matte and pro-glow together. Also, if you loved the GinZING moisturizer, I think you'd love the other products from that line! They have a gel face mask and eye cream, which I LOVE!

  3. So many good empties girl!! I am a huge fan of the Dry Bar dry shampoo!! Amazing!!! I can't help myself when it comes to BBW's addicting. My grandmother has the lemon one at her house currently and I actually like it. I've heard really good things about that age rewind concealer but have yet to try it. I am currently loving the ColourPop concealer. I did not even know that Burts Bees had sheet masks! I need to look into them!! I am a huge lover when it comes to sheet masks.

  4. Girl so many good products! Your post literally reminded me that Bath and Body Works makes hand soap and how much I love it.... (since I moved I've been cheap and just have dial hand soap hahaha!). Thanks for sharing all these helpful reviews!

    xoxo A

  5. I have been tempted to try some spray on deodorant, but I wasn't sure how they would work. I think I will have to try that now! I have the Loreal ProGlow, and it isn't my favorite, but it could be because I got a shade too dark! I love to read about beauty empties, great post!

  6. Great roundup! Looks like you went through a lot of great products! I've been wanting to try that DryBar shampoo, I'm glad to hear that you liked it.

    xo, Deborah
    < Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  7. wow, you sure used a lot of products this month and seems like some of them are so good i wanna give it a go now!

  8. Ooh I love these posts! I've been trying to branch out from my typical beauty products!

  9. These products all look so good- isn't it so satisfying finishing a product haha? The Born this Way foundation is my favorite as it makes your skin look so good!


  10. So many awesome products to look into! Thanks for sharing them.

  11. So many great products, I can never say no to a good mud mask! they are so nice.

  12. I'm such a big fan of Soap & glory products, they are always worth the money for me!

  13. Love the idea of showing off the items you've actually used up. It so much better since then I know you've actually used it and liked it enough to use it all up!

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  15. Loved this post! So many new products I need to check out!

  16. I LOVE the Soap & Glory breakfast scrub - it smells so yummy, like maple syrup! My boyfriend is always saying it’s the most attractive scent to him (as a Canadian LOL).


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