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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

February Goals

Happy February, friends!
I am proud to say that I was able to make a big dent in my goals for the month of January...let's recap:
Finish Tax Prep
I have finished my part of tax prep (itemizing everything and making sure Chris has everything he needs to get it all organized for our accountant). We should be able to finish up really soon!
Organize some of the boxes in our garage
My sister came over one day in January and helped me tackle part of the boxes in our garage and I have made a huge dent in this project!
I have two boxes (plus a box upstairs) that need to go out as donations, and then two or three boxes of teaching supplies that I'm giving to a sweet friend who is in school to be a teacher so those will all be gone really soon. Then I just need to organize everything that is left into plastic tubs and give them a place against the wall in our garage and we'll have a lot more room in there!
Research & make a list of what I'd like to plant for Spring
I'm going to call this one partially done, because I didn't make a paper list of what I want to plant this Spring, but Chris & I had a conversation about what we're planning on planting in a vegetable garden and I have been planning what I'll be doing for our house too. I'm definitely doing zinnias and maybe some knockout roses, some more herbs, and of course just my pretty planters filled with florals and some hanging baskets.
I'm adding four more planters this year on our patio, so we'll be up to 12 planters, plus hanging baskets, and anything I plant in the yard. I'm excited!

So since I'm on such a roll for the year, I hope to keep that going in February and tackle three more goals:
Read Two Books
I know this isn't a lot for some people, but I don't have much time to sit down and get into books lately. I've started one that is a little slow, but I think I'll like it when I get into it. Overall, I'd like to finish two books this month.
Clear All Donation Boxes out of the Garage
Since I made such headway on my garage goal last month, I'd like to get those 6 boxes cleaned out and to their new homes this month. That will really help me snowball the rest of the garage clean out!
Get Caught Up on Office Work
My husband & I have our farm & a small trucking business, I have let myself get a bit behind on invoicing and such, so I would love to get all of those things caught up before the end of the month.
Categorize All of January & February for our Banking
Last month, to complete my portion of our tax prep I had to go through and categorize all of our debits and credits to our bank accounts to make sure everything was categorized for taxes. In hopes of not having to do that all in one week next year, I'm trying to stay on top of it month by month this year, so I would love to make sure I'm caught up on that.
Enjoy Ourselves at the Alabama Cattlemen's Convention, National Wild Turkey Federation Banquet, & Alabama Young Farmers Conference
We have lots of fun things coming up in the last three weekends of the month & I'm stoked to spend some time with friends that we don't get to see regularly!
My goal is to finish up all of the things on this list during the weeks so that our weekends can be fun-filled and relaxing!

Well, those are my goals for the remainder of February...what are yours?
Here's to making the best of each day and reaching our goals!

Until next time. . .

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