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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Ten on Tuesday [No.52]

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Who else is in the Christmas spirit, even though it's Thanksgiving week?1

Did you see Charlie's two month update on the blog?!
My little turkey is getting so big & I love keeping up with these updates-they'll be so fun to look back on.

I don't know what it is, but baristas honestly fascinate me.
I saw another blogger shared this article and I could've read it all day, three different New York baristas were interviewed and it's so interesting.

When you have a cattle farm, you usually have a freezer fully stocked with beef-my favorite!
I'm always on the hunt for beef recipes & this four-ingredient crockpot roast recipe is one I'll be testing out asap.
I'm not one to be super "crunchy" as a mom or anything, but I do exclusively breastfeed Charlie and although I haven't had it as "hard" as some new moms have, sometimes it has been frustrating.
Reading this explanation from a baby's point of view made me a lot more willing to keep on trying.

Since I've basically turned into a mommy-blogger over here; I just wanted to remind you to check out the post featuring Charlie's baby showers!
We were so blessed to be showered by lots of friends and family and I loved all the little details in both days. 💙

Saturday, we took Charlie to his first bull sale, Southern Excellence at Whelan Farms.
This is a sale we always enjoy going to and the weather was beautiful, I can only imagine all the future sales he'll be running around at in the future!
 Fun times with his Daddy are just beginning!
This is the most lady-like dress & is perfect for Thanksgiving!
It's on sale for only $30 and I'm loving all the little details.
 Sunday we got out one of our horses, Willow, and let Charlie on for the first time!
Y'all, this is something I've looked forward to for a very long time-having a son or daughter to pass the horse bug on to and I'm hoping Charlie got the fever today!
 And man, did it feel good to just be back in the saddle myself.
It's been so long since I've ridden and I really missed it.
Since Charlie's first Christmas is coming quickly (omg, how is it so soon?!) I'm trying to decide what ornaments I want to get to add to the tree that will be in his room. . .
This black Lab would be perfect since it looks just like our Forrest
But this dog ornament is precious too, I just love the bottlebrush details
It's just so hard to decide!
I know I want to do a rustic theme, like the rest of our home, but I want to keep the ornaments child friendly-so either wooden or plush.
Let me know where you shop for your affordable ornaments!

Until next time. . .

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