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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Proof That I'm a Shopping Addict

It's inevitable for me, once Fall rolls around I can't keep myself from shopping.
When I get wind of a good sale, there's no holding me back.
While that's bad for me & for can be good for y'all!

I've scored a lot of good deals in the past few weeks & I've found some even better ones that I didn't take advantage of, so make sure you keep reading!

P.S. I'm going to show as many store photos as possible because my product photography skills are lacking just a little. ;)

I was recently in Birmingham (for my nephew's fifth birthday party!) & decided to stop at the Summit & visit their Belk Lilly Department. I was not only impressed by their selection, but their customer service was the best I've ever had, y'all Ms. Paulette is an angel!
She helped me pick out my very first Lilly piece, the Elsa in Electric Feel.
I love how comfy it is-it's perfect for going out on date night or girl's night out, you could even tuck it into a pencil skirt or trousers to wear to work! So versatile! 

Buy it here from Lilly P or visit your local Lilly carrying store!

Lemon Pomegranate Cream Body Lotion - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works
Y'all already know I have a love affair with Bath & Body Work's candles (& don't think I would do a haul without including some of those!) but recently I had a coupon-if I spent $15 I got a free beauty care item. So I spent the money on the candles & fell in love with this scent. If you enjoy the Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade, you will love this because it smells like that drink tastes!
You can get it here & currently they have a buy 3, get 3 free/buy 2, get 1 free sale going on!

Endless Weekend Fine Fragrance Mist - Signature Collection - Bath & Body Works

My sister recently gave me Endless Weekend to try out & at first I was a bit hesitant, but I think after today it officially won me over. I was rushing out the door & it was sitting on the table so I quickly misted myself with it...although it was a bit strong at first it quickly dissipated and I was left with a light, pleasant scent for the remainder of my afternoon.
It's got a lot of fruity notes in it as well as musk & some vanilla. 

Dressed Up Tee

In my college town we have a store called Pointer's which is basically filled with all the preppy essentials; Southern Tide, Southern Marsh, Fraternity Collection, Southern Shirt Co., Rowdy Gentleman, etc. 
I recently visited between classes the other day, just to browse & fell in love with this long-sleeved Comfort Colors shirt from Chuck's T-Shirt Co. 
I got it oversized (duh) and I'm actually wearing it right the pocket says Est. Last Week, which is cheeky & hilarious.

Next up is my favorite t-shirt, which unfortunately I don't think you can get any longer, but it came from the Rodeo/Concert that I attended a few weeks ago with my girlfriends. It's soft, grey Comfort Colors & I love how patriotic it is...'Merica!

Next up are my three Auburn items...

This is a REALLY bad picture of this, but it's the best I could do.
When I was in Auburn for the Rodeo/Concert I wanted to take my Bammer friend to J & M which is Auburn's main bookstore & merchandise store.
This is just one of the many spirit jerseys they had, but I loved the "War Eagle, Hey!" on the back & it has a little prowling tiger on the front pocket.
Plus, the coral is so different than most AU things I have, so it was a nice change.

You can get similar jerseys here.

Next up was actually a belated birthday present from my sweet Auburn friend. 
She knows I am obsessed with tees & so she gave me this Comfort Colors Aztec tee, which I couldn't find online, but I found similar items here & here.

Auburn Tigers 12oz. Glitter Can Koozie - Silver

I was a bad Southern girl when I was in Auburn...I bought beer & I didn't have a single koozie on hand, luckily I snapped this one up at Winn-Dixie & it's actually really cute! The glitter is unlike anything I've ever had before & I found it for y'all cheaper than I bought it for here!

Next up, I want to show y'all the candle portion of my haul, which is always my favorite part.

I was recently browsing Khol's clearance section & saw they had a ton of Fall scented candles already on sale, plus I had a coupon! It smells so good, I burned it in the kitchen the other day & the smell hung around long after I blew it out. I snagged this delicious smelling candle for around $5, but it's on sale online for only $9.99 here!

Tailgate Mason Jar Candle - Home Fragrance - Bath & Body Works

I had never bought the Mason Jar candles from B&BW before, but they were on sale for 2 for $20 the day I had my coupon from there, so I decided to go out of my comfort zone & pick up two scents I had never tried before.
I would describe this as a masculine scent? Honestly it makes me think of the beginning of Fall when you smell the turf of a football field, the crisp air, & hugging up to your Beau.

Cayenne Caramel Mason Jar Candle - Home Fragrance - Bath & Body Works

Cayenne Caramel was totally out of my comfort zone!
It was a spicy, sweet scent. I can't wait to burn it in my kitchen on a cool evening.

Image 1

I've been following Old South Apparel on all of their social media basically since the brand began, but this was my first order.
Y'all know how I love my long-sleeved tees, but this one is just too cute to handle.
Not only does it have the "If Lost, please return to the South" image on the back, it also says Old South Apparel down the sleeve!
It's so comfortable & well-made, plus when you join their text club, you get a code for 10% off your first purchase!
They even threw in a free koozie (& koozie are my other favorite!)

Make sure to go check out their tees & other items ASAP!

Here is the portion where I dig into my recent Shops at Grand River (in Leeds, AL) finds...

Raglan sweater

The Raglan sweater is just one of those perfect Fall/Winter sweaters that you'll wear a billion times in so many different ways. You can layer this under a vest, over a button-up, with a scarf, the possibilities are endless.
I was strolling through the Gap Outlet store & saw this on sale for what I thought was $15 which is not bad at all.
I took it to the checkout & it was only $9!
Shut Up!
It isn't on sale currently, but check here for their full selection of sweaters!

We have a Nike Factory Store at our outlets (which they don't have an online version of, so sorry!)
I snagged these gorgeous running shorts, because I basically wear Nike shorts every day of my life. These were only $19, which I thought was really good!

You can find a similar option here, but not on sale!

At J.Crew Factory I didn't score any big clothing deals, but I got some great little things!

I fell in love with the Dorey Bracelet (for only $6!)
The black, gold, & crystal look great together.
You can find it here for only $13, while the sale lasts!

In preparation for boot weather, I stocked up on socks-the J.Crew Camp Sock (I paid only $8.63 for mine!) and the adorable green Horse Trouser socks, which are unfortunately sold out currently (I picked those up for $4.33!)

If you happen to be going by your J.Crew Factory store, they are having a 50% off most items in the store sale and you can always show your student or teacher ID for an additional 15% off all merchandise!

I normally would never go in the Tommy Hilfiger Factory store, but my boyfriend wanted to check out their button-ups, so I went along with it.
I ended up finding this gem, which reminds me of it's more expensive cousin here, from Brooks Brothers.
It was only $45 in the outlet store, but if you don't have access to one of those you're still in luck because the exact same dress is on the website for only $80 here!

The color is fabulous & I can't wait to wear it with tights, riding boots, & a statement necklace.

I stopped in one of the other boutiques in my college town, The Willow Tree, to get a gift for a friend that just signed a bid with her sorority & these Lily & Laura bracelets were 3 for $30, so I picked up two for her in her sororities colors & one in orange for myself (War Eagle!)

Here is a link if you're interested in these beautiful, handmade bracelets!

I wanted to share two of my more random finds with y'all, these are from TJ Maxx...

I might be coming late to the The Fault in our Stars party, but I had good intentions.
I'll do a full review on it when I get done, but I'm sure we both know how that's gonna go...tears everywhere.

Since they stopped having my Chi hairspray at TJ Maxx, I decided that as soon as my current hairspray runs out, I'm going to try the Big Sexy Hair brand. Has anyone tried you like it, love it, hate it?
I'll do a review soon!
(Purchase for $13 from TJ, but from Ulta here)

Bear with me...only three more things!

We know it's exciting, but don't use your teeth!

I love RueLaLa & Lilly!

I had a credit from Rue <Click there for an invite!
and so I went & purchased this big Insulated Cooler bag from Lilly Pulitzer.
I already have one in the print Lucky Charms & I use it for everything from a beach bag, to an overnight bag, all the way to carrying my books to class!
This print is called Garden in the Sea.

I ended up getting not just one bag...but two of these bags for free!
Rue credits really add up, so make sure you join & then invite all of your friends to join so that you can get free Lilly too!

I recently won the giveaway that Miss Southern Prep hosted from Brant Point Prep

I chose the print She She Shells (which is a Lilly P print!)
& the monogrammed wine bottle koozie came out really well & I can't wait until I can actually use it.
Brant Point Prep's etsy has the cutest stuff for every gift, giving occasion (including Big/Little!)
Plus, the customer service is top-notch, they even left a sweet note on my koozie & wrapped it up so pretty!

I'll definitely be placing an order for some of my holiday gifts at their shop!

My last two items are two decals that I actually purchased from another Etsy shop, HaganElizabethDesigns.

I had been following her Instagram account for quite some time, so when she posted a 10% off coupon I decided I would pick up two decals for my truck.

The first one, a simple vine monogram of my initials came out perfectly!

But the second decal was a completely different story.

First of all, let me tell y'all that I hate to give negative feedback on Etsy & I also hate to call her out on the blog-but y'all deserve to know which shops I recommend & which shops that I don't. 

The above decal was the one I was most excited about, but when I received it-you can tell that there are giant white spaces where there should not be.
I emailed her several times as well as messaged her on Etsy, I even commented on a post on her Instagram & she simply deleted my posts.

I left her negative feedback on Etsy & then she messaged me saying she couldn't do anything about it as I had already left negative feedback.

In short, make sure to check the reviews for your Etsy shops because had I read her less than exemplary reviews I would've shopped elsewhere!

I hope y'all enjoyed this post & I'm so grateful that y'all are joining me on this journey in life!

Until next time. . .


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