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Saturday, May 9, 2020

7 Books You Should Read This Spring

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Hey friends!
It's crazy to think that I haven't been in this space since the beginning of March, but the world has been in such a different place I honestly wasn't sure what to share. When this all started, I didn't want to push products because honestly, who has the money to spend recklessly right now. But as I feel like we are on a upward trend (although nowhere near out of the woods yet), I would like to come back to this corner of the internet and start sharing things with y'all again!
My last book post was back in October & I've been dying to share with y'all the books that I have read over the past few months-there have been so many good ones, so let's jump in. 

This book was a loaner from my mom & sister, but as a huge Pioneer Woman fan I just had to read it!
Ree is an awesome writer, she's able to capture the reader and really make you feel like a friend.
This book is all about her journey of meeting her husband & all the mishaps that led to their beautiful relationship. It left me wanting a second book really badly!
If you're a fan of hers at all (or just love funny romance books) you should pick this one up. If they have it as an audiobook, I think it would be a good listen.
I am always a proponent of picking out books at the thrift store by their name & covers, because when I'm only paying $1 for a book, I'm willing to take a chance.
This was a chance well taken!
It's about four women during WWII and the story is told from each of their points of view which makes for a captivating read.
I loved that this book covered all types of women & how they were able to help the war effort & in turn, how the war changed them in different ways. It was a powerful novel that I really enjoyed and think lots of women should read!
Another historical novel, this one is a story about ex-soldier Evan, who through a heroic act finds the favor of the Prince Regent & is given his god-daughter, Diana in marriage as well as a massive estate (& her massive inheritance). Though Diana has been mistreated by her father & brother her entire life, she is able to find the good in this arrangement & in her husband.
It's got suspense, drama, murder, and beautiful imagery (which is a must for me!) and I think there is going to be a second book, which I cannot wait to read.
If you love English history, this one is a must read...heck, if you just enjoy a good slightly suspenseful romance, you should read it!
If you're interested in winning a copy of this book for yourself, you can find a giveaway for it here:

Classic, classic Nicholas Sparks-but I found a copy at the thrift store a while back and had to pick it up because I had never actually read it!
It was a very quick read and left me in tears, which all Nicholas Sparks books do, but in the best way possible.
This is a book with characters that makes you think twice about your parents and their private lives...and how we think about them.
I absolutely love Elin Hilderbrand, she's right up there beside Sparks as my favorite novelist. Her books are interesting and some of them suspenseful.
This one in particular kept me guessing right up until the end which I always enjoy and the setting of Nantucket is always a favorite.
This book takes place at a Nantucket estate where a large wedding is set to take place, however the morning of the wedding-someone is found dead at the estate, which obviously sets off a chain of events that unravel throughout the course of the book.
It's a good one that is told through several different characters point of views-which I always enjoy!
I have read a few of Emily Giffin's books before and they are always really, really good-I should read them more often! But this one had a really nice cover and it sucked me in at the thrift store so I was glad that I didn't pass it up! In fact, after going through so many of these books that I picked up thrifting...I wish I could go now!
Anywho, this book takes place between two different women, who through a terrible accident both end up having access (and eventually relationships) with one man...and that man is married to one of the women.
I have to admit, it was a little hard to read because infidelity is tough for me. I hated how one character was rationalizing it and I honestly hated how easy it seemed for the husband to live two lives. But, I will say that the ending seemed to leave something to be desired, it left me wishing for a sequel that will probably never come.
Another excellent, excellent Elin Hilderbrand novel!
This one is about a wife & mother who's world completely goes topsy-turvy when she receives a phone call that her husband was in an accident...and wasn't where he said he would be for work.
She and her two sons have to voyage from Iowa City to St. John to unfurl their husband & father's secret life that he had been hiding for years.
There is a sequel to this coming out in September and I'm dying to get my hands on it already-I love the beautiful imagery of the islands and I absolutely love the side storylines that have formed and can't wait to see where she takes the second book, very exciting!

I hope that y'all are able to scroll through these short reviews & find a book that sparks your fancy, because this is an excellent time to settle down, cuddle up, and read a new book since we're spending a lot of time at home.
I do have one suggestion since we're unable to go to thrift stores right now; if you click on any of those links above it will take you to the Amazon shop page for those books. There are always used options on Amazon & sometimes for 75% off or more! Definitely check those out if you're thinking of purchasing :)

Until next time. . .

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