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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photography

I know it's the last day of the year, most bloggers are doing the cliche "Best Of" posts or their "Favorites of the Year".

I want to be that way...but guess what?

I'm just too excited about the fact that C and I just picked a date for our engagement photos, in just 24 days!
He & I are both excited (well, mostly me) to commemorate this point in our lives & all I want to do is pin ideas & put my most favorite ones here.

So can we just do one last Wedding Wednesday post for the year?

Okay? Good :)

Best Engagement Picture. EVER. 


Our horses being included is a must...they were such a huge part of our engagement & our lives in general, so it's only fitting.


farm engagement pic <3 the stormy look to this one!

I love this as an engagement picture

Sweet embraces, they kind of make me melt.

Sunset horse couple engagement photo montage

Whenever that day comes in the future (probably a far future..) where I get engaged, I will have my horse in the picture. CONGRATS you're not only marrying me but my horse obsession as well.

Cute engagement photo with horse

I love these photos, they each remind me so much of C & I.

I can't wait until we get our photos done, I'll be sure to share them with y'all of course!

See y'all next year ;)
(Corny, I know)

Until next time. . .


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  1. That's so exciting! Have fun taking the pictures!


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