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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Ten on Tuesday [No.12]

Hey y'all!

After taking a week off to publish my June Goals on Tuesday, I'm back with another edition of Ten on Tuesday and man, have I been busy since the last one!

Guess is my birthday! I am officially 24 years old today-I cannot believe it.
I honestly don't feel a day over 18, but I'm sure next year I'll be feeling it!

I recently decided to be domestic and start a "flower garden" on our back deck.
I went to Lowe's bought several different kinds of flowers that are all heat resistant and for full sun, and Monday morning I planted them all.
They're so pretty & I love being able to see them from all the windows on the back side of our house!

I love that I have had so much more time to read this summer; usually I read a few chapters of whatever book I've been working on before bed and because of this I have made a huge dent in the current book that I'm reading-I'm a sucker for historical fiction and Phillipa Gregory is my favorite!
Expect a full review when I finish a few more books. 

I treated myself to a little shopping last week at Old Navy and ended up picking up some great summer pieces like these shorts and this top but my favorite piece is this dress, which is awesome for now but will transition perfectly into Fall too! (I'm thinking it will be perfect for football tailgating!)

If you're a regular reader around these parts then you know all about my new #WeddingWednesday series where I'm featuring brides and their big days (heads up, if you want to be featured please email me at I'm looking for brides for July!)

But I've also slowly started sharing my own wedding story-these won't be weekly posts, maybe bi-weekly at most. But we're calling that series #GoingToTheUpchurch because that was our wedding hashtag. The first part is up-our wedding showers and pre-wedding festivities!

If you love shopping at Nordstrom as much as I do, these 9 Shopping Perks help you take full advantage of the awesome store!
This makes me wish Birmingham would get on the Nordstrom bandwagon-asap!

I love Greek food; so, so much. This Greek 7-Layer Dip recipe sounds amazing and refreshing, perfect to bring to bbq's and get-togethers all summer long!

I'm obsessed with Kendra Scott right now (did you know that on your birthday month-mine is today!-you can get any piece for half price?)
I'm looking at this, this, or maybe this!

If you're a blogger, you need to check out this post by Confetti Social.
She shares some great tips that I have already put into practice since reading it and I've seen growth!

Last but not least is my favorite out of all ten things I'm sharing with you today-our mini getaway last weekend to Georgia!
My husband has been working like crazy, so we decided we needed just a little break to tide ourselves over until we can take our New Orleans trip (& hopefully a beach trip in the early Fall).

We left Saturday afternoon late and headed to Pine Mountain, GA and had an amazing dinner at the cutest restaurant, 153 Main Bistro. We had amazing food and it was awesome.
That evening we went to Callaway Gardens and listened to a live band and saw some fireworks before finding a cottage to lay our heads for the night.

The next morning we woke up and headed out to breakfast before starting our day at the Butterfly Center at Callaway Gardens.
I have such fond memories of visiting a butterfly house in Missouri, so I was so excited to go to this one.

The butterfly house was beautiful, but the gardens outside really stole the show-stunning!

Then we headed to Warm Springs, GA to finish out our day at President Roosevelt's Little White House.

I have researched so much about FDR and his wife, Eleanor and loved visiting the museum as well as his home there-it was simple, yet beautiful.

Slowly but surely, my husband and I are checking off places from my historical bucket list 😂

The day that FDR passed away, he was sitting for a portrait in the living room of his "Little White House". He told the artist they had fifteen minutes left to work, and about fifteen minutes later he had a stroke which killed him shortly after. 

Seeing that unfinished portrait in person was a very neat experience. 

Well, I've nerded out on y'all-hope you don't mind 😉

Let me know down below what is on YOUR travel bucket list!

Until next time. . .



  1. Happy birthday to you! I love your pretty little flower garden, I do not unfortunately have a green thumb. ;-) Sounds like y'all have been up to lots of fun things!

    xoxo A

  2. Happy birthday!! The flower garden looks cute! You can never have too many flowers and plants around your house!

  3. Happy birthday! Italy, New Zealand, and Norway are at the top of my travel bucket list!

    Carrie |

  4. Happy birthday girl! Looks like an awesome travel day!

    Tori || Victori Media

  5. Happy Birthday! I love treating myself to summer reading and summer shopping too. I also am obsessed with Nordstrom so I can't wait to read about the best way to take advantage of the retailer. I hope you have the best 24th year <3

  6. Thanks so much for sharing my post girl! I really appreciate it.

  7. Great list of things! I definitely am going to check out the ways to increase blog views post. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Happy Birthday! Hope it's your best yet.

  9. Happy birthday!! And I love Old Navy. Definitely have to shop around that store because a lot of it is cheap, but the good stuff is GOOD and so affordable! xx I just bought some stuff there last week & I cannot wait to wear them!

  10. Happy birthday!! I hope you're enjoying your birthday :) I LOVE Old Navy, I feel like I always find things I like there and for a good price too!

    Kristen |

  11. Yay!! Happy Birthday!!

    We just got a Kendra Scott store where I live! I wish they had it when it was my birthday!

  12. Happy Birthday! Hope it's amazing! And great two look like you enjoyed yourselves!

  13. I'm turning 21 this year and honestly don't feel a day over 16 😂 Sometimes it still shocks me that I can do things like drive, drink and smoke, even though I don't do any of those things! I certainly don't miss high school or the drama that came with it, but I wouldn't have minded staying 16 forever 😅

  14. Growing up I always did projects on FDR and Eleanor! I want to visit their home! so cool!

  15. Happy birthday!! It seems like you're having a great week. Both of those Kendra Scott pieces are gorgeous! Let us know what you end up deciding on :)

  16. That's so interesting that FDR was sitting for a portrait literally minutes before he died. Sounds like a great trip!

  17. Your vacation pictures looks so nice!


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