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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Student Teaching Essentials

 Have y'all ever heard of the saying, "There's no kind of tired like teacher tired?"

I've finally discovered what that means after starting my student teaching (I've been in my school for two weeks & I've taught two lessons that I've written to the students, they went surprisingly well :)

But in these short two weeks, I've found that the essentials for student teachers aren't what you might think. 

Sure, I could write about using post-it's, notebooks, my macbook. I could tell you my favorite red pen, the best apps for students, or my classroom management plan.

But really, what everyone wants to know about are the good parts.
Everyone wants to know what the essential parts of my routine are, the things I could not make it through the day without, so that's what I'm going to talk about.

My number one essential is my Lilly insulated cup, mine is shown in the print First Impressions (but that's from a past season!) It's such a fun little part of my day. I'll start out with coffee in the morning and usually finish out my day with some hot tea. It always makes me smile!

At the end of the day (& sometimes at the beginning, while I'm having that first cup of coffee!) I like to read. It's so relaxing to me & I really enjoy spending just a little bit of time with myself and a book.
The book Counting on a Cowboy has been a favorite lately. It reminds me a lot of a Nicholas Sparks book, think The Longest Ride, but with more of an uplifting side.

I couldn't start my day, any time of the year, without a good SPF.
The tinted moisturizer from Oz Naturals  is one that I've been wearing every day since I got it. On the days when I don't have class or have to teach, I can wear this by it's self. The medium tint is the perfect shade to give me just a little bit of coverage without caking makeup on.
I love the natural ingredients and I love that it's from a brand that does good things!

Every teacher loves to feel pretty...but most teachers don't have time (or the cash!) to go to the nail salon every week. I definitely can't afford it and I can't keep my nails looking nice anyways, because when I'm not doing school stuff I'm at the farm. The Impress Press-On Manicure is a great option because it's cost effective and it holds up so much better. I put it through it's paces and it held up for over the week that it promises. I got lots of compliments on them too!

Another daily face product that helps keep my skin looking perfect all day long is Evian Facial Spray. When I first started hearing about facial sprays and this "water" trend, I wasn't too sure about it. But I love spraying my face with this before I start doing my makeup. It freshens my skin and helps lock moisture in. I also use it throughout the day (think during planning period, after school is over and I have errands to run, etc) it keeps my makeup looking fresh and cools my face. 
I can't wait to use this product this summer, I think it will be great to use on the beach!

My last favorite product to survive student teaching is the last product that I use every day.
The Bionic Oxygen Facial is perfect for my stressed, tired, dull skin. When I use it I dampen my skin, massage it on, leave it for five minutes, and then rinse it off. I always add a moisturizer at the end.
It has brightened up my skin and I love that I get that extra five minutes at the end of the day to really relax and just get my mind settled and focused on resting.

I hope y'all enjoyed this post-I really enjoyed putting it together for y'all!
These are honestly the things that help me make it through with my schedule being crazy and hectic-I couldn't do without a little pampering and relaxing!

What helps you make it through the day?

Until next time. . .


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  1. All of these products sound great!
    I have to Oz Naturals moisturizer and am a huge fan.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  2. Yes to Lilly mugs and cups!! I'm obsessed with their tumblers for my summer job, and I love the mugs for the winter months for school!

    xoxo A

  3. Love these picks!

  4. Love your Teacher edition beauty posts...I love your Lily cup and I def going to try that nail brand now you tried them out in classroom setting!! Good Luck with your class!


  5. This is great! Love the facial spray!

  6. Oooh the Bionic Oxygen Facial sounds so good ❤️

  7. The Bionic Oxygen Facial sounds amazing! I definitely want to check that out.

    Jadore l Jadoregrace

  8. As a teacher, I can totally relate! It's hard to keep up on blogging while teaching! These are all great essentials for a school day. I definitely rely on my travel mug filled with coffee to get me through my day! I love to read, but only have time right before bed. It definitely helps me wind down and relax after a long day!

    xo Ashley

  9. Ooh thanks for sharing your essentials girl. I'm glad your student teaching is going so well so far!

  10. Great essentials! I remember when my sister went through student teaching, it was a whole new kind of exhausting for her! I am sure yours will continue to go well- especially if you have all of your essentials lined up to help you succeed!

  11. So many teacher friends I need to share this post with!

    How 2 Wear It []

  12. Great essentials! Glad that you're liking student teaching so far! I've only recently started to bring my coffee in a tumbler and I'm so much better for it. I hate generating waste with paper cups!

    Alessandra |

  13. Love your mug and I love how you make it through the day. I like to listen to music to help center me and keep me going! It helps!

    Nicole // chronicling home

  14. So many great essentials! I have been using the OZ Naturals tinted moisturizer, as well!

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  15. Those press-on manicures are AMAZING! So easy!

    Diary of a Debutante

  16. Starting my day with coffee (when I can) is always the best!

  17. I love anything with a tinted SPF. I always start my day with my Mary kay tinted moisturizer! I never feel like my day is off to a good start unless I have two glasses of water and a BIG cup of coffee!

  18. I absolutely love facial sprays, especially for traveling because I always feel like plane trips make my skin so dehydrated. The Evian one is really good, but my all time favorite is the one by the French brand Avène <3


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