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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Charlie: Three Months

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We don't have a current weight and height on him for this month since he doesn't have a doctors appointment. I'll try to measure him and weigh him on my own ASAP and report back to add it here.

He's pretty much fully into everything 3 months sized, and moving into 3-6!
He's seriously so big, but mostly long so pants are going to be a challenge (they've always been a challenge to get the length just right for his Daddy, so I'm sure it'll be a lifelong issue for him!)
We're loving all the long-alls right now, because smocking down south is life 😂
Charlie's Dock-A-Tot/Charlie's Bassinest/Charlie's Sleep-Sack Swaddle

Sleep is just an on-going thing.
As of last month, it was pretty difficult getting him to sleep at night, but now he's going down much easier for his nighttime sleep...but daytime sleep is totally different.
He will go down great for a nap, but it's keeping him asleep past thirty minutes that's a big struggle!
He loves to be swaddled, but when he breaks out it-it wakes him up, so as you can tell by the second picture up there I'm trying to get him to sleep with one arm out during nap time to work to no swaddling at all.
He still sleeps in our room in the Bassinest, but we're trying to transition him to sleeping in his crib during the day at least.
It's just hard with him waking up during the night to eat to have him sleep in a completely different room-I don't get enough rest as it is and I would get even less then.
The day will come eventually!
Also, for those of y'all who are wondering-we don't co-sleep! The last picture above is from our morning snuggle session-when he wakes up for the last time around 6-7 AM, I usually bring him into our bed while I get awake and sometimes he drifts back off while I brush my teeth and put my contacts in...he looks so sweet and like such a big boy in our big bed!
He's starting to go longer between feeds throughout the day-maybe two to two & a half hours now.
He is waking more frequently at night, but I think there is a 12 week growth spurt so that could be a contributing factor to that.
I've heard terrible things about the four-month sleep regression though, so I'm trying to mentally prepare myself!
If you're a mom who's gone through that recently, let me know your tips for surviving and getting through sleep regressions below in a comment :)
He's going to be such a Christmas boy-I'm a BIG Christmas lover, so I hope he is, anyway!

His first name tag!
Charlie has been so healthy & we are SO thankful for that!
Other than the colds he had around the two-month mark, there has been nothing to report other than a little gassiness.
He had his two-month shots and was a complete champ with them, I had to take a quick snap of his sweet little thighs covered in his monster truck bandaids to remember that moment, even though it was a little sad.

Charlie's biggest reason for crying now is when he's over-tired.
He will fuss a little for a diaper change or when he's hungry, but most of the time it's from exhaustion when he's full out crying.
We try to beat him to the punch and get him to sleep before that point, but with our schedule lately that hasn't always been possible.
Playing with his big brother on his play mat (peep the sweet picture above!)
Laying on the bed & talking to Mama or Daddy
Sitting in his Mama-Roo
Having 1200+ people know his name & tell him how cute he is (at the ALFA Annual Meeting)
Staying up past his bed time
& that's pretty much it for this month!
His first Thanksgiving
& my parents with all of their grands!

He attended his first ALFA conference two weekends ago now & was SUCH a good boy.
Everyone knew who he was and loved on him, he was such a ham about it-giving all the ladies big grins and flirting!
We were so proud of him!
Holding his head up for extended periods of time
Batting at & grasping things while on his play-mat or in his swing
Attempting to roll over, I think when he hits four months this will be the first thing he does!

Places You've Gone:
Montgomery for the 2018 Alabama Farmers Federation Annual Meeting (& Governor Ivey told him he was cute!)
"Horseback riding" on Willow for the first time
Whelan Farms for the Southern Excellence Bull Sale-your very first sale!
To Jacksonville for the first time-Go Gamecocks!
To Just a Buck for the first time to stay with Gran

He was SO adorable in his plaid & vest-just like his Daddy at Southern Excellence.
Checking out the bulls & picking out the best ones-an Upchurch speciality 😉
Sweet smiles with Mommy in his Black Lab outfit
I'm still feeling great & I think after this month I probably won't even have this section in my posts anymore, because it feels so redundant!
I buy pretty much all of Charlie's boutique style clothing almost exclusively off of Facebook pre-order groups & resale groups, they just always have the best prices! Shrimp & Grits kids is one website (that I linked) that I do use, their sale section is always quite good.
I just love these little smocked outfits though, they marry my taste for dressy & preppy Southern style with my husbands more casual taste.
I've recently started reading at least one or two books to Charlie each night as part of his bedtime routine & one of my all-time favorites from his bookshelf right now is The Pout-Pout Fish! The characters and illustrations are just adorable and when I do different voices for each character Charlie just giggles-it's a favorite for this Mama!
I bought Charlie one of these before he was born from a friend who was selling hers (we also bought the Bassinest from her-highly recommend buying gently used baby items!) and when we first put Charlie in it he wasn't super interested-however now that he has better head control he really, really loved it!
I added another dangly toy to ours so he could reach it and that really excited him, I'm excited to pull this out in the future for when I need to get some things done around the house.
Since Charlie still currently sleeps in our room with us at night, the only time we use this monitor is when he's napping but it works perfectly for what we use it for!
It's basic and pretty inexpensive, but we're so happy with it right now-it saves my sanity a lot.
This was the one thing I really, really wanted to splurge on for Charlie's nursery-the chair.
I shopped & shopped and fell in love with this one from Pottery Barn Kids, but was having trouble pulling the trigger.
One of our friends told us about the Pottery Barn Outlet south of Atlanta, GA and we made the trip over and picked this one up brand new for 1/3 of the original price.
Sadly that outlet is no longer open, but I would recommend trying to find another one if you're looking to outfit your nursery on a budget.
This chair is so sturdy and nice, I have no doubt that it will hold up and be used after Charlie outgrows having it in his room.
Right now it makes the best spot for reading him bedtime stories & rocking him to sleep.
Since Charlie is a breastfed baby, he doesn't take bottles too often-but sometimes I do pump and feed him that if we're going to be out and about in a place where I'm not able to step away and nurse him.
We've tried two or three different bottles & the ComoTomo is my favorite of all we tried.
They are designed for breastfed babies, so he's comfortable with them & I love that they are super easy to clean!

Until next time. . .

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is SOOOOO cute!! My friend, enjoy every moment because they will pass so quickly. My 12 year old was that size seemingly yesterday. Beautiful family you all are!! Merry Christmas!!


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