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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

38 Week Pregnancy Update+Floral Maternity Maxi Dress

Happy Tuesday, y'all!
Since yesterday was Labor Day, my 39 week doctor's appointment is today (so there may be new info that I find out today that isn't in this post-hopefully I'll remember to update it after I get home!)
I knew I wanted to get at least one last update post in before our little one arrives & if nothing else, I wanted to share this beautiful dress with y'all!
Pink Blush has been one of my go-to places to purchase clothing from for a while now since they carry both regular & plus sizes of clothing (& regular and plus sizes of maternity clothing!)
Chris & I have been having several events to go to lately & I have worn out my favorite Lilly dress so I knew it was time for something fresh, but also something that could transition and be something to wear after baby is born.

This gorgeous blue floral wrap maxi fit the bill perfectly for what I needed, it's polished & ladylike but also so, so comfortable. The length was also perfect on me at 5'6 without any hemming (all the average-height ladies said amen!)

Pink Blush honestly has so many maternity dresses to choose from, there are five pages to shop through so if you're expecting they are definitely the place to visit! I love how I feel in this dress & am honestly looking for another reason to wear it before our boy makes his appearance...until I can think of one, I'll continue on to the update portion of this post! 

38 Week Pregnancy Update:
How far along? 39 weeks now...technically 39+3 on the day this post goes live, but that's semantics.
Days until due date? 5, counting today!
Weight change? As of my last appointment, I had only gained 18 pounds total so that's exciting to me!
Any cravings? Nothing new since my last update! I have been wanting something sweet more often lately though, whether that be ice cream, a milkshake, or s'mores! Just a least one sweet thing per day is necessary at this point. 😂
Symptoms? Definitely just being very, very tired! It's hard to make it through the day without a nap now! And numbness in my hands-especially my right hand, it's so annoying. Did anyone else have that?

Sleep?  I would say that sleeping at night is really difficult at this point, which leads to a nap at some point doing the day. 
Movement? Although he's running out of room in there rapidly, he's still very consistent about moving and stretching himself out as best he can!

Belly Button: In or Out? In!

Wedding Rings: On or Off? The rings are totally off at this point, although my swelling isn't too-too bad. I just don't want them to go on comfortably and then start swelling while they're on. I have other things that I've been wearing in a larger size when we go out and about if I feel like I still want to wear something.

Best Moment this week? Gosh, that's a hard one because things have been really great around here lately. I would have to say finally finishing up his nursery was a relief and it's really neat to see it 100% done & know that all we're doing now is waiting on him!

 Best style moment this week? Getting the opportunity to wear the gorgeous dress pictured in this post! I wore it to a banquet last week and then got my mom to come over & shoot it as an actual outfit since I hadn't really done any outfit posts with maternity photos and I knew I wanted to have at least a few to look back on!
 Worst moment this week?  There wasn't really a "worst" moment, but I think at times I am starting to get a little overwhelmed with the magnitude of bringing a baby into this world & then raising him-that's a huge deal! So just dealing with the anxiety of that has been the only "bad" thing about this week.

 Do you miss anything? Yes ma'am-but we're so close to being able to do all of my favorite things! And by do my favorite things, I mean eat my favorite things 😂😂

 What are you looking forward to? I'm just getting excited now for him to actually be here. I'm looking forward to seeing him with Chris after he arrives and sharing him with all of our friends and family...and it might seem funny, but I really look forward to him and Forrest bonding & hopefully becoming the best of friends in the future!

 Mood? Still nervous, yet excited-just like my last update. I really, really am thrilled that we're getting closer to him being here and finding our new routine and new normal but it's also really quite scary thinking about how our lives are going to be 100% different after he gets here. So there's some uncertainty, but nothing we can't get through!

Can y'all see why I just adore this dress?!
It's perfection, honestly. And anything that gives this 8+ month pregnant mama her confidence back is a winner in my book!

Until next time. . .


  1. You look so amazing here, lady- this dress is gorgeous on you!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  2. Almost time! You look great and that dress is gorgeous on you!


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