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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ten on Tuesday [No.59]

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The weather has been blisteringly hot lately here in Alabama (although, as I type this the weather is currently in the seventies and raining 🙌) 
But in order for me to actually be able to enjoy being outside, I've had to come out early in the morning before it gets too warm.
I'll take my coffee and whatever magazine I'm reading and go out to water my plants and then relax for 5-10 minutes before starting my day. It's been the best, y'all-I highly recommend starting your day that way!
Okay, just because I feel the need to share a couple of pictures of my sweet boy & just how BIG he's getting. . .
Charlie & his best buddy, Forrest on their trip to Cheaha
Charlie just chillin' at the lake for the Fourth of July
At our most recent Farmer's Federation meeting, Tommy Tuberville (ex-Auburn coach and current Senate hopeful) was visiting and Charlie went right to him, just like he was an old friend 😂
They practiced their "War-Eagle's" together!
Y'all-why is my baby big enough to hold his own sandwich?!
I know that's such a small thing to some, but gosh, it just feels like time is flying by.
I always swore we would wear footie pajamas until they didn't make them in his size, but I do have to say I'm a sucker for those two piece ones...they're just so cute!
Have you seen Charlie's 11-Month update yet?!
Not going to lie, I got a little bit emotional writing it because it was my last update before he turns one, but it was also exciting too!
I haven't really bought any clothes for myself recently, whether that's because I'm still trying to figure out where I'm at with my postpartum body or just because I spend all my money on Charlie (sorry, I'm not even a little sorry), but regardless I haven't done much shopping for myself.
But...this dress caught my eye on Target's website the other day and I just had to have it for Fall!
If you're ever in East Tennessee (specifically staying near Chattanooga), I highly recommend making the trek out to the countryside to visit Tsali Notch Vineyard.
They have acres and acres of beautiful muscadine vines and the most delicious wines and juices. It's just a stunning place to visit, but also lots of fun!
It's fun for the whole family because Charlie loved it too!
One of my very best friends recently turned me onto Birmingham Mom-Blogger, Heather, at My Life Well Loved and I have to admit, I instantly fell in love with her social media and her blog!
She's got a little boy who's about a month older than Charlie and he just had the sweetest birthday party-not going to lie, I definitely got a lot of inspiration for Charlie's upcoming bash from her baby Finn's!
Okay, I need to know-is anyone else guilty of these gross cleaning mistakes pointed out by Good Housekeeping?!
I have to admit, sometimes I do overload my dishwasher and end up having to either handwash some dishes when they come out or put them back in the dishwasher-that's the worst!
I don't think I've formally introduced Miss Minnie Pearl on the blog yet, but this little girl was born on July 27th and has been my pet-project lately.
Her Mama had a hard time delivering her, so she's been on a bottle and I have to say, I don't hate it.
I absolutely love getting to spend some close-up time with the calves and introducing her to Charlie has been the best.
I'm DYING to know when the Lilly After-Party Sale will be this year (although I can't say I'm mad that it's later than normal this year, because I've been spending all the money on Charlie's first birthday).
If you have any guesses (or any inside intel 😉 let me know!)
In full disclosure, I haven't started Mindhunter yet, but as soon as I wrap up Downton Abbey, it's on the list.
This article shows the actors who play the serial killers on season two compared to the actual serial killers and the casting director did an amazing job!
Until next time. . .

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