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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Ten on Tuesday [No.63]

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 Happy belated Halloween, y'all!
Charlie went as a little cow & man, was he super cute.
Our power actually went out as we were getting ready to go trick-or-treating, so we selfied with our pumpkin in the dark 😂
But luckily, by the time we wrapped up our visiting with everyone, our power was back on!
Charlie, Forrest, my mom, my dad, and my middle sister all walked downtown (Chris & I live about a five minute walk from the center of our town) for our annual Heritage Day that our town puts on each year. It's always so fun to catch up with people, see all the fun things being sold, and just get some nice fresh air and sunshine. Plus, everyone loves how stinkin' cute Charlie & Forrest are!
P.S. My sweatshirt is from Mallory Ervin's summer line & y'all-it's the best. It's the perfect "Southern-weight" sweatshirt and as an Auburn girl, I love the tiger on the front!
 We have been soaking up all of the nice Fall weather by playing outside & I will be so sad when we have to be all bundled up just to enjoy a little outside time.
Charlie loves playing with rocks and whatever else he finds outside & sometimes we even have snack time outside-his current favorite on-the-go snack right now is the "Inner Peas" from Trader Joes-I have to admit, they're pretty tasty!
 I'm also loving all the Fall color in our neighborhood & had to convince Charlie to pose for a quick picture Sunday afternoon with some of our neighbors beautiful trees in the background.
So the other day my sister, Charlie, and I were browsing around Target and I discovered this wagon/stroller combo and now I think I need it 🙈
The price tag is a little rich for my blood, but I've bookmarked it so maybe it will go on sale & I can snag it!
The Biltmore Estate has decorated for Christmas & it's giving me all the cozy vibes!
I've been to Biltmore once when I was much younger, so I would love to go again any time of year-but definitely Christmas!
If you're looking for the greatest Thanksgiving outfit of all time for all of your family/eating shenanigans then look no further than Scarlet & Gold.
The Casserole tee is my favorite because it's hilarious, but if you're looking for something a little more serious & absolutely beautiful then the Grateful tee is right up your alley.
I would pair either tee with a cozy cardigan to dress it up a little bit & to hide that turkey food baby!
This coming May, Christopher & I will celebrate five years of marriage and we've both been discussing heading back to Savannah (where we originally honeymoon'd) and spending some time back in that sweet city that means so much to us.
Garden & Gun covered some new places that have popped up in Savannah and I'm eager to check them out!
Chris' brother got married this past Saturday & the reception was held at the Lodge of a family friend, the view from the back porch is stunning year 'round, but especially this weekend when Alabama was at peak color.
The above photo hasn't been retouched in any way and it was just perfect!
I recently had the opportunity to try out a subscription box called Sips By which lets you take a survey and then sends you four different styles of teas based on your tastes.
I got my first box this month & y'all-it is so good!
I think this would be an awesome hostess gift for the holidays or just an excellent gift for a tea lover in your life. You can snag 50% of your first order with the code SIPS50
 We had Aubie-Claus (aka Auburn's mascot, Aubie, dressed up as Santa) pictures Saturday morning in Auburn before the wedding, so we made a flying trip down there & back to make sure we could be at both.
Charlie wore the sweetest long-all and y'all, the back just kills me with how sweet it is.
 Isn't that tiger tail just the cutest?!
Chris' brother's wife has the sweetest little boy & Charlie loved taking a picture with him at the reception!
Until next time. . .

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  1. ahhhh charlie is to die for in that longall. robby is only one month old but I am already stocking up on the auburn gear. aubie-claus, I will have to look this up because it sounds adorable! charlie is also so cute in his cow outfit. too much cuteness in this post!


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