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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Empties [No.8]

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It feels like it has been so long since I've shared an Empties post over here on the blog, but I'm so glad to finally give y'all my mini-reviews on these products & get them out of my sight!
If you've never read a post like this before, basically I collected all the products I've used up over the past few months (beauty products and also soaps/candles) and then before I toss them all I share whether they were good or bad, etc. so that if you were planning on picking them up you can make an informed decision about them!
This soap is so, so good y'all! It smells bright and citrus but also has notes of almost a bergamot scent too. It's almost a little masculine which I really like. Definitely one of my favorite soaps & I also really like the blue bottle-it's really pretty on a counter!
I have to admit, I only bought this soap from B&BW because it was on major sale & I needed some hand soaps for the end of Summer. It doesn't smell that great, too much strawberry for my tastes and I hated the label. It did the job of getting our hands clean though.
This is one of my favorite Summer scents; it's a fresh and clean scent that reminds me of a warm towel down on the boat dock. I don't love the label on this one, but the scent made it worth the buy.
I absolutely loved this scent of hand soap & more than that, I absolutely loved the label on this hand soap! I think the black pumps look a little nicer & the label itself was very clean and just fits in with my style. I will definitely repurchase this scent in the future.
I really enjoy almond scented things so this hand soap was no different. It's an excellent in-between season soap and the label is another really beautiful one that fits with the aesthetic of my home.
I picked this up on a whim from Sephora & honestly I really, really enjoyed it.
It has the best scent/taste, just like lemon bars! I have to say, it's probably good for my lips during any time of year other than Winter. It just wasn't hydrating enough to keep them from getting chapped in this dry and cold weather we've been having.
Fresh Sugar Lip Caramel
This was my first foray into Fresh lip products, from a Sephora Play! box. It smells/tastes so, so yummy. I loved it so much. It isn't quite as moisturizing as I need right now, but I definitely will repurchase when my lips aren't so desperate.
Aquaphor Immediate Relief Lip Repair
I have had some severely chapped lips lately with the cooler, dry Winter weather and my EOS balms just weren't cutting it. I went through an entire container of this Aquaphor and it really worked miracles on my lips. Now I keep one of these by my chair in the living room, in my truck, etc. because I really need them on hand always.
This is just one of my all-time favorite B&BW candles, it's slightly sweet and a little smokey-just like toasting a marshmallow over a campfire! 
I've had this candle for a long time & just needed to finish burning it.
It honestly burned really well, all the way to the bottom. However you can see that from the top of the candle it was really sooty and the scent wasn't that strong. They do come packaged really beautifully though!
I love the smell of this body wash for Charlie, but he couldn't use it for a long time because he was sensitive. When he was finally able to use it, I just wanted to drink it in! It has the most soothing lavender scent that I just love. I try to stick to more natural things for him, but he does have a couple more bottles from his baby shower I'll be using for sure.
Heck, I'd buy this to use for myself it smells so good!
When Charlie was born he had very sensitive skin & we stuck to fragrance free products for all of his bathing needs. Aveeno Baby is really one of the only brands that makes most of their items fragrance free and I absolutely love that!
This wash has colloidal oatmeal in it, so it's soothing to the baby's skin in case they get irritated.
I'm a big fan of gifting Aveeno Baby products to new moms, too because they are perfect for newborn babies.
Charlie has to have a true baby shampoo because of his long and thick hair. I like that this one is soap & fragrance free, hypoallergenic, as well as tear-free.
He's currently using another brand, but I would definitely buy this one for him again. I've also purchased it for baby shower gifts because it's so gentle!
I picked up this shampoo because I wanted something volumizing without leaving buildup on my hair. I wouldn't say it added much volume, but I also wouldn't say that it left buildup, so I guess that's good. It does smell good, so that's a plus.
I absolutely love B&BW shower gels. They smell amazing, they last forever, and you can typically find them on super sale during their semi-annual sales.
I've had this one for the longest time because you just have to use the smallest amount.
I love this scent & wish they would bring back this entire "southern" line. It was my favorite!
I really, really enjoyed this deodorant and the fact that it went on clear and didn't leave behind any residue. I changed a few years ago to only spray deodorants and don't want to ever go back because they are so much easier to apply!
After I used up the Radha Retinol, I was looking forward to pulling this out of the cabinet and trying it out too. Unfortunately, you have to be careful with retinol products (& any skincare products, really) because they will turn bad and you have to watch the expiration date. This one unfortunately expired before I got a chance to use it.
I really, really enjoyed this retinol moisturizer. I used it morning & night and really felt helped keep my skin bright & hydrated. I love using a retinol and will probably repurchase this one because it's an awesome price! Note, the packaging has changed since I bought this one-but I like the new packaging even more!
I loved this scent as a soap & I loved it as a wallflower, too. It's just a warm, yet fresh scent that smells great any time of year.
This was the wallflower I used during the end of October in November. It's a warm, cinnamon-y apple scent that wasn't too overpowering. I enjoyed this one a lot!
This is a good in-between seasons wallflower because it just smells clean, truly like fresh laundry.
I need to pick up more of this scent!
I want to preface this review by telling you that this lotion smells amazing, so if that's what you're going after then this could be for you!
However, since purchasing a lot of moisturizers that I need to go through, I've learned what is the best for my skin & after I use these up I'm going to focus on better quality moisturizers instead of just ones that smell really nice.
In the Winter, my skin is just too dry to only count on this kind of lotion to work.
This is probably a slightly better lotion than the Hempz because at least it doesn't contain any fragrance, however it still is mostly water and doesn't fully hydrate my skin.
I did enjoy having this on hand during the Summer for days after I had gotten bug bites because it was soothing for those, however.
I've got so, so many perfume samples that I'm trying to use the ones that are cluttering my drawer up before I purchase or use up another full size spray or perfume.
This particular one smells so good. 
It's very warm & feminine at the same time and honestly is perfect for this time of year going into Spring.
This perfume/cologne/whatever it is smells so heavenly. This is my all-time favorite out of these four that I used up. It smells so citrus-y, but warm and cozy at the same time. I wish I could buy this right now!
Okay, so I was pretty excited to have a sample of Twilly after hearing one of my favorite YouTubers talk about loving it so much. However, I don't think for me that it lived up to the Hermes hype.
It's a warm, floral scent that I think for me smells good, but is a little more mature than I'm ready to lean at the moment. This would be a good pick for the 40 and up crowd, which makes sense because Hermes is a high-end brand that is mostly catered to the ladies who can afford that!
This wasn't my all-time favorite perfume I've used lately. It smells very floral & fruity, but in a way that just wasn't pleasing to my nose. In as much as Twilly was mature, this one felt very young to me. I'm definitely somewhere in the middle!
After we came back from vacation I had some travel sized products to use up and this was one of them that didn't have enough left for a full trip.
This shampoo smells amazing, I would buy it for that fact alone.
This is definitely a shampoo I would purchase after I run out of my current one!
I had this as a gift-with-purchase and stuck it in the shower to test it out. But y'all, I don't like this product at all. That's hard for me to say because I love Clinique products, but not this one.
I've heard that foaming cleansers aren't good for your skin because they dry them out and this one lived up to that. It also made my skin feel "squeaky" clean which I don't like.
This was a very strong & sweet scent from B&BW. It was a gift from someone, so I didn't pick it out-but it wasn't bad. I had a little bit of a cold a month ago and so I kept this on hand to use after blowing my nose or whatever, in hopes of keeping the other people in my house healthy-guess it worked because no on else got sick!
When I say this is the best smelling hand sanitizer that I've ever used, I'm not kidding!
This was a gift from one of my students & I kept it in Charlie's bag. I was so sad to see it go because I haven't been able to find it in store lately. If you see this, grab it! 
I LOVE this product so much!
If you want to buy a product that will 100% make a difference in your skin, this is the one I recommend.
Every time I feel like I have dark spots, acne scarring, texture, etc. pop up this is the product I pull out of the closet and use.
It only takes a few times for me to see a major difference.
I will say, you need to be careful & test it out to see how your skin will react (as you should do with all new skincare), but since this is an acid peel this is very important.
It works so well for me though with 0 irritation.
Neutrogena Cleansing Wipes
If you've been around here for very long, you know it's not an empties post if there isn't at least one of these packs in it. However, I'm really trying to do better about using up the cleansers that I have and until I use up my current micellar water I'm not going to purchase anymore of these. I do miss them from time to time though, when I just want something easy and fast to take my makeup off with!
I am such a sucker for the sheet mask aisle at Ulta!
But I do really like the Tony Moly masks, they usually have a good amount of serum on them and they fit well. This one was supposed to be soothing so I wore it after having a bout with dry skin and I really felt like it did hydrate and soothe my skin. It was also really relaxing!
This was the birthday gift from Ulta last year & y'all-I'm obsessed and wish it wasn't so darn expensive! I tend to save my nicest face masks for when I have an event or such and this was used the day of our family pictures that we put on our Christmas card.
I really think it plumped my skin & really hydrated it. I would highly recommend this if you want to treat yourself or someone you love!
So I really wanted to love this lip mask because I love the under eye masks below.
However, I think I tried it at the wrong time (when my lips were really, really chapped) because it burned my lips. I would give it one more chance to see how my lips reacted when they were not chapped.
Sometimes Bath & Body Works sends out the free product coupon and if I'm by the store when I have one, I typically try to go cash it in. These little masks are some of my favorites to pick up because I love a good under eye mask, I felt like this one was really soothing and just hydrated my under eye area a little bit. Did it do anything Earth shattering? No, but it did feel really relaxing and nice!
I was so stoked to receive this in a Sephora Play! box, but honestly it fell a little flat for me.
I didn't see the hype and have other foundations that I like better, even some from the drugstore seem to work better or just as good as this one.
I was sent this from Influenster to try & I'm glad they sent it to me because otherwise I probably wouldn't have picked it up. I loved the packaging-very different & eye catching.
The wand itself was pretty good as well as the formula of the mascara.
It was a good basic, everyday mascara although nothing I couldn't live without.
If you're just wanting something to darken lashes & separate them, this could be a good match for you.
This is one of my all-time favorite concealers and I've actually heard that it's a dupe for the Tarte ShapeTape that everyone raves about!
It only costs $7 at Ulta (& you can use coupons on it!) and it only takes a little bit so it lasts forever. Totally will repurchase!
Wander Glowtion Lotion Illuminator
This was a Sephora Play! box find that I was impressed with, for what it was.
This is a lotion you can wear on your own or under makeup, it's supposed to give a nice subtle glow & highlight. It worked really beautifully, especially for days when I didn't want to wear any other makeup. There are a few other products I'm testing out now that I think I like more, but this one is really nice, too!
Benefit The Pore-Fessional Primer
I found this in a Sephora Play! box, too and fell in love with it. I only use this primer on my t-zone (just the areas where I have very pronounced pores) and it does it's job there. I love how it just blurs my pores so that makeup doesn't sink in and I feel like I get less oily on days when I wear this primer, too. I purchased it in the full-size!
This was a sample in one of my Sephora Play! boxes that I really truly enjoyed. It felt so nice and hydrating on my skin and smelled so clean and fresh. I would definitely purchase this full-size after I clear out my moisturizer stash.
I was really excited to try out a sample of this Drunk Elephant product in one of my Sephora Play! boxes, however I wasn't blown away. It was good, don't get me wrong, but I didn't love it enough to justify the price. I think the Belif cream is even better for a slightly better price.
This was another Sephora Play! find & I was so excited to test out another Algenist product because I love their Liquid Collagen, however this just didn't live up to the hype for me.
When I tried Liquid Collagen, it only took a small sample for me to see a huge difference. I used this whole little tub and really saw no difference at all.
L'Oreal Ever Fresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub
I picked this up at Ulta over a year ago now & finally used it up.
I've had some issues with buildup from shampoos & hair products and wanted something to really detox and scrub my scalp when I was having that feeling.
However, I don't think this product helped all that much. It smells amazing, but maybe my hair is just too thick or something, but it just doesn't scrub my scalp well enough for me to repurchase.

Whew, that was a marathon of reviews!
I hope y'all enjoyed this and found something useful from it...if you've tried any of these products, let me know what your thoughts are below.

Until next time. . .

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