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Friday, October 2, 2015

Tailgate Recipes

Football season is the happiest time of all at the Loveliest Village on the Plains, and all over the country as every college football fan flocks to the stadium of their choosing, decked out in team colors.

Or you might be the kind of fan that prefers to "tailgate" at home with your big screen tv, comfy couch, and clean/conveniently located bathrooms.

 Either way, these recipes that I'm rounding up for y'all are perfect for tailgating of all kinds!

Hot Ham & Cheese Sliders

I made these for supper randomly Thursday night & y'all, they are so good.
I plan on taking some for lunch tomorrow to school-they're good cold & hot.
My advice? Make twice as many as you think you'll need because these go fast.

Pimento Cheese Rolls

I haven't made these, but the recipe looks so simple and easy!
It only has three ingredients and only takes 25 minutes.
I recommend using the Palmetto brand of pimento cheese (I buy mine at Sam's Club!)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you choose one type of dip to bring to your tailgate, skip the store bought French onion & try this spicy & tangy recipe.
It's a favorite of my husband's and never lasts longer than a day or two at our house.

Bacon Cheese Poppers

We typically have fresh jalapeƱos out of our garden every summer, so this is a recipe that I always have to make for all of our friends.
The bacon adds a little something special, because to be honest. . . who doesn't love bacon?

And for dessert. . .

Southern Pecan Pralines

When Christopher and I went to Savannah for our honeymoon, we had pralines practically every single night.
This recipe sounds fairly simple (as far as candy-making goes)
so I really look forward to trying it.
I think it would be a killer treat for any tailgate.
Plus, you can eat it with your hands!

The Lemonade Stand Cupcake

This is a light, fluffy vanilla cake with a lemony and tangy frosting which is reminiscent of Toomer's Corner's special treat-freshly squeezed lemonade!

Make sure you have a gallon (or three) of the lemonade on hand to pair with these tasty cupcakes.
You'll be the envy of all the other's lined up and down in front of Sanford Hall!

I hope y'all enjoyed these recipes & I hope you try a few out this weekend.

If you're in Auburn for homecoming, come over to the Ag Roundup before the game and sample all the goodies & say hi to myself and Chris if you see us :)

What's on your schedule for the weekend? What tailgate recipes are tried and true for you?

Until next time. . .



  1. These sound awesome! I love tailgating, mainly because of the yummy snacks. Thanks for rounding these up!

  2. great choices - we had a tailgating potluck at work today, it's fun to see everyone's favorites! I looove pralines so you'll have to let me know how the recipe goes if you make them!
    XO, lauren

  3. Ooh yummy! All these look delicious especially the poppers!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  4. Yum! I love learning about new recipes. The pralines look pretty do-able and delicious!

    Alessandra |

  5. Oh my gosh, I need to try all of those like immediately.
    They all look so delicious!

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  6. Forwarding this to my more... capable... friends ASAP & telling them to have these available for my snacking at our next tailgate!

  7. Tailgating is my specialty! You have some good food ideas here! I must try them.

    Xoxo Dani

  8. All of these recipes look delicious! I especially need to make and try the Lemonade Stand cupcake.

    Savannah @

  9. Ummm yum!! Sometimes I'm kinda sad that the college that I transferred to doesn't have football as a sport because I miss game days and tailgates. Even though I'm not a football girl that's just such a fun atmosphere!!!

    xoxo A

  10. Yes, everything on here sounds absolutely delicious! Definitely need to try some soon!
    xx, Southwestern Prepster

  11. Oh, I know I gotta try those recipes except the pralines!! They all look good!


  12. oh my word. I have got to try those hot ham and cheese sliders... tailgating or not! they look so yummy!

  13. I'm making those hot ham and cheese sliders this weekend thanks to you!!

    How 2 Wear It []

  14. The Buffalo Chicken Dip looks lovely!

  15. We always have Buffalo Chicken Dip and Japeleno poppers at our tailgating parties! So yummy!

  16. I'm definitely going to have to try those bacon cheese poppers! Thanks for the ideas:)


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