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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, y'all! 

We've made it halfway through the week & I'm so thankful and ready for the weekend already. 
Today I wanted to share some more wedding inspiration with y'all because it's Fall and that means that wedding season is back in full swing.

Favorite Engagement Photo: 

Isn't this one so sweet? It's nothing fancy - no props, no designer shoes, no "model-y blank stares at the camera". It's casual, simple, and keeps the focus on the couple. I just love it!

I love the simplicity of this shot. There aren't any fancy props, no model-y empty stares at the camera, no designer shoes. It's just the two of them, all of the focus is on the beautiful couple.
Find this and more fun inspiration of all kinds at the Cup Half Full blog.

Favorite Wedding Venue:

unreal. southern wedding :)

Plantation weddings have always had my heart, they are gorgeous and elegant. I love the large trees framing the plantation home and the brick aisle. Can you imagine how beautiful this would be in the Fall? And the wedding photography would just be incredible. 

Favorite Wedding Gown: 

Allure Bridals 9019 Vintage Lace Wedding Dress paired with bridal chic wedding boots.

This gown is from Allure Bridal and I'm completely obsessed with it. From the vintage lace details, to the overall way that it is fitted-there is nothing that I don't love. I also love that they paired it with detailed cowboy boots for a more rustic look, perfect for a Fall wedding!

Favorite Bouquet: 

This is my definition of the perfect Fall wedding bouquet. The sunflowers and daisies are beautiful & I love the burlap lace wrap instead of just regular ribbon. 
View other pictures of the wedding that featured this bouquet here. 

Favorite Wedding Cake: 

12" STUMP Rustic Wood Tree Slice Wedding Cake Base, Wooden Stand

There are so many things that go into the perfect wedding cake other than just how it tastes. This rustic tree slice stand (with the initials & wedding date carved into it!) make the perfect base for any wedding cake.
Then you have the sunflowers that are tucked all around it, which would match your bouquet if you got the one pictured above. Then the initial that is placed at the top just brings everything together. Perfect for a country-chic wedding! Not to mention I love the way the butter cream on this cake isn't just frosted on flat, it has dimension and texture.

Favorite Wedding Sign: 

 wood pallet wedding sign

Normally this is where I would post some chalkboard art, but when I saw this pallet sign, I couldn't resist it. For a Fall wedding, the dark wood of the pallet is perfect & don't you just love the sweet saying? I know when I get married I don't want a seating plan at my reception, it's so much more intimate and casual without! Plus, I know I can count on my precious big sister to paint up one of these signs for me...right?

Favorite Floral Design: 

Barrels just scream Fall decor & these wouldn't be a disappointment. I can envision these welcoming guests to the ceremony spot at an outdoor wedding, framing the aisle. I could even picture them at the reception, framing the doors or entrance there or beside the serving tables. Those flowers up top are so bountiful and gorgeous too.
See more images from this beautiful, rustic wedding here. 

Favorite Bridesmaids Dresses: 


I know there is some controversy about the color Nude for a bridesmaid dress because it's so close to white, but personally I can get on board with this trend!
I love the ones that are borderline between Nude & Blush, and especially if they are long gowns-they're so appropriate for a Fall wedding.
They make the perfect backdrop for any color of flowers, so all accent colors will match well.
Visit this website for more details about this wedding & the beautiful bridesmaids dresses.

Favorite Wedding Photo:

 Bride and Maid of Honor picture.

Since I started with an engagement photo, I felt it was only right to end with a wedding photo.

A lot of time I focus on the Bride & Groom when I pick my favorite wedding photography shots, & I should-it's there day. But when I stumbled across this shot of a Maid of Honor and a Bride, I knew I needed to include it. A Bride and a Maid of Honor have a special bond, and I feel like this picture fully showcases a portion of their special friendship. Pictures that show laughter and emotion are some of my favorites.

Well, there it is! I hope y'all enjoyed my Wedding Wednesday round-up, I scoured my two Pinterest boards dedicated to weddings, I'll Wear White & You'll Wear Out the Words I Love You and Engagement & Wedding Pictures. So give me a follow & leave comment below with your Pinterest name & I'll give you a follow-back as well.

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Until next time. . .
xoxo, SS

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