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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Morning Routine

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The way you wake up and your morning routine have more of an effect on your day than you realize.
The way you start your day lays a foundation for how well or how badly the rest of it will go, so it's so important to get off on the right foot!

I'm going to take you through my average morning routine (for a day that I have class in the mornings) so you can see how I start my day.

First things first, I hit the snooze button two or three times (this isn't preferable, but you do what you gotta do, right?)
This gives me time to gradually wake up, especially since it's still dark when I wake up now (at 6 AM).
I reach over and play with my phone for a few minutes after I turn the alarm clock off; checking the weather (to see what outfit I should wear today), seeing who's posted what on Instagram, checking and responding to comments on the blog, etc.
This helps me wake up and know exactly what's going on for the day.

Morning sun..I love gorgeous mornings!!! A gorgeous morning (especially in the Fall with a cozy sweater!), a nice hot cup of coffee, on a porch swing = perfection!! :-))
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Coffee is always the first place I go when I wake up.
My coffee pot has a pre-set, so it goes on automatically at 6 AM.
I pour myself a cup & stir in 2 packets of Splenda (sorry big sis!), a splash of milk, and a splash of some sort of flavored creamer (I'm loving this & this right now)
Then while my coffee cools a little bit, I head to the bathroom.

Back in the bathroom, I turn on my straightener (I'll talk more about that later), wash my face with this toner by Neutrogena, brush my teeth with my favorite toothpaste, and then moisturize with this (which I'll be reviewing soon!) by Yes to Carrots.

After that, I head back into the kitchen for breakfast.
I used to hate breakfast, but now I realize that it's the most important meal of the day & I make sure to load my breakfast with lots of protein.

My favorite breakfast is made with sourdough bread (which I toast), scrambled eggs with a little cheddar cheese tossed in, two slices of deli chicken, and a thin slice of cheddar.

It's delicious, filling, and pairs perfectly with my cup of coffee.
I enjoy it while watching the morning news with my favorite guy, it just really kick-starts my morning.

C leaves for work after breakfast & then it's time for me to go get ready for class.

The NuMe Silhouette  is the new straightener that I just bought (you'll see it in my next haul post & maybe even a review of it!). Basically, when I have class (& pretty much every other day, too) I just straighten my hair since it only takes about 15 minutes.

Now for makeup. . .

Stay Matte Primer by Rimmel is the primer I'm using right now, it's not my favorite, but it gets the job done. I'll probably be trying a new one, so if y'all have any suggestions let me know in the comments below!

The next step is my Maybeline eyeliner & my NYX eyebrow pencil.
They are my go-to's and I don't feel like a human unless I've used these two products.

Covergirl Clean Oil Control FoundationSonia Kashuk® Blending Sponge

Covergirl Clean foundation is my long-time foundation, I've been using it since I first started using makeup. I apply it with a dampened blending sponge (this one is from Sonia Kashuk at Target).

Maybelline Fit Me concealer is my new go-to for problem areas such as my chin & nose, it really gives them a matte appearance and covers any small imperfections that I might have.

COVERGIRL TRUblend Minerals Loose Powder, TRANSLUCENT FAIR 405

Y'all will probably think this next step is weird, but I use L'Oreal True Matte Naturale powder on my t-zone, and then I use CoverGirl Trublend Mineral loose powder all over my face with a large brush.

Maybelline Master Glaze by FaceStudio Glisten Blush Stick, Coral Sheen- .24 ozalternative text

Next I use my Maybelline Master Glaze cream blush stick in Coral Sheen on the apples of my cheeks & I use this Pop Beauty bronzer (which I received in one of my Ipsy bags!) to contour my cheekbones, on my temples, and on my neck.

My Physician's Formula highlighter goes on next and then...

I use eye shadow from my Sephora makeup pallet from Christmas 2012 (I think), which they obviously no longer have, but Sephora always has great, high-quality makeup sets for the holiday season. (This is a great set & great value here).

After my eye shadow, I use. . .

Maybelline® Volum' Express® The Colossal Washable Mascara
Maybelline Colossal Volum Express Mascara

This mascara probably isn't the best, but it's waterproof and it gives my lashes the little extra that they need.

Flower Sheer Lip Tint is usually what I use to top my lips with for the morning.
Believe it or not, I stumbled upon this in Wal-Mart & fell in love with it's moisturizing texture, soft yet pigmented shade, and easy to use crayon applicator.
It's great to wear for just a day of classes because it goes on really easy but doesn't make your lips look too red.

After my makeup routine is over with, I just put on my every day pieces of jewelry which are. . .


My Tacori engagement ring, my Sea Magic pearl studs by Kay Jewelers, & my Open-Heart necklace by Kay Jewelers.

Sometimes, I also add bracelets, depending on what I'm wearing for the day & my mood. ;)

After all that is done, I go pick out an is an example of what I might wear to class on a casual day.

Casual Campus Style
You can always find me in a Spirit Jersey (now that the weather has cooled down!), leggings (usually from Victoria's Secret!), Riding boots (my favorites are from Gianni Bini), carrying my NorthFace backpack around, texting on my iPhone 5C, and wearing my favorite Essie nailpolish (which at the moment is the shade Wicked).

Thank y'all for sticking around through this long blog post, I hope y'all enjoyed living through my morning routine & seeing what it takes to get me ready for school!

What do y'all do to make your day get off to a great start?

Until next time. . .



  1. I'm a total coffee girl too! And so into that casual outfit.. my go to!

  2. I hit the snooze button a good 2 or 3 times as well. It's really just another part of my routine. :] // ☼ ☯


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